Jonathan Ross quits the BBC

Jonathan Ross has announced that he’s leaving the BBC after 13 years.

In a statement, he said: "Although I have had a wonderful time working for the BBC and am very proud of the show I’ve made while there, over the last two weeks I’ve decided not to renegotiate when my current contract comes to an end. I would like to make it perfectly clear that no negotiations ever took place and that my decision is not financially motivated."

This comes in the wake of huge controversy over his salary, a reported £18m over three years, and the Sachsgate scandal in which he and former BBC presenter Russell Brand were censured for lewd telephone calls to the actor Andrew Sachs.

Perhaps a hint of what was to come, on his Twitter page, he tweeted: "Good morning. My day is turning out to be far more interesting then I had anticipated!"

Jonathan began his media career as a researcher on the Channel 4 chat show Loose Talk. Various other documentaries and shows followed before he began working on Soul Train. While working on the show he met researcher Alan Marke and the pair came up with the idea of The Last Resort and their own production company.

He made his television presenting debut on that show in January 1987. The Last Resort broke the mould of the traditional TV chat show in this country; as a result, Channel 4 commissioned a total of four series.

Jonathan’s radio career began in 1987 when he filled in for Janice Long on BBC Radio 1 for two weeks. In 1998 he teamed up with Chris Evans to host a flagship show for the new-look Virgin Radio before leaving around a year later to present his own programme every Saturday morning on BBC Radio 2.

But it’s his prolific television career that truly marks him out. As a presenter has CV includes: The Incredibly Strange Film Show; One Hour With Jonathan Ross; For One Week Only; Tonight With Jonathan Ross; Saturday Zoo; Gag Tag (with Frank Skinner); Mondo Rosso; The Late Jonathan Ross; In Search Of…; They Think It’s All Over; The Big Big Talent Show; It’s Only TV… But I Like It and presenting both the British Comedy Awards and the Baftas.

Jonathan Ross has won numerous awards for his work – including Baftas and Royal Television Society awards – but the Sachsgate scandal severely dented his image. He was suspended by the BBC for three months and returned to work in January 2009. However, things were never quite the same. Speculation now mounts as to where he’ll go next.

How do you feel about Jonathan Ross’ decision to quit the BBC? Are you sad to see him go? Have your say here (but keep it clean – no swearing).

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100 Responses to Jonathan Ross quits the BBC

  1. Philip says:

    It seems I\’m not alone when I say "Good riddance!" He trashed everything he did, believing the only way to be funny is using smut, innuendo and swearing. I don\’t care if his face never graces our tv screens again, sadly, the other tv companies will be falling over themselves to snap him up.

  2. Sally says:

    If someone thinks that it is funny to be manipulative, bullying and to get laughs by making fun of other people at their expense then you will miss JR. I will be very glad to see the back of him. Let\’s give new blood a chance and not encourage people like him.

  3. lesley says:

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!! At long last the absolutely talentless and insulting Mr Woss is leaving, what a brilliant day this has turned out to be. To those who think he\’s the best thing since the wheel…………….well, I guess it\’ll be black arm bands for you. Why should we be miffed that we don\’t earn as much money as he does? It\’d have been better if he\’d have been paid in line with inflation (as should footballers) and the money should be donated to cancer research. Nobody is worth the obscene amount of money he was paid.

  4. bernard says:

    Now that the BBC as saved so much money. let hope we get some better programs. And not a lot of repeats

  5. brian says:

    yes, what an over rated over paid chump Wossy is. Personally I would not pay him in washers! goodbye to a nobody

  6. michael says:

    Maybe now this waste of space, time and presence has gone from, hopefully EVER from our screens ( the first of many over payed obnoxious "celebraties". We as licence payers can now have a reduction in the amount we pay the crooks at the bbc for a really bad service that the senior staff use as their own bank account.

  7. IAN says:

    Great news!! Only a few months to go before I can start to watch Film 2010! Posted with the sincerest hope that the career of this vile, utterly talentless, narcissic yob will sink into the same cesspit of obscurity as that of Michael Barrymore.

