Dannii comment outrages X Factor viewers

X Factor’s first live show has become mired in controversy after Dannii Minogue appeared to judge a contestant’s alleged sexuality rather than his vocal performance.
Mentor Simon Cowell picked out Jennifer Holliday’s classic And I’m Telling You (I’m Not Goin’) from the musical Dreamgirls for 27-year-old teacher Danyl Johnson.
But there was a change to the lyrics. Instead of: "And I am telling you, I’m not going. You’re the best man I’ll ever know", Danyl sang "And I am telling you, I’m not going. You’re the best girl I’ll ever know".
Dannii picked up on it immediately saying: "A fantastic performance. A true X Factor performance. Turning a girls’ song into a guy’s song, but if we’re to believe everything we read in the paper, maybe you didn’t need to change the gender references?" This prompted audible gasps from the stunned crowd.
A visibly shocked Simon Cowell said: “What did you say? What did you say?" Dannii repeated the statement. "You can forget playing any of those games with him," Simon responded. "I’m not having that." He went on to add: "I think I’m missing something here. I think I’ve just heard one of the best performances I’ve ever heard in my life."
Outraged viewers have expressed their disgust on various message boards and forums. Here’s a selection of your views from MSN’s X Factor blog.
Jack Abernethy: "An obvious attempt to knock Danyl’s confidence, Dannii needs sacking, what does she know about talent anyway? It seems to have eluded her!"
beverley ann wilkinson: "It makes no difference whether he is or isn’t gay, bi or whatever. It is NOT her place to say something like that, not at all."
Jacqui: "I am appalled at the lack of comment on the Xtra Factor about the humiliation of Danyl by Dannii. ITV had an ideal opportunity to immediately sort it but chose to let things fester."
leighmarie denley: "Dannii was bang out of order tonight. Not only did she publicly embarrass Danyl, she could’ve influenced the way people vote for him. His sexuality is his business."
What do you make of Dannii Minogue’s comments? Do you think it was inappropriate? Have your say on this subject.

* To clarify: I have not made a mistake. This is Jennifer Holliday’s song – not Jennifer Hudson’s. The reason I know this is because I bought the Dreamgirls soundtrack back when I first heard it in 1983. Here’s 22-year-old Jennifer Holliday singing her song live  as she did every night on Broadway. And much better than Jennifer Hudson too. Here endeth the lesson.
* Keep all comments clean, or they will be deleted.
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100 Responses to Dannii comment outrages X Factor viewers

  1. sian says:

    Absolutly disgusted with this talentless witch\’s remarks about danyl. although saying this I do\’t think it was only Danni that had the problem last night. Cheryl was horrible to danyl with no reason also and only commented saying he had confidence. cheryl and danni seemed to have major problems yesterday and i was shocked with both of them. I hope there is a public appology from atleast danni tonight for her remark. If there isn\’t I will not be voting or watching the show and I hope other\’s will follow with this until she apologises to him oh and apologises for her lack of actual talent and riding on her sister\’s career. why have the banana when you can have the monkey ?

  2. Jean says:

    danni minogue should be made do a public apology tonight….. she was out of order in what she said …if she has a problem with danyl and his sexuality well she should speak to him in private not infront of millions of viewers…. its no ones bussiness what he does or what he likes he\’s there to sing and perform…..

  3. linda says:

    I was watching the X Factor with my family and we were all outraged at Danni\’s comment about Danyl. We do not rate her as a judge anyway but what she said was disgusting and she should be thrown off the show. I thought she was suppsed to judge the performance but showed her lack of knowledge and professionalism. Get rid of her!!Linda Guest

  4. maz says:

    When watching the xfactor last night I didn\’t have a clue what Dani was talking about but knewthere was something wrong. I had to search the internet to understand why she decided to make commentsabout Danyls gender. What was she thinking of to air her personal views on air – when what she should have been doing is her job which was to judge and comment on Danyls performance. You could see quite clearly that he was very upsetby this. I hope ITV and Dani have the decency to allow air time to put this right on live tv by offering at least some kind of apology. If those types of comments were mad in the work-place where you had visibly upset someone no doubt you would be suspended until further notice. Do the right thing Dani.

  5. Helen says:

    It was so bad, she had no right at all to make a comment about his personal life, it was way out of order. She should be fired.

  6. Noor says:

    Danyl did a really good job and i thought it was unfair when danii made tht comment

  7. Louise says:

    should tonights show be about danni\’s apology (bored now) or about steven gately?????

