ITV axes The Bill

ITV has swung the axe on long-running cop series The Bill. Last year, it was given a revamp and a move to a new 9pm prime time slot but this failed to revive its fortunes.
The Bill’s ratings decline tells its own story; from a high of well over 12 million viewers to an average of just under four million for this year.
The Bill started life as a play called Woodentop in 1983. Thames Television commissioned a twelve part series which went on to become a mainstay from 1984.
The first three series consisted of one-hour episodes, but in order to compete with the soaps, the format was changed to half-hour episodes in 1988.
It was the gritty realism of the early years that made The Bill such compelling viewing: jerky camera shots, maintaining the viewpoint of the police officers, natural lighting etc.
But what really made the show fly were some of the greatest characterisations ever to grace a UK weekly serial: DCI Frank Burnside (Christopher Ellison), Sgt Bob Cryer (Eric Richard), DC Alfred ‘Tosh’ Lines (the late Kevin Lloyd), DI Roy Galloway (John Salthouse), PC Reg Hollis (Jeff Stewart), Sgt June Ackland (Trudie Goodwin), DC Jim Carver (Mark Wingett) and DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron), to name a few.  
The beginning of the end for The Bill came when its solid dramatic background was sacrificed for blatant soap; out went a police procedural and in came sensationalist and farfetched storylines that left loyal fans aghast. Exhibit A: just look at what was done with PC Gabriel Kent. The nutter, played by ex-EastEnder Todd Carty, arrived at Sun Hill purely for revenge on June Ackland. He jumped from a bigot to a serial killer. Little wonder the series barely recovered after such a misstep.
The last revamp in 2009 saw The Bill once again embracing its grittier past and moving to the later 9pm slot. Beloved characters were dropped, the iconic theme tune dumped and the number of episodes halved. But the show struggled, repeatedly losing out to offerings on the BBC – even repeats.
Talking about the decision to axe The Bill, ITV director of television Peter Fincham said: ""Thanks to a superb production team, it’s been one of the great institutions of television drama. But times change, and so do the tastes of our audience." He added: "Whilst The Bill will come to an end in 2010, we will continue to invest more in drama programming than any other commercial broadcaster in the UK and viewers can look forward to a wide range of high-quality drama on ITV1."
Goodbye to The Bill then; a fantastic series in its heyday. Has ITV made the right decision? Are you sorry to see the show go? Have your say here but PLEASE keep it clean or your comment will be deleted.

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Nurse Jackie gets a third season in the US. I can’t wait!!!! Love that show.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Such a shame about The Bill. But it had a good innings and I’m glad its been put out of its misery. It was soooo fab watching Tosh Lines, Burnside, Galloway and co. Thanks for the memories.



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100 Responses to ITV axes The Bill

  1. Unknown says:


  2. stanley says:

    Stan Chapman says the Bill is only one of a small few of good itv programmes worth watching,sack these people not the Bill.Do you itv staff have a clue what people really want to watch,I very much doubt it……

  3. Mark says:

    This is a prime example of fixing something that wasn\’t broke. ITV has been messing around with this show for years and the final nail in the coffin was the change to a 9pm slot. I always watched out of loyalty. I will miss it. This is annoying because ITV have let the viewers down again.

  4. Sandra says:

    i cant belive it the best police show on tv and there getting rid im in total shock what kind of idiots run itv its like they say itv dont care what the viewers think thursdays will never be the same again im very sad

  5. Sandra says:

    what do itv want more rubbish like dancing on ice and alike total rubbish

  6. albert says:

    Jean FrancisWhat is ITV thinking of,the Bill has been a favourite of mine right from the beginning,my one complaint is about the re vamp, to change the theme tune was abomniable,but the characters were always good.What will I do now without Smithy and Jack and micky

  7. ian says:

    Phil. I love Hollyoaks. It is a soap that does things properly and hopefully when Calvin is shot dead we will find out that it is someone decent enough to do it. Unlike Eastenders an the rest of the soaps who think we\’d believe anything. I dont mind that it went to a later slot because I think the stories got a lot more grittier and it was something that could let the show reveal more about the characters in ways of how dark they could actually be. I enjoy it no matter what. Not cos of the storylines but the intensity and excitement of whats going to happen next. But what you say about Hollyoaks being gone in a year the way everything keeps goin tv will be gone in a year if we\’re lucky.

