Liza Minnelli for Strictly?

According to a report in The Mirror, it could be the last waltz for controversial Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon. The paper claims that the talent show’s bosses are considering replacing Alesha (who in turn replaced Arlene Phillips) with Hollywood legend Liza Minnelli.
The 63-year-old star, who won an Oscar for Cabaret, would join the panel for the new series which begins in the Autumn.
An insider is quoted as saying: "Alesha has divided public opinion and that of the panel. Whilst head judge Len Goodman likes her, there are concerns she did not appeal to the younger viewers she was brought in to attract. Alesha got off to a very shaky start but did improve. Despite this, her future is believed to be hanging by a thread."
The source added: "Liza has international appeal and real star billing. She is a singer and dancer, and Hollywood through and through. Her experience in the showbiz industry would be a real coup plus she has the personality to match."
Alesha Dixon shot to fame in girl band Mis-Teeq; she won Strictly Come Dancing in 2007. However, this wasn’t enough in the eyes of some Strictly fans who felt that her lack of appropriate experience undermined the show. Strictly trailed X Factor in the ratings each and every week it went up against it in the TV schedules. Clearly a shot in the arm is needed; could Liza Minnelli be the trick?
How do you feel about this report? Would you watch Strictly Come Dancing if Liza Minnelli was on the judging panel? Is it fair to Alesha Dixon? Have your say.

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68 Responses to Liza Minnelli for Strictly?

  1. rita says:

    do not like it one bit.. alesha was just settling in and now they are bringing someone who is old and someone who is over the top and gets on your nerves.. i might have to go to the other side if they bring liza in.

  2. rita says:

    the reason x factor was ahead was the fact that they had big stars on the programme like george michael and robbie and bon jovi what do the bbc expect to happen when they put on second rate stars

  3. John says:

    Leave Alysha on; programme sl stale as against ITVjv

  4. Gordon says:

    You must be joking. This programme has been messed about and now had its day

  5. patricia says:

    they should never have got rid of arlene in the first place,although alesha has done ok her inexperience shows, let the pro\’s do their job its what they get paid for,as for liza…… thanks…..stick to the brits

  6. Paul says:

    I am sorry but how difficult is it to choose a judge? Do you have the drunken ex-hollywood has been or a former winner who knows what it takes to win the very competition she is judging. The real answer is bring back Arlene!!

  7. Peter says:

    So we have to choose between an admittedly attractive lady who has unfortunately appalling grammar and a hideous laugh and some washed up American whose false smile and whining voice will soon do your head in. As someone said bring back Arlene. At least she knows of what she speaks and is British. Of all these so called \’reality\’ programmes this is the only one I watch. X factor is so predictable. The comments, the judges spats, Dermott O\’Leary\’s tedious salute etc etc. Others are not even worth a mention. Do not ruin Strictly. If we have to keep Aleysha then so be it but someone teach her English grammar and how to laugh other than in the fashion of a ruptured hyena.

  8. christina says:

    I believe the judges come 2nd to the contestants, I liked Alesha, she has been a contestant so judged it from a totally different view to the others.

  9. crush says:

    Leave Alesha on …..she\’s lovely … if they get rid of her they gonna lose veiwers

  10. Ray says:

    If alesha can\’t attract the young viewers how will Liza do it….they wouldn\’t know who she is and (like myself) is getting on in years…..I think it is time to stop watching the program now that they keep messing with the judges. It\’ has run it\’s course replace it with something else.

  11. Jane says:

    I didn\’t like Alesha she was rubbish to be fair but if they replace her with that old hag, who\’s bloody american, there will be absolutely no danger of me watching that tat (and I love the dancing part of it too)! No competition for X factor either – Booo BBC use your brains

  12. Douglas Richard says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo not another American, British only. We must have some one, besides we can not afford her BAR BILL.

  13. Robert says:

    At least Alesha had the get up and go to take part in Strictly and to win it, what would this has been American contribute, andy offers??

  14. Geoff says:

    Absolute rubbish. Alesha had some very good constuctive comments to make & also stood up to the bad publicity. What is the point of replacing her with Liza, who is a relative has been. If she has to be replaced why not bring back Arlene who has the expertise & knowledge. Personally I always watched Strictly & taped X Factor, so I could forward the adverts & all the other crap in the show.