  8. cqimere says:

    danni should really low herself after what she said yesterday night she shouldnt be allowed to be a judge that comment she made was inapproriate. get danni fired simon well done for standing up for danyl as far as i am clear danni can\’t evern sings like him or other amazing artist that has been on x facter we need a new judge replace danni

  9. Louisiana says:

    i think Danni was wrong to say those things about Danyl…his sexuality has nothin to do with his vocal talent. Also Cheryl was rude as well. How dare she call him arrogant… he toned down his voice and has become more calm on stage. Both judges should make a public apology. THEY NEED TO LOOK AT THEMSELVES IN A MIRROR B4 COMMENTING ON OTHER PEOPLE…

  10. Carley says:

    Danyl is my vote, he is the one id like to go all the way and win, he is lovely and great even tho a little cocky. Thats what we like about him tho he is feisty 🙂 Danii was out of line last night, i was shocked she said that and she needs to make some huge appology to that poor boy and everyone else she discusted with her awful remarks.

  11. vicki says:

    it is disgusting the way dannii spoke to danyl last night.

  12. leanne says:

    Danni\’s comment towards Danyl was bang out of order…..his sexuality is his business….whether he is gay, straight, bi, tri i dont care and nether should anyone…….that man can sing and sing well! He is there to do a job and Danyl has got my vote all the way, and Louis was right……he doesnt have the likable factor….he has the LOVABLE factor! Love Danyl Johnson……Danyl to win :D!!!! Plus great song choice by Simon….well done :D!x

  13. Sian says:

    I can\’t believe of all people Danni has said that. My family and i, were all absoluteley gob smacked. It has nout to do with if he likes men or women… Shes just jealous because he\’s probaley one of the best in the competition. Think of what his class will think now. She should definetly atleast get a good tellin off :/X

  14. laura says:

    oh my gosh, danni really was out of order saying that! its danyl\’s buisness what sexuality he is and he is dam good at singin! danni should be taught a lesson i hope she really regrets saying that. she is so dumb, thinking that she can talk to ppl like that! and she has no idea what its like to work for their talent to be recognised, her sister got her famous and danni doesnt even have a talent. does she, im not sure lol? but its not her place to sa something like that, she is so sad!

  15. karen says:

    Kate, Dundee… For the love of god please get rid of Dannii Minogue. Not only is she a talentless has been, she is clearly an idiot and her comment on the show has proven this. She will not be missed and thats for sure. Regardless of what is in the press they are there to give constructive criticism on the performance. Why does this woman not know this.?

  16. kaybee says:

    I\’m gravely disgusted nd dissapointed by Dannii\’s dispicable behaviour on the show, I was outraged at the fact that she would try to patronise such a talented act on the show based on his sexuality, that behaviour is unacceptable. She has no merit as a judge because lets face it all she has failed music career and the x factor is the only reason she has a name, if it wasn\’t for that she\’d still be a nobody trying to scrape by because of her sisters success.

  17. Joy says:

    Danni was bang out of order last night. It is none of her damn business what Danyl\’s sexuality is h has a beautiful voice and he should be judged on that and his ability to entertain. Apologies are needed Danni.

  18. Ellie says:

    oh my god danni shold so be sacked she stepped out of line just because she was jelous and what she actually knows about talent you could write on the back of an ant. and i think everybody knows that she has absolutely no talent. and then she sat there all smugi think simon sholud fire her.

  19. Jayne says:

    Danni was well out of order for what she said to Danyl after all she should know better then to believe everything you read in the media whether it be true or false thats his business shame on you Danni.

  20. Alice says:

    Dannii? What does she know. I personally am not fussed about his sexuality just his voice but maybe she was being clever? I am just saying that a lot of us have judged the twins on what\’s in the news and their view in everything, there is two views to them and we are just getting the bad one. They apparently are really nice but I don\’t think the camera shows that, it\’s Simon\’s show and he doesn\’t like them so why should he make the public like them? I hate what Dannii said and it\’s out of order and I feel really sorry for Danyl but I also feel sorry for John and Edward, you have to admit that they can sing but we are basing our views on the news. I haven\’t watched X factor yet but if they go out then I know that this country is biased and really do just base their votes on who the news tell them to vote for and we aren\’t getting who we want but who the press want.

  21. hannah says:


  22. Tiffany says:

    Am glad that Danni made a public apology, it was needed!

  23. Rebecca says:

    BRING SHARON OSBOURNE BACK!!! Dannii should have had the sack a long time ago!

  24. noreen says:

    noreen powellwrote: I was absolutely gobsmacked by what Danni said. It was like watching a school bully in the playground. Danyl was obviously shocked and embarrassed. What she did was outrageous. Danyl sexuality has nothing to do with his performance. If he is or is not gay is his business, but Danni has now made it gossip. Hideous behaviour. It was tantamount to bullying. Also his performance was wonderful. He doesn\’t behave like he\’s already won, he is still nervous and trying hard to entertain us. The channel should make a public apology

  25. Sammie says:

    Toni XD I think you just have the hots for Dannii… :o) . We all make mistakes yes, but I don\’t make those ones and I am not in the public domain. I don\’t hate Dannii still like her alot but that type of behaviour doesn\’t suit her she is not Simon. Maybe because I have a better understanding of being judged because of who you are. She will learn from this and think before she speaks that what happens in live shows no editing to save their ass.

