Report: presenter cull at GMTV

According to a report in the Daily Mail, ITV bosses are preparing to swing the axe at GMTV.
The remaining presenters – Andrew Castle, Kate Garraway and Emma Crosby – showbiz reporter Richard Arnold and weather girl Clare Nasir face an uncertain future as rumours fly that they’ll all be dropped in the summer.
The Daily Mail says it has learned that ITV boss Peter Fincham and daytime controller Alison Sharman are in favour of the move. Former BBC presenter Adrian Chiles, who’s signed a £6million deal with ITV, takes his place on the sofa in September. GMTV is expected to go off air, undergo a revamp and then return with Chiles at the helm.
An insider told the paper: "Quite honestly, everyone is running scared. Nobody knows what is happening as they are all waiting for Ian Rumsey [incoming editor] to arrive. But it looks like everyone will be going." Penny Smith, who has been with GMTV since 1993, is already on her way out and Ben Shephard has quit.
Lorraine Kelly has been quoted as saying: "It is very unsettling for everyone. It’s a tough time as no one knows what is going to happen. All we can do is pull together and hope for the best."
Meanwhile, Kate Garraway has admitted: "I’m worried, everyone is. Still, I’ve been here for 10 years and I’m so grateful for that. Anything else will be a bonus. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed."
Personally, I wouldn’t bet against further changes because, until fairly recently, GMTV used to lead the way in the ratings. Now it is regularly beaten by the more serious BBC Breakfast which averages around 1.2 million viewers daily to GMTV’s 700,000.
An ITV spokesman apparently told the Daily Mail: "No final decisions have been made." However, the speculation about the future of GMTV’s presenters continues.
  • How do you feel about the prospect of Andrew Castle, Kate Garraway and Emma Crosby being dropped from GMTV? Let us know your view by leaving a comment – but please keep it clean.
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100 Responses to Report: presenter cull at GMTV

  1. sheila says:

    i don\’t think they should get rid of anyone without penny and the rest of the gang the show will not be the same hats off to them all from sheila in stourport

  2. alan says:

    Getting shot of Fiona, was a good move.I think Penny & kate are great….but agree with a previous writer, who said that Carla is on to well paid hol.Andrew, fine, shame that Ben resigned.If Adrian Chiles joins, that\’ll be the last that we watch.Personally I think that most of these producers live in a different galaxy than the rest of us…and have absolutely no idea of what the viewing public wants.

  3. Sarah says:

    After watching Adrian Childes on the football last night I found his commentry the most unenthusiastic I have heard for a long time. Together with Christine on the One Show he was OK, but to think that they are now going to bring him to GMTV and get rid of good presenters, makes me already want to switch to BBC Breakfast. I find the current line up a GMTV works well and by changing it I think will be disasterous They did the same thing to The Bill by changing it and moving to a different time slot and now the programme is being scrapped. Dont ITV learn from past experiences I think not !

  4. Unknown says:

    Out with the old and in with the new I say – everyone gets too complacent and they only presenter I will be sad to see go is the wonderful eye candy of Ben Shephard. GMTV used be really great fun but seems to be bit boring lately. I don\’t think much of Adrian Chiles being on sofa in sept show will go downhill then

  5. elizabeth says:

    Please speak to Penny if she stays I will stay. As a rule now if she is not presenting when I turn on in the morning I go to BBC. With regard to Adrian Childes, why? It didn\’t do anything for me on the One Show. As regards the others, they do not come over as cohesive and interesting people. A huge error of judgement has been made in my opinion and at what cost? Why not do a pulse survey opinion poll? You will then get the true opinions of your audience…

  6. Andrew says:

    Dropping the present Presenters for Adrian Chiles will be a big,big mistake.Watching paint dry is better than watching Adrian Chiles for he is very boring.Presenting sport by him is a big turn off. signed Andrew Couper

  7. rita says:

    I for one will not watch gmtv again if Adrian Childes is on there he is so flat and boring never smiles didnt do anything for me on the one show either.The presenters at the moment on gmtv are great love them all leave it alone please Rita

  8. Lisa says:

    L J – Getting rid of Andrew Castle would be the best thing u could do , he puts me off my breakfast ,Emma\’s to prime and proper for gmtv, you need to seriously think who to put on next … or you will lose lots of viewers ……….

