Bak on TV on MSN TV

This week, MSN’s TV columnist Stuart Bak is having a moan about the profileration of dance programmes on TV.
"It’s nearing the point where I probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if I switched on EastEnders to find Peggy kicking Janine out of the Vic via the medium of foxtrot. Or Pat paso doble-ing her way from pub to caff.
How long before everyone’s doing it? Not just talent-show hopefuls and z-list celebrities, but everyone? Imagine Jon Snow samba-ing live from The White House on Channel 4 news; Paxman grilling David Cameron on Newsnight while both bust a few hip-hop moves; Henry Sandon doing the robot on the Antiques Roadshow; Attenborough body-popping in the rainforest."

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One Response to Bak on TV on MSN TV

  1. Lee says:

    I agree, the amount of money that has been made through these supposed REALITY SHOWS. We need to be making shows like the classics. Only fools and horses, Porridge but with a modern twist. A kind of Shameless but not as in your face.

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