  26. debra says:

    i don\’t undrstand if being gay or bi is suppose to be normal, well whats wrong with danni\’s comment

  27. lady pauline says:

    MS ANGELA DANIEL i was so upset last night.. who is she to say such a thing, she only said it hoping people would vote him off. what if he was guy and was not ready to come out yet.. she hurt me because he can sing and she is so much less of a singer than he is, she needs to go. her opinion means nothing ms can not sing her socks off like DANYL, she hurt him now she wants to cover it up..

  28. Jo says:

    Since when did a person\’s sexuality have anything to do with talent? Dannii\’s comments about Danyl last night shocked and appalled me. Danyl was visibly upset by what she said and she should be sacked. I don\’t know why she was chosen to judge on X Factor anyway she she has no talent herself. She should be replaced by someone who knows what they\’re talking about. So what IF the papers are right and Danyl is gay. It hasn\’t done the careers of Elton John, George Michael, Will Young or (bless him) Stephen Gately any harm, has it?!

  29. Melissa says:

    Christ ppl she made a mistake!!!! Leave her alone!(btw i am NOT a fan of danni but 2 me she looked like she was just trying to make a joke and it backfired on her so stop moaning)

  30. Rachel says:

    The reaction to what Danii said is silly the fact is the man is bi. It is better to be open about these things. He knows the situation; every part of his life would be pondered by the press anyway. The simple fact is the X-factor is a TV show first and foremost. Every little thing that comes out of the judges mouths would have been carefully considered to cause controversy. Please don\’t be surprised when it happens. The contestants are pawns and the judges are the winners/players

  31. maria says:

    I dont get why everyones so upset over 1 little comment that was said as a joke and didnt even upset the person she said it to, people need to stop gettin so offended over the smallest of things, you cant say anything now without some1 getting upset and i expect half the people that kicked off didn\’t even care what she said and are just looking for somethng to moan and bitch about .

  32. Maddi says:

    she clearly didnt mean it in a nasty way, shes is just insensitive. Australians are well known for NOT mincing their words…..leave her alone, its not big deal. Im Bisexual myself and im not offended. Get off ur high horses people, ur just being sad!! there are more important things to worry about, Danyl doesnt NEED random strangers rushing to his defence, he can stand on his own two feet.

  33. shannon says:

    i agree with Rachel Delicata, i hate the way the media is always so horrible and sorta homophobic towards guys, bi\’s and lesbians and I for one think that she did nothing wrong all she said was he did a fantastic performance, saying how good it was and that he didn\’t need to change the word that\’s all!! Get over it!! I find it horrible how you are all attacking her and yet you are all be hypercritical by attacking her for attacking him!! And YES I know i\’m being a hypercrite too! but I don\’t care!! AND NO SHE SHOULDN\’T BE SACKED!! and she never said it so he would be voted off. I\’m appalled byt how the general public is acting towards this. I love Dannii as a judge and you can\’t say that she doesn\’t know about talent after all her sister is Kylie Manogue and she is quite a talented person her self so what ppl are saying is cruel and outragous in my personal view and should be stopped because what you lot are doing is cyber bullying her and of course you were all saying about how she \’bullied\’ Danyl and yet you are all being hypercritical once again and are all so wrong in many ways and i\’m sure if you were Dannii you wouldn\’t like it. I love Dannii xo

  34. salma says:

    who on earth gave dannii the right to challenge sum1s sexuality? dannii is bang out of order and ive been questioning since she got her position on the judging panel… what is she doing their? couldnt they get kylie so they settled for danii? wat does she no about music?! she jus copies comments the other judges have made to make her look smart! itv need to move her and her botoxed head along!! clean enuff for y\’all?!

  35. Toni says:

    Sammie- How childish is that, i was only making a point, showing my opinion just like everyone else. No need to get personal, especially when you are criticizing a person for commenting on someone being gay now you have just done the same thing! I think you need to grow up a little.

  36. sharon says:

    i thought the x factor was about talent not sexuality. danni i thought the x factor was about talent not sexuality. danii s remarks should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

  37. Samiya says:

    They definitely saved the BEST till last and the other juges weren\’t taking it! Danni couldn\’t come up with a better criticism to knock him down with- same on her!DANYL TO WIN!!!

  38. michelle says:

    Danni\’s comment to Danyl last night was shocking but i thing every1 needs to remember that wasn\’t the only shocking comment lastnight.These contestants went on the show to try an make something of themselves not to be brought down an disrepected,.I personally think that Danni should apologise along with Simon because the comment about 2 of the girls being book ends was just s disrespectful in my opinion……..

