Danyl threatens to quit X Factor

Is the pressure getting to Danyl Johnson? Stories are emerging in the papers that’s he’s threatened to quit the show on two occasions. According to The Sun. He’s said to be at "breaking point" after a change of song just 48 hours before tomorrow’s show.
Danyl – who apparently stormed out of a practice session – has been criticised by the other X Factor judges for being "cocky". Credit to his mentor Simon Cowell who has continued to vigorously support him on the show. It’s like Arsene Wenger and Arsenal – he’ll never criticise his players in public. And if Henry was still playing for my beloved Gunners, I’m sure Wenger would swear that he didn’t see that handball.
Back to X Factor and landing in the bottom two – and consequently having to sing for his survival – was the first major knock to his confidence. He’s said to have told producers he’d had enough days afterwards.
Now we’re hearing reports of a clash between mentor and hopeful over the song for this week’s Wham theme. Danyl, 27, has apparently convinced Simon to let him attempt Careless Whisper.  
A show insider said: "Simon was surprised to hear Danyl had thrown the strop and told him to come to his office. They thrashed out a plan and decided he should do Careless Whisper as he’d practised it for an earlier show. Danyl’s ego is out of control. He’s rivalling Mariah Carey in the diva stakes. He’s so desperate to win he can’t keep a lid on his temper. He acted really badly the other night, stropping off like that and not telling anyone where he was going. His arrogance needs to be kept in check. He hasn’t won the show yet and the way things are going he won’t win it."
Well, well, well. It’s all a far cry from the day Danyl gave X Factor its water cooler moment. Quirky and original, his version of With A Little Help From My Friends was unforgettable; he interacted with the audience, he sat on stage, he flirted with every female in that room (watch the look on the faces of Cheryl and Dannii). Little wonder he got a rapturous standing ovation and a unanimous four yeses. Simon said it was the best first audition he’d ever heard.
Danyl Johnson became a massive YouTube sensation and he appeared on American TV. Since then, it’s all gone wrong. He appears to be imploding. Maybe he peaked way too early.
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Sky1’s hilarious sitcom Modern Family. Last night Ed Norton appeared on the show (because he’s a huge fan too). He played a member of Spandau Ballet, which is hysterical in itself, but they even went as far as mocking up a picture of the group (and inserting him in!). I totally cracked up when they played True. Got to say, I wasn’t crazy about Ed’s minging Brit accent. It was ear-bleedingly bad. 
The star of the show is Manny (superbly played by little Rico Rodriguez). He’s the one I look forward to seeing each week – who da Manny!  

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
You all know I’m slightly obsessed with Sky1’s House starring Hugh Laurie, right? OK – slightly isn’t anywhere near the truth – dangerously obsessed is… Anyway, the interminable 13’s back on the show (played by Olivia Wilde). I can’t even begin to put into words how much that depresses me.

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36 Responses to Danyl threatens to quit X Factor

  1. Angela says:

    I don\’t think it makes much difference whether Danyl quits or not cos he aint gonna win the X factor anyway! Ollie or Joe will win and both of these are actually more deserving to win than Danyl. Danyl tends to shout the high notes rather than sing them, he needs to go back to what he is good at – teaching!

  2. diane says:

    Danyl needs to get a grip and stop being a cry baby. Just watching him on the xfactor gets my goat. Put the bottom lip away. Grow up. Go there Stacy

  3. Jo says:

    Danyl has an amazing voice and I don\’t think he\’s cocky or arrogant in the slightest. Everyone needs to give the guy a break, he\’s doing a fab job.Keep it up Dan =)x

  4. DM says:

    Danyl needs to learn that its not about shouting the song, its about living it and hitting the top notes with an understanding and feeling.They need someone like Shirley Bassey on there one week to show them how to sing and live the words. I watched her the other night and wow what a performer she still is. Get her on the show Simon and lets see a great singing icon and legend please.

  5. Jon says:

    im suprised at SIMON,first it was jamie, now its danyl, if i was simon id have shown both of them exactly were the door was . if iether of them want to make it, they have blown it in my eyes .they both think they know whats best ,they are both still wet behind the ears where showbuisness is concerned.danyl is liveing in cookooland if he thinks he doent need SIMON, for a start danyl there are far better singers on the show than you MUCH MUCH BETTER .

  6. Jon says:

    PS ….. with ref to DAME SHIRLEY BASSY . danyl when you have worked as hard as her and been in showbuisness as long , and if you every reach a quarter of the hights that she has . then you just may have earned it do do a few tandroms and spit your dummy out .till then be greatfull anybody is interest in listening to you sing at all …………..PPS …. ITS ABOUT TIME THIS COUNTRY DECLARED DAME SHILEY THE GREATEST SINGER WE HAVE EVER PRODUCED

  7. gavin says:

    How many times have I heard \’it\’s a singing competition\’? The program is losing the plot for me when it starts to be about contestants\’ personalities rather than their singing talent. Does anyone buy CD\’s because the artist is a nice person?

