Adrian Chiles quits the BBC

Adrian Chiles has quit the BBC. The TV presenter – who currently presents The One Show and Match of the Day 2 – has officially left to join ITV in a four-year deal.
As part of his new presenting projects, he’ll appear on GMTV and cover the World Cup for the commercial broadcaster this summer.
Adrian Chiles said: "The chance to front ITV’s football coverage and GMTV would have proved an irresistible opportunity at the best of times. But, coming as it did at an awkward period for me at the BBC, it made the decision to leave not quite as hard as it might have been."
This decision came shortly after BBC One controller Jay Hunt revealed plans to replace Adrian with Chris Evans on the Friday night instalments of The One Show – a move the 43-year-old admitted to being unhappy about.
"I would have been happy to stay at the BBC doing the same shows on the same terms, especially The One Show, of which I am so proud having worked on it since the first pilots four years ago," he said.
"It’s no secret how disappointed I was by the controller’s decision to change an apparently successful and well-loved show at this stage, but fully respect her right to do so and sincerely wish her and the brilliant One Show team well with it. I’ve spent all my working life at the BBC, working with and learning from some of the best people in the business.  I will miss all my friends and colleagues very much but can’t wait to get started with new people on two major new challenges for me at ITV."
A BBC spokesman said: "We would like to thank Adrian for his contributions to his programmes and we wish him well for the future."
How do you feel about this turn of events? Are you happy to see Adrian Chiles leave the BBC for ITV? Will you continue to watch The One Show? Let us know your view by leaving a comment – but please keep it clean.

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100 Responses to Adrian Chiles quits the BBC

  1. Lou says:

    very sad to see adrian go he\’s fun and after the unhappy hour which is the 6oclock news we need some fun..christine bleakley\’s ego has got bigger and bigger over the last few years and with another big ego in evans that is a ticking time bomb for the bbc..or is that saying evans is a total failure on radio 2..

  2. Castle says:

    Once again an idiot thinks she knows better. The last thing I want is Chris Evans Morning and night. I have turned off radio 2 and as much as I enjoy Christine presenting the One show I will not be watching it as long as Evans is presenting. BBC it\’s time to wise up and learn to find out what the viewers want before you make changes we don\’t want. After all we pay your inflated salaries and I hope once we have a new government your jobs and your large salaries go too

  3. Helene says:

    Absolutely gutted, he may not be Brad Pitt but Ade has a funny sort of charm, my daughter loves him. The show won\’t be the same – and of all people Chris Evans!!!!!! What more can I say?

  4. Teresa says:

    Good riddance.Can\’t stand the way he sits with his legs wide apart and constantly squinting at the autocue.He\’s so bloomin dull too.I just hope he\’s not a replacement on GMTV for the delicious Dan Lobb.That guy is well fit!!

  5. Davey says:

    Great – Good Riddance – pity he will be on the TV at all – what goes around comes around !

  6. susan says:

    I watched Working Lunch on occasion only because I found Adrian Chiles to be an excellent presenter, likewise the One Show which I have watched regularly for a long time. Just as I turn off Radio 2 at 7am each morning, I will never watch the One Show again. I do not understand why talentless egoists like Evans and Ross are constantly pandered to by the powers that be. Well done, BBC, you have now ruined yet another excellent show. auntsuzy

  7. christopher says:

    miss adrian but lets see what the ginger one will bring us sham its before the water shed

  8. froggy says:

    I think Adrian has been treated very shabbily. The BBC are obviously trying to up Chris Evans\’ television profile on the back of his success on Radio 2, they must have very short memories. A few years ago, the very same thing happened, and when Evans\’ profile was sky high, he turned into a Prima donna, not turning up for work, or turning up late with no regard for his employers or his listeners. I hope the beeb are once again, left with much egg on their face. Adrian, every best wish for the future!

  9. adrian says:

    DOH! sort it out BBC!!!

  10. Mark says:

    I am at a loss as to why it seems to be accepted today to mess around with something that works. Adrian and Christine make a great anchor team for the One show. If the guy was happy doing the job then let him carry on and make your mark as the controller else where. Remember let the viewers decide, we pay the licence fee.

  11. stella says:

    sorry to see him go.adrian and christine make a grrreat show together. cant see ginger nut,getting on with christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Andy says:

    Is the woman mad?Still it gives me time to watch something else.

