Bridget Jones in TV spin-off?

Oh blog! Can you ever forgive me? I’ve neglected you this month (blame EastEnders for that) but I resolve to be a more attentive lover.

Let me start with the news that Bridget Jones could be coming to a TV screen near you soon. Movie to TV show is not an uncommon phenomenon; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is still playing on a digital channel near you, for example.

The show, which starred Lena Headey as Sarah Connor, Thomas Dekker as John Connor, Summer Glau as Cameron and Beverly Hills 90201’s Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese, was axed by US broadcaster Fox.

It will serve as a handy reminder to NBC Universal International and Working Title (the companies behind the proposed Bridget Jones adaptation) of the potential pitfalls in adapting movies for the small screen.

OK, yes, there is already a built-in audience familiar with the premise but will viewers accept another actress as Bridget? That’s a role Renée Zellweger has made her own. Likewise Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy – how easily can he be replaced? Or Hugh Grant’s dastardly Daniel Cleaver? Personally, I’m not convinced. But it’s up to American audiences to decide. If the new series goes ahead, it’s intended for the US first.

Other films that made their way onto TV include: Clueless (aired on the Paramount Comedy Channel, as Comedy Central was called back then); Eastwick (airing on Hallmark); 1980s series In the Heat of the Night (bought by ITV); The Odd Couple (based on the Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon film); Planet of the Apes (aired on ITV back in the 1970s) and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (aired on Sky and BBC2).

Recently, 10 Things I Hate About You made it from the silver screen to the small screen (airing on Fiver) and who can forget Fame? The famous 1980s series aired on BBC1; initially a huge success, it was cancelled by its US broadcaster a couple of years later. Finally, I have to salute the biggest and most successful one of all, *M*A*S*H* aired on the BBC and is currently to be found on Comedy Central.

For years, the TV series (based on the film starring Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland) held the ratings record in America but Super Bowl XLIV broke its 27-year-old hold on the title. New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts drew 106.5 million viewers and the final episode of *M*A*S*H*, broadcast in 1983, got 105.97 million viewers. But still, quite a feat. If the Bridget Jones TV series garners even a fifth of those figures, it will be deemed a ratings-monster. But until it gets to air, even the talk around reviving it shows that when it comes to being eco-friendly, nobody recycles better than Hollywood.


Today I am mostly hatin’ – The spammers that pollute my blog. I delete EVERY single one of your stoooopid posts so why do you waste your time?

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Sky1’s Pineapple Dance Studios; camp as Christmas but bloody hilarious! Louie Spence is a star.


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One Response to Bridget Jones in TV spin-off?

  1. michael says:

    i must admit i stopped watching the bill but jack meadows was a good detective and smithey a good copper and it was moving with the times by making the show more gritty,but i just hope they dont fill the slot with more reality rubbish OR try to copy BBC1 with shows like MY FAMILY,cos thatl be a disaster for itv and the viewers !!

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