Nick Griffin’s having a laugh on Question Time

When I was growing up, I quickly learned to cross the road whenever I saw a group of skinheads.

I recall the National Front distributing leaflets outside my school.

I remember Blair Peach, the school teacher from New Zealand who died during a demonstration by the Anti-Nazi League in 1979.

I remember the shooting of Cherry Groce and the death of Cynthia Jarrett and the London riots of the early 1980s that were sparked as an indirect result. I will also never forget Stephen Lawrence.

So yeah – I don’t exactly embrace the British National Party. Or any form of extremism come to that, whether it’s based on race or religion. I don’t agree with a goddamn thing Nick Griffin says. But he does have a right to his opinion.

Like it or not, he was democratically elected as the Member of the European Parliament for North West England. The people that voted for him should be able to see him engage in political debate – even if it’s on the BBC.

But more importantly, it’s the people that didn’t vote for his party that need to hear what he has to say. As well-intentioned as the objections from the likes of long-time anti-Apartheid campaigners Peter Hain and Jerry Dammers of The Specials were, personally, I don’t agree with them.

I want to know what I’m up against. For that reason, I’m glad the BBC didn’t back down. I agree with their stance on this matter.

To the show itself. The panellists were Jack Straw (Jewish), Sayeeda Warsi (Muslim), Chris Huhne (that surname doesn’t sound Anglo-Saxon to me) and Bonnie Greer (black American Anglophile) – who was placed next to Nick Griffin (white skin. But who knows what his heritage is? Does he?).

Loving the work of whoever did that. Can you imagine said person organising a dinner party? They’d probably put Peter Andre next to Katie Price.

On a side note, can I just say that I love Bonnie Greer’s hair? If I ever get to meet her, I’ll broach the subject of the role of women in Richard Wright’s classic novel Native Son and then I will ask her who does her hair.

Then again, she’ll probably tell me that she does it herself because she’s all dat and a bag of chips. Can you tell that I admire Ms Bonnie?

So back to the show and emotions were running high – I swear I could feel the nervous energy coming out of my TV set. I’m a David Dimbleby fan; I thought he did an admirable job chairing the discussion and keeping it on track. Can you imagine this same panel but with the late Sir Robin Day in the chair? I’m drooling at the thought.
Naturally a great deal of the questions were directed at Nick Griffin, who spent most of the night denying quotes attributed to him: he didn’t say that black people walked like monkeys. He never said "Thank you Auntie" because the Beeb had let him on the show. He didn’t say that Adolf Hitler went "a bit too far". What the flying duck did he say then?
The (very mixed) audience didn’t let Nick Griffin get away with everything, although when it came to the subject of immigration and migration, Jack Straw wasn’t off the hook either. One of the questioners asked if the success of the BNP could be explained by the "misguided immigration policies of the government."
Let’s just say that Mr Straw’s dithering answer was far from convincing and leave it at that. Be prepared – that’s the Scout motto. Pity Jack Straw ignored it. He knew he was sharing a platform with Nick Griffin – did he not think that the question of immigration would come up at some point? If you’re going abroad, you don’t leave your passport at home.

Similarly, Jack Straw should’ve explained the government’s stance with conviction to shut Griffin up. He didn’t. In fact, his performance on the whole was largely ineffectual. And some people wonder why the BNP gets votes. It’s partly because the mainstream parties are failing to engage with the grassroots in constituencies up and down this country. And they’re failing to connect on the issues that matter to those voters.

Thank the lord for the calm, intelligent Bonnie Greer and her courteous, patient handling of Nick Griffin. She treated him as if he was Harry Enfield’s Kevin The Teenager – it was pretty funny. After yet another spurious assertion about Britain’s racial background, she even invited him to visit the British Museum (of which she is the Deputy Chairman of the Museum’s Board of Trustees) to learn the anthropological history of Britain. With a few choice words, my girl exposed his stupidity far better than all the politicians on the panel combined.
Truth is, Griffin talked a load of codswallop. Like so many politicians, he’s a bloody hypocrite too. What’s a man like him, a man who wants the UK to be ‘all white’, doing begging Muslim, brown-skinned Libyans for money to fund his ideologies? Can any of you BNP voters see the logic in that?
When caught out like a deer-in-the-headlights, he resorted to bouts of slimy, insincere laughing. I’m not talking a little titter either – I mean great, big belly chuckles complete with clapping. He looked like a braying seal. This happened on a number of occasions. It was weird. It made him seem less like a dangerous threat to British democracy (to sum up the view of opponents to his Question Time appearance ) and more like a buffoon. Which is exactly what he is – a prize idiot.
The water cooler moment came from an Asian man who began his question: "Dick Griffin… I mean Nick." Dick Griffin is now a trending topic on Twitter; I kid you not. The man went on to passionately declare his Britishness before launching into the topic of repatriation. "Where do you want me to go?" he asked before striking the killer blow. "You’d be surprised how many people would have a whip-round to buy you a ticket and your supporters… to go to the South Pole. That’s a colourless landscape, it would suit you fine." Booyakasha!
And so Question Time raced to its end (where did all the time go?) and the credits ran and the world didn’t end. So now we can get back to more important issues like who’s gonna win X Factor and why do the people behind that Tena advert think that a woman painting a man’s toenails will make incontinence pads sexy? 
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Today I am mostly lovin’ –
Found a tape with loads of old episodes of Neighbours. Paul (Robinson) and Gail (Lewis) had that will they/won’t they thing going on. I’m a sucker for unresolved sexual tension – one reason I’m so hooked on House.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Actor Stephen Graham has hit out at the lack of investment in quality British drama. He’s "gutted" about the demise of Jimmy McGovern’s The Street – aren’t we all…


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100 Responses to Nick Griffin’s having a laugh on Question Time

  1. eamonn says:

    The lovely looking Warsi was the only one who tried to get torn into him but you also have to look at Warsi\’s credibility. She is a Tory. The Tories are linking up with the UUP. The UUP leader Reg Empey and Nick Griiffin have both said this year that "It is of great importance that the United Kingdom is a Christian country". That is a sectarian statement from the UUP. Also what happened the first time the Tories linked up with the Ulster Unionists? They formed the terrorist group that has deliberately massacred many civilians, the Ulster Volunteer Force- the UVF. Also the UUP had a former member known as Enoch Powell. The slogan of its supporters was "We are the people" ie we are the master race.Though fair play to Warsi, despite the hypocrisy she was the only one who seemed out to destroy Griffin. Greer did very little as she knows very little about politics. Huhne seemed disinterested at times and Straw turned up with more concern about defending Labour than attacking the BNP.Why did nobody question the numerous German National Socialist tatoos on Mr Griffin\’s bodyguard Mick Holmes? Why are the BNP linked with Blood and Honour, Combat 18, the National Democrats and the Nationalist Alliance? Why did BNP member David Copeland plant nail bombs in London where blacks, asians and gays predominated?Griffin got it easy.

  2. Tim says:

    @Eamonn: Two points… 1. Nick Griffin is not responsible for the bodyart of his bodyguard.2. David Copeland was a FORMER member of the BNP. His actions were not a \’party sanctioned\’ operation, but clearly the actions of an extremely unwell mind.

  3. James says:

    Oh liberal establishment… Everytime I read an MSN article there\’s a real liberal bent to it, no pun intended!.. I can see why people are absolutely against genuine racism.. but I\’d love Britain to be full of people who love Jesus, that doesn\’t make me a religious \’nut\’ or full of sectarian hatred.. just a Christian. Learn the difference between people who hate and are intolerant, with people who just have a different view to you.. and stop trying to hijack the centre ground by stifling free speech.. it won\’t work and it\’s just wrong.

  4. Coops - says:

    steve thompson – your comment is deleted. Keep comments clean please.

  5. Unknown says:

    Places like this are where the real opinions of the public are found, not on question time where the supporters of Nick Griffin were suspiciously, not given the chance to speak. I agree with Nick Griffin and his policies. Maybe if the government could sort out the issue of immigration properly in the first place, people like Jack Straw wouldn\’t be so frightened by the increased sucess of a \’racist\’ party. I did not hear a racist comment come from the man\’s mouth last night. We are living in a country where we are not allowed to call ourselves English and are not allowed to sing \’ba ba black sheep\’. Now how racist is that?!

  6. robert says:

    I believe in the benefits of immigration but am dead set against mass uncontrolled immigration. I was born in this country and am over 50 and have watched radical changes taking place – changes which I believe have been far too rapid and have gone largely unmanaged, leading to fears that things are out of control. In the workplace and also socially I am a firm believer that you have to get people to buy in to change – I don\’t remember ever having the opportunity to vote on what is such an emotive subject. As a result I feel that I have no one to vote for – which leaves the gap for people such as the BNP. The quotes attributed to NG are vile but I don\’t hear anybody else addressing my concerns amongst the political elite so what do I do? You are going to have to take it on trust that I treat anybody and everybody with the respect that I would hope to receive myself but for the first time in my life this topic makes me feel powerless and angry inside and I don\’t like feeling like this. People are seeking to get a better life here and there is nothing wrong with that but there is no feeling of control – we can\’t be the conscience of the world for purely practical reasons. Now I hear the the population is to soar to 70 million and I wonder how many will be of my own culture. If I may use an analogy if I have a headache I take two paracetamol and the level of immigration should be similarly controlled – the current immigration policy is like taking the whole bottle at once. Am I a racist? Am I simply standing up for my own culture? You decide. Again you will have to take it on trust that I have grappled with this for a number of years and what I do know is that this predicament has been imposed on me by a political elite without proper recourse to the democratic process. They know best. It has left me feeling at one moment angry and at another unclean – and I have no one to vote for. If there are millions out there who feel as I do – and I suspect there are – that is dangerous.