  13. Celia says:

    i wont be watching the one show again with Adrian gone, looks like the show wont go on without him, Christine should go as well, and join Adrian over the other side, the bbc are axing the wrong people, doing the same with eastenders, good luck Adrian will watch you on the other side, shame on you bbc.never could stand ChIS Evans. from celia in brighton

  14. Anthony says:

    Jay should be sent to the Tower, what is that silly woman thinking of?. GINGER-NUT IS AWEFUL, the Beeb are really scrapping the barrel. The ruination of a brilliant Show and the loss of an excellent Presenter. Sorry for Christine having to pair up with a wooden partner with as much charisma as a dead fish. A whole hour of that Chris Evans twit on Friday. Sorry Christine but i\’m gone

  15. john says:

    It\’s a shame. Adrian brings humour and a light hearted approach to his role whilst maintaining professionalism. We will miss him, and probably stop watching the One Show (which we have watched regularly from the start)

  16. Patrick says:

    The only good thing about this fiasco is that I will be able to devote the time that I spent watching The One Show to doing something useful.

  17. angela says:

    Am very annoyed with the arrogance of the BBC. Since Chris Evans took over the morning radio show I have stopped listening although I really liked him on drive time. Adrian and Christine are a great partnership – why spoil a good thing? Typical of the BBC these days – could we remind them that we pay their salaries!

  18. Dennis says:

    There is no question, to my mind, that Chris Evans is the most naturally gifted broadcaster of the age but I can\’t see why they need to have everything Chris flavoured unless there were further changes planned and AC was being moved on anyway. I also think AC is a gifted broadcaster and will be sorry to see him go – the beeb\’s loss is ITVs gain so I hope they know what they are doing. What does Ms B think about it all< I wonder?

  19. lynne says:

    think all Chris Evans shows have been good, interesting, funny, with a touch of charisma, whereas Adrian was ok, but could be boring and sulky at times, sometimes rude to his guests talking over the top of them, but football commentry should suit him well, think cb will get on fine with chris, and dont think she was as close to ac as suggested.

  20. julie says:

    Sorry to hear Adrian is leaving. BBC loss ITV \’s gain. Good luck to him, im sure he will do a great job, and i for one will be watching, his covering of the world cup.

  21. Brendan says:

    i am an irish man born in belfast 53 years ago and aloyal viewer of the one show i wont be watching that ginger tosser on the box on any day . looking forward 2 watching adrian on GMTV and the world cup i wish him nothing but luck . go 4 it

  22. June says:

    Have watched Adrian on Business News, Football and The One Show and cannot understand why there should be more change! Will not be watching Chris Evans on the one show, please dont say he is becoming BBC in person yet again. June Norfolk

  23. Bob says:

    Can\’t really understand why the BBC want to replace Adrian Chiles on The One Show. Adrian Chiles IS The One Show. I\’m surprised the BBC are prepared to sit back and let one of their most natural and talented broadcasters go to the opposition. No, I won\’t be watching The One Show in future.

  24. John says:

    Such a shame. Another great show to miss. I have enjoyed watching the show over the time it has run and the combination of Adrian and Christine is magic. It puts right even a bad day! I for one will not be watching in future. Chris is entertaining but far too overpowering. Unfortunately, it means both ends of my day have been spoilt by him. I wish Adrian all the best at ITV and thank you for some very entertaining moments.

  25. Chris says:

    If it aint broke dont fix it! Good luck Adrian for your future projects\’

  26. Michael says:

    Thank God this complete "Muppett" is going. He cannot work without his notes and the Autocue machine, he constantly loses the plot during the show, and relies on Christine all the time.As far as I\’m concerned, he has been taking money on false pretenses for ages so well done to the BBC.

  27. BRINOR says:


  28. allan says:

    Chris Evans is not the answer,manic,loud, idiotic behaviour more suited to radio 1

  29. Patrick says:

    I have watched the One Show since its introduction and have never missed an edition – except when they were on holiday – and Adrian Chiles has brought something back to TV – a down to earth human approach – where he has not had his head stuck up his rear end, and was a delight to watch – there is far too much of this boring and naff Celebrity Culture on TV these days and its good to see by most of the comments posted on here, that a lot of people are waking up to this fact and changing channels or switching off. I for one WILL NOT be watching the One Show when AC leaves, Christine Brinkley is a smashing Lass and I would watch her, but Chris Evans!!! thats taking the p**s.