  8. Marlene says:

    i dont think the bill should be axed. its a brillinant show so true to life with some hansome fellas like micky and smithy. the story lines are brilliant always something to keep us on the edge of our seats .

  9. Em says:

    Emma No wonder the bill is getting axed as the producer axed the best characters and kept changing the time, the Bill was brilliant how it was before all the change.

  10. Melissa says:

    I\’m with those that say \’if it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it\’. Why make a good cop show into a soap? There\’s plenty of those around! And ITVs comment about viewers tastes changing is a load of rubbish. It might be hard for them to fathom but there are still those of us out there that want quality drama, with interesting characters and storylines. Not tripe about (hmhm) \’reality celebs\’.

  11. Becka says:

    That\’s absolutely disgraceful! They CANT axe The Bill! The storylines have got even better! The time Slot is even better! I can\’t believe they could do such a thing! The Bill is a great program! Axe shows like Glee or Eastenders….not the longstanding exciting tv programme!! They are crazy! If I had the money to keep it going believe me I would give it because it\’s a brilliant show! I could watch it allllllllll day! Yeh it\’s on the Watch channel and Alibi channel on Sky but te new ones are way better! All I can say is I\’m shocked…so shocked!

  12. Coops - says:

    Comment edited for profanitydebbie hartewrote: Yippee!!! Always thought the programme was a load of balls anyway, and lately the producers have clearly been trying to big it up to compete with US crime shows and it just can\’t compete frankly. All of the "awright Guv" and "You\’re nicked" got on my wick as well. In saying this, I agree with the previous poster who said all of ITV is sh**e lately……how true. Full of reality shows and hideous singing tribute shows like "Abbamania". I would rather watch Freeview these days. At least you can find SOMETHING to watch.

  13. Jason says:

    The Bill has been witty, entertaining and had some amazing characters. Who can forget Sgt June Ackland (nicknamed Aunty June by fellow Sgt Gina Gold), Gina herself who battled with Oxo Mum Lynda Bellingham, and kindly long timer Tony Stamp. The appeal historically was for the team as much as their stories. Sadly, the relaunch was very difficult to watch. Strange lighting and picture quality, that terrible theme tune and a drop to once per week – there\’s no surprise that viewers are deserting.It shows how poor decisions can affect the popularity of a show and really puts ITV1 in a precarious position. Compare ITV4 and it\’s archive reruns – although dated, many are quality and very watchable shows. Wheres the writing talent of these now? In comparison, back on ITV1 there\’s corrie, a dire pantomime of such epic proportions it should star Christopher Biggins and be directed by Lloyd Webber.So that\’s about it for a whole channel that has slashed news, sitcoms, drama and chat shows to minimal levels. offers nasty Saturday night trash (yes Ant and Dec I mean you) and as for X Factor – a talent show we pay for by phone voting .So where do viewers go from here? Well, for light relief the BBC with Spooks and Hotel Babylon? Or C4 with Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters? If you miss the cop shows, theres always CSI. For soaps, theres some superb stuff such as Bold and the Beautiful on Diva Tv, or a real blast from the past – Dynasty reruns on CBS Drama.The Bill will be missed but the blame can be firmly pointed towards ITV and their quest for cheap and cheerful programming.

  14. majella says:

    we dont the bill in scotland no wonder figures went down i miss no watching it so bring back to scotland the figures will go up

  15. christine ann says:

    I am so very upset to learn that The Bill is to be axed. Last nights episode was fantastic. I have watched The Bill for years, there was a time when it changed format that lost a lot of viewers but it has got better and I look forward to every episode. This show will be sorely missed but a lot of people and especially me.

  16. emma says:

    i shall miss The Bill so much, i have watched it for many years. each episode has been so good – what rubbish will they put on instead of it !

  17. keith says:

    hi if they axe the bill they should axe itv cause the bill is a brillient programe and it must be with 3 million viewers. i don\’t know why the show is losing or maybe it\’s an excuse.

  18. Beryl says:

    Paul Marquess has ruined every programme he has "taken over", so the writing was on the wall as soon as he arrived. He makes everything unpopular and unwatchable. A terrible demise for an exceptionally good show.