  8. anthony says:

    Delighted he is going verbal diarrhea and smut is all he was good for,hope this includes Saturday morning show as he spoils my weekend radio

  9. bernard says:

    Mind you it could be worse, his brother could take over

  10. alex says:

    welll i love jonathan ross, if you all hate him that much, turn the channel over and watch something else

  11. Jon says:

    about time he was shown the door .i stopped watching him after the disgracefull way he and his fellow croney thought it was funny with the way they acted inthe sachsgate scandal, he has joined the ranks of all the otheres i boycot if they have anything to do with it .why should i give my money to drugies .pill pushers drunks .and down right hooligans .some who have learnt the hard way . the paying public will only take so much before the get fed up with them .its about time showbuisness and the likes had a good clearout of thes vile people

  12. zoe says:

    I Love Johnathan Ross, people say they dont like him, well dont watch him then. Simple as? As for the Scandal it was ages ago so get over it.He was truly sorry when it happened. Well I for one will be sad to see him go. He was and still is such a great guy. 🙂

  13. sharon says:

    Alex Beeley overlooks the fact we all have to help pay the ignorant vile bugger\’s wages whether we watch the bbc or not, thanks to the license fee. Good riddance to the mysoginistic rude ignoramus.

  14. bernard says:

    dear alex beeley if you hate him or like him he was not worth £18 million.

  15. Edward says:

    A truly skilled interviewer with an unfortunate immaturity when it comes to good taste!

  16. j says:

    glad he is going. complete waste of licence payers money. only made it because his face fitted at the time…

  17. alex says:

    alex beeley realises that you have to help pay towards jonathan\’s wages but we also have to pay towards the likes of bargin hunt, songs of praise and more so which would you rather watch ? bernard, it\’s not like you were paying the whole £18 million really

  18. Anthony says:

    Jonathon ross

  19. Anthony says:

    £18 millions pounds could have been spent on something good Alex, like a school, cleaning all over britains streets of chewing gum etc

  20. Anthony says:


  21. alex says:


  22. Ann says:

    Thank goodness he\’s going. Such a waste of license fee payers money, totally unjustified for so little talent. There are so many really talented people out there -please contract them instead.

  23. Unknown says:

    what a surprise just as the bbc were going to cut his wages aswell, wonder why he\’s leavin…,not

  24. Malcolm says:

    Best news this year – he just doesn\’t know how to stop talking. If he actually let his guests answer the questions then we may have heard something intelligent on the airwaves.

  25. zoe says:

    I think Johnathan Ross is great.

  26. TINA says:

    As the song say\’s "what a lovely day"Great, Great News/.David from Enfield.

  27. caution brain says:

    at last cya johnathan ross, now the bbc can save millions from his over the top wages

  28. alex says:


  29. zoe says:

    Nodrog? how can you think im great haha

  30. zoe says:

    Well you dont no me so its not obvious to me lol? so yes you need to say more… Johnathan Ross is following me on twitter 🙂

  31. roy says:

    good tv personality but i wont miss him

  32. val says:

    what fantastic news, now I\’ll start listening to radio 2 again on Saturday morning. Good riddance I say, what an overblown self important and offensive idiot.

  33. zoe says:

    Oh right :L lol

  34. Trez says:

    Good I can\’t wait. He can\’t speak correctly, and when he does, it\’s nothing but filth out of his mouth. No wonder our young people use foul language. Comedian? Not on your life. Good shuts. Perhaps the BBC with have a bit more money now they haven\’t to pay his disgusting wages while others are only on the minimum wage. That was all he was worth THE MINIMUM WAGE.

  35. Andy says:

    over paid, over rated. full of self importance….but why wouldn\’t you think your great if some idiot offered YOU £18million???

  36. Brian says:

    Jonathon who, never heard of him.

  37. Nigel says:

    we\’ll all miff woffy!

  38. zoe says:

    wit and intelligence? And how do you know i have them lol? 🙂

  39. harli says:

    Good, i\’ll be glad to see the back of this self opinionated fool. A complete waste of 18 million.

