Jade’s Wedding…To Living TV

My mum and I decided to give in to all the press attention and watch Jade’s wedding on Living. It turned out to be an extremely bittersweet couple of hours. Mixed in between the snatches of the Jade of old (the way she insisted that everyone wear dressing gowns for breakfast and the warning to Jack to "Watch my make-up!" when he kissed her, for instance) was this other Jade, the terminally ill Jade. The Jade who’s lost her hair due to chemotherapy. The Jade who is wheeled around by a nurse. The Jade who is taking long bouts of rest. The Jade who is trying to smile through the pain. The Jade who is dying before our eyes.

At the wedding breakfast, the tearful bride told her guests: "Thank you everybody that’s in here. I’m so proud to see everybody’s faces. And hopefully, in a few years’ time, I can have a blessing and we’ll all be here again so everyone can cross their fingers and a miracle might happen." What can I say to that except this: when it comes to Living TV, McDreamy and McSteamy are no match for the phenomenon that is Jade Goody.

Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) and Mark Sloan (McSteamy) may be handsome, philandering doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, one of America’s most popular shows, but Jade is the reality TV star who was made on camera and is dying on camera. Channel 4 introduced her to the viewing public via Big Brother in 2002, but Living TV built on the Jade brand with a series of shows including: Jade’s Salon, Just Jade, Jade’s P.A. Living With Jade, The Next Chapter and recently, Jade: Bride To Be and Jade’s Wedding. The wedding to Jack Tweed, much-publicised and sold to highest bidder OK!, aired on Living and delivered huge ratings.

Split into two parts, with a two-hour special covering the wedding and the reception after, Bride To Be pulled in 789,000 for the digital broadcaster with Jade’s Wedding garnering 771,000 viewers. As these two shows may be the last time Jade Goody is seen on TV, the record viewing figures for Living TV reflect that sad situation.

Even before the tragic news broke that her cancer was terminal, a quick glance at Living TV’s viewing figures tells you all you need to know about Jade’s pulling-power. Cast your mind back a couple of months to when I sounded off about Lipstick Jungle. Living launched its biggest ever marketing campaign to support its much-hyped new US acquisition. Yet for all that activity, the return was just 200,000 viewers (including a very bored yours truly).

But last month, Living’s Jade – a show documenting her cancer battle – attracted 709,000 at 9pm. That programme’s result was a massive 366% up on the channel’s slot average for last year of 152,000 viewers. Living’s previously highest-rated show was the finale of America’s Next Top Model in 2007, which achieved a total audience (including Living +1) of 859,000. But of course, Jade has easily surpassed that. It was inevitable really – such is the interest in the ill-fated mum-of-two. It’s got to the point where I wonder what the broadcaster will do post-Jade…

There was only one week to put the wedding together. One week to find a wedding gown big enough to accommodate the pouch that contains the pump which supplies Jade’s medication. Time was of the essence…for obvious reasons. "That vicar looks funny," said my mum as he helped the pair choose vows. Given a choice between ‘everlasting’ and ‘eternal’, Jade, ever frank, asked: "Which is better cos I’m dying?" Heartbreaking stuff. The cancer-stricken star turned down the offer of a wig for her big day. "I’m not embarrassed of my head so no, I’m not wearing a wig," she stated. In the event, she didn’t need a wig; she looked absolutely beautiful. Beaming, Jade managed the walk down the aisle, accompanied by her 70-year-old grandfather John Craddock, who gave her away.
It was just like any other wedding but also, unlike any other wedding: a swanky venue (Down Hall Country Hotel in Essex); a reception (held in a marquee in the grounds of Down Hall); music (Max Clifford’s wedding gift of opera singers were disguised as hotel staff; they serenaded the party with Dean Martin’s That’s Amore and Puccini’s Nessun Dorma. Then pop group Sugababes turned up); family (no mistaking Jackiey Budden, Jade’s mum) and attendees (including Richard and Judy, singer Jamelia, ex Blue boyband member Antony Costa, Max Clifford and Paul O’Grady).
The segment I personally found almost unspeakably poignant came courtesy of Jade’s photographers. Instead of a speech, they presented a montage of pictures of the bride and groom taken in happier – and in Jade’s case, healthier – times. Accompanied by Kylie and Jason’s Especially For You, the snapshots showed a smiling, laughing girl, with a full head of hair, frolicking with the man she loves. A girl with not a care in the world – the Jade of yesteryear. The Jade of today, noticeably emotional looking at memories past, wiped tears away. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be affected by that. Too ill for a honeymoon, her photographers obliged by super-imposing pictures of the newly-weds against some of the world’s best known tourist spots: Egypt’s pyramids, America’s Las Vegas, France’s Eiffel Tower, Australia’s Sydney Opera House…

This time, the music was Grease’s We Go Together sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John; bright and light-hearted, it was the perfect pick-me-up. The night ended with Jack and Jade watching the fireworks with her sons Jack and Freddie.