  39. alison says:

    yeah i think danni should be showed up 4 what she said because it sounded like sour graphes her act wasrnt going every good that she had to put the poison down for him so her acts look good, it doesent matter what u are black white straght gay or even gender change has long AS u got a good voice

  40. Sue says:

    Danni Minogue was totally out of order. Her remark was totally bitchy and uncalled for nothing to do with talent. It was aimed at knocking the confidence of a rival in this case Danyl. This was not justly dealt with. She should have been made to apologise directly to Danyl in front of everyone. She is supposed to be the professional judge here but she acts like a prima donna trying to score points against her rivals. Bitch Bitch. A one hit wonder who relies on her sisters fame to promote herself. Where does her talent lie in her fake boobs and plastically enhanced features.

  41. shannon says:

    I Think Danni Was Bang out Of Order Last Night. She Should Have Never Said That I Was Defently Not Her Place To Say That Or Any Of Her Business Weather He Is Gay Or Isnt She Should Get Sacked For Saying That. It Was Really Bad I Dont Like Her At All DANNI SHOULD GET SACKED!!!!!

  42. Bethy Boo says:

    Awwww, did u see him on stage when Danni commented! He tried staying strong yet she still had a smile on her face as she said it. OMG! I LOVE Danyl!!!! He\’s a Born performer and Danni went too far! That was his private life and could now intrude on his personal buisness as a teacher as kids will take the mic. Danni had no right to do that and I think Danyl was right in saying \’I\’m not ashamed\’, he had common sense in changing the lyrics. But Danyl has got the X-Factor and needs to keep his head up high and ignore Danni\’s rude comment! Win it Danyl!!!

  43. shauna says:

    dann was bang out of order for saying that to danyl she had no right if hes bisexual let him be it has nuffing to do with his voice thats what shes meant to be commenting on not his sexualality danni grow up and get a grip we love you danyl x

  44. lisa says:

    Lisa Watson: I felt that Dannii was totally in the wrong, she seemed intent on trying to embarrass Danyl. He must have been very nervous anyway and looked shocked at her comments. Not funny and not nice!

  45. Bethy Boo says:

    I understand if ppl think she made a mistake bt if she would use her head she wouldnt b SMILING wen she said it a SECOND time. I was startin 2 like Danni bt that pushed it, it\’s worse than wen lovely Cheyal was accused of being rasist cos HE was on stage to sing. She nearly made him cry on tv, live for the first time infront of the public and his sexuality had nothin 2 do with his wonderful talent. And to those who think its little its not, she has possibly desroyed Danyls carrer as his a teacher with young kids. I UNDERSTAND WOT EVERY1 IS SAYING BUT DANNI SHOULD APOLIGISE TO DANYL AS HE HAS GREAT POTENTIAL.

  46. Unknown says:

    Yes Danyl\’s firstaudition was good, but their are other better singers better thasn him in the contest. If he thinks he is going to win this then these are just the begining of the comments, he will hear alot worse. I think everyone has blow things out of propotion. Noone goes in uproar about what the paper\’s are saying, so leave Danii alone, i\’m sure the other juges would have done the same.

  47. Bethy Boo says:

    I understand if ppl think she made a mistake bt if she would use her head she wouldnt b SMILING wen she said it a SECOND time. I was startin 2 like Danni bt that pushed it, it\’s worse than wen lovely Cheyal was accused of being rasist cos HE was on stage to sing. She nearly made him cry on tv, live for the first time infront of the public and his sexuality had nothin 2 do with his wonderful talent. And to those who think its little its not, she has possibly desroyed Danyls carrer as his a teacher with young kids. I UNDERSTAND WOT EVERY1 IS SAYING BUT DANNI SHOULD APOLIGISE TO DANYL AS HE HAS GREAT POTENTIAL.

  48. Elaine says:

    Danii should be made to publicly unreservedly apologise to Danyl. It was totally shocking and completely out of order ! His sexuality is nothing to do with anyone else, he\’s there to be judged on his talent and only his talent!! What a horrible person she is !