  19. Helen says:

    yet another wonderfull programme gone along with heartbeat, wire in the blood, blue murder, lewis etc. who makes these decision\’s?? someone makes a decision that will send people to other channels, that is not right to me. to much is axed due to viewing figure. make the cuts somewhere else!!! very upset about this

  20. Charles says:

    as avid followers of the bill it is another nail in good television, no sex no foul language. all round entertainment no wonder so many people are watching sky charlie and hazel levy

  21. Zoe says:

    I am not surprised. The Bill was fantastic up until 2yrs ago when it lost its normal edgyness. They tried too hard to make it look modern and similar to american police dramas but it ruined it by doing so. The Bill for me is two coppers walking down the street and tending to average crime scenes. The failure lies at the writers and producers doors.

  22. christine ann says:

    Does anyone know how we can protest against The Bill being axed? We are the viewing public so why does nobody listen to us?

  23. donna says:

    rmg iam absolutely gitted that the bill is comin off air iv never missed a series ever since i can remember i love it that much i even wactch the old bill every day on watch tv takin it off is like sayin to me all the soaps are gona be axed im totaly gutted from donna

  24. julie says:

    disgusting its one of the best programmes on itv

  25. philip says:

    what is itv going to do put more american rubbish at least the bill was british and was very realistic as it could be what a big loss

  26. claire says:

    I\’m devastated! It was great up until they went all American NCIS on us last year! Solution: give it back its normal slot of 8pm with its old but successful style and it will be great once again. TV Execs this is your chance to DO SOMETHING RIGHT for a change. Its worked before it CAN WORK AGAIN!!! Please bring back THe Bill that we all knew and loved BEFORE it went all poncy on the camera shots!!! WE LOVE THE BILL–Make it a PHEONIX rising from the ashes, to become the great TV legend again it once was!!!

  27. claire says:

    Here!!HEre!!! Phil….A great British production!!! And was VERY REALISTIC. And WILL BE a GREAT BIG LOSS!!

  28. roy says:


  29. claire says:

    Yer Lets AXE ITV instead! its has no regard for the many loyal Bill viewers who have given their loyalty for over 20 odd years!!! And never again employ those who brought about its downfall……. WE have a right to be lsitened to….. Unless of course they are only programming what THEY Want NOT what THE VIEWERS WANT!!! Isn\’t that some kind of nepotism???

  30. scott says:

    It wasn\’t the same after the revamp, it tried and failed to be more americanised. they should have left it how it was with realistic characters not hollyoakes cast offs!!!

  31. lindsey says:

    how can u axe the bill when its been going years many people will b disappointed its like saying scrap itv altogether maybe if they put more action n beta story lines in the ratings will go bk up plz dnt axe it theres not much desent stuff on tv these days n no wants 2 pay a tv licence to watch rubbish its about time we ad desent things 2 watch 4 a change so keep the bill on plz itv

  32. christine ann says:

    Please people does anyone know what we can do. I tried their website but couldnt find anywhere to put comments so if you know where to go to protest against itv taking of The Bill then let us know

  33. edna says:

    How can they do this to The Bill. Its about the only programme on I.T.V or any channel, thats worth watching at the moment and as been for any months. The viewing figures have obviously gone down , because it was axed in scotland much to the anger of its people.

  34. John says:

    I have to admit that since the revamping of the Bill for the new 9 pm slot, it seems to have lost something . However, I love the programme, and will be devastated if it is removed, there is so little to watch on the tv now unless you are a sports fanatic.May I also suggest that the constant cancelling of the Bill to make way for the many and various sports or celebrity programmes in the last years, must have damaged its viewing numbers, because serials are habit forming,and can be easily lost as a habit, and it felt like the Bill was sacrificed to anything else that ITV wanted to schedule.Please let us keep the Bill.Sadly, I suspect ,like everything nowadays , no one ever listens to the public point of view or wishes! Kate

  35. Unknown says:

    its time to end the bill,its been rubbish for years,waste of telly,long gone are the days of burnside and the story involving the bent don beech was simply the best tv around,but no more so time for something else.