  9. Jennifer says:

    keep gmtv has it is, the presenters are all lovely, and penny smith brings a sense of humour to the programme,if you change it i for one wont be watching it anymore, the presenters have been very loyal to you all them years,and i think you should show them some loyalty back.

  10. Michele says:

    Personally I dont like Chiles, hes not interesting or nice to look at. I think they have missed a trick with Penny and Ben. Andrew is lovely. Never taken to Emma shes a bit wet, weak really almost no personality she needs to losen up a bit. people want someone friendly and fun and natural in the morning dont they. I wont watch any more if they lose these people they are the only reason to switch on. Adrian Chiles what is the fuss about that the one show is rubbish and boring only good thing were their guests…. I will definately be moving channels…

  11. carol says:


  12. denise says:


  13. Tiam-Mia says:

    I can\’t believe no-one has mentioned Lorraine Kelly and how irritating she is. She interrupts everyone, keeps saying \’really, really, good\’, has nothing interesting to say and is just generally annoying! Please get rid of her at least!!!!!!Tiam

  14. Paula says:

    If they do get rid of the present team, then I guess the kids will win the battle for the TV of a morning as I won\’t be watching anymore. It was already bad enough that Ben Shepard has quit & that Adrian "I have the personality of a plank of wood" Chiles was being brought it …. but if the likes of Kate Garraway & Richard Arnold are sacked, there is no point staying tuned. But then as ever – who gives a damn what the licence payer wants – it\’s all about the fat cats in their glass houses.

  15. Charlotte says:

    I would be happy for Emma to go I have never really liked her inane mumbling. I look forward to Adrian Chiles starting and adding a new dynamic, but Penny are Ben are great and will be missed.

  16. Richard says:

    I don\’t think the presenters are the problem Kate Garraway , penny smith, Lorraine Kelly and Ben Shephard are fantastic presenters…. I think like everything else on ITV its the production that\’s out of touch. If I wanted to watch cheap tacky Amercian interpretations of news and lifestyle programming I would turn on to sky news (and I never do that)

  17. Brian_Lyn says:

    I think the choice of Adrian Chiles at the helm of GMTV, is the BIGGEST mistake ITV could make. The obvious and more popular choice would have been Ben Shepard. ITV\’s GMTV, is a lovely start to the day, instead of watching all the doom and gloom on BBC breakfast show. That show is so dreary with no humour whatsoever! Give GMTV a revamp by all means, but dont wreck it, please. Lin, Somerset.

  18. John says:

    I have never understood how Lorraine Kelly was ever given her own show in the 1st place and I have never seen anyone play and mess with paperwork as much as Emma – relax for goodness sake. Penny is ok but thinks everything is a big joke. I agree that Adrian Chiles has to be a big mistake 1st thing in the morning.

  19. maureen says:

    i won\’t be watching if adrian chiles is on first thing in the morning.i get up at six every morning and i want some one who doesn\’t grate on my nerves at that time.keep penny smith,she\’s good.

  20. Rita says:

    It is time for a change. Emma is not good , Lorraine to silly, and Kate thinks she owns the place. Dont mind Ben and Andrew , but choosing Adrian Chiles is a mistake. I never seen a scruffier person in my life.

  21. Mumma says:

    I think its for the best as the show as been boring for a while now, constantly repeating stories throughout the mornings. The show is only worth watching for about 30 mins before things are repeated yet again. Shame for the presenters but they will find something else.

  22. Anne says:

    hasn\’t been the same since eamon and fiona left!

  23. Joy says:

    Yes, the show is past it, Lorraine is dreadful, Andrew boring and Emma pathetic, Penny and Ben are the only good ones.Adrian Chiles we must wait and see.