  49. Wee-Trish says:

    It\’s so sad isn\’t it. First episode and marred already. Look what the results of Jade Goodys comments did, look at strictly come dancing, what\’s going on?…… And as for X-Factor – this is no loger a about talent…it\’s a show for rating …end off…. Have you ever been in that crowd…standing for 8 hours in the freezing cold and rain….being told "it wont be long now before your in the heat" and after hearing that for half a day, eventually you get in to sit in the Goal end of Hampden Park, sodden through and freezing.. to thenbe met by WHOEVER? in 12 boothes holding 24 people who say to you…that was an amazing performance what a beautiful voice you have…but this time I have to say no?????? WHY??????……and by the way I was not audtioning, I was with someone…but in the crowd I heard the male version of a LEONA LEWIS, I thought the guy was AMAZING, and NOPE he didn\’t get through, to be followed by 2 NUMPTIES who were dressed in goodness knows what and they got through??? YES it is a show… I know…. but these who are serious about their talent…stand there for hours and hours freezing….to be turned down to allow people in who would be better putting themselves on Britains got Talent….yeah sure thing……… Why can\’t the auditions be solely for singers and anyone goin in to waste time should be chased! your riddiculing those who are talented by wastin time and not allowing real singers to go through…..Next question I would like answered from the X-Factor judges……..How do you judge who goes through at these audtions….in these 12 boothes…..following allthe "pretend" filming that you are all meant to be driving past the crowds in your cars, when in fact they are EMPTY…..come on….are you aware that the majority of reall good singing contestants spend 100\’s of pounds to get to these audtions, to be \’shunned\’ at the first hurdle…. even LEONA LEWIS didn;t get through her first audition, talent is slipping through the ropes you know…….such a shame…… so was the answer to my question…Booth 1 three through 6 no Booth 2 4 through 8 no etc etc etc……if that\’s how it is, shame on you all…….And Back to Danni….she is not the only one who takes the \’Mickey\’ out of the contestants…….some of the comments are below the belt…only for the panel to \’have a go at each other\’…..and for any future X-Factor show….Good Luck to everyone who makes the lucky number, and good luck to this years contestants…Hold your heads High, remember – the words spoken by the panel WILL NOT KILL YOU – there are millions of viewers who hear you sing……….keep that in mind…….they are voting…….DARYL……stay strong….jealousy is a terrible thing, almost like an illness……you have to realise you have it before you can deal with it……tut tut tut Danni …..Apologise…..

  50. Unknown says:

    I hadnt read the papers so had no idea what the comment referred to when Danni said it. I was horrified and it was a cheapshot. Danyl is fab and has been since his first audition, she really upset him and that was horrid and unforgivable . Beside Danni should take heed of her own warning if we are to read everything we have in the press then she could well melt under studio lighting!!!!Maybe time to bow out gracefully danni you are becoming as catty as Louis. Acknowledge what you\’re job is , look for talent and give a person a chance to make it in life. tut tut had been a big fan you\’ve just lost my respect.

  51. Yvette says:

    What an over reaction? Dannii did not make the original revelation. The papers did. She just commented on what everyone else would have read. Yes his sexuality has nothing to do with his talent which is the reason why it should not have been necessary to change the words in the song. We love Danyl whatever his sexual preference and we love Dannii too. keep on being yourself.

  52. laura says:

    it doest matter weather he is gay or not i thnk it ws rong and a tadge sexist… yes its a girls song…maybe the poor lad ddnt want it too be advertised yet hence the reason he changd the lyrics … papperatzi r awful these days with the shit they come out with. ! sexuality has nothing to do with his talent and shouldnt be judged by it, its not up to danny to say anything about him apart from his performance. danyl isnt my fav of the bunch but didnt deserve the comment from dani.

  53. Ren says:

    at least the right thing to do was to say sorry which was done tonight.It was a terrible remark and taking in the fact that his pupils were probably watching makes it worse.This is about singing and entertaining isn\’t it?

  54. Sab says:

    Totally unappropriate behaviour from Danii,wht was she trying to do? Take away his confidence, I think Danyll was fab this evening, Danii certainly needs to appologise for her insults or comments towards Danyll. She certainly gonna feel stupid when she has to appologise silly cow!

  55. jackie says:

    After all the totally disproportionate fuss made about Anton du Beke saying the word \’Paki\’ you would think the same will be done about the blatent homohpobic remark made my that 3rd class so called singer Minogue,I hope the tabloids crucify her this week just like poor Anton. At the en dof the day what talent has she got to judge others? She\’s never made it big as a singer. Sack her, and let\’s have some non judgmental one in her place she will not be missed. it\’s ok to knock the gay community but heaven help anyone who says anything racist. What would the outcome have been if she had said to one of the black singers that they seemed too black? What a lousy hypocritical dump of a country we live in now.

  56. Doug and Carol says:

    She\’s always been trouble. Why they keep her on the show I\’ll never know.

  57. Katie says:

    gosh, you guys need to listen. as simon said last night on the show, \’danni never meant to offend anyone, she is the least likely to do that, and i feel i was too hasty jumping down her throat\’. God. She was only having a joke guys. Danni\’s lovely. and all this about you lot saying she needs sacking; GROW UP.