  7. Ben says:

    I think the show highlighted a number of key issues. 1). The BBC was right to give the BNP publicity and allow the population to make their own informed decision about the BNP. Also, they didn\’t really give NG a chance to put their points across on the real issues. The show became a slanging match, mainly aimed at NG. Was he setup for a fall? Well we all knew he would be, but there wasn\’t many in the audience who had the oppotunity to put a supportive point of view on events! 2) Anti-BNP protesters are a joke. Nice one, great way to make your point, idiots. 3) Jack Straw and Labour really do have their heads in the sand. The conservative lady I thought was excellent, acknoledging there was clearly a problem with their immigration policy, yet they choose to ignore it. Surely the political elite have all the facts and figures to hand. I think they are being too mathmatical about it, 1 million people voted BNP so there are obviously issues which they feel the mainstream are not tackling. So unless Mr Straw and labour remove their heads from a dark place, they merely provide more oppotunity for voters to put their tick on the ballot to the man and party they so despise. 4) I don\’t for one second believe that the BNP is a peaceful party with peaceful intentions and do not have a hidden agenda, but some of their policies are valid and legitimate and there is a lot of people which will continute to follow them. 1 million people voted, and you can bet your bottom dollar they have a lot more support out there, however no professional could ever be seen to support the BNP due to their affilications and rascist tendancies. Imagine a doctor in his local area, and the public find out he supports the BNP, he would be vilified and struck off. If the BNP can cease some of their hard line policies and come some what back toward the middle ground, they could be a real threat in future elections. 5) I don\’t support the BNP, but I do feel some of their policies are valid, and would really like the mainsteam to address them. I thought it was a sure sign of good politics that extreme parties are getting a say. Because it means that the govt are not listening to people, and if 1 million people are not happy with something, it is a sure sign that it is NOT working. The simplest way to squeeze the BNP into being a non-entity one again, is to listen to the people and make changes. The worst thing you can do is nothing. 6) NG has put a crafty veneer on the BNP which does give them more credibility. but the public are not stupid, and will see right through this. But the one thing that made me laugh, and you could see NG rubbing his hands in counting the votes in his mind, was when Jack Straw, the conservatove and liberal couldnt even come close to an agreement on immigration, JS saying it was working and measures put in place were working, the cons, saying, no clearly not, lib dems don\’t have a clue fullstop. The mainsteam need to get their act together, get the facts, present to the people, make changes if required. 1 million people do not lie.

  8. Martin says:

    Oh How stupid they all are. If the other three party representatives combined with David Dimbleby had not conducted a \’Witch Hunt\’ on Nick Griffin and allowed this man to talk, he would have \’hanged himself\’, instead each one of them and the audience were too concerned about destroying him and by doing so played into his hands (on this matter he is a far better politician that any of them will ever be). I have to ask the question, if anyone else on that panel had stated that "we should look after our own first" would everyone have called them a racist or applauded? No these buffoons (including the orchestrator David Dimbleby) have done more in one program to promote the BNP. Also on another note, you cannot ban someone from \’Freedom of Speech\’ because if you do so then you become the Fascist or Communist (and there are no exceptions to that at all Peter Haine). Democracy is Freedom of speech – No exceptions.

  9. Jonny says:

    The fact this article is aimed with jibes at Griffin and the BNP and the fact you speak about Bonnie Greers hair means you lose all credibility seen as you cant write a balanced article.Excellent post jeff, your right on the money. Britain is now just a soft touch and why immigrants cross dozens of safe countries to get all the handouts at the expenseof the working British taxpayer. Imagine if all the workers left Britain, the government would soon be on their knees beggingfor them to come back as they\’d have nothing to give the immigrants!Also, im suprised there have been no complaints to the BBC about being called the British Broadcasting Corparation becausethese days, \’British\’ and \’English\’ are racist terms because it upsets the minorities.Long live the BNP, defenders of British rights, heritage and tradition.

  10. Coops - says:

    derek winder – your comment has been deleted. Please keep comments clean.

  11. Ben says:

    lets face it. the questions where all aimed towards bnp and half the time he was not able to answer the questions because of people butting in. They were bullying nick griffin and his party. All politicians should have free speach to say what they want.

  12. Coops - says:

    Jonny Marr: I\’m a British working taxpayer too. See, I just used the word \’British\’ – doesn\’t upset me at all. No idea what you\’re talking about really…

  13. Dariush says:

    I watched Question Time last night and was not surprised to have all my views on the BNP and Nick Griffin totally confirmed. I think everything the party stands for is dangerous and egocentric and I consider Griffin himself to be particularly moronic and reptilian. I was pleased to see that most members of the studio audience seemed to be opposed to him too, and that they were willing to express their feelings in passionate terms. However, I must confess that, as the credits rolled, I was filled not with a renewed faith in British society, but with a distinct sense of dread. Sure, on the one hand, the broadcast showed just how far this country has come in what is a relatively short time. After all, not so very long ago, a man of Asian ancestry claiming that he\’s proud to be British wouldn\’t have been supported by cheers. And a claim that homosexuals are "creepy" wouldn\’t have been greeted with boos and hisses. So, yes, \’polite society\’ has learned how to adopt a more tolerant facade and has widened the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable in a public setting. This is an unquestionable achievement and I don\’t wish to belittle it. But my worry is that many people haven\’t necessarily become more tolerant: they\’ve just become better at masking their intolerance.A tremendous amount of ugliness is revealed the moment you crack the surface of the life around you. All it takes is a trivial mistake on a road or – even worse – in a supermarket aisle, and you find yourself on the receiving end of gallons of pent up rage and frustration. Several people will happily tell you to your face that they don\’t have a problem with refugees coming to Britain, but as soon as there\’s a chance that those refugees might move into their own neighbourhood, the backtracking begins. And how many times have you heard a sentence that starts with the words, "I\’m not racist, but…"? Give a few individuals the protection of anonymity, and you see their real opinions streaming out, just like on this forum.Perhaps I\’m just having a \’bad faith\’ day. You know, the kind of day when you think the combined morality of every single person on the planet is weaker than the principles held by one solitary amoeba. But it cannot be denied that several thousands of people voted for and support the BNP, and I don\’t fully buy the argument that the increase in their success is a result of dissatisfaction with the more mainstream parties. Somewhere, beneath the multi-lingual street signs and the multi-coloured television presenters, is a festering gash of fearful, unpredictable, animalistic narrow-mindedness and hatred. And it really worries me. But what worries me more is that, even though a great many of us can somersault onto our high horses in response to one edition of a TV programme, the next time an election comes around, we won\’t be bothered to get out and vote.

  14. Vishakha says:

    I am 27 years old and never really been too concerned about politics. All the political parties were the same to me so didn\’t even bother to vote.This was until the Nick Griffin bought facism into the main stream. I watched question time and applaud the BBC for allowing him to show the public what an idiot he really is, but the truth remains that people are still voting for him……the government desperately needs to ask themselves why and do something about it fast.However, with this in mind I have to agree with Mr Griffin that this seemed to come across as an organised lynch mob. I would have liked to have heard more about the BNP policies and their stance on other issues other than race. I would really like to think that the british public are not racist and most of the people that vote for the BNP aren\’t racist either… why else are they voting for them?It was a shame that we didn\’t get to see that perspective and hopefully we may be able to see a more serious interview with Nick Griffin on the other issues to help us understnad more as to why people are voting for him and his party.

  15. pete says:

    at least you know score with nick griffen he hates miagrants,the ones that let them in dont live amongst glasgow they (african east europe ) have asked me where the free bank is they mean the dss it took me 2years in a homeless unit before i got a house i never seen a miagrant there they got sent to south glasgow to self contained flats i have not met. any body who says they trust theml.the tories rape the uk in the 80s ,labour in the 90s 2000s gave us over 2,000,000 new faces 2 wars and most of our laws to europe how bad can the BNP be,if sayeeda wars had been treated like NG they would be an uproar,if she had a white husband her parents would have a fit if 5 members of the BNP got on a train i wouldnt worry if 5 muslim got on i would get off they are two faced traitors born in this country but willing to kill thier own people all muslims are not bombers but the bombers we have are bombers

  16. famous says:

    what ever happened to \’\’ i do not agree with what you say but i will defend your right to say it\’\’?? nick griffin made a splendid job of digging himself into a hole but some of the questions were \’loaded\’. where were the bnp supporters in the audience? it was almost as though the bbc had asked for anti-bnp only questions. in case anyone mistakes my pragmatism for bnp support , i have been socialist since GOD was a lad!!.

