Lily Allen moves into reality TV

It appears that Lily Allen is following in Katie Price’s footsteps.

No – she’s not getting a boob job, Botox or marrying a Celebrity Big Brother winner. Instead, Lily looks set to become television’s latest reality star. 

She’s signed up for a TV show in which cameras will follow her every move.
In fact, they’re already on the case as she makes preparations to open a designer clothes-hire store with her sister, called ‘Lucy in Disguise’ (quite clever play on The Beatles classic, isn’t it?).
A source said: "Lily was approached about the TV show and thought it would help promote her new ventures as well as letting people get to know her a bit better."
Of course this isn’t the pop singer’s first foray into the world of television. Remember her iffy BBC Three talk social networking show Lily Allen And Friends which debuted in 2008? At the time, the BBC press office said it would feature "the hottest celebrities, topical guests from the online world" and "chart-topping bands". I do recall Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Junior and David Mitchell guesting but neither fall into the category of "the hottest celebrities".
Lily Allen and Friends wasn’t a critics’ favourite so let’s hope her reality TV show performs better. But what do you think? Are you likely to make a point of watching Lily’s new show? Let us know by sharing your view.
Bak on TV looks at Michael Winner’s Dining Stars
"One of the weirdest things about the show is watching Winner dine. He eats like an old man (though to be fair, he is an old man), all drool and gums and, worse than that, he refuses to comment on the food during the meal, instead making notes in his sinister little black book. This has the effect of making him seem far ruder than he probably is."
Jack on the Box wonders if Amanda Holden’s got talent
"But to be brutally honest, before Britain’s Got Talent, it was her status as one-time wife of Family Fortunes’ Les Dennis that made her a household name. The affair with Neil Morrissey (remember that infamous long lens snap of Ms Holden and Morrissey skulking off together?) didn’t do her any favours either."
Read the rest of MSN TV columnist Jack Kibble White’s article here

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5 Responses to Lily Allen moves into reality TV

  1. neil says:

    i wounldnt want to watch lily allen even if you paid crash tv

  2. Tina says:

    She doesn\’t interest me whatsoever. This sort of thing would normally capture my interest, but not with her. She bores me, and brings nothing original to the table. Just like all the other starlets out there these days who are only there because they have famous parents. I\’d much rather watch her father than her. At least he\’s talented.

  3. Unknown says:

    Mr Chiles best move he lowered the tone of what was a good show and kept the real star Miss blakeley from showing that women has a better sight to look at not a scruffy person with no class or taste M Butler

  4. paul says:

    Why would I want to watch a foul mouthed talentless slag for ?

  5. Ann says:

    I\’m not crazy with Adrian Chiles but Chris Evans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Another show I won\’t be watching.

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