  36. Fatema says:

    I am sooo sad that its going! It has been fantastic to watch. I watch it every week and have been for about 15 years. Hopefully there will be some sort of a catch up regime for all the fans out there. Well Done to the crew for providing some excellent drama! You will all be missed!!!! Rosie

  37. christine ann says:

    Lindsey thanks for the link to the petition. Only 13 names so far so all you fans out there please sign

  38. Sylvia says:

    I am so shattered!!! The Bill was the highlight of my week., along with Corrie .It made Thursday night worth waiting for. Everything else is rubbish on TV these days , no bad language .Pleeeese dont take it off. Sylvia

  39. lynne says:

    Sorry that the Bill has been axed….but over the past couple of years I think the storylines and the characters are not as good as in the early years……still a shame that its going…..Thanks for the memories:)Diana Lynne

  40. David says:

    Yes it once was a great show with some great acting and good story lines, but for a while now its been rubbish and we stopped watching it. I wish they would scrap Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale and all the other soaps as well.What we need is new serial drama like Cracker, Rebus and weekly plays.

  41. Nicola says:

    COMPLETELY agree with david. Scrap this all the soaps DIY , house hunting and antique rubbish and start putting on some quality programmes. maybe then i could watch some TV instead of surfing the interne

  42. majella says:

    losing it because stv axed it scotland loves the am a big fan from the begining and love callum stone

  43. majella says:

    where do u sign

  44. Jan says:

    Jan McQueenI would just like to say a big thank you to all of you for your support over the years and for being such big fans of the Bill. I am the wife of Geoff McQueen the very talented special man who devised The Bill. Who very tragicly past away at the young age of 46. Geoff had 7 succesfull series on the TV, including Give us a Break ( Robert Lindsey & Paul Magan) Stay Lucky ( Bobby Box) Stay Lucky ( Dennis Waterman) and many others. But The Bill was his biggest success which was more or less greated over night to fill a spot as ITV had to come up with a police series to pitch against Juleit Bravo. Geoff was only one of several writers asked to come up with a story line and after a very sleepless night we came up with WOODENTOP the very first episode, and Jim Carver, June Ackland, Tosh Lines, Reg Hollis and many others I could name where born. Geoff was comisioned to do Thirteen more episodes and to come up with a new name and THE BILL was born, And Sun Hill is really a real street in the town the we live in.(that was an inspiration of just walking our dog one morning and looking up and seeing the name Sun Hill & thinking what a great name for a police station) Anyway I would just like to say to all of you thank you for your support over the years from me and my two sons. JAN MCQUEEN

  45. Pam says:

    I can\’t believe that the Bill is being axed. This has been one of the best programmes on TV for a long time. I think the trouble started with moving its time slot. People lose track of when it is on. The new theme tune doesn\’t fit with the drama of the programme either. I used to hear it from the kitchen or upstairs and knew it had started, there is nothing to define it now. We will miss it when it\’s gone especially as there will probably be nothing decent to replace it. All we seem to watch in our house now are CSI and Numbers and other American dramas. All the soaps are rubbish too!We need some good British TV back on our screens.

  46. leighmarie says:

    NO NO NO, what a stupid idea, getting rid of the Bill, i admit the new Bill as thrown me a little, but it`s ok now were all getting used to it, to get rid complety is very drastic, were forced to watch all these cops in action, practically every night on every station, we pay our licence fee, so let us watch what we want, if theres 1 programme i watch in a week it`s the Bill that i choose

  47. Gretta says:


  48. Derek says:

    waste of space

  49. Millie says:

    I love The Bill and will be sorry to see it axed. I enjoy the storylines and the characters,although it was a shame they got rid of some of the older characters,such as Bob Cryer,Gina Gold and more recently Tony Stamp,I believe this had a bigger impact with viewers than they realised.Callum Stone reminded me of the days when we had Beech and Roach, giving the programme a twist and a reason to watch it. I can\’t believe it will be no more,what\’s left? Oh yes other police drama\’s with so much blood and gore and evilness I can\’t sleep at night! I will soon barely be watching t.v. with all the rubbish left. The ITV will soon be as boring as BBC 2, they\’re already axed Blue Murder, Hearbeat (the nation\’s favourite) and A Touch Of Frost will soon be no more. Before long there will be simply movies left to watch and soaps, oh yes and plenty of talent shows and game shows! YIPPEE!

  50. steven says:

    You can bet your life that The Bill will be replaced by some more meaningless american rubbish.I would like to see one channel devoted to american crap television programmes so that we would know which channel to avoid.

  51. colin says:

    I came to the programme only a couple of years ago, and think the 9 o\’clock re-vamp to be really pretty good basic TV drama.I shall miss my weekly fix of cop show. I don\’t think the new style has been given a decent chance to establish itself, but TV executives, I guess, live in their own little world -like politicians and priests -and are deaf and blind to the rest of us. Colin.

