Meeting Katie And Peter Was Insania

TV guilty pleasures. Where would we be without them? Sure, I’m a huge fan of the critically-acclaimed The Wire (currently getting its first terrestrial airing on BBC2) and to this day, I will still watch Upstairs Downstairs and Brideshead Revisited whenever they’re on ITV3 and I can’t tell you how many period dramas are in my private collection. Convinced of my highbrow TV viewing? OK, I have to admit that I am also a shameless junk TV addict (within reason). I know I shouldn’t.

I know it’s not good for me. But sometimes, dammit, I just can’t help myself. Katie Price and Peter Andre’s ITV2 reality shows have long been my TV equivalent of a Big Mac (OK, truth is, the only fast food I find palatable is a fillet of fish from Maccy Ds, but the analogy works better with the Big Mac).

Thus, when I received an invitation to interview the couple, I jumped at it. I’ve watched just about all of the Katie and Peter series. Conversely, until the diagnosis of her cancer, I never really bothered with any of Jade Goody’s various reality shows for Living. I’m not sure why the former continue to hold my interest; I’m reluctant to analyse the reasons in case I discover something about myself I’d rather not know. Instead, I shall tell myself it’s because their romance bloomed in the best edition of I’m A Celebrity to date. Besides, if they’re not the ultimate reality TV couple, who is? So despite some of the disgusting things that come out of Katie Price’s mouth, my family and I regularly tune in to the latest shenanigans involving her brood.

The press launch for their latest instalment, Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside took place at a swanky hotel in London’s Soho. Alongside other members of the press, I was there to watch the first episode and interrogate the duo afterwards (for five minutes of their precious time only). In the new series, Katie and Peter move their entire family to the US so that Peter can record an album, the main reason for the move. Katie, viewers are reassured, will still have a full diary too. We were wined and dined (the fried chicken was excellent) before taking our seats for the screening. Katie and Peter watched the first episode with us (apparently, they see the finished product as it airs on ITV2), commenting on aspects of the programme throughout.
A couple of times, we heard Katie exclaim: "My lips look dreadful!" – unfortunately, I have to agree with her. Her lips look like they’re made of Plasticine. Never mind Katie, at least your eyes look good. For all you fans out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that The Next Chapter Stateside has the usual ingredients: the bickering, the making up, the bling, the shopping, the brutally frank sex talk (Katie – of course. She’s got a mouth like a Victorian sewer) and the kids: Harvey (Katie’s son with biological father, footballer Dwight Yorke), Junior and Princess.
On to the interview and both are smaller and more orange in person than on the screen. However I will say here and now that Peter Andre is one of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to meet. He obviously loves his wife very much, even if she does drive him nuts at times. Despite being jet-lagged and having to endure a hectic day of promotional activity, they were both on good form – especially Peter. I hope his album is well-received. In the meantime, you can watch my (edited!) interview here. I had asked a question about Jade’s funeral but their rottweiler of a manager Claire Powell was straight in there: "Can’t talk about that!" she barked. I tell you what, she’s fearsome; she’d make yer average ASBO hoodie pee his pants.
Today I am mostly lovin’ – The soundtrack to Ashes To Ashes. I’m loving that more than the show itself. Spandau Ballet, The Fun Boy Three, Adam & The Ants, Haircut 100, The Human League… Now that’s what I call pop music. Memories! I tell you what, it’s making me feel old. I even found myself saying: "In my day…" to my niece while it was on.
Today I am also lovin’ – The DVD release of Columbo Season 9. Who can resist the shabbily-dressed and seemingly slow-witted, homicide detective brilliantly played by Peter Falk? Get your copy here
Today I am mostly hatin’ – House moves over to Sky1. Inevitable really. I’m just a bit sad that it never found the audience it deserved on terrestrial TV. It’s such a great show.    

MSN Editor Coops

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37 Responses to Meeting Katie And Peter Was Insania

  1. Selena says:

    Today I am mostly lovin\’: Peter Andre! He\’s soooo nice isn\’t he? I think you\’re lovin\’ him too Lorna!