By the time Living aired Jade’s Wedding, she’d been back in hospital, confronted by a crazed woman with a hammer, received a phone call from Michael "This is it. This is it!" Jackson and returned home, probably to die. Little wonder there’s such fascination with her life…

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Today I am mostly lovin’ – The fact that Comic Relief raised a record-breaking £57 million, with more donations expected, in a time of recession. The £57,809,938 reached by the end of the show easily beat the record £40.5 million set in 2007. It’s the most money ever raised in the 21-year history of Red Nose Day. We Brits have our hearts in the right place. Thanks to us, projects here in the UK and in Africa will benefit.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Is there anywhere on my EPG safe from Messers Horne and Corden? I’m getting sick of the sight of them – I swear the only show I haven’t seen them on is News At Ten. They’re everywhere! I still think that, outside of Gavin and Stacey, they are sooooooooo overrated. 


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100 Responses to Jade’s Wedding…To Living TV

  1. Unknown says:

    jade rest in peace u will always be in peoples thoughts as the one person who did so much for the awareness or cervical cancer god bless babe xxxx

  2. Unknown says:

    Jade i have the upmost repect for you…….i will remember you every year on mothers day and think of your boys…..you wers so brave i followed you on living tv….and was amazed at your strength…………i watched your wedding, and cired even my husband was choked…..jade i like to think you are running through the daisy with that huge grin of yours…..sleep well xxxxxxxxxxxxx Debbie chichester

  3. Ian says:

    Tina Paterson (below) has put it well, I am not one for giving money for the research of cancer, at least not yet, I have read that vitamin B17 found in the kernals of aprecotts can reduce cancer, one chap in the states has been jailed for selling them.What I would like to see is people like you who are reading this, look more to the cause, if you bt food rapped in plastic, you are at risk as it gives off a gas, more so if the sun gets on it, remove ot from the plastic as soon as you can, better still dont buy in this format, some vinigar is from oil (petrol) & cloath softners, would you cover yourself in oil.Sometime in the 1960\’s a study into B17 was done by the pharmacuetical body, they refused to show the results & made it illegal to purchase.Then there is hyperventerlation, by adding more oxygen to the blood, some groaths like cancer, herpes, Aids & hepertitiss live off the blood & die when expossed to oxygen. The Decease, from Latin dis at ease, it is recorded that they in the south of Uk, suffer more with breast cancer, in the midland & wales it is stomach cancer, in the north virginal. More women in the south are too busy to have children & not given over to their lifes purpose, in the midlands to do with diet & a more free life style in he north.

  4. Ian says:

    Oh tea forgot to mention Tea bags that are fused together by a film of PLASTIC.

  5. rachael says:

    jade u was and will always remain an insperation to so many people i will always remember u every year on mothers day and think of ur boys R.I.P jade xxxxxxxxx

  6. rita says:

    RitaI was so over come with emotion, jade was young go its such a shame i feel for her two young handsome little boys. I feel it will be hard to understand where there mummy has gone. Godbless to all the family.

  7. Emma says:

    R.I.P Jade xx

  8. margaret says:

    Jade fought so hard to live for her two sons and Jack.God bless you Jade.xx

  9. Kayla says:

    kayla, i did not know you in person but it seems like i did, my heart goes out to your two boys and i know your in heaven watching over them because the love you have for your boys is unconditional god bless you xxxx

  10. shahnaz says:

    i feel so sorry for u and ur 2 sons i really really am everyone will remember u on mother\’s day espeicaly me!! you put on a brave face and u tried all your best to fight it!! i will donate loads of money for cancer reserch for u and all of the other suffering ppl of cancer!!! jade goody i truley wish you neva died ppl are all talkin bout you!!!!! r.i.p jade goody we will always remember you xxx

  11. lisa says:

    god bless and keep you,your boys will be always safe with you as their guarden angel.you are a lady and lovely mother for ever.rip jade .sandra birmingham

  12. amber says:

    —Amber xgod bless you jade ,everyone is ging to misss you RIP xevery1 loves you muchly x even your boys (: rip xx

  13. Jane says:

    you were so brave, lets hope people take getting smear tests more serious, good night, god bless, your boys will be proud. RIP! jane.

