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Hello. Ceri Thomas here, rather than Coops. I’ll be blogging about the first ever chunk of Daybreak. Click on comment below to chip in with your views. You can also follow MSN Editor Coops on Twitter where she’s commenting on the show too.


6:00 – Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley are back together for their new ITV show. For my money, Adrian’s looking the more relaxed. Surprising, since he’s never really struck me as a morning person.

6:10 – First things first, that’s one heck of a set. Great view over London. Watching the sun come up over the city as the show goes on is going to be fun.

6:18 – Nearly got a flash of page 3 in The Sun as they look through the papers there. Good save from Christine…

6:24 – Neat little bit of business as Adrian crosses the studio to handle the "man’s job" that is chatting about sport (he’s going to get some stick about that…). He really does look at home here.

6:29 – "We’re in uncharted territory here! We’ve never done a show lasting more than half an hour together before…" I wouldn’t be too worried, Adrian. Looking good so far as we head into the news.

6:35 – And we’re off to a break as the sun comes up over Ilkley Moor. Enjoying this so far. Christine seems to have calmed down a bit and the boy Chiles is playing a blinder.

6:41 – The most shocking thing so far has got to be that glimpse of a young Prince Charles there. So, there’s going to be an appearance from the current greyer version of the heir to the throne on the show later this week then? Impressive.

6:42 – Daybreakers? So the spirit of That’s Life lives on, eh? Good to know that telly still firmly believes that you can’t go wrong with a performing dog and a funnily-shaped vegetable.

6:55 – So, Derren Brown’s show on Wednesday is the TV event of the week, is it, telly review guy? We beg to differ – surely the start of Daybreak is?

7:03 – Tony Blair later today and Prince Charles before the end of the week? They’re bringing out the big guns for the first week then.

7:10 – We’ve already caught a glimpse or two of Kate Garraway and now here’s John Stapleton as well. Good to see that the old GMTV crowd aren’t exactly on the dole.

7:17 – Quite like this 5-A-Day feature boiling down the news of the day to five soundbite length snippets.

7:19 – Ah, so that was why Adrian was looking down at Christine’s legs! He was worried about tripping when he went over to do the sport. Obvious, really…

7:20 – So, what do we all think so far? 40 minutes in and no disasters yet. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s looking like a good show. All the Chiles-Bleakley chemistry seems thankfully intact anyway.

7:27 – Yep, they’re very pleased with this studio aren’t they? Much better than the sh… er, shoeboxes Adrian’s worked in before. Though that old grey phone would probably have fitted in perfectly to the old Match Of The Day 2 studio.

7:30 – Why has news lady Tasmyn seemingly coloured the top half of her face pink to match her jumper? The public need to know…

7:40 – And a big hand for another telly veteran, Dr Hilary Jones. Looking a bit ragged this morning though.

7.42 – What is on the floor next to Christine’s legs? What is Adrian looking at? He can’t just be ogling her pins, can he? Nice though they are…

7:50 – £10,000 for a pedal car! A PEDAL CAR!

7:52 – Ouch! Did Christine just get smacked in the chin by Mini Driver’s crash helmet? That could have been painful.

7:57 –  Liking Lucy the weather girl. And no, she probably wouldn’t be able to cycle in that skirt…

8:00 – And we make it to two hours. All going well, don’t you think? And the show’s not bad either. To get MSN TV Editor Lorna Cooper’s view of it all, head over to Twitter.

8:03 – Cut the news item a little short there to come back to the studio for a chat with the political editor.  Apparently, Tony Blair needs a cup of coffee in the morning. Hold the front page…

8:04 – And that’s why you hire Adrian Chiles. Even when the camera catches him off guard, scribbling notes, he just makes a gag of it and carries on seamlessly. He’s born for this nonsense, isn’t he?

8:10 – Jeez! How bright is Lorraine Kelly’s studio? You don’t need that at this time of the morning. I’ve got dots in front of my eyes…

8:14 – And there’s Tony Blair.

8:18 – "Kicking Brown while he’s down" Straight in with a tricky question there, Adrian.

8:21 – Not a bad first guest to get.

8:23 – So, Adrian’s last book didn’t sell well then?

8:25 – Not entirely sure that starting a new telly show is comparable to your first day as PM of the entire country, but a nice line out of the interview nonetheless!

8:28 – Aw, bless they’ve brought Mini Driver back out for the finish! And the skateboarding dog won the phone-in vote.

8:30 – And that’s that for the first Daybreak. I genuinely enjoyed that. Live telly made to look easy. 

Well, the Adrian Chiles-Christine Bleakley telly marriage has survived the switch over to ITV. The first batch of Daybreak looked slick, but also friendly as a result.

Chiles may have a face made for radio, but he’s undoubtedly got a personality made for TV – even when Christine looked a bit nervy at the start, he just cruised on, punting out the TV big brother act he does so well.

If she was suffering from first night (alright, first morning…) nerves, they’d faded by the half-hour mark and it really did feel like business as usual for them. If only he’d stop staring at her legs though…

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