  24. David says:

    hmmmmm Adrian Chiles better than Kate Garraway I think NOT .Admittedly the format is now old hat I T V have only themselves to blame for allowing this pointless frivolity to continue long past it`s sell by date. The management are thus to blame,not the presenters I am sure Mr chiles is really nice guy but he is more of the same,the same. Viewers are turning away from a lighthearted,rather insular approach in the morning,hence the swing to Auntie and a more news led style.So come on ITV,wake up !!there is a middle ground that would be perfect,as i am not a fan of either format,one being a little too staid,but not not really having a real opponent.So to sack the the players when the manager is useless is a pointless waste of energy. Chiles is too close in style to the present failing format. I`ll give him six months,unless —actually no –I`ll give him six months before the management?? Wake up.

  25. Julie-Anne says:

    If anyone goes, please give rid of emma crosby. I have no idea how she got the job in the first place and she\’s not got any better since she started. I\’ve defected to chris moyles on radio 1.

  26. jean says:

    about time itv woke up i for one wont be watching it i dont watch the one showbecause of its prsenters so i definetly wont watch them in a morning

  27. Unknown says:

    Adrian Childs is so boring it would be a big mistake, but Andrew has run his course.

  28. Darlene says:

    Why Emma Crosby is still there is beyond me…far too flaky. Biggest loss will be Penny Smith, I will certainly miss her humour and her wit….she made me smile for years. Penny and John Stapleton were brilliant together, really complimented each other. Once they\’re gone I\’ll switch over to BBC.

  29. Diana says:

    BIG BIG MISTAKE……Ben Shepard quitting, I think his personality is great, as for Kate and Penny why ITV would you want to get rid they to are great to watch in the mornings, as for Emma Crosby…….well forget it, BORING!!! she makes me tired just looking at her.

  30. samantha says:

    Adrian Childs bugged me on BBC so not looking forward to him being on their first thing when I wake up! only thing that annoys bout GMTV at the moment is amount of competitions that are on every 15mins. But prefer laid back approach of GMTV to BBC breakfast.

  31. olly says:

    For a long time the show has come across as very amateurish.The presenters are always scruffy and how can anybody take that lot serious.

  32. Elaine says:

    Elaine ChardKate and Penny are great on GMTV axing them would be a big mistake also Andrew Castle Ben is ok but i would not miss him!Think we\’ll prob turn over to another channel!We are not fans of Adrian Childs couldnt face him thing in the morning! We are not fussy on Emma last one in 1st one out!!!

  33. sue says:

    i stopped watching gmtv when they changed the format when the two new presenters started last year i now find it boreing if i want to listen to news bulletins every 15 mins i would listen to the news channel. there is enough doom and gloom without having to listen to it on what was origannally an entertaining programme. the two presenters that came in are boreing and have no personality and adrian chiles is as bad

  34. Viki says:

    I watch the show every morning and love it the way it is. Not sure about Emma! Please don\’t change it, its the only thing that gets me up in the morning. Childs isn\’t going to improve things. I am glad that we are all of the same opinion!!!!

  35. Susan says:

    OMG Adrian Childs i dont think so, Ben quiting what a shame am devastated need my eye candy fisrt thing in the morning can do without Emma, but please leave the rest alone!!!

  36. Linda says:

    Yes a big shake up is needed.Lorrine Kelly definetly needs to go it,s like listening to a little old woman how she,s lasted so long is beyond me.BORING YAWN!!

  37. ernest says:

    Personally i dont watch any tv during the day, let alone ITV, but how do they justify paying Adrian Childs 6 Million to front the new set up, no presenter is worth that much, money would be well spent on making some decent programmes. As usual both ITV and the BBC put on programmes that they think we want to watch, not what we like to watch and now we are getting forced to watch football for the next few weeks, myself will get a few DVDs out instead.

  38. Carol says:

    I for one will not be watching Adrian Chiles but i also don\’t want to watch droaning BBC in the mornings too drab and they all talk in one tone.