  8. natalie says:

    It\’s funny how first Jamie was cocky and had a diva like attitude and now that he\’s gone the media has to target another contestant. People only know what they see on the news or read in the paper and this particular paper has a tendancy to bend the truth so that gullible members of the public believe them. This is yet another example of how the papers dramatise every little thing to try and get people interested. DANYL RULES! x

  9. nick says:

    Danyl is a nob head and doesn\’t have a humble bone in his body. He is fake. If you can\’t see it then you\’re gulible! He thinks he\’s the winner. He thinkshe is amazing. He think a lot of things. He is just too much of a nob head to be liked.

  10. nick says:

    Oh and he\’s contrived. He thinks about every facial expression and tries to make puppy dog eyes! Argh!

  11. Conor says:

    I think your all looking into things to much to be honest, Natalie has the best idea of what is going on. The Sun is re-known for making up stories and exaggerating, so what is to say this isn\’t what they did this time? There is always someone at the center of a hate group for these kind of shows, and it seems Danyl is the one for this. He is being portrayed as cocky and naive, thinking that he has won already, if anyone can please tell me how I fail to notice these things? I see a genuine person, singing his heart out every week, never once seen even the smallest sign of cockiness, never seen \’Puppy dog eyes\’, although his face is very young and this could create that image. To be honest, you don\’t even know the guy so just leave him be. Well done to Natalie for sticking up for him.

  12. Lianne says:

    dont believe everything read in papersleave him alonei think he\’s had enough knock backsyou\’ll end up getting another SuBo incident…. do we want that …. no!…. idiots

  13. N. J. says:

    I think Danyl has had it his own way for far too long. Simon has always given him “too much biased and exaggerated praise” right from week one. All the other contestants have had to put up with Simon\’s infamous comments and had to continue to get on with the task at hand. I do believe, Simon is as much to blame here, he created this situation thinking that the public would be behind him and his protege Danyl. His first audition was impressive but I agree he peaked too soon and has nothing more to offer unlike some of the other contestants who just go from strength to strength, week after week. Danyl is a good performer, but for me, I\’m just not impressed with his singing. His style is too brash, lacks originality and a bit over the top. Whereas, Joe, Olly and Stacey perform exceptionally well and consistently and are progressing well each week, but don\’t receive half the praise they deserve. It would be nice to see some of the judges act in a more responsible and professional manner, using their critique to guide and encourage each of the contestants to perform to the best of their ability and to push them beyond their comfort zone to show what talent they really have.

  14. heeellllooooo says:

    leave him alone are you serious? all he ever display is that cocky arrogant behaviour, till he changed into some kinda victim,becouse of what he read in the papers.what a silly actor. etc. simon and his everated compliments. xfactor aint as interresting as it use to be, with shayned ward, lucy bejamin and leona lewis.

  15. Aaron says:

    While the papers are famous for making up lies, I suspect there is probably some truth to the story. Hearing from his own words last week or a couple of weeks back, he has this desperate attitude to wanting to win this competition. I think while I believe there is some truth, at the same time you have to ask yourself why has this come out???? Surely Simon would want to keep something like this out of the public view, as a way to avoid the public going against Danyl.

  16. John says:

    He is the only true Diva left in the show

  17. John says:

    On Second thoughts put him together with Jedward anfd see the sparks fly

  18. crush says:

    why doesnt evry1 just leave Danyl alone…hes a great singer and we dnt kno 4 sure dat hes cocky…das wat the papers say…he seems lyka really nice guy and has got an amazing voice…although i dont think he\’ll win the fix of a show…people should give him a break…..STACEY to WIN!! xx

  19. Eddie says:

    Danyl,just do us ALL a favour and go. Don\’t have hissy fits put your money where your mouth is and LEAVE. X Factor will be mucher nicer viewing if you do.

  20. JayJee says:

    Olly to come 1st!!!!!!!Danyl to come 2nd!!!!!!!Lloyd to come 3rd!!!!!!!

  21. Nads says:

    This man seems to be getting more vile by the minute. A bad tempered, petulant child who needs to seriously get a grip!!!!

  22. omer says:

    how many good singer with bad personality we have . I think quite alot. any way this is a singing compostion and Danyl has the best voice. why people don\’t talk about Lloyd who can not sing or even talk properly… Chryl cole is going to be the puplic enmey number like Victoria Beckam. she is coming very boring. This mind game againset poor Danyl is all work of other Jages.

  23. Sidrah says:

    it is really annoying me how EVERYONE is picking on danyl. he has a great voice and he is NOT cocky! that is just his personality, how many people do you know that are loud, fun bubbly and confident! i know some people who are confident, but that doesnt necessarily mean they are cocky. the only reason everyones hating on him is because cheryl got jealous simon got amazing danyl and she keeps saying "danyls too cocky" when he is not! the real cocky one is her- looks only, but no talent! so shut up cheryl, your beautiful but just cause youv had a number 1 album dont get too cocky!! eurgh, pot calling the kettle black!