  40. zoe says:

    I wouldnt say intelligence but i do try, does that count haha

  41. DEANNA says:

    Can\’t understand how he\’s lasted this long and earned as much money. He has had some moments but in the main I wouldn\’t give him the steam off my piss !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Dieter says:

    Lets export this overrated talentless w"%ker to the U.S.A as quick as possible, good bye and I hope you don t get to grace our screens again, may be in 10 years time he l appear as another hard up celeb on big brother desperate to boost his over ego

  43. zoe says:

    Good good, And people go be horrible else where.

  44. zoe says:

    I for one think he is great, And he is following me on twitter, i love the guy, and will back him up all way, Friday nights wont be the same without Mr Ross

  45. Dieter says:

    I think Zoe IS Jonny Ross!! lol

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful news not a moment too soon as far as I am concerned. I think he comes across very rude and earns far too much money for his so called talent. I will now pay my tv licence. Thank you Jonathan and goodbye.

  47. zoe says:

    Sorry to disapoint, but im not 🙂 haha

  48. ALAN says:

    Hooray –that news had made my year–all we need now is for Chris Evans to do the same to put the icing on the cake.

  49. ALAN says:

    No Zoe, Friday night wont be the same ,neither will Saturday mornings–they will be so much better.

  50. zoe says:

    Noooo They wont lol. haha

  51. Sarah says:

    Even though he could very often be a prat I loved Friday Nights with Jonathan Ross and will miss it when it finishes. Will be sad to see him go 😦

  52. zoe says:

    Thank you sarah, someone with taste 🙂

  53. Unknown says:

    GOOD RIDDANCE- AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Louie says:

    That\’s great isn\’t it, the only thing good on television on a Friday and the BBC decide to let the best thing about their boring channel (which we pay for) leave, well done BBC. What are you going to put on instead, some more repeats of My Family??? Jonathan Ross is a very funny and intelligent man and his interviewing of Hollywood Stars who have their head up their arse is great viewing, it\’s a shame. Hopefully he will do another chat show for another channel.

  55. Lambiek says:

    I think Mr. Ross\’s wages have by far augumented his longevity in the survival stakes but I do hope that his lovely good lady, Jane, would find it in her heart to take place on my face.

  56. pete says:

    Good job too, the blokes a twat.. Tries very hard to be funny ,clever, witty but always looks [and sounds] like he\’s trying to be funny clever and witty ..2nd division entertainer.. big brother foder

  57. brian says:

    I turned him off whenever he came on the radio or TV so will not miss him

  58. Alan says:

    It was thanks to his Saturday R2 show that had me tune in Rick Wakeman, on Planet Rock – 10 till 1!! Money well saved IMO.

  59. george says:

    Never liked or rated him at all, could not see what people saw in him. About time he moved on, good riddance to a talentless piece of cr*p!

  60. andrea says:

    Good…. not before time!!!! I would sooner watch Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men…

  61. maria says:

    its about time he went!! whenever he was on i would turn him off!! lets hope they get someone who can deliver a programme better.

  62. patricia says:

    the best news i have heard all day whipeeee…… hes gone its about time to byeeeeeeeeeee…..

  63. Paul says:


  64. patricia says:

    bring in paul ogrady 100 percent better…

  65. Dave says:

    Shame he\’s going, he may be a total prat but that is part of his charm he never pretended to be anything other than what he is. Will miss Friday Night with as he seemed to introduce just as many new bands as famous ones onto his show. Only place left now is Later but will Jools decide 25 years is enough?

  66. kamran says:

    He needs time to spend the millions he got off the hard up tv license fee payers – well done ross you parasite and well done the bbc you biased over rated self indulgened morons

  67. Drena says:

    It is now time for him to make a decent offer of a refund of the undeserving sums he has already collected from BBC. Anything above £30,000 a year should be refunded back to the licence payers. It is scandalous how our money is spent on this kind of jerk. When highly professional people whose work contribution to the society like engineers are so valuable and essential are only paid, a tiny fraction of what he got in return for performing a daily verbal diarrhoea on the radio! Something is definitely questionable as to the way BBC’s finances are managed.