  39. Brenda says:

    I would be glad to see Andrew, Kate and Emma go as they always sound so patronising! I used to enjoy Lorraine\’s slot but she is getting to be too twee. The cooking spot is good but I can\’t stand listening to her fawning over the chefs. As for Adrian Childs, I cam\’t stand the man! I will be tuning in to Sky News in the future. I will certainly miss Penny and John though.

  40. David says:

    hmmmmm Adrian Chiles better than Kate Garraway I think NOT .Admittedly the format is now old hat I T V have only themselves to blame for allowing this pointless frivolity to continue long past it`s sell by date. The management are thus to blame,not the presenters I am sure Mr chiles is really nice guy but he is more of the same,the same. Viewers are turning away from a lighthearted,rather insular approach in the morning,hence the swing to Auntie and a more news led style.So come on ITV,wake up !!there is a middle ground that would be perfect,as i am not a fan of either format,one being a little too staid,but not not really having a real opponent.So to sack the the players when the manager is useless is a pointless waste of energy. Chiles is too close in style to the present failing format. I`ll give him six months,unless —actually no –I`ll give him six months before the management?? Wake up.

  41. David says:

    no `D` in chiles

  42. Anne says:

    I just don\’t know why anyone hasn\’t noticed – GMTV has gone seriously down hill since the pathetic Emma Crosby joined the show. I do not know of anyone who enjoys watching her and many friends have moved over to the BBC since her arrival! I have continued to watch, only because of Ben, Kate, Penny, Andrew and Richard. Watching Emma so obviously flirting with Andrew and touching him puts me off my breakfast! Adrian Childs will be the final straw (I do not know one persone who watches him now – so first thing in the morning will be even harder to stomach) BBC HERE WE COME!!!!!!

  43. robert says:

    Why on earth did they pay 6 million for the most boring person on television,keep the glamour girls or I will switch channels.

  44. agnes says:

    They should not have taken on Emma Crosby she is so boring . I agree it has gone downhill since she came . Keep the rest especially Lorraine Kelly she is the best . As for Adrian Chiles he is so boring and does not seem a good presenter .Thats where our TV licence goes on such a boring person why dont the big bosses get it right .

  45. pauline says:

    Don\’t know why the want to change GMTV as it\’s the best show on TV until This Morning comes on, it\’s a shame that Ben Shepard has left and Penny smith is leaving but the BBC breakfast show is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Boring it sends me back to sleep lol

  46. rod says:

    after many many years of gmtv i now watch the bbc cos the competition answers were so crap and the special "live" guests they had in the studios obviously mimed followed by rapturous applause from the techno crew=what a load of pretensious crap

  47. Fiona says:

    GMTV is the same old, same old. It badly needs a revamp and get rid of lorraine Kelly to…boring…..

  48. Mike says:

    ITV should be ashamed of the shabby treatment they are meting out to their long serving presenters. As for who should stay, ANDREW CASTLE is the nicest and most gorgeous guy on TV in my books, and he is just adorable. If he\’s replaced by Mr. Adrian \’boring and miserable\’ Chiles, I\’ll be voting with my feet, like many others.ITV, hope you see sense and keep your presenters.

  49. Neil says:

    We watch it every weekday morning and to be honest its getting a bit stale now.Emma crosby is too nicey smiley and so she should be replaced.Kate would be ok next to Adrian Chiles and Andrew Castle should still be the part -time anchor.The new sport guy should be given more of a role as he is bright,relaxed and amusing.Helen the stand in newsreader should take Penny\’s job.And thats about it apart from scrapping the stupid competitions and pathetic diy tips every bank holiday!

  50. Michelle says:

    Kate, Andrew and Penny are a great team on MTV. It\’s a shame that Penny is ging but keep Andrew and Kate. Emma is awful, she just seems so false and I can\’t stand watching it when she is on. Get rid of her and save yourselves a fortune, get Penny back too, she always has something funny to say.

  51. chris says:

    get rid of chiles before he starts, he\’s crap!!!