  15. chantelle says:

    I can\’t believe what i\’ve just read!! Liza Minnelli…a has been?? She\’s a true legend! She\’s also a "star" in the traditional sense, she can sing, dance and act and has huge stage presence…to prefer an ex girlband member is extraordinary! True, she is older than Alesha, but how old is Len Goodman?? Should age have anything to do with Talent??!! If Liza is willing to do Strictly then the BBC is lucky to have her, as should the viewing public. Hollywood Royalty people!

  16. Unknown says:

    It would be better to have a British star but Liza Minnelli would have to be infinitely better than Alesha Dixon with her horrible giggles and even worse grammar. It would be great to have Arlene back.

  17. Kim says:

    Whilst I adore Liza, I agree she will be too "gushy" and "lovey" about it – we need an "expert" – Alesha was not experienced enough. My vote would go for Karen Hardy – she was brilliant on ITT, I would respect her opinion and she would be fair having taken part on the show.

  18. Gay says:

    Liza Minnelli? GHASTLY woman. Bring back Arlene without the awful alliterative pronouncements (e.g. \’your Dance was a Delicious Dollop of Desirability and Decadence\’)

  19. Brian says:

    I cannot think of anything worse than Liza Minnelli on the panel would they keep her sober enough to appear regularly?

  20. Bridget says:

    The problem with Strictly last year was not one judge, it was a lack of interesting celebrity trainees and a terrible choice of music. The programme appealed for the very reasons that they are trying to change – people enjoy an old fashioned style entertainment show, that\’s what made it stand out. Don\’t copy all the other shows by trying to attract the type of viewer that just aren\’t into that kind of show anyway. You had your audience and the viewing numbers were high. Don\’t alientate them.

  21. Sandra says:

    Just bring back Arlene Philips and admit you were wrong!

  22. Sandra says:

    Maybe you should look at your choice of "celebrities"? Perhaps a better line up would´ve increased viewing figures!

  23. Lyssiemay says:

    Liza Minelli is an excellent choice but she should not replace Aleisha, it would be bad PR. Either retain them both or retain Aleisha alone for another season. As a columnist Arlene has done her very best to slaughter the poor girl through 3rd parties and as soon as she is offered the opportunity to do the live show, she is parading her publicity as if Aleisha has been kicked off and she is replacing her on the tv show. I am afraid this is not becoming an age thing anymore but a race thing. One season is not enough to judge Aleisha unless she wants to quit herself. Let us not give that Simon Cowell something to gloat about and think about ways of making the show more interesting than changing simply because they are old, black or young.

  24. kay says:

    Liza, WAS brilliant in her time and that time is gone. Alesha is the one give her a cance.

  25. scott says:


  26. Heather says:

    Strictly appears to have lost its way and is floundering big time. I cannot imagine for one minute how they think an old has been with an alcohol problem is going to put the ooomph factor back in the show. This in my opinion is what they need to do. (1) Get rid of Brucie boy (2) Put Anton in his place instead (3) get rid of Alesha who did nothing to enhance the show, her pointless remarks allbeit a little more rehearsed as time went by did nothing to improve the show and was the start of the proverbial nail in the coffin so to speak (4) bring back Arlene or if they are too damned arrogant to admit they were wrong, then (6) have someone like Karen Hardy (7) choose the celebreties better (8) improve the choice of music. The band is superb, but they keep being asked to perform what mostly is a load of rubbish and music that does not appear to go with what we would say are far from what we expect a traditional salsa or waltz etc to be. BBC come back down to earth. You had a winning format untiul somebody who is no doubt being paid far too much dreamt up this crappy idea. Whatever happens no. no. NOOOO to the ghastly Liza Minelli. And yes although some people may find it incredible that she is being called a has been, fact is , she may have been good in her time, but that time has past!!

  27. Zoe says:

    Liza sounds like an excellent replacement for Alesha. She has years more history to add to her belt and will be respected when she passes comment. Alesha is a lovely girl but her comments mean nothing and she will never be respected unless she has at least 10yrs of dancing under her.