  17. borris says:

    Freedom of speech comes with caveats and one of those is not to incite racial tension. The BNP is an organization that incites racial tension – just look at some of the comments here to see how much tension has been incited by them. As such this makes them an illegal organization and by allowing them to enter candidates the electoral commission have damaged the democracy my grandparents laid down their lives for. Similarly by broadcasting the opinions, views and comments of these vile neo-nazis the BBC have likewise severely damaged our democratic process.

  18. Shaun says:

    this was an ambush on mr griffin mainstream politicians hold no morrall high ground or credibility with the public so with there selected ethnik audience & there bullying ways they made him look like buffoon so to make themselves look better the extremist of this country could do far worst than voicing there opinion on immigration islam or gays the ones who think they are modderate start pointless wars resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people and sponsor illegal occupations not to mention the expenses scandal do these politicions have any room to criticise any body .I am no racist i am totally opposed to it,i have never voted in the past politics has never interested me but this time iwill be voting for nik griffin when he was ollowed to answer his questions he answerd them honestly & directly and i agree with what he said i also would not like my young children being taught about homosexuality in junior school i dont want my neighborhood changing anymore than it already has done iwant my children to be able to do there nativity play without the politicaly correct brigade saying it will offend

  19. Vishakha says:

    Also with regards to an earlier comment about a gentleman calling himself a british bangladeshi…..I identify myself as british Indian/Asian. I was born in the country, I hold a british passport and ever since I have begun working I have paid my taxes to support the british economy but I will not deny my indian roots or culture and there is absolutely nothing wrong with identifying with both..

  20. Coops - says:

    Hello Famous Eccles, my Spurs-supporting mate. 🙂 Nice to hear from you.

  21. eric says:

    After watching the programme last night I must say that I do now have a degree of sympathy for Nick Griffin that I did not have before.I think it amazing that the BBC should work so hard to stack the odds against him in a situation which made me think of the christians in the coliseum. To start with dare they have let him sit on a panel in Bradford or Bolton where there is sympathy for his views? Could they have found an audience which, rightly or wrongly, were mostly people who had benefitted from the watering down of the british nation, namely the very groups that he was questionning. After viewing myself as cosmopolitan for most of my life I find that after last night I do wonder where the England of roast beef, village green cricket, thatched cottages and harmless kids toys such as conkers and gollwogs has gone too. This is like America with a rainbow stars and stripes, saudi arabia with gay night clubs and South Africa with a Dutch minority setting the agenda. India and many other countries staged bloody revolts to maintain their national characteristics in the face of colonialism. Perhaps Britain should ask if we have been colonised by the worlds liberals and if it is actually what the makjority of people outside of the peoples republic of Shepherds Bush actually wants.Nick Griffin is not the leader to take us into the great tomorrow, he is a rather insipid man but I for one now take his views more seriously than I did before and will certainly be asking a few questions of my neighbours in the coffee shop.Am I the only one who asks if I have suddenly woken up to find England dressed in the emporers new clothes>

  22. Coops - says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how many people sympathising with Griffin and co. go on about \’England\’. Do you lot not count the Welsh, Scots or Irish too? Very telling…

  23. Unknown says:

    Vishaka Abbi: It\’s not Nick Griffin who has brought the BNP into the mainstream, it\’s the Can\’t Be Bothered Elite who have cast aside their core voting pool and chased after middle ground, portraying every opposite belief to be vile and beneath contempt. Watch Prime ministers Quaestions…….. it\’s a joke, one big house full of backslapping fraudsters who continue to take you and me too the cleaners every budget. There\’s a possibility, minimal one, that Nick Griffin will have a few things to say that will resonate with everyone, but it\’s far easier to put the man in a pit and watch him squirm. I repeat……. the BNP immigration policy was exactly the same as the Conservative one, straight from the representatives mouth. A very uneasy silence last night in the audience when Mr.Griffin was finally allowed to speak.

  24. Karen says:

    You may admire Bonnie Greer – and I enjoy her appearances on Newsnight Review – but she had little to contribute to the political discussion. All emotion and little argument. I am afraid she seems to have been put on the panel merely to have a black face next to Griffin. The kind of tokenism in fact which infuriates the kind of people who vote BNP. Sadly, Griffin performed much better than you are crditing him with and he will have won votes. and if the mainstream parties continue slapping each other on the back about how classless and raceless they are whilst making a pig\’s ear of running the country, the BNP will get more votes. Get real or get scared.

  25. derek says:

    Being an Englishman I would just like to comment, Lets face it was an open and shut case, the BBC protect the capitalist establishment and they knew he was not a threat because BNP are British, they were just playing against each other in the same ball court with the audience against him it makes for high ratings, I think he did well in the circumstances for his first time and he has achieved the attention he wanted, just the same as Blair and brown did they got what they wanted and Brown is still a dictator for the establishment (never been elected), it’s the people watching who are blind fools they have lost their compass of who they are and where they are and that’s how the establishment want it, its happened all round the world in different countries like Africa, India, Australia etc in the pursuit of a world central capitalist power and market where ethnic people are wiped out or reduced to nothing and when they cant make any more money they move on leaving it all back to the peasants and desert, is it ringing a bell.?. If he had been ENP it would have needed a lot more votes to get on and it would have been a totally different outcome and I would have voted and praised him for it as things stand there is only the EDP. As far the women next to him saying she has a pile of books to prove the English don’t exist, I also have a pile of toilet rolls for her to use in comparison to wipe the sweat of my forehead and that of my grandparents and great grandparents who were farmers and struggled in the cause for England and their homeland and to make a living and we do have our own flag and its not the saint George, it’s the white multicultural Mercian dragon on a black background. So that young women can use the rolls for what they are intend its white overcoming Black remember (its what makes and shows a difference) it’s a spiritual Energy thing, but you can make it political, racist or nasty if you want. But don’t think because your educated you or anyone else can live here in England and take on British citizenship thinking it makes you English just because the capitalist say so and want to eradicate all records of it, being British is not being English and don’t confuse the two.

  26. Coops - says:

    Derek Winder – thanks for adhering to the posting rules. 🙂

  27. Tim says:

    Coops, you\’re quite right when you mention the difference between \’England\’, and \’Great Britain\’. England, Wales, Scotland (and Northern Ireland) which all make up Great Britain. The United Kingdom. In recent years, Scotland has taken further and further steps to separate itself from England, politically speaking. Scotland has its own assembly, its own currency (although it\’s still considered Pounds Sterling) and its own Law. Wales, legally speaking, is still unified to England, this is why English law still applies in Wales. I\’m a quarter Welsh myself, and when my wife and I got married, it was in North Wales (our marriage certificate is written in both English and Welsh)

  28. Ben says:

    Coops, it may be slightly off topic, but something that infuriates me is as you say, we are all British, but perhaps the reason some consider themselves English is that there seems to be different rules in Scotland and Wales. One such example, is smear tests. In Scotland, woman are allowed them at 20 (I believe), but in England, 25. Why is that? Perhaps it is subtle differences like this, that people make the distintion?

  29. Unknown says:

    CoopsMaybe it\’s because the views are those of English people, living in England, not those from the other parts of the Union, parts which are encouraged to proclaim their National heritage and devolve their Govt. To the average Englishman out here in, strangely enough, England, it seems we are actively discouraged from pride in our culture and heritage. That is what sticks in the craw.

  30. Unknown says:

    Coops: Talk about missing the point. Nobody\’s really bothered about Nick Griffin, he will of known what was coming. The point is, so did the audience, and the whole debacle was a farce and let down to nail him on BNP policy. The panel was almost salavating to get their go, with an audience clapping anything said until a policy suddenly turned up which was met with silence. Also, saying "You Lot" isn\’t a particularly clever term to use is it….. very telling indeed.

  31. Gavyn says:

    Eamonn Green – They formed the terrorist group that has deliberately massacred many civilians, the Ulster Volunteer Force- the UVFThe UVF that was formed in 1912 are completely different to the UVF to-day. The 1912 UVF along with the Irish Volunteer Force were brought into the British Army and hey both fought and died side by side with each other. The UVF that was reformed again in the 1960\’s are nothing but a terrorist group (a bit like the IRA which you have completely ignored in your post) and are only in it for money and drugs. There is no link (bar the name) of the UVF of 1912 and the UVF of to-day.Also what is wrong with the comment "it is of great importance for the UK to remain a Christian country"? It is a Christian country and should remain that way intergration not segregration that we currently have at the minute.

  32. alan says:

    do labour, conservatives & lib dems live in the real world,nick certainly does, well done nick.i work for a security company that protects council houses.we also work for asylem teams,whenwe go to work on these properties there is a worker there cleaning,contacting gas,electric & making sure that all the new pots ,pans,cooker,washing wachine,fridge,beds,bedroom furniture,towels, kettleand everthing else that is provided.then we go down the road to a 17 year old manchester girl who gets a set of keys.