  52. Doris says:

    We watch gmtv all the time certainly do not want to see anyone go there is nothing wrong with the programe all is fine by me but for goodness sake do not want to see adrian chiles replace andrew or ben no way .[he has no personality at all ]doris netherton

  53. Unknown says:

    Kate Emma and Andrew are GMTV send chilles back to the bbc he is rubbish i watch the programme every morning if they go the viewers will drop lower than what they are now

  54. Dave says:

    most of the presenters are fine just get rid of that boreing scottish tart lorraine kelly she wont be missed

  55. diane says:

    why oh why get rid of penny she is so funny and cheerfull she is the best person on there kate is lovely and drops clangers that make us laugh Emma is not the same as the others on there she is a bit straight laced Ben is brill Andrew is to goody goody so keep ben kate penny and loraine then revamp around them yo would have a good show then and we will keep watching listen to the viewers

  56. kim says:

    OMG….. gutted that Ben Shepard has left! Not looking forward to Adrian Chiles at all, put Dermot O Leary on instead,much better idea!! Penny Smith is hilarious so she should stay, can\’t believe that the changes need to be that drastic, re think ITV please, might have to switch to another channel if its too boring or listen to radio instead. Very disappointed!

  57. michael says:

    i don\’t think presenters are the problem. its because people getting ready for work etc want news. not phone ins for prize money at a £1 per call. that just a money making racket. advert interuptions are bad enough, but i know they have to be shown. so please make it an intersesting news programme. as it should be.

  58. Kathleen says:

    Kate and Emma can go for all I care, they are rude, arrogant, and full of them selves. They butt in when other people are speaking, and when they are not doing that they both sit there giggling, which I find obnoxious. Andrew and Ben and Penny should stay, they are the best presenters. If Chilles takes over I for 1 will not be watching ever again. He is worse than the other two bimbo\’s

  59. Charlotte says:

    old Dickie Arnold is the best one on there… Emma Crosby + Andrew Castle… yuk! i spend most of my time whilst watching these two thinking "he has a wife +kids!!!!" the way she\’s constantly groping him makes me wana gag. I must defend Lorraine on behalf of my beloved Nan, she cried when Paul O\’Grady left hs show please don\’t take away Lorraine and Kate… she talks about them like she knows them blesss her… when i mentioned they maybe axing presenters she turned a funny colour..then got really cross.. she had a point- why do bosses never listen to the people that watch the programmes that ultimately pay their wages? Bring back Eamon Holmes!

  60. Hilary says:

    Think Penny Smith, she\’s entertaining without being silly and girly, Andrew and Ben should stay too, and leave Lorraine Kelly alone, don\’t go a bundle on her but shes watchable and I\’m with the others, if Chilles joins I will permantly switch over to the BBC as I do when the fat buster stuff comes on or Emma and Kate are doing \’serious\’ interviews

  61. Amanda J says:

    Andrew, Emma and Kate have to go – whenever they are on I switch over to BBC1 !!! but Penny and Richard are great John is ok as the more serious one of the team 🙂

  62. Jacqui says:

    Never been the same since Fiona left. Would have kept Penny and Ben, keep Kate. Get rid of Andrew and Emma (the lovies) and the day you bring Chiles on the program is the day I switch over to BBC. I have no idea how this man got into presenting in the first place as he is absolutely terrible.

  63. sheila says:

    I think Kate, Andrew, and Emma should go, need people with a personality. Fiona would always be a hard act to follow, everyone loved her, sad to hear that Ben has gone, as for the guy from the bbc, i wont be watching if he takes over,

  64. sheila says:

    Forgot to add love Penny too

  65. rosemary says:

    Realy disappointed that some friendly faces are leaving GMTV! Why get rid of presenters that actually ARE the show? Penny is a star and always witty and funny.Ben and Andrew are gorgeous presenters and excellent interviewers.I have to say I\’m not sure I like Emma – no offence but she appears false but I do think that Kate should stay -she is extremely versatile.I dn\’t watch Lorraine as I\’ve usually left for work!Let\’s hope GMTV bosses read and take heed of comments on this page!from Rosemary

  66. Yetunde says:

    My oh my! BBC? What nonsense! They are just too serious. God, I need to laugh before I face the world in the morning. I wake up to GMTV every morning. I love them all. John, Kate, Andrew, Penny….Unfortunately, I\’m at work when Lorraine comes on but on my days off, I cherish moments when she\’s on.As for Chiles..what on earth were they thinking! I\’d much rather watched Nick Jnr with my kids!