  30. Robert says:

    Well, thank goodness that embarrasing muppet is going from the beeb. I never could work out why they employed such a rude person in the first place. The One Show will be worth watching now. And how they think they can replace Penny with this peasant on GMTV… just another nail in the coffin for breakfast on ITV. good riddence to the scruffy git, I say…

  31. dave says:

    dave haddock. well looks like the beeb is screwing up again. I have watched the one show from begining, and must applaud the beeb for having a good show. my opinon adraian should have stayed, and the show put on for a hour long slot. Iif eveans is only doing friday,,who is doing reast of the week. sorry beeb ,,but evans in my eyes is a non starter. and we pay our liscence fees for what,, repeats, football, out of date films,,,,,,,oh,,and chris eveans. big mistake beeb.

  32. barbara says:

    i shall miss Adrian. I thought him and Christine made a good pair. Chris Evans is a non starter in my book. Sorry Beeb. You got it wrong again.

  33. Bernadette says:

    I think they\’ve got rid of the wrong person. One of the bests shows I saw was when Christine was stuck in Northern Ireland due to the weather and Adrian did the show by himself. Brilliant.

  34. Honey says:

    I will not miss seeing Adrian Chiles on the One Show at all, I did not like him. Infact I would love to see Chris Hollins on the One Show instead of Chris Evans. I think Chris Hollins has more charm and is a very good presenter when he did it for a couple of the One Show. I enjoyed the One Show with Chris Hollins.

  35. Gillian says:

    I really enjoy the one show and have watched it since the beginning. Adrian is just a very down to earth guy and working along side Christine they make a really good and entertaining partnership. I get a bit frustrating that some people just seem to get many more opportunities, while i like Chris Evans, I do think we need to spread the opportunities around particularly in a climate with few job. its good to get new face on TV. I also don\’t agree with the huge salaries paid out to a select few. Sorry to see Adrian go. Hope Chris doesn\’t over shaddow Christine too much

  36. Jackie says:

    I won\’t be watching the One Show with Chris Evans. Another case of mending what wasn\’t broken.

  37. Unknown says:

    Adrian Chiles has a droll, low key and amusing way of presenting. His chemistry with Christine was very positive. The Ginger Plague has already written off mornings on Radio Two. Is the BBC operating a scorched airways policy?

  38. alan christopher says:

    I have never liked Adrian Chiles. I consider him one of the biggest phonies on tv……………….

  39. Unknown says:

    Adrian has just said that he learned a great deal from his colleagues.What he, clearly, has NOT learnt is that at the end of the The One Show after thanking the guests he should not COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM as the credits roll!Watch tonight, for example, and see Christine pleasantly chat to the guest (s) and Adrian look the other way.It gives the impression he talks to them only when he needs to i.e. In Air Time..

  40. Arthur says:

    I was hoping that the Beeb were getting rid of over-paid, embarrasing presenters but it seems that they are only getting rid of the good ones. In the factory where I work 80% of staff don\’t like Chris Evans and even more detest Jonathon Ross so it appears that the Beeb will lose a lot of viewers on Friday nights. Why change something that works? Has someone sat in an office said " Ooh we need to up-date. Who is \’edgy\’ and on song and is up to date? I know, Chris Evans. I don\’t listen to him personally cos I listen to Radio 4 but I\’ve heard he\’s quite good and he is only disliked by 50% of the demographic proportionso he is perfect."It must be something like that.

  41. Jeff says:

    I don\’t even try to understand the logic behind ITV\’s brain dead organisation. They scrap a super programme like The Bill and then they pay millions for Chiles, who must surely be at the very bottom of the list if it came down to who were good sports presenters. When he\’s on air it\’s like he\’s just woken up after a long night\’s sleep, or is suffering with diarrhoea, which is what comes out of his mouth most of the time anyway. ITV will never compete with the BBC when you think of the "Great" sports presenters of the past like Harry Carpenter, Ron Pickering, Bill McClaren and Kenneth Wilstonholme If they continue to take on poor presenters like Chiles. At least "The One Show" will improve without Chiles on it.

  42. Mike says:

    I did give the One Show a look now and again but never liked the fact that they have guests who they completely ignore and talk across for most of the show. Furthermore, if the Beeb had payed Adrian Chiles what he was worth he would have been invoiced every month.