  52. Margaret says:

    I am gutted as it is, in my opinion, one of the better shows on TV at the moment. I think they are making a big mistake as good drama on both the BBC & ITV are being sacrificed for shallow reality shows & foul language cookery shows.I won\’t hold my breath waiting for thE good drama that is promised instead as it won\’t materialise. Really what is on ITV at the moment as apart from the BIll & Corrie I can\’t remember one other programme I would want to watch. THEY ARE MAKING THE WRONG DECISION.Bill I can\’t even remember what is on TV at the moment as it is so awful.

  53. lenny says:

    The ratings couldn\’t do anything else but drop.What did they expect when they took it off STV and STV viewers could no longer get it.

  54. DANIEL says:

    The bill was good . but then they went and ,messed it up by getting rid of all the great cast , regg hollis , tony stamp ete x shame but it was coming

  55. stuart says:

    i think its one of the best shows on telly,put it back to 9 pm and twice a week and i think you may see a turn around in viewing figures

  56. Geoff says:

    The producers of The Bill should have listened to the fans and read the message boards. Changing the format to "Americanise" it with that awful \’music\’ and horrible sounds totally spoiled it. I couldn\’t stand the racket and stopped watching. "If it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it"

  57. Samantha says:

    I\’m devastated, it\’s one of the only things I\’m bothered about watching and I\’ve watched it since I was a child. Yes it\’s changed but it still has good storylines and acting. No wonder it has bad ratings when it\’s pushed out of it\’s slot so often. It\’ll be replaced by mindless disposable crap for the majority. Having the highest ratings does not necessarily mean it\’s a programme to be proud of. TV is already mostly one hit wonders and axing this is like axing Queen in favour of the Cheeky Girls.

  58. michael says:

    Yippee at last a well overdone series is to end,now lets have corry and emmerdale follow quickly. Its about time we got shut of these cheap bad acting dumbing down programmes and made some real quality dramas and comedys. Dont worry all you jeremy kyle fans who watch this rubbish you will all still be able to see them on all the other so called reality rubbish thats on itv with a money making £1 to vote scam.

  59. Sue says:

    Sue EdwardsI have always watched the Bill IT\’S BRILLIANT. To axe it,it\’s DAM ANNOYING!!!! .What else is on the agender to be axed?? ITV hasn\’t a clue what viewers want. WHEN will they actally take the viewers opinions into account. The Bill has been moved changed & messed about to accomodate other progs & it is still a briliant tv programme. Before long there will be no good programmess to watch. Maybe us viewers should take a stand & switch off / over when all the stupid programmes ITV put on air & pay people like Cowel, Ant Dec, & the like, less money. Does anyone think these are worth it. COME ON ALL YOU BILL FANS LET\’S PROTEST AT WHAT ITV ARE DOING ruining good tv drama. Can anyone come up with suggestions. HANDS OF OUR GOOD TIME VIEWING.

  60. Coops - says:

    No external links pleaseAshley Squire: i have created a group on facebook to save ther bill if want join

  61. Coops - says:

    No external links please lindsey cato: this is the link 4 the petition to save the bill hopefully if thy get enough people to sighn it then they wont b able to axe it we dont want all the american rubbish we want the bill saved

  62. Tim says:

    Although I followed the Bill avidely when I was younger, since meeting my wife nearly 7 years ago, I didn\’t watch it anymore, simply because the flat where we first moved had no TV reception, and her family did not follow the series, so it gradually fell by the wayside. I\’m wondering if perhaps those circumstances actually spared me from seeing a show I loved become something I might not have done. I remember when the episodes were half an hour, and it was then a \’special sight\’ to see \’End of Part Two\’ and \’Part Three\’ on the screen, some of the storylines were fantastic, and incredibly well handled, such as the rape of Mickey Webb (one of my favorite characters) or Jim Carver\’s descent into alcoholism. I don\’t think I\’ve seen such a brilliantly diabolical character as Gabriel Kent in any other show, but I must admit, I think he was the beginning of the end from cop drama to soap opera. Sad to hear of its demise, but, as they say, nothing lasts forever, and all good things must end, so as Ned Kelly said, such is life…

  63. Gordon says:

    It\’s unfortunate, but it\’s about time. This series is getting very tired. I am one of the many who have switched off from watching. I will of course watch the last episode whenever it is aired just for old times sake. Let\’s hope they fill the slot with something worth watching!