  14. tina says:

    r.i.p jade your two lovely boys will be so so proud of u xx

  15. sasha says:

    sasha. r.i.p jade your two lovely boy will be proud of you, god bless u jader.i.pxxx

  16. tony says:


  17. paul says:

    god bless jade your with the angles now, and free from pain, you were an inspiration to us all, my heart felt thoughts go out to your two beautiful boys , your mum jack your grandparents and geff and everybody that new and loved you r.i.p kathy donald

  18. charlotte says:

    Rip Jade you were a brilliant mum! Jack dealt with it really well being 21 and very young, my thoughts and feelings are with your family and friends and your beautiful boys! I admire you for being so strong for your boys and everyone else!! You will be sadly missed as im sure you can see looking down on everyone and seeing all the flowers left outside your house for you..! I cant begin to imagine how you must of been feeling knowing you had to leave your boys and never see them grow up but i am happy that you got your wishes to get married and be happy you deserved it…RIP Jade Goody… Sleep well..xxxxxx

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Jade, your plight has really touched my heart. I hope you rest in peace and your family, especially your kids will be in my prayers.Elizabeth

  20. Caroline says:

    R.I.P Jadeyou were a lovely ladie my thoughts are with Freddie`Bobby`Jack your Mum your Grandparents and Geff you a inspation to us all sleep well with the angles and guide your boys to a nicer place xx xxxxxx

  21. Pamela says:

    Jade, your finally with the angels. You will always be with your boys, no matter where or what they do. You can finally be at peace. Good night and god bless xxx

  22. Unknown says:

    jade you were such a special person,your boys will be so proud of you.my thoughts are with your family,you will be sadly missedxx

  23. J Anne says:

    R.I.P JADE sleep well un watch over your boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. june says:

    june from croydon says r.i.p jade you were a good mum and wife your now at peace with the angels up above, you will be sadly missed good nite and god bless xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. cheryl says:

    rip jade good nite and god bless on such a short waste of life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hope all the people that have left nasty vile comments it never happens to them they deserve everything they get !!!!!!!!

  26. nickola says:

    R.I.P Jade good night god bless you, i feel sorry for her and her sons, you was a good mum and wife your now at peace with the angles up above, you will be missed.Nickola.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. yvonne says:

    Night night Jade…May the angels be with you, I know you will be watching over your son\’s and fam. xxxx Love to your mum friends and fam. xx

  28. leannesmith says:

    R.I.P Jade We Miss You And You Will Always Be in My Heart No Matter What . You Were A Brave Girl Going Through All This And Those Boys I Fell Hope You Ok And Know Matter What Your Mum Is With Them Angles Love You Millions Leanne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Sharon says:

    rip jade

  30. susan says:

    R.I.P JADE XXX you made me laff you made me cry you made me angry !!!! most of all you made me aware of this horrible desease thankyou jade xx your an angel in heaven now out of pain and watching over your 2 beautiful sons freddy n bobby xx they will never forget you xx my heart and thoughts are with all your family godbless xxx

  31. Rose says:

    RIP Jade. Keep smiling from above xx

  32. vicky says:

    god bless jade your an angle now!my heart goes out to your family but most of all your to boysyour wedding deaply touched me and you looked absalutly stunning!im glad to no you for filled your dreams before goin to heaven(*)xxxx

  33. vicky says:

    r.i.p jade you looked better and beautiful then anyone ever could on your wedding day good luck 2 your boys and jack mss you much xxxxx

  34. jillian says:

    You were a great Mum to your boys Jade,! as young as they are they will never forget you.There is heaven, and you are there among the angels, and on the starlit evenings we will all look at the brightest and say your name. God bless you Jade.

  35. Sharon says:

    Night Night God Bless Jade rest well and easy knowing you did everything humanly possible to care for your family. I have watched you grow from a young funny girl on BB to a fun loving women, mother and wife who will always be remembered with a smile! R.I.P. xx

  36. Gail says:

    Your a stunning girl with your life cut short but you have brought attention to the world to take notice of this silent killer that has so cruely taken you away from those that you loved and that loved you . You have shared this sad end with us and showed us that you are a brave and gorgeous girl who had so much to live for. I have been away but never stopped thinking of you and when i arrived back i looked to se how you were and shocked and saddened to see you had got worse so fast , my heart is with your boys and your family , your new husband bless him , jade your an amazing girl sweetdreams my you watch over your boys and jack from above and keep them safe your an angel now and a beautiful one at that with or without hair your stunning . To your family …. be proud so proud of jade she is a treasure and will have saved other women from this pain by waking us up to her plight be very proud she was amazing through this illness and will be sadly missed by everyone that cares about her . R.I.P jade sleep tight sweetheart all my love xxxxxxxxx