  2. Coops - says:

    Hey Selena, he\’s a very nice man. Good luck to him! 🙂

  3. cazzie says:

    The one thing I have noticed when Pete and Katie are being interviewed together is that she will not allow Pete to be who he is, she puts him down, but cleverly makes a joke out of it whilst the audience laughs. It must be very frustrating for Pete and maybe a little humiliating also. She has opinions that over rides his and it isn\’t very flattering. Maybe she should try shutting up and allowing her husband to have his own voice, even if she doesn\’t agree!! I don\’t think she is fearsome, I would say she was rude and disrespectful! But I guess thats why people watch them!

  4. crush says:

    i lyk katie and peter… katie is way bettter dan posh…who cnt even crack a smyl…katie may have alot 2 say but she defo knows how 2 smyl!!!

  5. Tina says:

    I gotta agree with you there, Cazzie… she really needs to learn to let Peter speak for himself. She needs to start treating him better, because all of those little things add up and one day she might just be the dumpee instead of the dumper and lose her dream man…

  6. cazzie says:

    Crush – Katie has to smile because she can\’t move her mouth properly (or even close it!) due to the pumping up she has had done!

  7. Selina says:

    Why was there music throughout the interview? I couldnt hardly hear the interviewer questions 😦

  8. cazzie says:

    Funky – Thats a good thing right???

  9. WEE NASTY says:


  10. jackie says:

    I think Pete and Katie are so suited together,,,yes they do be better than each other but i think its all big game and a laugh to them would be with me and my man if we were famous,,,you can actually feel the amount of love they have for each other which is pretty cool,,Pete does nt mind the small comments from Katie cause at the end of the day they are husband and wife and DO love each other,, i love htem think they are great on tv think they are great with their kids just a happy family what more can anyone ask for, your brill guys keep the shows coming ill be watching anyway luv ya s JAQX xxxxxx

  11. Peter says:

    Its no wonder we have the society we have what your talking about is a old slapper and a dork!talent sub zero earning loads of moneny for what? how deadheads write and read about their un important lives get real please

  12. Linda says:

    I love Katie and Peter and hate people who diss them.They\’re the ones who should get a life imo.

  13. Lauren says:

    I like katie and peter i watch there programes i just fink that its horrible to be told your marriage is breaking up all the time is hard im sick of hearing it.let them be happy they have kids and any1 can see there in love its the real leave them alone. thanks u tracy x

  14. lindsay says:

    what date is katie and peter the reunion due on itv 2?????

  15. Nicky says:

    Having seen the news today that Jordan and Peter Andre are to separate, I did feel the need to write a somewhat different opinion to those expressed here. I initially thought, when "Jordan" behaved in such a dignified manner (well, as dignified as she could muster with her "interesting" vocabulary) whilst bringing up Harvey alone, that Katie Price was a young woman with a huge soft streak.Over the last couple of years I have watched (through the media) her turn into a thoroughly unpleasant, overly-critical, self-obsessed, publicity-crazed harpie. I do not normally feel the need to make comment, particularly where there are children involved; but after reading some of the highly unpleasant remarks that "Jordan" has made in "OK" magazine regarding other people (including the dying Jade Goody) and her frequent put-downs and vitriol towards her husband in print ("he knows I love him" – does he??!!) I feel the need to say "chin up and soldier on Peter". It may hurt, but you for one will be better off in the long run. Never have I seen one person who is so obsessed with media coverage, who is so desperate to be in the limelight 24/7 that they would even resort to slating dying women to ensure press lines…All I can hope is that their children get the love and support they need throughout this new "event"; as to my mind they will no doubt find the situation heartbreaking and unsettling.I don\’t want to read spume from Jordan about her ex-husband to be (although I know there will be a massive publicity outing and it WILL happen); nor do I wish to see endless coverage of their "happier" moments together… It is my firm belief that this young woman simply uses people (including the rather hapless Peter Andre) shamelessly to ensure her "reign" in the world of celebrity continues. I hope that on this occasion, for the sake of their children, that she manages to acquire some dignity and keeps a civil tongue in her head; as one day those children will be adults…No doubt there are many people who will disagree with me, and that is life. I don\’t need to "get a life", so please don\’t feel the need to tell me; I don\’t LMAO or any other such acronym; and I don\’t see that people who insist that I am not worthy merely because they disagree with my opinion are any less important in the scheme of things; I merely don\’t agree with them. Politely…