  64. Gibby says:


  65. Chris says:

    No suprise on this, ITV in general has gone down the pan since it became ITV PLC, just look at the evidence being served up, the Iconic News at Ten returned a few years ago and now its production values of this once unique cornerstone in British news broadcasting is now that low that even the opening sequence is like being an unwilling voyeur sneaking round Masonic lodge for traffic wardens, in short, totally ruined, complemented by that excuse that they call ITV \’regional\’ news, where unless you live on a desert island, which is obviously where they\’re getting the news storys from, it\’s as far from \’regional\’ as it gets!, and now we hear of The Bill\’s fall from grace, the once gritty British police drama of 80\’s dumbed down on production leaving it with nothing more than just purial soap pap complete with a theme tune you\’d not disgrace yourself by huming in a bathtub, so what we got left then?, \’Jobcentre in the Jungle\’ or Simon Cowell\’s \’cr*p factor\’ both with there profit making \’dial a ripoff\’ to sure up ITV\’s failing revenue income!, …ITV now is just dreadful on a scale simply to big to quantify, ITV chiefs wants to go and take a long look through its archives into past history to learn what made it as broadcaster releavant, rather than just chasing the next set of viewing figures!, then folk just might start tuning in again!!!! , I seem to remember that when ITV was merging they said it was about providing better programming, obviously that one got up ended out the window the day after the merger.

  66. Gretta says:

    It USED to be the nearest thing to a real police programme until all the ex-soap stars started to replace the good actors, and the directors and producers began letting standards drop and allowing ridiculous scenes to be shown – like that little blonde one from Eastenders chasing a youth in trainers in her 4" high Stiletto boots! No female in CID would go to work dressed like that – but hey, for the small-talent ex-soap stars anything was allowed despite the detriment to the authenticity of the show. Some fool in Production thought bringing "celebrities" into the show instead of good actors was what the viewers wanted – obviously that fool had previously worked for one of the "celebrity" magazines. Well, they have now found out the public is not as dumb as they thought. Good riddance to the lot of them!

  67. Linda says:

    please do-not axe the bill there is so much other rubbish you could axe but please save our bill,

  68. jeff says:

    great, at least it\’s a start, now we need to see the back of more rubbish like the soaps. lets have some decent programmes for once. fat chance at least i can dream, looks like i\’ll be renting dvd\’s for years to come.

  69. ABC says:

    At long last the Bill is axed! It is not the same as it used to be in the 1980-1990s! Missed the old characters! Bye Bye!

  70. michael says:

    Living in Australia where tv is full of American cop shows "The Bill" is one of the few quality programmes we watch. When you see the rubbish they screen here you appreciate good British tv.

  71. Wasim says:

    I liked The Bill and will be sad when it doesn\’t come on anymore. Lets hope they don\’t put something stupid in its place.

  72. Maria says:

    I always make a point of watching the bill and think it is a shame it is being axed. There is so much rubbish on the telly and now they go and axe a good drama. It is a shame though that they got rid of some great characters like Reg Hollis and Tony Stamp. Surely there is room for the old school along with the modern policeman too.

  73. karen says:

    i cant believe that after all these years the fat cats of ITV have decided to take off one of the most loved tv programmes. funny that its them that decide what we can watch and when its not them paying for the tv licence. its all about the money to them and not the people that actually put them in there high paid jobs in the first place. i have watched the Bill since the very 1st episode and i have grown up with it. i as a licence payer and a tv watcher is sick and tired of being told that another great programme is coming to an end without asking to general public on what they want. i think ITV should concider what they are doing as the normal people whom dont get paid fat cat wages cant afford to go out every night and instead enjoy watching their fav shows on the telly. the next thing ITV will be telling us that coranation st will be axed next year when will this farce stop??????

  74. *~If I dIdNt HaVe My HaNdS bY yOuRs I wUd FalL tO pIeCeS~* says:

    I cannot believe that the Bill is being axed. I have always made a point of watching the bill as it is a very good drama just like bad girls was. To be fair the Bill has changed in the last few years but me personally since the times changed from 8 to 9 oclock the material they show and the storylines are alot better as it is not prime time. I will be sad to see the Bill go.