  58. Beccah says:

    i think that the comments made by Danni Minogue on xfactor where completely out of order regardless of her apoligising – her apoligy does not turn back time and stop the embarassment she obvioiusly inflicted apon Danyl on LIVE TV on a show that millions of people watch – she really does need to be more careful about what she says when she speaks to the contestants – its completely out of order what she said to Danyl and im truely disgusted by it

  59. Angela says:

    Enjoyed watching Danni eating humble pie last night. Why she made thoses comments in the first place only she knows. I dont think for one minute it was meant as a joke. The judges are supposed to be critical or give advice on the contestants performance not make comments about their private life. Also thought Dannis and Cheryls comments to Kandy Rain regarding their outfits was also uncalled for especially as some of the outfits they have both worn during their careers have been, shall I say a little bit riske at times.

  60. Janet says:

    Get a grip! she was not being serious. And she wasnt judging him by his sexuality at all………….. bet all of you have an opinion of your own about things and wouldnt like someone tearing you apart for it!!!!!!

  61. Sue says:

    Danni is a hypocrite! She told Kandy Rain to stop dressing as strippers & to get away from the past then throws a cheap & nasty comment at Danyl! It was just plain nasty! 😦

  62. Sue says:

    Oh dear – what a shame that a bigotted, talentless person, who has no right to judge, either musically or sexually, has brought such a fantastic show as X-factor down to her level. Hopefully the powers that be will replace her with someone more suitable, she should take a look at Cheryl, not through green eyed jealousy, but take note of how she encourages, speaks honestly and fiarly to the contestants. Please dont let her get away with this.

  63. angela says:

    Poor Danyl-Papparazzi inspired digs at his sexuality-all aided a song choice! He was also accused of being over-confident.Why wasn\’t Afro guy?On stage ,they take on a different persona.He certainly didn\’t look over confident after the last note.THere were a fair few references to the paparazzi by the judges(except Simon) These people know, first hand, how that feels.Maybe it shows who\’s the professional and has the most confidence in what is being delivered!!

  64. Kaily says:

    danni should be sacked and sharon should be brought back cos lets face it shes way better anyway

  65. Vivianne says:

    I think it\’s ridiculous that Dannii has had to apologise for her comment that ws said part in jest. Danyl is very self confident and if sexuality was going to affect his future on X Factor then how did Will Young or George Michael have continued chart success?Simon Cowell undermined one of Miss Frank by apparently not knowing her name, far more humiliating then a tongue in cheek jibe. People need to get over themselves.

  66. sandra says:

    Hello people, maybe you are all going a little OTT I want Simon to win, but maybe all Danni ment was that you really do\’t need to hide your sexuality in this day and age and if her comment was to infulence any viewers votes then im sorry in my opinion it would be the viewers who are narrow minded and need to realise that sexuality has nothing to do with the person he is. After all Danni gave him a good review she never said he was rubbish or put him down. Apart from all of that the story in the papers whould have had everone thinking in the first place maybe the papers should hold back storries before going to press and get all the correct information first.As for danni having no talent well you are wrong as she has had out a few singles as well as been in home and away.

  67. victoria says:

    she was out of order, its simply because what dannii minogue knows about mmusic business and singing you can put on the back of a stamp she was trying to knock his confidence and when she said on the show he had a laugh about it was a load of crap, you saw his face on the show he looked like he was about to break down, shes an out of order cow thats just trying to keep her own acts in, and knock his confidencei personally hes an amazing artist and performer

  68. Gloria says:

    sack dannii what does she know about talent any way if he is gay or what ever its his business thought the show was about singing bring back sharo .

  69. Monique says:

    I think this is terrile journalism if you can\’t add to the end that in the show on Sunday she apologised and explained why she thought it was appropriate to say such comments. Not that I agree with what she said, whether it was an in-joke or not is regardless as it came across as tactless and should have been left unsaid, but to report this story and then not update it is ridiculous.

  70. Nicki says:

    Dannii, I think you are doing a brilliant job, and no way to bringing back Sharon. You cant even bloody sneeze without it upsetting someone these days. Some people are just so OTT. Keep up the good work you are a joy to watch xxxxx

  71. linda says:

    Dannii are you still on the show?….. Think yourself very lucky. I have never understood how or why you got the job in the first place. It certainly wasn\’t based on your own talent. I don\’t believe you were joking with Danyl, his face said it all. SACK HER SIMON. SHE IS NASTY!!!

  72. Kim says:

    Oh get over it – Joe, Olly and Jamie for the final!

  73. Carrie says:

    To be honest the show was the best opening night in the history of x factoer…….But how it was spoilt by comments from Dani Minogue. She deliberately made an inuendo to distract the public from Danyl\’s near perfect performance!! As for her viewpoint on what is or is not talent we have to remember she never made it herself as a popstar but rather off the back of her famous big sister Kylie!!!! Lets hav Sharon Osbourne back. Carrie Thorn

  74. Unknown says:

    An absolute joke! Danyl is amazing! I\’m backing him to win. So what if he is straight/bi/gay he\’s a human being just like everyone else. That song he sang was incredible! Dannii is a nobody, SACK HER OFF! Completely and utterly embarrassed Danyl for her own kicks, silly woman. GO DANYL, WE ALL LOVE YOU!