  33. Coops - says:

    It\’s a Christian country indeed. But how many attend church regularly? I wonder where Nick Griffin worships because the ethos of Christianity is loving your fellow brother. Like I said – he\’s a hypocrite.

  34. Tim says:

    This is a verse from the Qur\’an, yet it is something many Muslims are guilty of forgetting/ignoring…The DisbelieversIn the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.[109.1] Say: O unbelievers![109.2] I do not serve that which you serve,[109.3] Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve:[109.4] Nor am I going to serve that which you serve,[109.5] Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve:[109.6] You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.It can\’t be any clearer than that: It is an individual\’s choice, and must be respected by all…

  35. Gavyn says:

    It\’s a Christian country indeed. But how many attend church regularly? I wonder where Nick Griffin worships because the ethos of Christianity is loving your fellow brother. Like I said – he\’s a hypocrite.You do realise you don\’t have to go to Church to be a Christian?

  36. Unknown says:

    Politics is full of hypocrites, it comes with the territory.The main reason this country is under pressure is because it is a Christian country, the other ethos of the religion is "turn the other cheek". This has allowed other religions to spring up here unchallenged, something you won\’t find in most Moslem countries where the ethos seems to be "Death to the infidel". Personally, I call myself a Christian, but hey, I only go to church for a hatch/match/despatch, and that\’s what makes it great – I\’m not going to be stoned to death for not slavishly worshipping my invisible friend in the sky 3 times a day. However, that doesn\’t make it OK to turn my local church into a mosque…..

  37. iain says:

    we all have different views on what society wants or should have,and we all should be open to everyones took a brave man to do what he done but not entirely agree with him.yes we should have a goverment with a backbone but we dont and i dont think, we will for a long time we cant help that unil we have people who dont lie and cheat the british public.we cant have an all white state its totally ludicriss, but we should have a country which we know will look after are intrest.yes we have and are letting to many people into the country that go missing or abuse the right to live here but until we all come together as one voice that wont happen im proud to be english but not proud of the politians who are supposed to have are best intrests at heart all mp"s only care about what they can take of us for there best why dont we stop moaning and try to resolve these issues properly which will never happen and thats the hardest thing to take so doesnt that make us all hiypocrites anyway

  38. Unknown says:

    TimothyFurther to my "Death to the infidel" comment just posted, very interesting to read your post, you learn something every day!

  39. ian says:

    Try to imagine that nick griffin is the tony blair of his party ,the nice shiny acceptable face of neo fascist Britain hope that gives you some perspective :-).overheard some people chatting about this very subject on the school run ,my local school is c of e run and located in a reasonably affluent suburb,the conclusion of their chat was that mr griffin was mugged and they both had sympathy for him,bit depressing .His appearance does seem to have urged people to voice there opinions on politics though so its not all bad.

  40. john says:

    I think that Mr Griffin is right on so many things and this program was political blood sport. What would have happened if there was a coloured person getting bullied like that, there would have been uproar. I always support the underdog and the BNP now has my vote. I don\’t care what anyone has done in their past, this man is trying his best. God bless you Nick.JSR

  41. Coops - says:

    John – "a coloured person": what colour do you mean? Purple? Orange? Green?

  42. Gavyn says:

    Coopswrote: John – "a coloured person": what colour do you mean? Purple? Orange? Green?You know exactly what he means, don\’t acting stupid

  43. Tim says:

    No name, I\’m glad to have been able to shed some light on the subject. Here\’re some more passages from the Qur\’an which state that all prophets of the Lord (and their message) are to be treated equally, and that Muslims (people who submit to God\’s Will) are commanded to \’respect what came before\’ (meaning show respect to the Jewish and Christian faiths) The Cow[2.256] There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.The Cow[2.285] The apostle believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and (so do) the believers; they all believe in Allah and His angels and His books and His apostles; We make no difference between any of His apostles; and they say: We hear and obey, our Lord! Thy forgiveness (do we crave), and to Thee is the eventual course. At the end of the day, the messages all go to the same inbox… 🙂

  44. derek says:

    God is a system based on a difference” hypocrisy”, read your genesis its starts with a division and that division works all the through everything as with light over dark and heaven and earth and male and female etc which means we are all are hypocrites and have a sense of it in a spiritual way because we have 2 sides to us, the world and all its creatures are always at odds with themselves because it all requires a difference to function that’s part of “creation”, if things were all perfect and in balance nothing would function, its just a question of the amount of difference involved, that is what people fall out about in lots of different ways. Being free and different is normal within reason, it where you set the balance at in all things.

  45. helen says:

    i never followed politics until recently,i thought nick griffin said exactly what a lot of british people are thinking,and i must also state that all those people who keep bringing,up that nick griffin is a racist,sorry but the only people i could see and hear bringing colour into ever topic being discussed was jack straw and some others so some people really need to clean there ears,i agreed strongly with nick griffin about this country allowing imigrants by the thousands into our country whatever there colour and i,ll point that out right now i am not racist, this country is on it,s knee,s by this goverment .and that was the point nick griffin was trying to make,whether we like it or not.i personally applaud the bbc for allowing nick griffin to appear,he only said what other,s are afraid to and that,s because this goverment have given more right,s to people who weren,t born in this country . they even changed our laws to give others the right to accuse many people of racisim our kid,s can,t sing nursery songs either now because someone with nothing else to do said it was racist because of the colour of a sheep that,s outrageous jack straw should be ashamed of himself,the way he behaved eveytime nick griffin was given a question ,jack staw would constantly try to talk over nick and it was jack staw that kept mentioning the colour of peoples skin accusing nick griffin of being a racist,.the british public aren,t racist .all we want is our rights and our country back to a more secure status so im sick of reading quotes made by a majority of different,coloured race who clearly didn,t listen to anything that was said on question time,last night go on about nick griffin being a,s the people writing these comments that are making an issue no one else.i think the bnp now will gain more votes and members after last night

  46. Coops - says:

    Gavyn: the human eye can perceive hundreds of colours. John said: "a coloured person" – I am asking, what colour?

  47. debra says:

    Why dont we ask the soldiers, airmen , navy etc and their families who fought and suffered in the last two wars what they think about the BNP using footage of that era and Churchill, not the puppet politicians and Generals who even if they believed in any of the BNP policies they would never say in fact anyone who even hints at there being some truth in anything the BNP says are immediately branded RACIST, NAZI its pathetic whats happened to this Country mainly due to the Goverment idiots of the past years who have allowed us to lose all our identity and feel guilty about being English in fact, find me any application form etc where you are able to state you are English??? It shows you what a sad lot we have become when we are happier to vote for politicians that steal our money to line their own pockets and live in luxury homes etc rather than listen to a party that has some seriously genuine concerns for the protection of our heritage! Why is being English automatically makes you a racist??? Is it racist to ask why we have allowed so many people from other countries into our already over populated country without money jobs homes health checks passports??? have we no right to question this?? Why cant we ask why the children, grandchildren and greatchildren of all those who fought against occupation have to be put behind the foreigners who\’s ancestors have contributed nothing to this country in the housing, benefits, health, jobs etc etc. Why is it a crime to be a working class white english man/woman, are we to always have to apologise and compensate for the sins of our fathers?? To which I mean history must we alone bear the responsibilty for slavery, India, South Africa??? Why has such a big deal been made out of Obama being black?? He has a white mother is that a crime too?? Come on you anti Nazi campaigners wake up and get into the real world!! Dont people realise that it is only a racist crime if a white kills a black person why is this?? The war is over Hitler is dead we are friends with Germany lets face the new threat and my god anyone of you that doesn\’t see what is happening wake up before its to late!! I could go on and on but unless people like Nick Griffiths is allowed to speak and be treated like any other politician we might as well just roll over and die now!!!

  48. Gavyn says:

    Coots: What was your position when Sinn Fein started to appear on TV deabtes etc?

  49. alan says:

    Before people start calling me a racist i would like to say that i am not racist,l would not shut the door to immigrants, I think that controlled immigration is good for the country as it allows our companies to have the best employees from all over the world which will in turn help in achieving high quality businesses, and i think controlled immigration is good for business recruitment and employment competition. I think that you calling him a "braying seal" and "Prize idiot" as well as other things highlights your inability to textualise your feelings intelligently. I dont like you, i think you are biased and racist, you make this quite clear by your many idol worshipping like comments concerning the black Bonnie Greer. I think the sooner BNP gains control the better. The way people are allowed to take advantage of our welfare system is disgusting, the loose immigration policy and controls are shambolic and the political correct environment will only lead to lose of human rights.Nick Griffin is a pioneer and a great man. He is up against many things, and is very brave. I wish him all the success possible.