  67. Chloe says:

    Andrew is about the only decent person on the show. Everyone else is useless and stupid. Penny\’s alright sometimes but she\’s better off just telling you the main headlines and not actually talking to people. I don\’t watch it that much anymore because all they talk about is rubbish! They don\’t even focus on real news and the presenters are all so thick and say really stupid things. I watch bbc in the mornings now. Its loads better.

  68. rosemary says:

    Apologies for some typing errors!Rosemary

  69. Chloe says:

    Plus Fiona was absolutely awful!!!! I could not stand her and no-one else i know could either. And when she was on with eamon holmes it was like hell on earth. I\’m glad that both of them have gone but i would be sad to see Andrew and Penny go.

  70. rosemary says:

    How could I forget John and Richard – both excellent -leave them alone!Rosemary

  71. Ann says:

    I cant believe they are getting rid of Penny she\’s the best, she should be on the sofa not Emma who is the most irritating person on TV. She is so up herself, she doesn\’t just flirt with Andrew watch how she tosses her hair and giggles when Dan ,the sports presenter comes on. They should keep Kate, Andrew and Dan, apologise to Penny and offer her a new contract. Lorraine is an old favourite to many but her slot needs updating. If Chiles comes on I will change channel. The worst thing would be Emma Crosby and Adrian Chiles on the sofa, yuk

  72. jean says:

    Good idea to make changes but very bad idea to bring in Adrian Chiles. I will also be switching off if he joins. Bring in Dermot O\’Leary and I will continue to watch.

  73. mal says:

    best thing that could happen, the show is struggling, the presenters are struggling, put them out of their misery. Glad Pennys gone, she\’s better than that rubbish.

  74. jack says:

    I like Lorraine Kelly. She is a "no-nonsense" lady but pleasant with it. When we watch TV and get to know presenters, there is a comfortable air of stability when they are on. A touch of humour and a slice of seriousness. Why should these TV bosses mess us about.

  75. mal says:

    John and Andrew. What have they done. Ones mouth looks like a dummys mouth and the other says he played tennis. when, I\’ve never seen him.

  76. stephen says:

    well i think they are mad i have been a big fan of the show from when it all started as for the ones how present the show i think they all do a great job well it will be a very sad day if they go if so i wish you all the best and good luck and lots of love from stephen cox .

  77. Vince says:

    Personally, I can\’t wait for the whole present crew to get the boot to be honest. I have to say I\’ve always quite liked the dry wit of old John Stapleton, but he\’s too old fashioned for that kind of show now. If GMTV really want to offer a show which contrastis with the BBC\’s morning show, they will need to attract more dynamic young-ish types to seriously increase their viewing figures, especially with people in the say, 20-40 age group in the mornings. I know some people won\’t like this, but I personally think GMTV have moved too far in the direction of almost light comedy and silly humour, and need to get a little more serious while at the same time certainly retaining a humorous side. I\’m a big fan of Radio 5 Live and really enjoy listening to several of their presenters, who are very funny and knowledgable about all kinds of stuff. Some of them could do a great job on GMTV eg. Gabby Logan, Nicky Campbell, although of course I hope they don\’t leave my favourite radio station! As far I can see, the only female presenter who could guarantee to increase the viewing figures is Christine Bleakley, but she\’s the only one. If the BBC have got their heads screwed on, they\’ll head off any offer to tempt her away to ITV by offering her her own show, although as far as the One Show is concerned, it\’s really her show anyway! For a male choice, I can\’t think of a single male who\’s in the same class as her for a GMTV type of show. Maybe the Irish guy who used to do Big Brother\’s little Brother would be worth a try? Anyway, whoever they bring in, I feel sure that Adrian Chiles will turn out to be a bad choice. He\’s ok on the football as a \’one of the lads\’ type, but he has proved time and again with his truly awful efforts on the One Show (to me at any rate) that he has very little talent for presenting anything else. For a start, he can\’t interview anyone without completely making them feel very rushed with his obvious awkward ignorance and stupid little \’yeah, yeah, yeah\’, sounds he makes when guests talk while he\’s interviewing them. On top of that…he ain\’t pretty for most gals to look at first thing in the morning!