  75. Megan says:

    the x factor is supposed to be a singing competition isnt it? Danni Minogue was completely out of line last night, does it matter if he changed the lyrics? he sung amazingly well and the public realised this too. simon cowell was right to knock her down about that. Also what was with the slaggin off of kandy rain? yea they werent the best singers in the competition but that has nothing to do with how they dress? i personally didnt think they loooked that bad! danni minogue was a right moody cow on sat night and none of the acts deserved to listen to her moody comments!

  76. jeanette says:

    Danni Minogue what a joke she is, all she is doing is riding on the back ofher sisters fame, to pass a comment on Danyl like that she should be sacked. and then to make out it was a joke, even if the papers did say he was gay what the hell is that to do with her the nasty bitch he had tears in his eye\’s

  77. ANGELA says:

    I think you are all overeacting just a tad. As usual the british public blow everything out of proportion. The comment may have been insensitive but I dont believe there was any malice behind it and she has apologised. Get over it.

  78. katie says:

    i thnk dannii is a really nice person there asnt reli anything wrong with that comment dannii u are doing a job n yes she does know about talen has she is a singer her self and is judge on australias got talent now if she didnt hav talent or didnt know anything about talent then she wont be on there would she NO but she is. anyways she appologised sundays show n she said that her and danyl have been joking about it so there is no problem if there was he has his own mind to speak if there is problem dont listen to them dannii and i hope ur catergory wins wooooh TEAM DANNII 😀

  79. Megan Jane says:

    I think Danni was totally out of line for what she said and the reaction from Danyl showed he clearly wasn\’t ok with what she had to say (her excuse in her apology)…what happened to this being a singing competition his sexuality has nothing to do with how great of a singer he is.

  80. Angela says:

    Angela Olphert.This is a SCHOOL TEACHER! All his pupils are watching! How inappropriate for a spoiled, bitter, little has been, to speculate over somebody\’s sexuality on national t.v. What the hell has any of this got to do with her, or a singing contest. If he is gay, his pupils or parents might not know. It is up to the individual if he/she wats to come out, (if they are gay in the first place) it is not up to Danni Minogue to make such massive choices concerning someone se doesn\’t even know. HOW DARE SHE.

  81. its says:

    if in the publis eye .. he should get used to things like this …. she never ment nothing bad and danny actually likes him and gets on with him ….. she was saying out what others would think …. no one got hurt … if anything it will have made him more strong and lot more support …. i love danni and danyl …. danny said sorry and explained so lets just move on and give the girl a break …

  82. holly says:

    but surely she can say what she wants..

  83. lisa says:

    I see no need for the lyrics to be altered for Danyl to sing the song anyway. All that did after the newspaper comments was add credit to them. I have no problem whatever his sexuality as I am a gay lady myself. His lyric change gave Danni the right or a way in to comment but why not be proud of who you are anyway. I know its hard but in these type of shows the press drag up everything they can in attempt to discredit. I think he is an amazing singer and I also expect an amazing teacher too. On stage he said he was not ashamed and why should he be. I think a little better management would have helped here on Simon\’s part. I hope Danyl wins he\’s good enough.

  84. Anthony antho says:

    Danni what people want to do with they private life is they buisness its not your place to judge them on private matter\’s.your job is to judge them for talent so stick to that.I have been looking at the X factor for years and i have judge Danyl in the top 10 best performances i have ever seen on the X factor. So Danni please do your job and judge people by there talent and not sexuality or looks. And personally I think Danni should publicly apologise to Danly he deserve a public apology.And Danly dont let that remark hold you down you got talent keep it up and all the best. Anthony Anto Douglas

  85. Bonita says:

    Im not a big fan of Danyl but i thought Danni was completely out of order. How dare she make comments on anyones sexuality. I dont know or care if he is gay or straght and for her to effectivly \’out\’ him live on national television was an outrage. Accusations like that could adversely affect his family life and his teaching career. I couldn\’tcare less if the contestants are gay, straight or hermaphrodite, I only care about their talent and what they are like as a person. Very very cheap shot Danni, cruel and nasty!!!!

  86. amanda says:

    it was not offensive AT ALL!! you would only think it was IF you thought being gay was somehow a bad or negative thing which of course IT IS NOT…………get over it……….

  87. hopee says:

    I think it was good thing that Danni made this comment as Danyel has a good voice but it completley changes it all when u think is he/she a boy or girl? because looking at his performance in saturday .. if u dont wach and just listen he does sound like a girl and he didnt show anything, he didnt say oh im not a girl blah de blah he just stood there. i thought he was quite fit so its a shame tbh if he used to be a girl. and i agree it was just a witty comment, all of u chill down! Danni was right to say it, it brings a bit of drama tothe show and tells the truthm or speculation that simon dint no about.