  28. john says:

    Surely these old stagers ( Brucie included) should hang up their dancing shoes and be put out to pasture. It`s time we had some more Judges in the Alesha mould.Pensioner John

  29. Anne says:

    While I like Alesha I do think she was the wrong choice for a \’Strictly\’ judge. She did win \’Strictly\’ it is true and has dancing talent but she is not an expert. I think Liza would be a good choice but i would prefer to see a professional dancer take Alesha\’s place. What about Camilla Dallerup who no longer appears on the show, she would be the perfect choice.

  30. judith says:

    wonderful what a coup if they do get liza.if they carn\’t get her lets have a pro dancer who knows what they are talking about.brian would be wonderful he is so fair with his comments.carn\’t wait for it to start .

  31. Unknown says:

    Arleene Philips should never have been replaced,listening to Alesha Dixon talk with her "streetwise" diction I found to be embarrassing !!

  32. Carys says:

    from reading much blogging on the subject most people agree getting rid of Arlene was a mistake ,but replacing Aleshia with Liza would be worse ! Replace her with a professional dancer/judge like Karen Hardy who has worn both hats well !However I feel that Bruce may have got to a point where he needs to step down too ,so many people are switching off because of him and even people,like me ,who have grown up with him are getting a little tired of his cheesy comments !There is so much talent invoved in a show like this already -we don`t need outsiders brought in ,just reshuffle the existing team !!

  33. Ruth says:

    No to \’Liza with a Z\’ because then it would just be the Liza Minelli show……and no to Arlene because she had a vicious mouth. I think Karen Hardy or Brian would be great judges…..but love the show to bits whoever does it!

  34. Tim says:

    Tim: Arlene was ok, Alesha was ok but NO No No to Liza M. The BBC will be losing viewers in the millions if she appears. Keep it British. Lucky old X Factor eh!! more for them!!!

  35. Malcolm says:

    We don\’t want an attractive and improving judge replaced with an ageing has been thank you very much. Leave well alone.

  36. LYNNE says:

    Stop messing about and bring back Arlene. it worked then didn\’t it.

  37. carol says:

    I think where it went wrong for Alesha is she tried to judge as if she was one of the professional judges. She isn\’t and doesn\’t have their experience. I love the show and like all of the other non professionals watching, I have a point of view on the dances I watch. Alesha should have said it from the public\’s perspective,having a different approach to the other judges!

  38. karen says:

    Most Ballroom Dancers would prefer a Pro Lady dancer as a member of the panel, Please refer to page 162 of Lens book to see what he feels about the guest dancers (this could apply to Alesha) Liza Minelli would be a turn off, her gigley voice would kill the show ! ! !The BEST choice would be Karen Hardy…….FULL STOP, END OF CHOICES ! ! !

  39. Hannah says:

    WHY don\’t the SCD producers look for a judge closer to home! I totally agree Karen Hardy would be amazing at it. She has DONE it and knows exactly what the dance requirements are. But what about Ruthie Henshall?? Ace dancer and musical theatre star! Or, how amazing would Catherine Zeta Jones be! (if they can entice her away from Hollywood!). Hahaa, we can but dream!

  40. Christine says:

    why not admit they were wrong sacking Arlene and bring her back. If it is age then why is len Goodman still there?

  41. margaret says:

    Although Arlene shouldn\’t have been sacked, Alesha is not that bad and infinitely preferably to Liza Minelli. Please keep the show as was intended for an English audience, if you want to see an American on the show, watch the American version of Strictly. Margaret

  42. Pete says:

    Arlene..? Maybe………… Alesha..??? Not Really…………… Liza..??? PLEASE….. NO WAY!!!! How about giving Bruce & Tess a vote without them giving a critique. Then we would have the "professional" judges in Len, Craig & Bruno balanced by the "popular" choice from the presenters. Whatever is chosen as the lineup, please keep it relevant to a UK audience and stay away from the plastic of Hollywood.

  43. Janet says:

    I don\’t think Alesha should be replaced by Liza Minnelli, I think Arlene Phillips should come back, but if I was her I would tell them where to go, Big Mistake getting rid of her.

  44. susan says:

    I hope not, surely there must be somebody in the dancing profession that they could bring in to replace Alesha dixon.

  45. Unknown says:

    Keep S.C.D. British,Alesha foundered badly,Darcy Bussell was too `sugary`.Karen Hardy would be brilliant so would Camilla Dallerup,both have such enormous enthusiasm for dancing.Come on B,B,C, listen to the viewers we know what we like!!!