  16. Unknown says:

    anna. Jordan is very insecure and always has been. If she is not in the limelight she is not happy its just the way she is and will she couldalways be this way. Peter is a lovely man very handsome, loves his kids to bits and the only father that Harvey has every known. Jordan talks and treats Pete like dirt and makes it very clear that she is the breadwinner and he is not. Once they were in the USA for her husband and not for herself she was obviously at a lost as to what to do with herself. Why could\’nt she have supported her husband in his quest to ressurect his singing career. I think she is a very selfish person towards her husband and the sooner she sorts herself out the better for every one. Wake up Jordan decide what you really want in your life an what is really important to you and your family. Its not always about money and whose got the biggest bank balance

  17. Barbara says:

    On watching the episode when the wonderful, sensative, poor, downtrodden Peter (I\’m going for the sympathy angle as my wife obviously is mad – having previously diagnosed post natal depression) states that his wife, who he claims to love and adore, made all her money from sweeping and blowing. Nobody said that was nasty. Whatever you think of Katie, she works hard for her money and is a clever businesswoman. (thats why men dislike her) She did not dump Harvey in a home at birth and has worked tirelessly to find the best for him to give him a future. She apologised to Jade – so get over it. I thought Jade\’s cancer was a publicity stunt at first, so yes I am as bad as probably the other 50% of the population that thought the same. We all make errors. I gave up being perfect years ago, it makes you ill being nice all the time. Katie and Peter both have suffered with depression and this gives rise to the trust issues. Instead of jumping and making rush decisions they need to talk. Both have issues, none is perfect, stop having a go!!!!

  18. LOOP says:

    were do i start on this …. well lets just say i think there a grt couple even tho she is a bossy woman ,i couldnt have her around me !!but there a nice couple together,as for the program load of rubbish who\’s paying them for this us . Its like watching a movie if part two is crap then you dont watch the others ,they should have just did the one …enough…enough plss

  19. Sarah Jayne says:

    i love both katie and peter, but i am getting increasingly annoyed at everyone picking on her or making statements on regards as to which she has said, lets remember that it takes two to tango and pete isn\’t the saint he is being made out to be.

  20. Unknown says:

    Peter was too good for K.P. and despite his patience, tolerance and true love for the woman, hes had to admit to himself that she doesnt share his values. She actively encourages the paparazzi and cant walk past either a mirror or a camera. The children would be much safer and more loved (all three of them) if Peter had custody of them. The only warmth we ever saw given to the children was always from Peter. The next "big scoop" for the press should be pictures of K.P. showing affection to her children, now theres a challenge ! Realist.

  21. joanna says:

    Manypeople break up for less,how long can one take her rudeness to him and his family,they smile and say Hello,but to listen to one\’s son being spoken to like that and how do the brothers and their wives sit around the same table.Her mother is use to it,her sister doesnt seem like that…..shes\’ a low class diva……….. Good mother yes,but she has nannies 100%,we would all love that plus mother on tick.I watch my nephew and neice,they are very unhapy,but they wont walk because of money…nothing can stop Peter,noone will stop him with the children as if the judge sees their t.v slots they will know he is a good man,very kind and loving to all of the childen.How ever much you love someone,dont be trodden on.Be kind to yourself and think of yourself..

  22. debbie says:

    I think Jordan is a spoilt brat, she only thinks about herself (me me me). She values nothing and that includes Pete and i think he\’s better off without her. She constantly puts him down and is clearly jealous of him. At least Pete has a talent. All she has is a pair of fake oversized boobs. Go out there Pete and find yourself a REAL woman.

  23. Maddi says:

    Peter seems to have been in denial for the last 5 years about how Katie Treats him. He finally started biting back in the last series and it was NOT pleasant to watch….it was funny to see Katie actually giving him more respect….it shows that she only respects people if they are as ball breaking and bitchy as her. With her ppl have to make her respect them, else she just walks all over people. She talks about sex in such a classless way that it makes me cringe…it ends up being like the opposite of sexy. She has sadly ruined her looks with too much plastic surgery….I liked the way she looked MUCH more before the nosejob (if you look closely, her nose is smaller) and i also suspect she has had a facelift as her eyebrows no longer slant down but have a vicious upward slant. She had it all but she shas lost it through being basically a cow!! mind you, if you see the way that her mum talks to her, its not hard to see where she gets her critical streak from….her mum is very jokey but shes also critical and not sympathetic but Katie seems used to it and unhurt by it. Peter Andre seems like one of the nicest people you could hope to meet I have a lot more affection and respect for him now than I did in 2005. I hope they DONT get back together, for the sake of the kids, they have probably already been damaged by the vicious arguing and tension in the house. From what I can see, their relationship is irrepairable.

