Jesse Spencer Talks House

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of US medical drama series House. I was an avid viewer when the show debuted here in the UK on digital channel Hallmark and I never missed an episode on Five. My disappointment at their decision to dump House (in favour of The Mentalist) turned to delight when Sky1 picked up season five.
So imagine my joy when I secured an interview with House’s Jesse Spencer, aka Dr Robert Chase. Jesse’s helping to promote House’s season five DVD release (you can get hold of it here).

I’m pleased to report that he’s a thoroughly nice guy – very grounded. No doubt that’s due to his Aussie background. A word to the wise: our little talk wasn’t conducted on the best trans-Atlantic telephone line but them’s the breaks sometimes.

We talked about House’s fifth season, Neighbours (of course! He was little Billy Kennedy after all), his favourite episode the fifth season and Thirteen-hate. Select the link or the picture of Jesse to have a listen…
House Season Five DVD
And so to season five. For the uninitiated, Gregory House is a curmudgeonly, sarcastic, misanthropic, pill-popping genius of a doctor. The character is brilliantly brought to life by Hugh Laurie (what the flying duck does he have to do to win that Emmy? Cut off his leg?).

The supporting cast, particularly Robert Sean Leonard (as sidekick Dr Wilson), Lisa Edelstein (as House’s sparring partner and love interest Dr Cuddy) and Jesse Spencer (when he gets airtime these days) are wonderful. 

For House (the man), this season is one of upheaval, loss, emotional chaos and trauma. Get the DVD and savour guest appearances by Mos Def (The Italian Job, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Meat Loaf and the superb Carl Reiner (Ocean’s 11/12/13).

Critically acclaimed and a firm favourite with viewers, House is the most-watched show in the world. Yes, that’s right – House. 

Season five picks up where season four left off. House and Wilson have to repair their friendship in the aftermath of Amber’s death. Cuddy still dreams of motherhood, Chase and Cameron take their romance further while House and Cuddy continue to determine exactly what kind of relationship they share – if any.

Should you buy this DVD? Of course! Admittedly, there are a couple of average episodes (hello Thirteen and Foreman), but when season five is at the top of its game, House is a force to be reckoned with. Select the link or the picture to compare prices for House DVDs.

Today I am mostly lovin’ – House is back! Season six is currently airing on Sky1 every Sunday at 9pm. Watch the acting god that is Hugh Laurie and shake your head in amazement – I know I do.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Chelsea. I really, really, really hate them. And not just because of cAshley Cole and Anelka.

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2 Responses to Jesse Spencer Talks House

  1. PHIL says:

    how can nick griffin explain the things he was supposed to have said when through mid speech got cut off by someone butting in thats rude,the political parties are running scared,,

  2. Fred says:

    Although I don\’t agree with Nick Griffin or his party I cannot condone members of the audience who obviously ddn\’t know or agree with freedom of speech, and seemed determined to shout him down at every occasion.

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