  37. melissa says:

    Jade Goody:-Dwhat a wonderful woman. people that are jade goody haters ,WHY?,she was woman who made mistakes like all peoe do but why all the hatred.what she done fore her boys before she died was great even though she newe wouldnt ee them again she stayeds trong for them..you will be watched by the angel now in heaven..i feel for your boys and family but they will grow up reembering such a wonderfull girl at 27..they wedding was a great wy to show your love to jack and i am sure he will love boys. R.I.P Jade sleep tight because you are always in my prayer. God Bless You Babe!

  38. Tracey says:

    rip jade what a loverly lady you will always be remeberd.my heat goes out toloverly boys and jack god bless you ,you will live on in your two boys

  39. Adam says:


  40. Austin n Kes says:

    Jade, you were beutifull inside and out and even without hair i thought you looked stunning! You lost youre life to smthing that cld easily have been treated if past doctors had looked you over properly. I hope hese people have learned from all this because thanks to them youve lost youre age at a tender 27 and left youre lovely, sweet sons without their mummy, and a new husband who will never spend an anniversary with you!! Youve taught people soo much in such a short amount of time you will always be remembered for what you did for everyother woman in the world as youre story travels worldwide more n more women are sitting up and listening to their bodies and demanding the proper tests frm their doctors. Youve left a legacy no one will forget and one that will always be around. Youve left youre sons in wonderfull care and im sure they will look for their brightest star, their mummys star every nite! Rest in peace you can be at ease now. Whatching over youre babies and Jack till they meet you at the golden gates. Always in our hearts xxxx

  41. rosemary says:

    R. I. P. Jade you know your 2 son\’s will be well looked after by their father Jeff and that he will never let them for get you, he will be the one who will show them the night sky each night when putting them to bed, he will have all their tears at the loss of their mummy each morning and at night.

  42. Jen says:

    Finally free from pain Jade. Noone or nothing can hurt you now. Always thinking of you, your beautiful boys, Jack, your mum and grandparents. Rest in Peace xx

  43. Shelly says:

    R.I.P Jade I\’m going to miss you xx

  44. Tony says:

    Max Clifford is rubbing his hands and securing another safe deposit box for ALL the money he has made from Jade. I would never wish any one any ill , and to die of cancer so young is a tragedy. However, the million plus she made (thanx to M.Cliffird) should have been given to Cancer research. Her boys were already well looked after. I run a busy Petrol Station with an average 800+ customers a day.. And I can count on my two hands people who have said "aagh poor jade"! BUT, HUNDREDS ..YESSS…HUNDREDS say " God not more JADE" " what about ALL the other BRAVE Ladies suffering , BRAVELY , but ,with dignity with their families"? THE ONLY REASON HER TERRIBLE SUFFERING was SO publicised was for the Cloffords of this world to make MONEY! And yet the press/ media are calling for memorials? Housing estates? named after Jade?? RIDICULOUS !!!! I hope her little boys do well. I hope Jack goes to prison , where he belongs . The thug. And yes I know there are GENUINE people out there that for whatever reason seem to want to put Jade on some sort of pedestal as if she was a DIANNA?? I just say. Get a LIFE. And PRAY for all those other poor souls suffering with cancer with minimum interest shown by the WORLD. They are the BRAVE ones.

  45. megan says:

    R.I.P Jade You were sutch a loving mum and a caring person xKeep smiling =Dxxxxx

  46. Mï©ħęІІę® says:

    Very harsh Harron… the girl has died… and her family are hurting… i didn\’t agree with the way she acted at times but would never have wished harm to her… My heart goes out to her family…. as i wish all that are going through the same thing without the publicity… some people are just so thoughtless… 😦

  47. Judy says:

    I was never your greatest fan Jade but I\’ve grown to admire your bravery and strength in the way you coped with this terrible disease. Your legacy is sure to save many lives in the future. Perhaps that is why you became a reality celebrity – because one day you would lose your own fight but do so much for others. RIP Jade – the ever shining star – your family must be proud of you – I hope that helps their loss. Jade – such a brave lady.