  43. Laura says:

    LauraI won\’t continue to watch the One Show anymore if Chris Evans takes over. The quality of the show will decline as he will interview endless, talentless celebrities who continue to feed his already overflated ego! I feel sorry for Christine as she will have to play second fiddle to this overated "TV/Radio presenter". He should continue on the Radio and leave TV presenting to individuals with genuine talent. Why can\’t the BBC be brave and try a \’new face\’ as we are afterall, heading for a time of change?

  44. joy says:

    I agree with all comments re Evans – he has ruined Radio 2 early morning show. I have followed Adrian from Working Lunch & will follow him to ITV. BBC has made a big mistakeJoy

  45. Lorraine says:

    Ok, no thank you to Chris Evans. Sorry for Christine, Shan\’t watch it anymore, I know if it\’s not working lets get rid of it altogether? Good luck Adrian in your new venture, will watch you talk about footy. come on Christine move on you deserve more! Take the one show off…

  46. Will says:

    Adrian\’s layed back approach has made the One show enjoyable viewing. I find it hard to understand why something that works so well should be changed. I will not be watching it in future.If, in the future, ITV decided to use Adrian in a similar format show then the One show could have whoever presenting it. I would not be watching. I certainly will not be watching Chris Evans preen himself on screen. The One show has never been an ego trip for its presenters which is why it is so entertaining

  47. Patrick says:

    The BBC has a long and distinguished record of being run by idiots. Right at the beginning of its existence it was run by a self opinionated Governor General who insisted that all announcers should wear dinner jackets, as it would be appalling manners to allow one\’s voice to be heard in anyone\’s drawing room when one was not properly dressed. (One wonders how he would have responded to similar complaints from listeners who were members of the East Sussex Nudist Society.) They continue to ruin shows which listeners enjoy.

  48. Chris says:

    Sunday nights Too Good Too Bad will be missed along with Adrians relaxed armchair manner, it is like having a chat with a mate over football and I agree, sorry Mr Evans, notr for me

  49. Bob says:

    Why oh why have ITV paid out obviously big money for such a talentless presenter. Now I won\’t watch an abyssmally poor GMTV if Chiles is hosting and as far as the World Cup\’s concerned they\’ll definately lose viewers if he presents. Match of the day is poor enough with him on it but imagine him taking over from Linaker. Can\’t they send him to Birmingham where perhaps they can understand his rumblings on, he talks as if he were a ventriloquist. I\’d advise BBC to try and convince Steve Ryder to come back where he belongs and put decent presenters in for a major event. As far as GMTV\’s concerned they should\’ve gone for the first choice Eamonn Holmes.

  50. Margaret says:

    I most certainly will not be watching the One Show if Chris Evans has any part in it. I think Adrian Chiles will be greatly missed at the BBC

  51. Glenda says:

    Adrian and Christine are now like an old married couple bickering at each other. I am not particularly sorry to see Adrian go although I wish him well, but the thought of Chris Evans as a replacement will probably stop me watching the One Show, whether on just a Friday, or the rest of the week. Similarly, for obvious reasons, I now refuse to watch Jonathan Ross and shall be glad once he has finished at the BBC. Glenda.

  52. Unknown says:

    I will not watch the One Show now that it will be presented by Chris Evans, I cannot relate to him or his style. I felt comfortable with Adrian Chiles and wish him well for his future with ITV.

  53. richard says:

    I personally think Adrian Chiles is great on \’The One Show\’,and his relaxed manner will be greatly missed.The on screen chemistry between him and Christine was refreshing to watch(every day!),and will not be matched,not by Chris Evans.Who i am sure will be to much of a \’forced\’ presence for me.Adrian Chiles was a very relaxed and not \’in your face\’ presenter on \’The One Show\’.Shame!

  54. john says:

    good luck in your new job Adrian …..keep it real

  55. Valerie says:

    Chris Evans! What on earth is the BBC controller thinking? How many times does Evans have to be resurrected from dead and/or his failing shows and pushed on us. I will NOT be watching the one show any more. Sorry Christine! My sympathies to you. Adrian wasn\’t perfect, who is, but at least he allowed us to enjoy being sensible, with his middle of the road manner and presentation. I don\’t need any more outrageous behaviour in my life, there\’s enough out there on the streets and in the workplace, not to mention the entire banking system. SHAME on THE BBC. TOTALLY OUT Of TOUCH WITH ORDINARY PEOPLE trying to live relaxed lives.

