Joe And Kristina Sitting In A Tree…

With all the furore over various Strictly Come Dancing issues, boxer Joe Calzaghe and his professional partner Kristina Rihanoff must’ve thought they’d slip beneath the radar. But no. The Mirror papped them looking awfully close as they left dance rehearsals in London.
On the plus side, it’ll add an extra dimension to watching their routines. Lord knows it’s torture enough at the moment because the Italian Dragon’s even worse than John Sergeant (Kristina’s oh-so-memorable partner last year). At least, he is as far as entertainment value goes. The poor girl must be wondering why she always gets the ones with two right feet (I’m left handed and I refuse to denigrate lefties).
Trying to avoid Strictly Come Dancing is like trying to avoid Katie Price; impossible. I’ve picked up The Mirror and The Sun and both tabloids feature Strictly gossip. The Mirror’s front page (front page! Big Brother 10 would’ve killed for that) screams: Strictly Gagged! In an exclusive, the paper reveals that Strictly Come Dancing stars are banned from criticising the decision to replace Arlene Phillips with former Mis-Teeq singer Alesha Dixon. A leaked briefing note has been printed in full which details the answers to give to awkward questions.
In the same paper, another ‘exclusive’ with the headline – Stars: We’ll Quit Over Dodgy Meals. What’s the story? Well, according to The Mirror: "Famished Strictly Come Dancing stars have sensationally threatened to quit the show – over dodgy canteen food." The paper claims that some of the professional dancers objected to, and I quote: "chicken strips that were only lukewarm, dried-up pasta, limp salads and fruit that looked out of date."
If that merits the ‘exclusive’ tag, what next? Stars: We’ll Quit Over Lack Of Fake Tan? Stars: We’ll Quit Over Missing Sequins? Stars: We’ll Quit Over Supermarket Hairspray Brands? It can only be a matter of time.
Another paper, another Strictly report. ‘Bum Numbing’ is The Sun’s front page headline. On page three (page three! Big Brother 10 would’ve writhed in ecstasy if it had received that kind of coverage), the paper bemoans the length of the October 3 Strictly transmission. It will be two hours and 15 minutes long. There is also a separate commentary on page eight’s The Sun Says. Just in case you’re interested in the column, The Sun says that "the BBC’s attempt to eclipse [X Factor] with a Strictly Come Dancing marathon on Saturday night is a staggering abuse of power".
Strictly is EVERYWHERE: radio, TV, magazines, papers. And most of the stories aren’t positive. No doubt Max Clifford would insist that there’s no such thing as bad publicity (unless it involves child porn offences a la Gary Glitter, of course). Sure, the BBC talent show has been mired in controversy ever since the controversial axing of Arlene Phillips. But look at the result – it’s one of the biggest TV stories around. Question is, will all this coverage translate into ratings?
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Sky 1. Thank you for my (rough cut) DVD of Broken, the sixth season premiere episode of House. In America, it got huge ratings – over 16 million viewers. Considering it’s Hugh Laurie’s opus (he’s the only regular cast member featured, apart from a very brief contribution from Robert Sean Leonard as Wilson), that’s got to be a massive ego boost. That’s right Hugh – we tune in for you. Not Olivia Wilde’s body. 

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Heroes’ new season launched with a disappointing six million viewers. And those figures will drop as the season goes on. I think this will be the last outing for Hiro and co…

MSN Editor Coops
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5 Responses to Joe And Kristina Sitting In A Tree…

  1. Natalie says:

    I\’m not sure what you\’ve been watching but Joe Calzaghe is nowhere near as bad as John Sergeant!!!!!

  2. Coops - says:

    I prefer John Sergeant – much more entertaining. 🙂

  3. Unknown says:

    I think you should do you research – Joe Calzaghe is Welsh.

  4. Ed says:

    "Trying to avoid Strictly Come Dancing is like trying to avoid Katie Price; impossible. I\’ve picked up The Mirror and The Sun …" That would be why its impossible to avoid. Avoid the sun and the mirror and you avoid strictly AND Katy Price in one go. Magic

  5. Coops - says:

    Hello No name – one of Joe Calzaghe\’s nicknames is: Italian Dragon. The reason I know this is because I\’m useless at boxing and so I asked a sports editor. You do your research, I did mine. 🙂

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