  68. wumi says:

    I love Jonathan Ross, and I blame the BBC for the Sachsgate scandal even though he and Russell Brand were irresponsible, in what they did, the show was pre-recorded so it was the decision of the BBC to play the show. As a broadcasting corporation that is the truly irresponsible decision, as I\’m surely they knew how the fiasco would end. If they weren\’t then they would never have suspended him after THEY chose to broadcast it. I shall truly miss Friday night with J R as it is funny, witty and deeply entertaining!!!!!!

  69. marg says:

    I guess I\’ll just join the majority in being glad to hear he is going, at least Russel Brand had the decency to go at the time of the Sachsgate and Ross should of been made to go then as well.

  70. david says:

    After is sick teliphone call he through he would get off light with a 3 months ban.well he knowes better now.Glad he is leving.

  71. paul says:

    What a prat, he is not funny even with that Russell Brand, they were just a pair of twits. I honestly don\’t know what talent they have, over paid, not even a good presenter, better off being the tea boy.

  72. Sima says:

    I think he\’s a great Presenter hope he stays around to keep us chuckling! We just don\’t know how to recognise talent in this country!! or perhaps too generous with our criticism! Well here\’s to Jon and 13 years of success! xx P.S. Get over the prank call will u fellas! It was pre recorded for a start before it went live I believe so the BBC should have filtered it! Not only that it was all true! Ciao xx

  73. marisabel says:

    I m delighted , can\’t stand the man.

  74. paul says:

    Jonathan Ross should have been sacked for comments he made to a certain actress on his chat show months ago when he said she looked so good he wanted to **** her. And then he repeated the comment seconds later! I stopped watching his chat I was so offended by his behaviour. Shame on the BBC for not taking action sooner & waiting for the Sachsgate scandal.

  75. graham says:

    im sad to see him go i think he\’s great, hopefully its not the last we\’ll see of him!

  76. dirty says:

    Good riddance to over paid rubbish

  77. Graham says:

    Delighted to see the back of this big headed, loudmouthed, self opinionated, self centred, loathsome, greasy slob. Maybe the BBC can spend some money on something worhtwhile – good riddance

  78. John says:

    Good riddance . Wouldn\’t pay him in used tap washers.

  79. tracy says:

    I am sad to here he is going, loved watching his show on a Friday night he isnt afraid to ask questions we all wish we could have an opportunity to ask, yes he gets very near the knuckle at times, but there are a lot worse on TV. So what if he has made millions best of British to him we are only jealous we havent got the gumption he has to have made as much money as he has. Good look Johnathon

  80. sheila says:

    Best news todate in 2010!!!I stopped watching him years ago because of his rudeness and general attitude to people.

  81. ian says:

    Complete waste of space,about as entertaining as my toilet seat.

  82. gwenda says:

    not before time toooooooo far up his own arse !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. andy says:

    it just shows what a disgrace the so called hard up bbc is jonathan ross 18 million in 3 years so 126,315 had to pay a tv licence to pay his wages for 3 years thats a joke and something should be done with what is public funding when people working on tv get paid abscene amounts of money from the public and firemen and policemen get peanuts compared to them also paid by public funding really shows what rules our world MONEY and not for the correct reasons. there should be more involvement of the public of what shapes the bbc and what gets spent where and on who after all we are forced to pay for it if we have a tv. whats for certain getting paid way more than the prime minister and he runs the country and military etc and jonathan ross sits on his butt talking to so called celebs about total rubbish and gets paid 6 million a year. LAUGHABLE someone said its jealously but its not we are forced to pay this licence that personally i think is a disgrace as i dont even watch it and pay for sky instead of the rubbish they give out. hope it gets voted out next contract as the public in my view are against the licence fee.

  84. Gabriella says:

    Thank god, he left by mutual consent because he knew his contract would not be renewed. He was both expensive and crap in my view – what on earth they saw in here he can\’t even talk properly good riddance – hopefully we will get better value for money than this waste of space

  85. ruth says:

    I am sad to hear that jonathon Ross is leaving the BBC. I love his Friday night show and I hate Fridays without it. I can only afford freeview chanels so I probably won\’t see him for a while. Good luck jonathon in whatever you do in the future. Ruth

  86. David says:

    Any chance they could replace him with the HOFF?