  46. Carol says:

    PLEASE NO WAY. Bring back Arlene or one of the Profession Dancers who have now left the show, such as Camilla or Karen Hardiy. Now they would be great!!!!! If they ship in Liza Minnelli then I will certainly ship out, I couldn\’t bear to watch her week in week out. She is an aging has been with a wingy voice. BBC get your act together we DON\’T want her ruining our wonderfully British show. Cat

  47. John says:

    What a wonderful Idea, and, if that doesn\’t work. what about me? I\’ve watched every SCD show, so I would be the obvious expert choice. Wouldn\’t I?

  48. Jackie says:

    To big a personality – bring back Arlene – at least she knew what she was talking about. I am sure LM would spoil the whole thing – as Carol wrote – why not get one of the professionals to judge.

  49. Unknown says:

    Didn\’t watch it as long as Alesha Dixon was on, don\’t want to watch some American has-been – bring back Arlene Phillips and I MIGHT think again , though I have a feeling this show has had its day.

  50. Freyja says:

    OH MY GOD NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I have to endure watching this car crash of a woman I will no longer tune in to the show I adore !!!!So she won an Oscar for Cabarat, big deal that was in 1972 for gods sake, that was 2 years before I was even born. The woman is a has been it breaks my heart that this is the off spring of the beautiful Judy Garland, she\’s probably spinning in her grave at what a tragic figure Liza has become. I agree that either the powers that be at the BBC need to get on their knees and grovel to get Arlene back or they should get one of the ex professionals in instead Karen would be perfect, the show is not the same without her. Its beyond me why they had to mess with the format of the show in the first place, I adore watching Darcy Bussell dance but I didnt much care for her as a judge either. As the old saying goes, "If it aint broke dont fix it" I truly hope the BBC learn something from this !!!

  51. philip says:

    Good idea to have one of the retired proffesional dancers judge. I like the show and am thankful that it does not have big celebraties on the panel. The BBC does not have to worry about attracting huge audiences as it does not have to rely on advertising to pay for the show. Don\’t worry about X Factor

  52. Heather says:

    I wouldn\’t watch Strictly if Liza\’s on it – she just doesn\’t appeal to me. Ok so Alesha has bad grammar but that\’s the way many young people speak in this country now so I would think she\’d appeal to that audience more – let\’s all stop being snobby. I thought she did a good job under difficult circumstances but if they are going to replace her then I\’d prefer Camilla or Karen as most people on here seem to do. Having said that: I don\’t necessarily think it needs to be an expert – there\’s nothing wrong with having a different view point; I wouldn\’t mind if they got rid of Bruno who I find increasingly embarrassing; change the way the voting works so it\’s no longer a personality competition and those who are the better dances win – then there might be more viewers.

  53. Richard says:

    Is it too good to be true that the Beeb are actually considering dumping that talentless nonentity Mistress Dixon? ( Misteeq or however it is spelt is surely synonymous with mistake) If so, then at least it is a step in the right direction, but however legendary Liza Minelli is, she is not a legend in my lifetime. Can you imagine it, Brucie and Liza??. Great idea, lets have Brucie and Liza fronting the prog and dump that other no-hoper Daley and Arlene or another professional dancer as a judge.

  54. jackie says:

    I don\’t understand why the powers that be at the BBC can justify asking Liza Minnelli to become a judge. They replaced Arlene because she was supposedly \’too old\’ and now want to replace Aleisha with someone the same age as Arlene! It just doesn\’t make sense. Arlene is a trained dancer and a world renowned choreographer who is still working hard. Liza Minnelli is a singer who can dance a bit and who has done nothing of note in the last decade. Not to mention the total waste of license payers money. BRING BACK ARLENE!

  55. Ian says:

    Please bring Arlene back at least she knows what she\’s talking about, we certainly don\’t need an old as been on the judging panel, the show will definitely go down the pan then.

  56. sylvy says:

    Liza? no way – she is a has-been and so affected in the way she speaks, she will put the viewers off watching. Strictly is the only dance/skating show I watch regularly, year by year, because it is the best; but I would turn off if Liza comes on it as will thousands or millions of others.