  78. Vince says:

    Re, my comment a couple of minutes ago, about the Irishman who did Big Brother\’s Little Brother; Dermot O\’Leary\’s the guys name.

  79. Vince says:

    Cloee Rigleywrote: \’Plus Fiona was absolutely awful!!!! I could not stand her and no-one else i know could either. And when she was on with eamon holmes it was like hell on earth. I\’m glad that both of them have gone but i would be sad to see Andrew and Penny go.\’\’Hell on earth\’! I agree with you about Fiona Phillips clooe, but didn\’t you ever see or hear about Anthea Turner with Eamon Holmes? Now that was what I\’d truly call \’hell on earth\’! 😉

  80. Jennifer says:

    My day wont be the same Im so used to the format and presenters, like an old slipper and maybe thats too comfortable – couldnt they change the format and leave the presenters, Kate and Ben are the best and Penny and John Stapleton – I cant bear the thought of starting the day with ~Adrian Chiles, I\’ll be listening to my radio instead!

  81. michael says:

    I will be glad when the wooden tops have gone,its supposed to be a news program but if you ake up at 6 in th morning you can have the news 5 times before 8.30 they may as well replay the tape and as for winning the competition only an idiot could fail to win

  82. michael says:

    Futhermore to my last comment re the wooden tops when Chiles comes on I wont be watching at all cant stand his smug attitude.

  83. Vince says:

    Going by the general tone of the comments on here, Adrian Chiles is going to be talking to himself on GMTV!

  84. Lee says:

    Personally the only presenter I really like is Penny Smith. Its a shame she is leaving…for me she is GMTV. Andrew Castle gets on my nerves, I havent seen much of the new Emma, Kate Garroway is just bugging! I cant stand Adrian Chiles and was glad he left The One Show but I will definately switch off GMTV now he is going on it!BBC Breakfast with Bill and Sian gets my vote 🙂

  85. Michael says:

    Andrew Castle & Fiona Phillips in my opnion have proberly brought down GMTV, Absolutley Talent-less He\’s a failed Tennis Player! Whats he doing fronting a Prime Time Morning TV Show… Fiona=Talentless, She married into the Show

  86. Ellie says:

    I absolutely HATE Adrian Chiles and I am really disappointed that GMTV is changing. I have been a fan for a long time watching while I put on my makeup before going to work. Was jumping for joy when Chiles left The One Show only to be devastated when he was taken on by GMTV ! Cannot stand the man so will NOT be tuning in any more. Ellie.

  87. Edna says:

    I too absolutley HATE Adrian Chiles and and very disappointed that GMTV is changing. Also HATE Kate Garroway. My favourites are Penny Smith, Emma Crosby, Fiona Phillips and Ben Shepherd. If Adran Chiles hosts I will never watch GMTV again and will switch channels and watch Milkshake. instead. I used to look forward to to switching GMTV in in the mornings. OH well, YOUR LOSS. Edna.

  88. Sara says:

    I really do think it is time for a change at GMTV: its old and outdated formula leaves me dis interested. I now watch the BBC morning news instead; Andrew Castle is slimey and I don\’t like Kate at all. Lorraine , alothough once enjoyable, is boring and definately needs to go.

  89. Tam says:

    Cant stand Adrian Chiles, Please leave the present crew as it is if you want to keep your veiwing levels up! If it aint broken dont fix it.Tam.

