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Danyl threatens to quit X Factor

Is the pressure getting to Danyl Johnson? Stories are emerging in the papers that’s he’s threatened to quit the show on two occasions. According to The Sun. He’s said to be at "breaking point" after a change of song just 48 hours before tomorrow’s show. Danyl – … Continue reading

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Gest who’s popping up at Jackson’s séance?

 For anyone that cares, psychic medium Derek Acorah will attempt to make contact with Michael Jackson on Sky1 tonight. And David Gest, a huge admirer and friend of Jackson’s, will attend.  There are two specially-commissioned shows airing – Michael Jackson: … Continue reading

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Time for Doctor Who and Gavin & Stacey

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am hopeless with time. I always think that I have more at my disposal than is actually the case. I think it stems from my childhood; my primary school was across … Continue reading

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