  56. sheila says:

    Why spoil a good team? I won\’t be watching the One Show now. Sorry Christine. You two were a good pair together. BBC got it wrong again!

  57. PATRICIA says:

    that Chris Evens getting everywhere I for one don\’t like it, pushing others out for someone who is already in a much loved Wogan spot should be enough, to much of one person being ramed down our radio and tv is too much and the BBC should stop doing it

  58. Hayley says:

    Yes I am pleased that Adrian will be leaving the One Show. He is too \’anal\’ most of the time, and fusses too much over certain items that could upset the audience. He needs to learn how to chill, and stop taking life too seriously! I\’m not sure how Chris Evens will get on with Christine though, why not let her present it by herself – I think she\’s good enough.

  59. Gary says:

    I am well chuffed for Adrian Chiles as I believe he fronts both the One Show and the Match of Day programme very well. I\’m glad it was good timing, as I feel the BBC has treated him extremely unfairly and I certainly won\’t be watching the One Show with Chris Evans as I can\’t stand him. Give me Adrian Chiles over CHris Evans any day! Wishing you the best of luck Adrian!

  60. Jean says:

    I never watch the one show because he is on it, he has such a boring voice and always looks uncomfortable next to Christine. I will try to watch C E as I do like him. Sorry Adrian. Jean

  61. David says:

    Really sorry to see Adrian go. I think it will be the beginning of the end for the One Show. I hope it is not the beginning of the end for Adrian. Can he be the first to leave the BBC for ITV and succeed where everyone else that tried went into oblivion. I think if the Beeb wanted to change the Friday show they should have put a new team out. Isolating Adrian as the one to move over is really poor management and has produced an entirely predictable result. Good Luck Adrian – hope it\’s a long time before we see you on SKY!!

  62. Unknown says:

    i think Adrian Childs IS the one show, good luck in pastures new

  63. Fae says:

    Adrian and Christine together are great. It`s not the same even when they just take a break. The One Show as it is now is one of those `laugh out loud` shows but with other great items which they both handle brilliantly. I do NOT want to watch Chris Evans. Adrian wil be greatly missed and I suspect I will lose intereat in The One Show without the existing duo and I don`t think I will be alone!!!!!

  64. Anthony says:

    Whatever is the BBC thinking about in bringing in Chris Evans to the One Show? Why try to mend something that\’s not broke. Adrian and Christine ARE the One Show and I for one will NOT be watching once Evans is on the sofa – he should be left to quietly fade away and never grace our screens again, bad enough that he replaced Terry Wogan on Radio 2. Sadly, I feel that Adrian\’s departure will see the beginning of the end for the One Show, but I am glad he will be joining the fabulous team at GMTV. Good Luck, Adrian!

  65. Adrian says:

    Chris Evans, completely talentless, is needed on the one show as much as leprocy. Jay Evans must be on another planet !!

  66. Unknown says:

    chris Evans is a lost cause and not radio or tv.

  67. Stanley says:

    I like the One Show, and Match of the Day, but I never liked Adrian Chiles presenting, the final straw was the way he treated Cherie Blair on the One Show. He was fawning over so much I almost threw up, and this in the middle of the expenses row!!!Christine should present Friday on her own, no sure about Chris Evans, I suppose we can give him a go an see how it turns out.

  68. Rita says:

    I think the BBC have treated Adrian appallingly. they had a good thing going so why change it. Although I like Christine, & they are really good tegether,I for one will not be watching the One Show after he has gone, especially if they bring in Chris Evans. I think the only person who could replace Adrian is Chris Hollins as they both have a natural & relaxed manner.

  69. Johnny says:

    This is good news. Maybe the One Show will be more bearable to watch now that dreary Chiles is off the evening sofa. I dont think he will go down well on GMTV – I find it very hard to believe how someone with a face like an over slapped arse could brighten anyone\’s morning, He\’s like a walking advertisement for prozac.

  70. Andrew says:

    Chiles is a dreadful presenter. I could never stomach watching MotD2 due to his awful preparation and uninformed stance on the sport. True, the pundits were second rate too but Chiles had to ask questions about every little thing and you could tell it was because he didn\’t know. When Lineker asks questions you know he knows what\’s going on and is just asking Hansen for his opinion. Hopefully BBC will get someone competant and knowledgable in to take his place.Someone on this board mentioned Chiles being replaced by Chris Hollins on the OneShow. I can see where the comparison came from – they\’re both pug faced snots who couldn\’t present evidence of their sexuality.