  90. dennis says:

    who gives a toss money for old rope i say ,sod them.

  91. CARMEN says:

    I for one will miss Penny Smith and why spend all that money on Adrian Chiles – really don\’t want to see him 1st thing in the morning. All they have to do is get rid of some of the frivolous activities and keep the presenters to more news items why spend money when they don\’t have to. So it looks like no-more breakfast tv for me

  92. gwendoline says:

    Needed to keep Ben, Penny and Richard, get rid of the rest. Don\’t need Chiles or Bunton. Need some good presenters who can do a good job when interviewing politicians, not keep paying lip service and being best buddies with them.

  93. lesley says:

    Be glad if Emma Crosby goes.Andrew,Richard,Penny,Kate,Ben,and Lorraine are great keep them,they do good job.

  94. peter says:

    please please PLEASE get rid of FIONA PHILLIPS and LORRAINE KELLY. and keep PENNY SMITH and KATE GARRAWAY. Why have a weather girl,let the others do it ,more steadier please

  95. David says:

    Please get rid of Penny Smith with her sarcastic unfunny remarks… In fact get rid of the whole snide crew accept Lorraine Kelly, she alone injects a bit of humour and down to earth humanity into the show. We need change!

  96. Wendy says:

    What a joke!!! I watch GMTV EVERY morning. Love Ben Shepherd, Kate Garraway, Richard, Penny and Clare. Please dont mess around with our programmes. If its not broken dont fix it. Its ok as it is. Please , we dont want Adrian Chiles. Couldnt stand watching him on the BBC so why do we have to put up with him in the mornings. Any change and i will definitely change my alliegance to the BBC

  97. jack says:

    please get rid of andrew castle,should have kept penny the show will lack a lot now she has gone

  98. Jackie says:

    Looks like their viewing figures will drop even more if these changes take place. I usually tune put GMTV on every morning while getting my daughter ready for school. If they change it I won\’t be watching any more. They should have a poll asking the public what they think first.

  99. sarah says:

    What a shame now there is really is no alternative to watch in the morning whilst getting ready for the school run. BBC is too formal I really enjoyed the light banter you got with GMTV, Penny is a warm and friendly woman obviously highly intelligent without shoving down your throat, same as John….Ben again funny and very bright with the added bonus of being a rather pleasing on the eye! it had just the right balance….I like to be informed with what\’s going on in the world but without the stuffiness and formality you get with the BBC, and they had it spot on at GMTV. They really should of taken their heads out of their backsides and taken note of what the public actually enjoys and the reasons why they watch… none of the powers that be actually read the papers or see the responses to their fool hardy actions??? Hmmmm I guess not!

  100. Carol says:

    PLEASE PLEASE get rid of LORRAINE KELLY. Sick to death of her Scottish Accent, send her back to DUNDEE. iNfact I would get rid of all the other Scottish Presenters, let them all go and work on Scottish Television. Think you have to be Scottish or Gay to work on GMTV. I think EMMA BUNTON has been delightful this week with Lorraine away on a permanent holiday (I hope), When ever Lorraine interviews anyone all she does is TALK OVER THEM, she is not really interested in anything anyone has to say, all she does is wave her arms all over the place and that irritting giggle. I do like Andrew Castle, a real gentleman who is interested in what people have to say Also think Kate and Emma are ok too. Also PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF – RICHARD ARNOLD – He is full of himself and loves the sound of his own voice, he thinks heis so amusing, well he is not, he is just irritating. Sadly, I have just read that that miserable ugly faced Adrian Chiles is joing GMTV in Septtember. Why on earth doyou think he willbe an assest to GMTV. Think it will be short lived, he has little personality, hardly ever smiles, what a miserable morning GMTV it is going to be. To my surprise I think Emma Bunton has been a refreshing change this week. One feels sheis interested in the people she is interviewing, she is genuinely nice and caring. Why not make her a offer she can\’t refuse. Carol M.

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