  24. Pamela says:

    I think Danyl Johnson is fantastic in his performances and I have NEVER thought him to be cocky in the slightest, an idea simply put into the publics mind by one of the judges, who happen to be competing againt him! Lets all get this into perspective, has no one ever got a strop on because things haven\’t gone their way? I bet you we ALL have and so its not really right to judge from this far off distance when no one has the facts bar that of the papers and we all know half of what they say for entertainment purposes is a load of pooh half the time anyway! Please lets respect that all the contestants are under immence pressure trying to impress us, the public, and we should be grateful for their efforts but all this \’breaking people\’s spirits\’ really annoys me. Its just terrible how everyone jumps on the band wagon to put someone down! Lets hope none of you critics ever attempt to do the X-factor yourself!

  25. - Nicola says:

    I dont get this, what is it that people want from a singer, to be confident? to move around the stage? to sing your heart out? sounds like what every new and up coming pop artist should have right? NO! apparently not! danyl has all those amazing quality\’s and I\’m starting to think that maybe he souldnt have entered x factor and found a different way into the pop scene, then maybe he wouldnt have gotten all this bad press. Danyl is obviously trying to impress the public as much as he can but he has lovers and haters and maybe he needs to realise that he cant impress everyone and just be like the fella we first saw on his first audition. I love that fella! forget about all the rubbish danyl, just go out onto that stage and have some fun :o)

  26. chuckles says:

    danyl is so cocky and up himself he cant sing he shouts he aint even nice too look at when he comes on i turn over i cant watch him he thinks he is great pfftt wake up danyl there are far better singers in the competition dont give up your day job

  27. Andrea says:

    DANYL should consider leavin,he knew the stresses & what would b required of him when he entered, he\’s arrogant & 2 "diva" like & he hasn\’t even made it yet!!! there is nothin wrong with havin confidence, but there IS somethin wrong with havin a over inflated ego, he hasn\’t won ANYTHIN!!! As 4 the jedward twins……they seem 2 b nice boys but they CANNOT sing worth S***E!!!! i have been on the x-factor & watched it most yrs, but sum of their decisions can\’t b justified, good singers r bein thrown out 2 4 ratings!!! slowly gettin uninterestin unfortunately!!

  28. ANNA says:

    People need to stop listenng to rumours and watch the show as a talent contest. Danyl and Stacey are the two on the show with the strongest talent. Respect that because if Simon\’s music machine has anything to do with it you will probably never see these guys again.

  29. Hayley says:

    Danyl cannot sing he shouts, there are far better more worthy contestants in the show, joe for example, he is an AMAZING singer and doesnt act cocky, all of the other contestants are treating the show and their mentors with respect whereas danly is abusing the show and assumes he is going to win.

  30. ANNA says:

    you assume he is going to win

  31. Jack says:

    Danyl cannot sing, i reckon its either Stacey or Olly whoes going to win 🙂

  32. Margaret says:

    The only decent singer left is Danyl! Joe is too \’lightweight\’ and all his songs sound the same, Olly hinks he\’s Mr Cool and he\’s won already, Stacey sings well, but has to talk – with her shoulders, her teef and so fast she gets breathless, sucking in air like it\’s rationed!! God, what a collection this year!!! The great thing is, the runner-ups get their recording deals (checkout JLS & Laura White!!!) and they get their records out quicker – and they are brilliant!!!

  33. tony says:

    get off x factor ya gay cunt . your so big headed ,that young 16 yearold should have stayed on there not u

  34. lynne says:

    Neither danyl or olly sing and perform as well now as at the start of the comp, whereas joe and stacey have improved a lot,doesnt say much for simon, who is as desperate to win as danyl is, who also seems to be having hissy fits about any criticism of dannyl, blaming other judges, who have been mainly complimentry about him, apart from a bit of criticism in first week or two, whilst simon as been his usual critical self towards thier acts regularly.Think cheryl was right in telling danyl he,s been too arrogant, and louis saying he,s not likeable, his performances are inconsistent, from great to poor, often overdoes it, Olly is a good singer and performer though lost some of his sparkle, think he will be great in west end theatre. Joe as always been good singer, the best l think, and finally in last two weeks singing with some passion, did great covers of gm and ej. Stacey is singing and performing better, is the gushing speaking genuine, sounds dozy at times, but if thats her good on her. Dont know if theres a pop star amongst them, but think that joe or stacey should winVoters will decide and have got the best performers in the final

  35. zowie says:

    Why anyone takes notice of what the tabloids print is beyond me!! Especialy such a dirty lying rag like the Sun!! Lets face it out of all the tabloids that one never bothers to print facts just sensationalistic crap.Sadly far too many of the public take what they read in these comics as gospel and react accordingly!As for Danyl he has a superb voice and that for me is all that counts!

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