  71. sanchia says:

    My boss and I both watched The One Show because we liked Adrian and Christine together, and we would talk about the show the next day. He is now refusing to watch the programme, whereas I will consider the situation because I still like Christine.

  72. Debbie says:

    I like GMTV but if Adrian Chiles joins I won\’t be watching, he really gets on my nerves, so boring and no charisma!

  73. Sue says:

    just heard that andrew castle ,ben shephard, and kate are to be sacked, and their bringing adrien chiles in on gmtv, well i tell you that i will definately not be watching again.why don,t they get rid of lorraine kelly cos she is rubbish, she just agrees with what anybody says, and pretends she so lovey dovey,and her accent grates on me.

  74. PAUL says:

    Thank God he\’s leaving!! With his face like an old shoe and his brummy whine, I switched him off everytime he popped up……. and what does he know about football anyway? When he pops up on ITV I\’ll still terminate him.

  75. Susan says:

    I can\’t stand Adrian Chiles, he\’s so boring and has obviously had a charisma bypass. He is on TV far too much and he\’s useless on the sports programmes. He puts me right off watching anything he is on. His accent is irritating and if a woman had his lack of good looks (being generous there!) she wouldn\’t be allowed to present anything. He has a face for radio, but then again the accent would be irritating so maybe not! Andrew Castle and Ben Shephard are good so they should stay. Having said that I don\’t watch morning TV as I\’m too busy getting getting for work.

  76. Robert says:

    People say that Adrian Chiles he\’s like the bloke down the pub ! Thing is, most blokes down the pub have considerably more skill at fronting a TV show ! How he has managed to get where he is with no obvious talent is beyond me. Absolutely overpaid and over-rated, it could only happen on the la la world of TV !

  77. Olivia says:

    Will not watch the \’One Show\’, now – with Christine B. he made it funny and exciting! Cannot STAND Chris Evans – will definately NOT watch it on a Friday! Chris Hollins was GREAT.

  78. Unknown says:

    Sorry to see Adrian leave, we will not be watching the One Show especially if Chris Evans takes over, do not like the man!! I guess its back to watching Emmerdale for half an hour.

  79. Kevin says:

    If someone as talentless and miserable as adrian chiles can manage to get jobs infront of the camera then he is a brilliant role model for all the people who think they are wont get on in life!!!!!! It wont be long before he will be sent off on ANOTHER "oh lets patronise the poor people of the third world travelogues" and then hopefully disappear forever into the jungles of the Black Country.

  80. Richard says:

    What a relief. I may start watching again. How a man with a drab personality and no talent got on tv at all was unbelievable !Rich

  81. malcolm says:

    Wonder if Evans will turn up. If it ain\’t broke, don\’t fix it?

  82. Unknown says:

    Not really bothered lets be honest its two people on a talk show its not new, not clever and Adrian is not exactly Mr Charisma, Im sure a decent replacement can be found, ill do it for 100K a year…..

  83. christopher says:

    Brilliant. Now, even if I can\’t totally avoid him, at least I\’ll know I\’m not helping to finance his over-inflated salary, under-inflated personality, and almost undetectable wit. Like the bloke down the pub? Yeah, the one in the corner wondering why he\’s on his own.

  84. Barbara and Rod says:

    So sorry to learn about the departure of Adrian, he and Christine made such a good and enjoyable team. They MADE the programme it will never be the same, they had a fantastic understanding of each other. Certainly will not be interested in watching it again. Why does the BBC have to interferred with everything that is successful, interesting, easy watching and at the same time teaching us all different facts. Do they never listen to the public who pay their licence fee and pay the BBC executives their very high salaries. Hands off good programmes and listen to your viewers.