  57. Susie and dave says:

    Liza M….Oh Please NO!!!!!!!….she will just \’act\’ to the camera….there are far better about than her – she is way past her \’seel by date\’ for something like this show…..give the public a voting option on several stars….let us choose all monies from the vote to go to a Charity perhaps??? If Liza M does become a much as i like the show i for one will turn over!!!!!

  58. Nick says:

    Although I enjoyed Alysha on the show, and I have admired Liza with a "Z" for countless years, I feel like the majority – bring back Arlene. The judges line up should be Len, Karen Hardy, Arlene and our Italian jack-in-the-box Bruno. At least you will get good constructive criticism instead of that "say-nothing-good" Craig Revel-Horwood. By all means bring Darcy back for the later competition as I really enjoyed her on the last series, I think all the judges should perform a dance later in the competition.

  59. Sue says:

    NOOOOOOO ! It would be a disaster ! I loved Liza in Cabaret, but what else has she done ? Watched her in the Michael Jackson 30 year tribute the other night, and it was truly awful !!

  60. Emily says:

    Wow. To be honest I can\’t imagine the Beeb managing to get Liza for Strictly. Wouldn\’t suprise me if she is a judge for the search for a Dorothy programme that is coming up though. Liza is an absolute legend, but I don\’t know that she is right for Strictly. She is a dancer, but not a ballroom dancer, which is similar to how I felt about having Darcey on there – another legend, but I would have rather seen her on So You Think You Can Dance, where her expertise could really have been used, she was wasted on Strictly. Either get Arlene back if she is interested, or a pro/ex pro Ballroom dancer. Anybody would know more than Alesha though….

  61. maureen says:

    oh please! I am an avid Strictly fan but stop messing with the judges and definately NOT Liza. Alesha is doing ok – don\’t know what use Darcy is although exceptional in her own field, not needed on Strictly. You are going to ruin a fabulous show if you\’re not careful and will lose even us die hard (former ballroom dancers) fans.

  62. JANICE says:

    Oh please not Liza, she pops up every now and again and she is given this super star treatment! And all for having a famous mother and Cabaret! It has been bad enough watching Alisha struggling through this series and it has put me off on several occasions listening to her, but Liza, that would finish me completely. Bring back Arlene, things would settle down again but stop trying to change things that don\’t need changing, the old saying \’if it is not broken then don\’t fix it\’!!! Also the music choice has been awful this last series! I hope they can get this sorted before the next series or I fear more viewers will be lost from this show.

  63. David says:

    Why O Why do we need another "celebrity" to be on the judges panel of this show. Why not engage one of the many choreographers that abound in this country, who would be only too pleased to give their expert opinion, without malice, who would be trying to raise the standard of the show? Do we really have to keep throwing money at the so called celebrities? get a panalist that knows what they are talking about. Better still, why not get rid of the entire panel and get the compere to introduce the dancers, the public to vote, and the end result will be the one that the viewers fancy the best, after all, this not a dance competition, just another expensive show to proove the fan base of the participants, the gullability of the public, and the money grabbing nature of the BBC.

  64. Brian says:

    I can\’t believe the sheer nastiness I\’m reading about Liza on here… just because she won her Oscar in 1972 doesn\’t make it any less of an achievement. What have you lot ever done?

  65. Wendy says:

    Oh Brian, just who are you to comment on nastiness eh? You\’re the epitome of nastiness. Perhaps try earning the money for the job you shit on so many people to get and that would mean not writing on silly blogs at 10am. What goes around will come around 🙂

  66. Pete says:

    Liza Minnelli might just be an improvement on Aleisha Dixon, but then in my opinion, virtually anyone would be. Ms Dixon was inarticulate, juvenile and completely out of her depth as a judge (and as for her shreiking voice!) Why doesn\’t the BBC admit its mistake and return Arlene Phillips whose knowledge and experience of dance is vast. Arlene was able to express her feelings and to speak her mind in an authoritative way. Alternatively we could of course move Strictly Come Dancing across to ITV and have Ant & Dec as judges!

  67. annette says:

    i think this would be a great signning, one thing she does know about is dancing and show biz,and not afraid to stand up to the others.she might be the female version of simon cowell for Strictly, interesting, go for it

  68. Tim says:

    Liza…err no. Alesha…lovely girl, but judging…err no. Surely, as so many have already said, Karen Hardy is the obvious choice. Knows her stuff, experienced judge, likeable personality!

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