  50. Chris says:

    My wife and I watched the programme with very open minds. We are mixed race (White/Christian/English whatever that means and Lebanese). I have to say that Griffin came across rather well in spite of the best efforts of the panel and the audience who were so enraged by even sharing the same air as the man that they looked frankly daft most of the The truth of the matter is that Griffin has touched on a serious nerve amongst the public in general and the mainstream politicians do not have an answer. There is a problem with immigration in this country: all of the main parties concede this point, there is a problem with the loss of the British character, certainly in areas of the country which have been overwhelmed by foreign culture.Griffin and his party cannot fail to win support if he appears to be the only political group prepare to acknowledge these facts and actually say something, rather than retreat into politically correct waffle and bluster as offered by for example Jack Straw, who really added nothing to the debate.Like it or not, this country does have an indigenous population and like it or not this is white and it is Christian, and has been for almost 2000 years (let\’s not bother with the Ice age and the spread of Homo sapiens from Africa – please). Trying to deny this fact sounds just as foolish as denying the holocaust. This culture of the indigenous population is what build a wealthy modern and liberal society that we enjoy today – which overall I would say is a good thing. However it is the very ideals upon which the British society is built on which appear now to be its undoing, in that as a Nation we as a matter of instinct have opened our boarders and wallets to a massive influx of different cultural influences – some very different even opposed to the existing status quo, without a thought as to the longer term implications. History will tell us that if a nation loses its identity, it will fail, and I fear that Griffin has this point nailed. I came away from the programme confused. This man though reputation is a monster, however I have to say both my wife and I felt that he landed some hard punches with his back against the wall. The main parties would do well I think to wake up as I suspect that I am not alone in thinking “hey this guy’s got a point”. Would I vote for him – no, would I tear someone who did limb from limb, no more than if they voted for the socialist workers party. If you want crazy try them for size!

  51. alan says:

    Good point Chris Gothard.

  52. Coops - says:

    Alan Divney: "i think that you calling him a "braying seal" and "Prize idiot" as well as other things highlights your inability to textualise your feelings intelligently."I thought I\’d made it pretty clear. Those words are in the Oxford English… I think Kanye West is an idiot too. So is Abu Hamza. When it comes to the word \’idiot\’, I\’m an equal opportunity utterer of the term.

  53. Christine says:


  54. Gavyn says:

    Christine don\’t be saying \’coloured person\’ as Coops will take a hissy fit

  55. Unknown says:

    I think alot of people agree with certain things Nick Griffin said, but many people are afraid to admit it because if you do, you are automatically branded a racist. At first, i thought it was a poor showing by Nick, but when you reflect on the circumstances, ie a partisan and hostile crowd, would anyone else have done much better? What with spineless Jack Straw being a perfect reflection of this pathetic government and Bonnie Greer harping on about the ice age??? I wonder how they would have performed if the tables were turned and they had to face a predominantly white pro British panel and audience. Speaking of audience, it would be interesting to see how many factory worker\’s or jobless people were amongst it, not many i would wager.

  56. Travis says:

    Yeah, it\’s all very cool to debate the pros and cons of racism. But inverted racism is what you need to debate. I am a British Citizen. I once had a farm in Africa. So did my brother-in-law, now deceased. But then those exemplary egalitarian Labour Peers, Sir Harold Wilson, Lord James Callaghan and Lord David Owen took it away from me. They said it was only right to give it back to its previous owner, Robert Mugabe. So who will inherit the ancient farms of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales? Ahmed Nasser of Eritrea , Fatemah Abdul of Islamabad, Raj Chetty of Mumbai and Mohammed Al Salem of Somalia. There\’s a good thing then. That\’ll show them that we\’re not racists.

  57. Coops - says:

    Gavyn, yes. The word \’coloured\’ is an antiquated term and I hate it. Call it a hissy fit if you want to – but that\’s the way I feel. As for the rest of what Christine says – meh.

  58. Coops - says:

    By the way guys, thanks for keeping this mostly civil. I\’ve only deleted one extremely racially abusive comment all day. Given the subject matter, I think that\’s pretty positive.

  59. Tim says:

    Coops, to be honest, there\’s no reason for a discussion to be ill-mannered, and it\’s only the knuckle-draggers who tend to bring discussions down to that level. I just wish that people didn\’t automatically think "anti-unchecked immigration = racist". The biggest problem with immigration in my region, is from Eastern Europeans, who are white, so it\’s not an issue of race at all, rather the validity of the immigration status from newly joined EU countries, (ie immigrants or tourists) and their reluctance to assimilate into the country which is treating them like guests, and strangely, many of the Polish immigrants have indeed gone back to Poland, since the recession really kicked in… Funny how they were only here while the money was good… So much for them wanting to move here for the pleasure of living in England… Oh well… America requires immigrants seeking permanent citizenship to be able to read, write and speak English to a reasonable degree, and, while on paper, the UK requires the same thing, in practice, it is not enforced, and, given these immigrants are from EU countries, they are able to enter the country much more easily, than say someone emigrating from Thailand. The thing which really surprised me from the show, was when Griffin declared a truce with Islam… That really caught my attention.Best regards,

  60. Adam says:

    If a party came forward with a decent immigration policy we wouldn\’t even notice Nick Griffin, problem is all the scallies think that not letting *anyone* into the country is an immigration policy! I\’m quite frankly amazed that BNP had 1 million votes, question is, how many people would actually stand up (off the Internet) and admit it? A few out of a million? Now that\’s support! I think we\’re all taking this for granted, Nick Griffin is a pathetic little creature; if you\’re going to have a view, no matter what it is, at least sing with conviction! At least other infamous anti-Semites and racists such as Hitler had charisma, not sweaty palms, a sweaty forehead and a mouth full of flatulence…

  61. Tim says:

    I suspect the reason why the BNP got that million votes, is because people felt that the other parties were incapable of actually making the changes needed (and not just to immigration, but to policing, transport, healthcare, etc) so were going for the party which seemed most capable of actually \’putting their money where their mouth is\’. As for your question about why don\’t people stand up and admit it… Let\’s put it this way. If you were to support or empathize (in any way) a group which is (rightly or wrongly) widely reviled, and knew that to admit your support for the group would have you branded as a racist Nazi, would you openly admit to it, and thus open yourself to a tirade of knee-jerk reaction hostility? As another poster mentioned earlier, of course people are going to deny it publicly, but when they\’re in the privacy of a polling booth, that is a different matter. Outside my immediate family, and my very closest friends, the majority of my acquaintances and friends do not know I am a Muslim. Why? Well, firstly, because it\’s none of their business, so they don\’t need to know, but mainly, because there is so much misunderstanding and misinformation about Islam, their opinions are clouded by media rhetoric, so they do not understand the religion itself, they only see the actions of fanatics, who\’s very actions are actually utterly forbidden by the Qur\’an, so it\’s easier to not raise the issue in the first place…

  62. sharon says:

    I have no religion. I believe that I am responsible for my own actions and how they effect those around me, not some higher being. Saying that, if others choose to embrace religion then fair enough, I have no problem with that. However, this is a Christian country, with a Christian Queen and Christian laws, being the predominant faith. So I totally disagree with people coming to our country and dictating that we should accomodate their religious beliefs. I totally agreed with the Australian Prime Minister\’s speech regarding immigration. If you want to come to our country, fit in to our culture. If you don\’t want to do that, don\’t come. You have the choice. As for freedom of speech, that no longer exists. I suppose you will call me racist because of my comments, but if people want a multi-cultural society they must be prepared to keep their religious beliefs at home. I don\’t insist that anyone I know doesn\’t believe in God or Allah or any other term they wish to use, so why should I be subjected to religion in turn? In that respect, I agree with Timothy. It\’s no-one elses business what religion he chooses to follow. Take religion out of the equation and there is no problem. It\’s a pity more people can\’t be like you.

  63. Sam says:

    The BNP thrieve on the frustrated working class, its no secret. And until they feel like theyre being listened too, they will continue to spread their hate and bogus logic all in the name of helping the wronged. Its extremely irresponsible of the Labour party to let it get this far!! I completely agree with the gentlemen on Question Time who talked of understanding being aided by travel. Its the same with university where you are in a completely diverse environment regardless of your background, so cant help but be educated on other perspectives and hardships. I dont believe anybody in this country would want to deny any person the right of a better way of life. The idea is right, but the current immigration policy is exploited because its far too weak. The idea of thousands gaining enterance by any means necessary to claim benefits has struck fear amoung thousands and until these miths are brought forward and challenged the BNP will continue to apply these scare tatics to exploit the countries most vunerable!! Everybody talks about one aspect of the immigration problem, the volume of those arriving. But what about the human trafficking that is rife, all these people that are so desperate, they would pay thousands on the promise of a better life here only to arrive and find themselves exploited further. Its unbelievable!