  75. Joanne says:

    I am upset The Bill is to be axwd.I have watched it loyaly for years.The new time and revamp may have helped destroy it.The ongoing story lines kept viewers wanting more.Now you are usuraly left confused at end of episode.Bring back the way it was at 8pm.If this is end thankyou to all you great actors and team that brought me so much enjoyment.You will be missed.

  76. wendy says:

    Well ! No surprises there. It was inevitable once we switched to 9pm. The once fantastic Bill was given poor stories all about similar things. Looks like horrible reality will take over. Time to switch ITV off I think.I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Actors and Actresses involved you have provided me endless hours of enjoyment. The powers that be have let you down.I hope they have a change of heart and put you where you belong, back at your 8pm slot with a programme that survived 26 years and stories that kept us on the edge of our seats for weeks.Hope you all go on to better things, you all deserve it.

  77. Shada says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I dont want the bill to come an END! Its such a wicked programme!! I just hope it wont be replaced by something RUBBISH!! But in my opinion I don\’t think that the bill should be AXED!!??

  78. john says:

    Have watched the Bill for years… the early days it was good viewing, but like a lot of programmes they tried to update and up-tempo the show….this takes it out of peoples comfort zone…in saying that the choices now of alternative viewing at 9 o\’clock is vast…maybe if it was televised when the other soaps are not on…or perhaps a 2 hour slot on a sunday , it may have survived…….

  79. Unknown says:

    So ITV is going to axe one of the best loved cop shows on tv? It\’s their fault – they\’ve swapped it about so many times, or not shown an episode because they shown a football match (funny how everything else can be shoved here there and everywhere to accomodate football, just as they\’ve done with Corries Wednesday slot!). The BBC are always promoting programmes such as Casualty and Holby City, but how often do you see The Bill promoted on ITV? Very rarely! All ITV seem to want to do is put on \’shows\’ that get the viewer to phone in for a particular contestant – the standards are getting worse. How much money could they save by not having Simon Cowell doing The X Factor and Britains Got Talent? More than enough to keep The Bill going!! Only a few year ago they changed News at Ten\’s spot to nine o\’clock because, they said, people wanted to watch films without interruption – that was a laugh because the films were interrupted by adverts! ITV should keep The Bill, stop using it as a vehicle for ex-soap stars and bring in new talent – there are many young actors and actresses who would love the opportunity to appear in such a good programme, so my message to ITV is get back to basics with The Bill, get some decent scriptwriters and KEEP IT ON OUR SCREENS.

  80. Unknown says:

    No matter what they do with the Bill it is still worth watching. So what are they going to put in its place, another boarin game show, or more repeats from 20 years ago. Leave the Boll alone

  81. les says:

    If the ratings are down they only have themselves to blame!!! They should of left The Bill where and time it was!!!! Most people watched it then! ITV changesd the time then the amount of time it was on then if that wasdn\’t enough took it off for Football etc. ITV Leave the Bill alone

  82. Brian says:

    ITV should be hanging their heads in shame that they have to axe a long running show like The Bill after many years.Watching The Bill right from the start was the only realistic cop show on the telly, it had some good story lines and a lot of excellent actors DCI Burnsdie Jim Carver Tosh, Sgt Cryer, far too many to mention.What didnt help rating though was when STV (Scottish television) here in Glasgow decided last year to stop broadcasting the shows merely for more scottish mdae programmes whci were utter boring and rubbish, many complained to STV including myself though nothing was ever done about it.The show was becoming far to personal, its format was all wrong and the theme tune was a disgrace, they should have kept it the way it was, people related to it more when it was the old tune.Sorry to see/hear that the show is being axed after many years, but the bosses who ran this programme should be held accountable, after all its those who changed the show has made it fail.To all the cast of The Bill, so sorry for such the loss of a brilliant show, and i hope that many of you go onto better things, you made a name for yourself on this show, good luck in whatever you choose do do next.

  83. Andrew says:

    in its day the police used to say that the Bill was very much the way of life in the police force, maybe ITV should listen to them, in the same way as Soldier Soldier used to portray the personal life\’s of Soldiers, what did they do make it so far fetched that it wasn\’t real any more just the same as they have done with the Bill, ITV need to take a long hard look at what the viewers want to see, rather that pushing so much money in to crap like the X-Factor or dancing on ice, lets get some real TV for a change…

  84. Sukhdeep says:

    i just started watching it and who cares if it isnt realistic, what is these days and it had 2 end sooner or laer n tbh this is wayyyyy later

  85. Irene says:

    I am so sorry to see The Bill go, SHAME ON YOU ITV. I have watched it from the beginning. As a lot of the others who have written in I don\’t like the 9pm slot. Maybe it has lost its ratings because people like to go out in the evenings and to wait till 10pm is a bit late. Please do not get RID.