  24. gifty says:

    I still cant believe they are splitting even though they have agreed, I like them so much. Both has being good to each other and are meant for each other.I know whatever caused K. has regreted and still want him back, I was tourch when she said "I married him for life" few people say that. ITS MY PRAYER THE SHALL COME TOGETHER AGAIN

  25. Peter says:

    Oh who cares two very unimportant people,get a life

  26. sue says:

    they are ment for each other they should get back together x

  27. Unknown says:

    i hope thay do get bk together why carnt people just leave them aloan thay will work it out if thay dont the children will be fine katie should not stop peter from seeing the kids thay are his life and she nos that she nos the only way to get to pete os stoping him fm seeing his children she needs to grow up and think ov other people for a change not just herself goodluck tp the both ov them

  28. jim says:


  29. ema says:

    people people people can you just get over this story of katie and peter it\’s so old now and every time i pick up the news paper or a mag i see her or his photo splashed all over it! i do get it sells and makes lots of money for them both but stuff like this cant they sort it out like everyone else in court or on their own i do feel bad for their kids who are in the middle of all of this may it all end peacefully

  30. I says:

    it\’s great news there splitting up, although it is bad for the kids. (*.*). peter will definately find someone better in life then K.P. not sure if katie will find someone who can stand even 5 minutes with her. katie is shameless and is desperate to be in media coverage whereas peter is a really nice and handsome guy.

  31. Trish says:

    Well done Pete! It is time you bit back. I was sick of hearing your beloved keep rubbing in that she earned the money, when you are married it should be shared! You are a great Dad (from what I see in your show), I thought Katie was an absolute horror to junior when she pretended to eat his snails, and he sobbed his heart out, she gets pleasure in upsetting people. Don\’t let her wear the trousers, stand up for yourself!!!!!!

  32. joseph says:

    i like peter is nice and sweet if i met him in the street i will let him to stay in my house

  33. paula says:

    i like them both but unfortunatly things happen!!!!!!! i personally feel that peter will be better off with the kids as he seems to have more time for them but that is something for them to talk about and sort out

  34. kirsty says:

    i love katie n pete. pete is a great singer n so its katie but i not bin funny r nwt bt i fink pete should have the kids. i think u both shud sort everything out was great as a couple n it nt rite for the kids. ur great parents so i fink u shud get bk wiv each othe xxxx

  35. eileen says:

    peter WHOOOO? hes the most self centred egotistical petty almost 40 year old alive. 5 years ago he was on his way he was already down..then he got a meal ticket ..all he does is admire himself and his kids next but only when theres a camera… good luck kate and watch your back.. mind your language and your kids and beware that little snake you married

  36. Joanna says:

    I am sorry Kate and Peter have split ,it was like watching the war of the sexes ,and lets face it Peter did not stand a chance against Katie she,s well ahead of him she is so laid back .GOOD LUCK to the whole family everyone must be affected.

  37. Tamara says:

    Hi Everybody!!I just wanted to put my point across on this. I am a huge fan of Katie Price, and while I don\’t agree with some of the things she has done, I just want to say that nobody is perfect and also that we should think about all the good things she has done. I mean, She has brought up a disabled son on her own, (at first anyway) and overall, I think she has done a fantastic job. She has also had to cope with a cancer scare, (she was diagnosed with having LMS in 2001) She has made a career for herself, and has always tried to give her family the best possible life. and while I\’m on that note, Pete isn\’t perfect either. He has, on many occasions, flouted his ex girlfriends in front of Katie, so, at one point, whenever they went anywhere, she had to come face to face with them. and who the hell does that to the woman that they love?? What i\’m trying to say is that I think that the break up isen\’t all Jordan\’s fault, And we should stop blaming her for everything. all I hear about in the press nowadays is what bad she\’s done. I know she can act like a spolt princess at times, but and the end of the day, it takes two to tango. As I said, I don\’t agree with all her wild partying and that, and I think she should stop doing that, but she is still a person with feelings, and I think we should be considing her feelings sometimes as well, Not just those of Peter Andre.

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