  64. Tim says:

    @ Sharon: I agree absolutely. I think it an irony that people were deported to Australia, but that is the country to which we should now look as an example of how certain things should be. As you say, if people were prepared to keep their religious belief to themselves, and accept that all the messages \’wind up at the same inbox\’, then it would be a much more pleasant place…@ Sam: What bogus logic have the BNP used? There is no denying the effect of unchecked immigration in the area I live in. When I met my wife 5 years ago and moved to the area, while there was already a considerable Portugese community, the amount of Eastern Europeans who can now be seen wandering the streets have only arrived since their home nations gained EU membership. That is a simple fact of observation. There is also no denying that the Polish economic migrants who had been in the area, have now gone back to Poland, because of the effect the economy has had on businesses, and the construction industry. As before, that is a fine example of people who have come to our country, not to embrace the local way of life, not to work to contribute to the local economy, but to come purely to acquire money, and then leave when that money dries up. There is no hatred or bogus logic there, just simple observation. If the immigration system was tightened, that would solve the issue of Human trafficking, would it not? Again, the BNP is not just a one-policy party: It does have policies regarding other issues, such as anti-social behavior, public transport, green issues, and more. Maybe if you were to review those policies for yourself, rather than simply believing the anti-BNP rhetoric, you might be surprised. Recall the gentleman on Question Time who suggested Griffin be sent to the South Pole. Ignoring his racially charged comments, do you remember the look on his face when Griffin said that he had no problem with him remaining in the country? Do you remember how utterly confused he was? He had obviously only ever heard the negative rhetoric against the BNP, and when confronted by Griffin\’s actual response, everything he had been told or thought, was clearly de-railed, and he was left looking like a child who is told that there is no Father Christmas. As I mentioned previously, it was Griffin\’s comments about Islam which got me to read the Qur\’an, to see if what he said was right, and, it [his comments] was proven to just be passages taken out of context, and completely incorrect understanding. When I then continued to read, that inspired me to convert to Islam. I\’m not suggesting that you should read the BNP website, then sign up as a voting member, but, if you were to just read the actual policies themselves, you might be as surprised as the gentleman on Question Time, as to what they actually say…

  65. Unknown says:

    One day ago, you posted two of my entries under my name, yet when I read back through the entries today, I see they areascribed to "no name". Shades of Clint Eastwood!! Two more points: there is an old adage "where religion ends, knowledge begins". It has been observed that religionshould be a private matter and I say "amen" 🙂 to that. By all means. let us have fine buildings and acts worthy ofinnate human kindness but we can do without the cruelty and the obsession to control others. A certain Archbishopis on record as extolling suffering in death as it would bring us nearer to the suffering endured by Christ. "Nuff said!As for immigration and the population of the UK, I recall a well-known newspaper columnist who came here fromUganda being upset and discomfited by the discovery that no sooner had she go used to the idea of being British than she foundpeople were calling themselves English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish. Ironic, that! But a neat summation of the effects of thearrival of too many, too soon. Mark Newberry

  66. Coops - says:

    Alan – the first part of your comment has been deleted. Please keep comments clean.Alan wrote"Would Just like to add that my parents were born in London, I was born in Windsor, you can\’t be much more English than that, and yet my passport says I am British. We have an England football team, cricket team, darts team. Why can\’t I be English??? Thats part of the reason why we need the BNP to sort this country out."

  67. Unknown says:

    Coops, you mention certain deaths in your editorial observations, Cynthia Jarrett and Cherry Groce among others. There is, however,no inclusion of the circumstances surrounding these deaths, which had a huge bearing on these tragic occurrences. As for BlairPeach, no one yet knows for sure HOW he met his death, although there is plenty of people willing to believe their ownprejudices. During my decades as the sharp end with the Met. Police 1960-1992, I was on duty on many occasions when eitherthe BNP (National Front) or the Socialist Workers Party were on the march, each intent on doing unpleasant things to the other.To us young officers, they were distasteful sides of the same coin and we were outraged when each tried to accuse us offavouring the other.As for a personal experience of perceived police "racism", I was off-duty one afternoon in Edgware Road when I saw three blackyouths beating up on a Pakistani/Indian bus conductor who was trying to prevent his bus being overloaded by over-eagerboarders. Having identified myself, I managed to separate them, removing the former to the pavement to get names andaddresses, when the conductor hurriedly rang his bell and the bus took off. I was then facing three argumentative and hostileyoung guys who made a point of playing up to a growing crowd, and suddenly I was the villain of the peace…minus the victim,of course! – the oppressor out of uniform picking on the"brothers" to give them a hard time. Completely wrong but you can see, how racism can take many forms and many guises…to be used according to your own circumstances and personal prejudices.In my view there is a similarity between "New" Labour and the present BNP: both have used subterfuge and deceit to disguisetheir true identity and intentions with a view to gaining and holding on to power. Mark Newberry

  68. philip says:

    You have to put all this politics into a perspective of history. Political upheavel always follows when current and subsequent goverments get it all wrong. This present goverment got into power using traditional "Tory Values", in doing so they have alienated their grass root supporters and played for middle england. In the end this has been there undoing, it has resulted in the worst statistical goverment figures in modern times. This has also resulted in a deep recession, which has been allowed to worsen by unscrupulous business practices and the loss of hundereds of thousands of jobs. The financial debarcle is beyond a joke, with the present goverment showing it has no power over business, even when some banks are currently state owned. The immigration policy, again pandering towards business, allowing lower wages and higher profits has completely backfired, and by all accounts is now been scrutinised for corruption and possible self gain. As the country and other countries suffer because of these ignorant and corrupt politicians, then right wing forces come into play.One cannot make the statement, ban the BNP, for simply it is not an illegal organisation, and for those who think it is, cast a sidewards glance over to Northern Ireland. The BNP has received a free and fair democratic vote and has been duly elected. The point is this, there would not be a BNP party, unless things were going radically wrong, forcing the electorate to look elsewhere for answers and solutions to their problems.Historically, this happened in this country with Moselys Blackshirts, who in all reality did nothing more than express a comment which won support, from the common people. Although Mosely was imprisoned under the defence of the realm act, the Blackshirts were not illegal but were silenced by emergency powers. The Nazi party would never amounted to anything, had it not been for a struggling Weimer republic, largely caused by a viscious and unworkable treaty, brought about by idiot goverments who were not fit to run a country in the first place. Nazi policies were nothing new either, rather they were an extension, historically to other countries policies. Who excluded all Jews from Britain, who invented concentration camps, who excludes the Catholic faith from Monarchy, who removed a whole people from their homeland to create a new state, who virtually exterminated an indegineous people from ther country.Nick Griffen and the BNP are nothing new, their future falls and rises on the outcome of future elections and how those elected perform.

  69. Coops - says:

    Hello Mark Newberry – thanks for your comment. Good to hear from you. I think that, perhaps, after reading the first few lines of my blog on this subject, some people would\’ve expected a hysterical rant from me opposing Nick Griffin\’s appearance on Question Time. That was intentional and deliberate on my part; Blair Peach, Cynthia Jarrett, Cherry Groce, Stephen Lawrence – those names are still emotive to anyone that was around at the time. I felt it would make my stance on this matter more surprising – then again, perhaps it didn\’t.Looking back, it was a turbulent time for our country, wasn\’t it? The riots, the marches, the Miners strike, CND, Greenham Commom. Wow… By the way Mark, I only have the power to delete comments – I have no idea why your profile name is displaying as \’No name\’. It sounds like an issue for the teccies.

  70. james says:

    Lets face it I think the main reason BBC question time had Nick Griffin on was to boost ratings!!Over 8 million tuned in to watch a character assasination. I half expected Basil Fawlty to come out with a tree branch & beat Nick over the head with it. The whole programme was a complete farce. The whole audience was against him. But at least he had the guts to tell it like it is. Immigration is a serious problem and none of the main parties has the balls to do something about it. Nick also mentioned his dislike of sex education for young children, especially homosexuality. Am I the only one who agrees with him? He also wants us to leave the EU . This really is a fascist organisation with a bunch of corrupt, unelected bureaucrats to whom we pay millions of pounds of taxpayers money so that they can tell us how to run our lives. For Gods sake Britain wake up before its too late!!

  71. Unknown says:

    Coops,I cannot believe you have deleted my comment asking people to stop their personal abuse against Nick Griffin, that actually applies to you too. I quote from your blog "he is a prize idiot". Would you like that said about you? If you don\’t like the expression "coloured" why say a white man is colourless in your blog. You too are a hypocrite (again an expression you used).By all means attack his policies, but have something to offer yourself. The question Time panel failed to do this, even you mentioned Jack Straws dithering, Saayda Warsi was great at attacking people, but not so clever when pressed on the Tory\’s answer to immigration. She also struggled, in fact she was inchoherent over Islam, as far as I could work out she said Abu Hamza wasn\’t a Muslim. No suggestion on how he should be removed from this country though. Your heroine, Bonny Greer, really didn\’t offer much apart from keep arrogantly repeating " what is indigenous", most of us know what indigenous means and it isn\’t what she tried to imply i.e. that nobody can claim to be British.Having read your blog once more I think I am taking it too seriously, it is only a wind-up isn\’t it?

  72. Coops - says:

    Alan, your comment had to be deleted because it contained a word that is not in line with our editorial guidelines. I did warn posters to keep it clean. Please feel free to comment, but let\’s have language 12-year-olds can read. :-)With regard to Nick Griffin, anyone that has the temerity to deny The Holocaust when the evidence is well-documented, when it lives and breathes in the survivors and their descendants is a "prize idiot". He now says that he\’s changed his mind and is no longer a Holocaust denier – but he didn\’t give a reason for his new stance. So here\’s another word: \’coward\’.In addition, some of the things he\’s said about black people don\’t exactly lead me away from the conclusion that he is a "prize idiot". As you can tell – I am not budging from my personal opinion. However, I do share one thing in common with Nick Griffin: contempt for paedophiles.