  88. Louisaa says:

    that was really unproffsional but you could tell that she never meant it in a bad way and simon shouldn\’t have made her say it again still Danniii that was kindaa saaddd and Uncalled for………….P.s…Staceyyyyy……Joe&&Jamieeee(:Omg John and Edward,Guys Seriouslyy…..:L

  89. Aimee says:

    She shouldn\’t have said it obviously, but I doubt it was her intention to offend.

  90. Jude says:

    Everyone is so shocked at Danni\’s comments but what about the comments both Danni and Cheryl made about Kandy Rain. They both made judgemental comments about how the girls were dressed implying that the girls outfits made them look like tarts /strippers I doubt those comments would have been voiced had the girls been anything other than lap dancers in their past. The girls past profession again had nothing to do with the performance, the outfits get choosen for them!!!When Robert Plant did the song all the girls in the video were dressed scantily too!!!If people are going to moan and complain then lets be fair and do it across the board not just using the sexuality or racist arguement, too much of this happens.

  91. kelley says:

    She shouldn\’t have passed comment on something that is none of her business nor has any relevance to the competition. I\’m glad Simon pulled her up on it. I don\’t think she should lose her job over it though.

  92. Amie says:

    I couldn\’t believe what I heard on Saturday night, it was totally inappropiate and I think that Danyl deserves an apology. His sexual preference is his private life and by no means needs to be judged, his singing ability is the only thing that needs to be judged.

  93. Janice says:

    The X factor is supposed to be about singing, not what you look like or what your sexuality is. Danni was well out of order and should be made to apologise to Danyl who I thought sang absolutely brilliantly. I\’m sure Danni wouldn\’t like it if the same sort of comments were made about herself. Jealousy obviously plays a huge factor in all this.

  94. sandra says:

    im totaly socked that Danni made that comment on sat night, if that had been anyone else they would be done for slander, she moans and complains when she gets bad press, but when the heck was there anything she done that was intersting enough to publish, when did she have a record out?didshe even have a hit? no, so leave Danyl aloe, his sexual habits are of nobodys concern, its a singing contest, not a sexual contest, i trully elieve she should b hauledover the coals 4 this outrageous comment

  95. Brigitte says:

    Does it really matter that Dannii made a poor attempt at being witty? I don\’t think what she said was delivered with malice and she was making reference to something that was already being debated by the press. A person should be judged by their ability and talent irrespective of sexuality, too much emphasis is put on the \’gay thang\’ rather than performance. We should all learn to laugh at ourselves whatever the jibe, this PC correctness has gotten out of all context and is now quite ridiculous.It\’s not what\’s said it\’s how it\’s delivered that makes the difference….

  96. Julie says:

    Well I was disgusted – Danyl was stunned and looked devastated. He should be applauded for the respectful way he dealt with it. …and also why all the flack for being confident – he\’s a teacher, for goodness sake -every day he has to \’perform\’ no matter what he\’s feeling. A great singer – I just hope all this business has gone over the children\’s heads. I\’m sure they love him.

  97. maureen says:

    ""How inappropriate for a spoiled, bitter, little has been, to speculate over somebody\’s sexuality on national t.v. What the hell has any of this got to do with her"" Well said Angela, It is not long since Danni was singing in a little back street pub in Byker Newcastle a little nobody who made a claim to fame via her sister. A nobody dissing someone. Shame on you. "Maureen Watson"

  98. May says:

    What a lot of angst over a comment on a tv show! Anyone who believes Simon Cowell is really upset over a remark that has brought lots of publicity doesn\’t live in the real world. Danni had apparently been joking during the rehearsals with the contestant and carried it over to the show, so what! Big deal! Will soon be nobody able to utter anything on tv or in daily lives without an uproar. PC Brigade alive and well and talking rubbish.

  99. Sammie says:

    Hello TONI XD havent been on a few days so didn\’t see your message sorry if I offended you with that comment but it was a joke hence the smile next to the comment. I thought you might of had a bit of a sense of humour as I was just trying to lighten the conversation. This is a discussion page not a hate campaign well not on my part anyway. Trust me I am far from childish so don\’t judge me like that as you don\’t know me. It was nice talking with you and maybe meet again on another topic. Bye for now :o)

  100. Lyndsey says:

    I think the majority need to get a grip! When did society need to be so careful about every word that we say?! It was clearly a joke and it has been taken completely out of hand; No wonder the world is so out of control when everyone gets hung for insignificant comments, if it had been a completely homophobic comment then id agree, but something as innocent as " You could have changed the lyrics" is nothing. People need to calm themselves down and start worrying about actual problems! All this has generated is more publicity for the show and no hard feelings!

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