  86. colin says:

    The problem the Bill has in getting ratings is that they keep messing about with it not that it is a bad show. Put it back to 8 o clock wednesdays and Thursdays when everyone expected it to be on and it will get the viewers. I have not missed one episode of the Bill and even when I cannot get to watch it when it is aired I always record or Sky plus it as does just about everyone I know, it has had highs and lows over the years but what shows do not? Coronation street for a while was utter garbage but it has recently started to improve dramatically and over on the BBC you have the same thing with Eastenders, it has peaked at times and at others has been so low that it nearly sunk but these shows have not been pulled because everyone knows they will rise again and so would the Bill if it were shown at 8 when it had less to compete against on other chanels and the fans knew when and where to find it. This will be one of the biggest mistakes by any TV station for years if they go ahead and pull the Bill, mark my words!!

  87. jacqueline says:

    please dont take the bill off tv there soon wont be no point having a tv when they keep taking all the decent programmes off and replacing them with what i call not worth watching programmes

  88. Jade says:

    I love the Bill! I haven\’t been watching it for long but I am honestly hooked! Now there\’s going to be nothing to watch!!! :-\'(

  89. paul says:

    SAVE THE BILL! I think the bill should stay on T.V as it is a entertaining program. ok so sometimes it is a little unrealistic but i still watch it when ever i can. my dad even watches the old episodes on uk gold. ITV director of television Peter Fincham is out of touch with the program and it\’s viewers. so it does not get top ratings but 4 million people still watch it.LONG LIVE THE BILL

  90. Sylv says:

    At some point in most programes lives, story lines have been what you might call far fetched or too close to the knuckle so why pick on The Bill! As with most of the soaps theyve been part of our lives from as far back as we can remember moms n dads generations. I think there should be more programes portraying the good work that the services provide, POLICE, FIRESERVICE, & AMBULANCE & all of the Forces are included in that aswell. Without those people our lives would be allot worse off! This ones for the soaps & the true to life services THE WORLDS A BETTER PLACE WITH YOU IN IT. 🙂

  91. pat says:

    how could you axe the bill .When ever i went on holiday , i had it taped for me .it is the best show on tv .I am very upset .Every one in the bill is a grear actor ,and actress .Some of ITV is crap .Weekend viewing it terrible .Axe some of the soaps

  92. sally says:

    thanx to itv messing about with the bill and causing it 2 lose its following. i loved the bill as it used 2 be and the changes its had over the years. itv have only themselves 2 blame. i will miss it and its characters greatly, especially jack meadows he\’s my favourite.

  93. Will says:

    ITV have only themselves to blame. I don\’t know what their motives were but moving to a 9pm slot was just an inconvenience and everytime the theme tune and title were changed I felt like I was watching a new program. Honestly ITV is really losing it. Whenever I watch TV now it\’s BBC or 4.

  94. Rodney says:

    It\’s a shame that ITV is getting rid of The BILL as this is the only police drama in the U.K, all the rest made in the U.S. so come on ITV bring it back please!!.

  95. Ann says:

    I love The Bill -it is my absolute favourite TV show! I am devastated that it is to come to an end this year!

  96. TERRY says:

    another programme that lost its way,too complex now. why would anyone want to work at viewing a soap ,after a days work you want it to entertain you not trample all over you . i think the original theme lost its appeal a long time ago just by running out of decent storylines and the new world of crime is hard and drug based and its not pleasent or easy to follow with its new street language style – we dont like it in our ordinary lives why would you tune in to have more of it ?

  97. keith says:

    if itv are dumping the bill because of bad viewing numbers why have the bbc not got rid of eastenders for the same reason

  98. denis says:

    I am pleased to see the end of the bill! we have to many police programmes on t/v did enjoy the original bill series though but got bored with the same old story lines, we need entertainment and comedy programmes to watch they help people to relax more at home after work and difficult days.

  99. Vince says:

    I haven\’t enjoyed nor watched The Bill regularly since the days of Frank Burnside, Tosh Lines and Jim Carver were all giving it some to those slag villains! It just fell apart for me after those characters went.

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