  87. Dylan says:

    There was nothing remotely "funny" or "talented" about Ross.It\’s good to know we wont see that smarmy git talking over and down to people again.And let\’s face it:is wage packet was obscene.

  88. Unknown says:

    what a load of boring drab comments…..lets follow on like sheep, if you don\’t like the man why the hell do you watch him or listen to him? and you must do to be able to comment, like any of you lot would turn his wage packet down, and what the bloody hell has it got to do with anyone what he is paid anyhow, oh go on bore us again " it\’s our money" get a life!Good luck to Jonathan Ross who in my opinion has the best show on the BBC, he is sharp, smart and quick witted and has some fab guests and I will miss my friday night of wine and wossy.

  89. Martin says:

    I\’m going to miss Jonathan Ross on Friday nights, his approach is uniquely \’Jonathan Ross\’ and his show is total entertainment with some excellent guests. I\’m also going to miss the banter on his radio show, although I\’m not a regular listener, whenever I happen to catch him, I always find that he makes me smile. Thanks for everything you\’ve done on the BBC Jonathan and good luck with your next venture!

  90. ann says:

    He is a very clever bloke and will be a miss, I cannot think of anyone who could take his place, a sad day. AR

  91. Unknown says:

    will not miss this sad excuse for a man!Hes bin purrvin on our tv to long and Is going becouse the majority of us do not watch him anymore!!!!Im shure theres still some suck ups out there biggin him up.But the normal of us see him for who he is and no amount of tv panel shows or celebs mentioning him will make him more than he is.Hes got his money from the public Millions of it ,so lets just get rid once and for all and standing about with cups just looks pathetic on the news! we all no he was pushed and didnt jump.Good ridance to bad rubbish!!!!Oh happy day.

  92. chris says:

    Thank God this pathetic excuse for an entertainer is going.Maybe the BBC can use that £18million to put on some decent programmes.

  93. chris says:

    I would rather eat a plate of dog sh#t than watch that waste of space.Pity he does\’nt leave the country

  94. vincent says:

    i hope he does a serious arts programi think he has if in him

  95. ombretta says:

    About time, the show on Friday is getting boring!

  96. lesley says:

    Has to be the greatest news ever………..well that and Fern Britton leaving This Morning. Wossie is a sanctimonious idiot who was getting paid a ridiculous salary, NOBODY is worth that much. Paul O\’Grady would be a great replacement, now HE IS funny. Hope Wossie leaves this country altogether and I hope he takes his equally useless brother Paul Woss with him, he spouts a load of tish about entertainment, films etc………..who do they think they are?

  97. lesley says:

    It\’d be good if Wossie actually read what we all think of him, or I shall rephrase that comment with what MOST of us think of him. I haven\’t watched the programme for years as I was becoming absolutely p***** off with his comments, he was really so rude but always got away with it. His Saturday morning radio show was the same apparently. My sister listens to it and she told me that one week he was going on and on about spastics (his words not mine) he should have been fired immediately then. Can\’t stand they guy, or his wife or his brother. Do any of you out there remember his mother doing a tv advert for T J Hughes? Talk about keep it in the family!!! Oh no get shut of the whole lot of them. Go to the USA or Russia, anywhere but the UK

  98. Susan says:

    Thank goodness he\’s going. I imagine he feels empowered because it\’s his decision rather than the BBC seeing sense and sacking him when they had the chance over the Andrew Sachs affair. If that had happened in a private company, it would probably have meant instant dismissal. He\’s arrogant, childish and downright rude as well as smug. I hope he leaves and fails to stay in the limelight and will just fade into oblivion and in our memories. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  99. nigel says:

    sorry to hear your leaving.. you made saturday mornings i bit more interesting, although i also liked it when lisa tarbuck and the american bloke did the show a couple of times… it seems that the bbc think their taking a forward move .. ha ha.. i didnt like it when they moved desmond carrington from sunday afternoons and how could they replace terry wogan with chris evans… hopefully they wont be pushing ken bruce or steve wright into a corner otherwise ill be looking to listen to another radio channel ….

  100. Alan says:

    Never liked him, less for me to switch off.Alan

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