  85. lesley says:

    I have always thought the format for \’The One Show\’ a bit peculiar, but Adrian Chiles and Christine Blakely have managedto pull it off! Why Oh Why are you bringing in that HAS BEEN Chris Evans!!!!!!! He is really naff – passed his sell buy date!Poor Christine. I will not be watching the Friday show or any of the other shows containing Chris Evans. Christine startlooking for another show, don\’t be saddled with this twit, he won\’t do your career any good. He only looks out for himself…….Lesley Gough

  86. Unknown says:

    Elizabeth wrote:I will not watch the One Show with Chris Evans in it.Adrian Chiles has been a good presenter and has made relaxing good fun FAMILY VIEWING , a breath of fresh air, we have enjoyed the show with him in it. Not forgetting Christine Blakely they have made a great team. It is very hard to find decent TV programmes to watch and now we are to loose this one in its present format. Too early in the evening for Chris Evans to be on TV dont want to see or hear him at any time of day.

  87. Mome says:

    I will not be watching the One Show any more. Adrian and Christine were such opposites that complimented each other brilliantly and I don\’t think that chemistry will be able to be recreated again! 😦

  88. beryl says:

    Won\’t be tuning in to GMTV after September! Adrian Chiles spoiled the One Show with his irritating way of scowling and frowningat the autocue. Looks like he needs to go to Specsavers! I suppose the other presenters have had their day and their ridiculously high salaries – perhaps now they can learn to live in the real world with a limited income.

  89. pauline says:

    I get up each morning with GMTV, and when Penny Smith goes I shall top watching.I watched Adrian Chiles present England match and he was so boring no charisma at all.I think I will start a campaign BRING BACK PENNY SMITH.

  90. elaine says:

    The only people I would be happy to ssee go are Kate and Richard – the others are very professional and a pleasure to watch in the mornings – GMTV will be a much glummer place without the bubbly Penny and I\’m sure the ratings will go down with her and Ben going – such a shame!!

  91. Sarah says:

    Please do not axe these presenters! I havent watched BBC for a long time as Adrian Chiles is soooo boring and he will only drag ITV down with him. The current presenters are so bright and cheerful and always get my day off to a good start. The are professional in their manners but at the same time have a fantastic sense of humour which compliments with their co-presenters humour making GMTV a pleasure to watch. Penny- please stay. Ben – come on back – please!!

  92. cindy says:

    i wont be watching in sept if they are all going they make the show.i agree with sarahs comments below.

  93. a says:

    Adrian Chiles ruined the One show so why bring him to GMTV. He\’s dull dull dull

  94. jack says:

    Both my wife and I agree that Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley made a good team. I will miss watching Christine (and Adrain) but without Adrian Chiles as a foil to Christine the One Show will not be as good. We do not want to watch the One Show now.

  95. norma says:

    What the hell is ITV up to…they employ Chiles…the miserable boring ugly faced twit who was the one reason I wouldnt watch The One Show and now they are getting rid of the rest of the lovely cheerful people who made GMTV worth watching (apart from Emma of course who speaks so fast I cant understand what she says and who needs a personality transplant). I said I would stop watching GMTV when Chiles joined and since they have added insult to injury with their current ideas I will definitely be watching the BBC. Shame really…bet the ratings plummet on ITV mind you the Beeb will get good ratings for getting rid of the prat.

  96. RALPH says:

    To be quite honest who cares? It\’s all very low brow anyway and the topics they cover are mostly trivial. We should have TV shows that make you think, not all that rubbish thoroughly digested to get the ratings up. Anything with a bit of intellectual challenge is shift to BBC4 or BBC3. ITV is commercial so they are on a different plane. I gladly pay my TV license but there are times when I dispair at the low quality "reality shows" that BBC feels should become part of our lives just to increade the ratings. I\’d say let commercial channels do the "popular" shows and get some quality programmes back to the BBC. We pay to view ads free TV, so let\’s get real and improve quality. The public are not stupid and will watch quality if it is given to them.

  97. allan says:

    To be honest Adrian Chiles going to I T V is the biggest mistake ever 1st the football he as intersesting as ditch water then putting on GMTV well have they got a death wish

  98. lynny says:

    He comes across sooo boring no itv dont do it pleaseeeeeeeeee one show bum show i hope Chris Evans does present it i might just allow it on to my screen if he can change it

  99. gerry says:

    Well, I thought it was a disrespectful dirty trick on BBC\’s behalf. Adrian\’s trying to low key it though and all this \’Wish you well,\’ on both sides stuff is such a load of B/S. He probably hates the BBC. However, money is the deciding factor among these people, and loyalty and all that goes with it is mere Bag-A-Tell.Gerry

  100. Allene K. says:

    Savannah:Oh you are sorely missed and to be replaced by Evens..even for just one programme is a downer..Wishing you all the best

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