  73. Andrew says:

    imigrants out they are an absolute failure for the uk and im not racisct but there morals and traditions are primative for the uk ie certain muslims trying to change christmas into festivityof light or trying to make everyone cover up head to toe in the swimming baths there is nothing wrong with othercultures so long as they dont enforce their beliefs on the british way of life

  74. crush says:

    excuse me andrew those certain muslims do not force other people to cover in head to toe in swimming baths…that pure and utter rubbish!!!! i dont think anybody from whatever religion is trying to force their beliefs on to the british way of life! this country celebrates diversity and everybody is free to practice their own religion without being criticised…i have friends who come from different beliefs, backgrounds and religions. however we never ever feel intimidated by each others religious differences. that is what you call RESPECT. and living in a multicultural society!

  75. Michaela says:

    have just spent the last hour entertaining myself with these comments….in particular i found it funny that the same people who complain about whites being \’a minority\’ in england are also complaining that the qt panel and audience were obviously hand-picked to contain such diverse members. i wonder why they think the bbc would have to engineer such a thing if britain as whole was so diverse? i got the most chuckles from a comment by one reader who referred back to the \’good old england with roast dinners, cricket and gollywogs\’! that was classic!

  76. Unknown says:

    I thought question time was a program for the public to put questions to the panel. When ive watched the program on other days they cover a number of topics,this time though it was all about Nick Griffin not a debat at all, a program with one man being totally bullied by everyone else,how bad an example is that.

  77. Stephen says:

    I didn\’t see the whole of question time, just the excerpts on the News. Somehow I just couldn\’t bring myself to listen to Nick Giffen. However, I thought your editorial was very good. I think people only embrace parties like the BNP, because they feel sidelined and that main stream parties are not doing anything for them, namely creating jobs, decent neighbourhoods and homes. Its very easy to look to a party like the BNP, which puts all the ills of the nation down to immigration e.t.c. I do think that we do need a much better immigration policy, but equally we need a better benefits policy, to encourage everyone, regardless of their beliefs/backgrounds/ethnicity to look for work. As for the holocaust being a figment of the imagination, perhaps Mr Griffen should pay a visit to Auschwitz. I mean after all where does he think 6 million people went, on a camping holiday! I agree he has the right to his views, just as much as I do, but how you can denise the holocaust took place is beyond me. It is an insult to the 6 million people that died. Finally in the excerpt on the news they showed him saying his father (?) fought in the war as a pilot. Perhaps he forgot but many of the pilots who helped keep us safe were not just from the UK but from Poland, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, infact from all over the Commonwealth. I think diversity is a great thing. As a nation we just need to make sure that everyone is equally treated, regardless of their background.

  78. marni says:

    This editorial was completely biased…and why you ask…because of the colour of her skin. How racist and narrow-minded could you get? Well back to Question Time…i totally agree with Angela. I couldn\’t bring myself to watch the whole programme as i could see that the debate we were supposed to be watching was just a room of clearly biased people (bar literally about three) BULLYING Nick Griffin. Now he did not do himself any favours and i don\’t think he\’s an appropriate leader for the BNP as yes i agree he is a bumbling idiot but not for the views he holds in restoring the UK\’s true identity. I\’d like to add that this is NOT a two way street. Lets take BLACK History week for example, and the national BLACK music awards…would we get away with a National WHITE Music Awards ceremony…HELL NO! And another example, The Fresh price of Bell Air, said to be \’groundbreaking\’, in reality the most racist, anti-white tripe i have seen in my life! and how successful was that show? VERY!! Definitely NOT a two way street…POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD I THINK!

  79. John says:

    Would Hitler have a right to comment on the Nazis if he were alive? Its all very well feeling all smug, and self-righteous, and complimenting ourselves on our so-o-o civilised liberal opinions while we are sitting in our semi-detached houses with our 2.5 children, but isn\’t it necessary to draw the line somewhere??? Most people in the world are not white, after all, and they don\’t even have the luxury of eating every day, let alone anywhere to sleep…and Jesus, after all, is not portrayed as a white man…When will it be pay-back time??? Just respect and awareness of love for your fellows and common decency, that\’s all the payback we want for your arrogant, colonising atrocities in the name of your "Gods" and "country" …Wake up, world, and stop thinking of yourselves…You are NOT the chosen ones…we all are…

  80. Unknown says:

    Yes John Jackson you\’re totally right! To quote the famous poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox " so many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that twist and wind, when all this sad world really needs is just the art of being kind".

  81. Unknown says:

    This is for Michaela,My comment about the audience composition was not that it was handpicked, but thatit showed up just what a minority white English are in, this program after all, came from Englands capital city.The questions certainly were a set-up. Question Time normally covers a number of subjects, and if you watch it tonight I bet they don\’t attack Jacquie Smith and take the Labour party apart on a single issue for the whole program!Coop\’s editorial is, as Marni pointed out, very biased. Although she mentioned Nick Griffin asking brown skinned people for party funds, she didn\’t note the irony that the Muslim extremist party Hizb ut-Tahrir scrounged £113,000 from the British Taxpayer to fund its activities, which don\’t have much love of the British way of life, to say the least and not get deleted. Only a pathetic Government like our current lot would allow this to happen.Once again the question of the Burka is being raised. A muslim girl insists she should be allowed into a college, that rules against it, wearing one. Any bets on who will win here?? Is this just the Klu Klux Klan uniform in black? Perhaps we should all wear masks to hide our identity?

  82. Coops - says:

    Marni, I\’m sooooooooo tired of the Black History Month argument. There would be no need for it if there was more balance in the education system. It\’s as simple as that. I really don\’t see the harm in children of all colours learning that black people were not just slaves.Alan, my editorial revolves around Nick Griffin\’s appearance on Question Time and it is told from my perspective because that\’s what opinion writing is all about.

  83. crush says:

    way to go coops! as for alan…nobodys stopping you from wearing a mask to hide your identity…feel free to do so….free will!!

  84. Unknown says:

    crush,If only that were true. As a motorcyclist, when I buy petrol I have to remove my crash helmet before entering the kiosk. This is to ensure my face is recorded on their CCTV and is not free will. I have not so far seen the situation occur as I am only there for a couple minutes, but one day a Burka clad person will push the bounderies and walk in. (If her husband permits her of course). This begs the question ….who out of the two, in the current climate of unrest, is most likely to be hiding something, the motor cyclist or the Burka wearer?Coops.Your editorial might have been your opinion, but it was so biased that some of us feel obliged to correct some of the observations you made, which in point of fact were personal attacks rather than showing up the flaws in his policies. It is unfair to delete arguements that run counter to your opinion. There cannot be a 12 year old in this country that didn\’t hear the uproar the previous week over the use of the abreviated word for Pakistani, it was in all papers and on TV news for days. You, and others on here, character assasinated Nick Griffin but cannot accept that word. Says it all.Told you that Question Time this week would be back to normal format. Was I right???

  85. Coops - says:

    Alan, I have not deleted arguments that are diametrically opposed to my opinion – I have deleted posts that contravene MSN\’s editorial guidelines. It\’s an important difference. All I ask is that people keep their comments clean – that\’s not a stretch, is it?In addition, some of the things Nick Griffin, and his ilk, have said about black people, gays etc. is completely abhorrent to me. I\’m not going to quote the worst of them – the quotes are out there… However, one example. The BNP constitution states that the party is “wholly opposed to any form of racial integration” – so tough luck Cheryl Cole. Tough luck Dawn French. Tough luck Leona Lewis. Tough luck Lewis Hamilton. Tough luck to some of the members of Diversity.And, talking about gay people, Nick\’s been quoted as saying: “The TV footage of dozens of gay demonstrators flaunting their perversions in front of the world’s journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive.” – Well! OK. Tough luck Sir Elton John. Tough luck Stephen Fry. Tough luck Alan Carr, Graham Norton, Sophie Ward, Clare Balding et al because you\’re not human beings – you\’re "creatures".With that as a basis, I am simply not disposed to go any further with their policies because they are already discredited as far as I\’m concerned. I am not a Party Political Broadcast for the BNP nor am I obliged to be – if anyone wants to know more about their policies, look them up. Considering the provocation, I think I showed remarkable restraint in this editorial piece.

  86. Unknown says:

    Coops,I am so sorry, I came to this board thinking it was about Nick Griffin\’s performance on Question Time. I didn\’t realise it was merely your anti BNP platform. You went beyond the program, the only thing that came up for Nick to comment on was about gays, he said he didn\’t like to see two men kissing in public, and I agree with him. That\’s not radical! My complaint was that he never had a chance to air his policies, he spent the whole program defending himself. Apart from your self it seems, no one is any the wiser about his stance on the EU, on climate change, nuclear froliferation, the British benefit system or, dare I say it, immigration. From the Question Time session, it was DELIBERATELY a complete farce, nothing of substance was raised. We, the general public, wanted to hear for ourselves what he believes in to make up our own minds, not what journalists think he said in the past.A point of interest on "clean", does the MSN\’s editorial guideline permit swearing???

  87. Coops - says:

    Like I said, I am an advocate of free speech so I hear what you\’re saying about Nick Griffin and Question Time. However, if another extremist had been on the panel, a religious one maybe, I\’d bet my Arsenal collection that most of the questions would also have been directed towards the point of contention rather than their stance on Kyoto or the type of fiscal stimulus needed to take the world out of recession.Yep – no swearing permitted. Even I\’ve fallen foul of that – I had a different word in the original text above that has now been changed to \’codswallop\’.

  88. Tim says:

    @ Andrew: Muslims are not "trying to change christmas into festivityof light", that is the work of BRITISH COUNCILS and the work of political correctness gone mad, where councils are, through self-loathing and \’white guilt\’, now afraid that any display of British Christian Values, will somehow \’be offensive\’ to people of other ethnic or religious backgrounds. Personally speaking, I\’ve never liked Christmas. It\’s celebrated for all the wrong reasons, and, as festivals go, is a deliberate theft of a Pagan holiday, so people would be more willing to convert to Christianity. I was disgusted to see my local council putting Christmas lights up before the end of September. Not because I am a Muslim, but because there is no need to start the Big Commercial Christmas Push so early. As for your comment about swimming baths, maybe you should look back at the history of the UK and swimming, and you will see plenty of old photos where bathers would wear full body-suits to cover themselves. That is something called \’modesty\’. It is not a religious obligation.@ Coops:You wrote "He now says that he\’s changed his mind and is no longer a Holocaust denier – but he didn\’t give a reason for his new stance. So here\’s another word: \’coward\’."That is not true. Griffin DID give a reason as for his new stance, but the self-righteous immediately pooh-poohed that reason. At the end of the day, the reason is irrelevant. If he has changed his stance, that is all that matters. A person has the right to change their mind, and people should respect that, and if someone states they have changed their mind, then people should not only respect that, but they should also ACCEPT THAT, unless any future conduct shows that they had not really changed their mind, merely claimed to. Benefit of the doubt… As for the comment Griffin made about finding homosexuals disgusting, I think there are many people who find ANY excessive displays of affection (hetero or homosexual) offensive. The phrase \’get a room!" does not just apply to \’teh gheys\’, but to ANYONE who feels the need to behave in a manner which is more appropriate in private. @ Alan: There is no commandment anywhere in the Qur\’an which states that a woman must wear a veil. The veil is nothing more than a cultural (not religious) practice, and a hangover from 1400 years ago when people were living in the desert, and needed protection from sandstorms. Personally, I find it disgusting to see Muslims (or any other ethnic or religious group) continuing to wear their \’national dress\’ when they are living permanently in Western countries. Why? Because it shows a clear refusal to assimilate into the host culture, and the desire to \’remain separate\’, and thus totally missing the reason for emigration in the first place: To experience a new culture and way of life, and people who behave in such a way are doing so, not because of religious devotion, but because they want to \’stand out\’ and \’make a [political] point\’, and people like that do nothing but perpetuate negative stereotypes… I do not find any difficulty in being a Muslim and living in the UK, and continue to wear the same clothes (Clarkson-esque jackets and jeans) I have always worn. I even have a full version of the Qur\’an, on my iPhone, as well as an app which tracks prayer times, religious holidays, and other functions. Anyone thinking that Islam is a \’backward, desert faith\’, really needs to open their eyes to the truth about Islam.

  89. Coops - says:

    Thanks for your comment Timothy. I\’ve had another listen to the show and he pointed to "radio intercepts" as a reason for changing his mind about the Holocaust. It\’s a reason – not a convincing one in my book considering the existance of the camps and the Nuremberg trials and the testimony of both Allied and Nazi soldiers and the meticulous record-keeping that the Nazis noted. But it\’s a reason so I\’ll retract my assertion of cowardice.One thing I don\’t agree on: Nick Griffin\’s contempt for homosexuals isn\’t limited to "excessive displays of affection". It\’s not about that at all. However, I agree with you that none of us want or need to see inappropriate behaviour, irrespective of sexuality.

  90. Tim says:

    Always glad to be able to contribute something, Coops 🙂 I think without knowing precisely what those "radio intercepts" were, yes, it could certainly be considered an unconvincing reason, but, as mentioned, if that got Griffin to change his stance on the holocaust, it does not hurt to extend the benefit of the doubt, so thanks for retracting that assertion. It might be mere semantics, but when he said "flaunting their perversion", I interpreted \’flaunting\’ to mean excessive public displays, which, as you agree, is inappropriate irrespective of the sexuality involved. Even the Qur\’an makes the requirement of four witnesses for someone (male or female) to be tried for \’lewdness\’, so really, that\’s quite a tolerant approach to sexuality and behavior, as without four witnesses, the acts of the people are between themselves and God…

  91. crush says:

    can i just say whoever said muslims are trying to change xmas in to the festival of lights should read up on few things….cos muslims do not celebrate the festival of lights…hindus do!!! i dont c y its such a big deal. no matter how much you people are going to protest its u multi cultural society and people from all faith and backgrounds are going to continue to practice this…so DEAL with it and get over yourselves¬!

  92. crush says:

    alan can i jus say the helmet is not part of ur religion u wudnt wear it out on da street unless you had ur bike wid u!!! so get facts rite….ur very opinionated but wen it comes to da facts you dont know much!!!! the burka is part of the muslim faith!!!! ur helmet is not part of yours!!!

  93. Tim says:

    @ Crush: Contrary to popular belief, the burka is not a part of the Islamic faith. There is nothing in the Qur\’an stating a woman must wear a veil. It is a cultural practice from the fashions of the Arabian peninsula, which have continued into modern times, and, due to that country\’s \’take\’ on Islam, is often portrayed as a requirement, but it really is not an obligatory requirement, in fact, Turkey bans them (but your point to Alan is well taken)

  94. Unknown says:

    crush,You are the one that said I should feel free to wear a face covering, I merely pointed out that I am obliged to show my face in certain situations so why should that not apply to all people. As for getting facts right perhaps you should check yours before insulting other contributors, the Burka is NOT compulsory under the Qur\’an. Timothy obviously read your comment without regard to your previous posting… hence he said your point to me was well taken when it was actually rubbish. My motorcycle helmet is a requirement under British law, I therefore think it wrong to allow Sikhs to just wear a turban on a motorbike. If they wish to ride a motorcycle they should comply with OUR law. Please remember, religion is a faith not an absolute.

  95. Coops - says:

    Guys, let\’s play nice and do please try to stay on-topic. Broadly speaking, it\’s a discussion about Nick Griffin and Question Time. Thanks!

  96. Unknown says:

    Coops,How can we stay on topic, basically all we can do is try to counter your statements? My sole reason for commenting here is that anyone who missed Question Time, reading your editorial, would believe that Nick Griffin actually said those things on the program, which is just not true and has to be pointed out. I watched the program so I know that he wasn\’t given a chance to enlighten us on any other subject, which is what Question Time is normally about. Apart from a question about some singer that had died he spent the whole program defending himself.The comment you found hilarious about "where do want me to go ?" and the follow up about sending Nick Griffin to the South Pole would have provoked outrage had it been the otherway round. Nick actually said he was happy for the guy to stay here.Crush has been corrected, not by me but by Timothy, a Muslim. Perhaps an apology is in order. I won\’t hold my breath, respect is just aone way thing to some people.

  97. Coops - says:

    OK Alan. You feel that Nick Griffin wasn\’t given a fair ride on Question Time – I hear what you\’re saying and you\’re perfectly entitled to your view as I am to mine.

  98. sean says:


  99. debra says:

    Sean what a great contribution to the debate your comment of two days brought to the table ha ha!! I am sure Nick and his supporters will take on board your highly intelligent remark!

  100. tegs says:

    To tell you truthI did not see programme but your description of the pamel reminded me of a BBC artivle on teletext of which I made a complaint. They had titled it along lines of reaction to Griffins performance on QT I read it looking for an honest serious analasise of how hehad fared It stated off wth some obscure BBC exec saying in a roundabout way that it wasnt against the law and that he did have supporters but the way he wrote it was almost apologetic. Then came the views of some of the peple who had been on the show who it had been reported given Griffin a hostile reception, They didnt in give views on his performance either that where a suprise One of them I know one was what we are ordered today to call a black person I didnt know others .Then came audience views and although I did not see them going by their annouced names which where neither European or English sounding I knew straight away that Griffin would not get a glowing referance They did not failSo giving that this was presented as anhonest assessment of his performance by an imparrtial medium in a dree country I prepared too read a alternitive view to balance itout. So I could then take everthing in snd form an opinin on whether this man is a politician able topresent anarguent in a ivilisiedcoherant way or some thug what with no substance tohis vtews I didnt get it in this piece though as that was it some petty degatory name calling. So now all I know is that there was a rise in the popularity of his party which has beenreported due to his appearence by people who hadwathed So I must therefore assume that the piece was yet another attempt ofthe PCbrigade to brainwash me with their beliefs

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