  48. Chelc-Marie says:

    i lost my mum this year with same thing as jade. my mum had nothin but was so brave.i lost my poor mum with same as jade but she dint have money just pain bless her.

  49. Janet says:

    was never a big fan of jade,never will be ,ithink everything has been far over the top and too much in your face.I would like to offer my sincere condolances to everyone everywhere who has lost loved ones to this disease and others no matter what they were.

  50. Unknown says:

    I think that enough is enough now. Yes it is really sad to leave your boys behind but my heart goes out to the people that have had to fight this terrible disease without the help of nurses staying at home with them to sort out the pain. Not having the money to have thier last wishes recognised. And many facing death alone. I think that Wendy Richards as a celebrity did it exactly right. She did one filmed interview that I thought was so down to earth and not at all over the top. It was dignified and just enough that told you the pain and hurt that both she and her family and friends especially her partner all went through. She didnt have Harrods offering to donate anything. She never had prime ministers etc giving so called speeches about her. (What does Mr Brown actually know about Jade except what he has read in the papers? He was not a close friend. That was done to try to show the people of this country that he is compassionate!!!!! and to look like he cares about the individual. Yeah right. Dont see him on the cancer wards or visiting termanilly ill people in thier homes.) Wendy never had a bishop to marry her. It was all done in a very dignified and lady like manner befitting the woman she was a STAR. She could have made a lot of money for her family but chose not too and I think her wishing Jade all the best when she was so close to dying herself said it all. As for the wedding of Jade yes it was probably what she wanted but yet again there was a method behind it. In marrying Jack Tweed on her death bed so to speak she has stopped the boys ( family ) from having to pay Inheritance Tax of just over 1 million pound. She obviously knew this as she chose to wait till that late stage to get wed. therwise why didn\’t she get wed when she found out. She would have had longer to plan and would have been able to enjoy being Mrs J Tweed for a lot longer. I take my hat off to whoever advised Jade on how to get everything for free and still get paid. I salute you Mr Clifford good work enjoy your holiday. Pity more cannot be done to make other victims of this dreadful disease more comfortable. I lost my mum 27 years ago she was just 62. She didnt have doctors running to her every five minutes and she was in constant pain for 5 or 6 months before she died. I would be interested to know if Jades family has actually donated anything to the cancer trust to say thank you for all thier help and time in making sure that Jade was comfortable and not in pain and all the support she recieved. Ambulances too and from the hospital. My mum would have had to go on the bus if my dad hadnt took her. Please think of others I give to cancer charities even though I can barely afford it.

  51. suzanne says:

    I understand what many people are saying about jade publicising her illness but just look at the effect this already has and will carry on having to the awareness of this terrible disease. As for dignity i believe that when the time came Jade died in the privacy of her own home with nobody but her close family by her side, which to me was very dignified and probably no different than many cancer victims. My mum died at the age of 40 with the same cancer as jade and no she was not selling her story to the papers and getting exclusive magazine deals, but she also hadnt made her living out of reality tv, but who is to say she wouldnt of if the offer was there. How many other mothers and probably fathers could honestly say they would not of done the same to make sure ther children had a better future. Losing my mum to this illness made me and my sister very aware of the disease and we both get checked regularly. Jade has made millions aware and has probably already saved lives. i would like to say well done Jade u were a very brave and beautiful lady u have made your family proud, u will be sadly missed and remembered forever my love and thoughts are with your family especially your two young sons, goodnight and godbless xxx

  52. helen says:

    Donate Money ? Don\’t you think raising awareness of the disese is enough ? 20% more young women are having smears and talks for the age to have a smear being lowered is currently in process because of what jade has done. Shes proberbly already donated money to the Cancer Research UK, how doyou know ???? so please do not put somebody down for not doing enough because she has done fantastic. This is the biggest wake up call for cancer we have had! Exactly what we needed. Shes done her bit and if the issue of cancer bothers you so much, get off your backside and do something about it instead of critising the people who already have.Thankyou Jade for bringing this ilness to the attention of young women and no doubt you are saving lives. Well done for giving your boys the funding for a better future and I hope you rest in peace. Good night, you and your family are in my thoughts xxx

  53. Tony says:

    National Treasure ? A Saint ? a Heroine ? Brave ? Courageous ? Model figure to others ? Jade Goody ? Racist ! Bully ! mother Teressa was a Saint! Princess Diana was a role model ! BUT…. JADE GOODY ?? NEVER!!! Good luck to her boys. at least she had the time and money to buy forgiveness from the Indian Nation. £100, 000p. To the average joe like me that would be equivalent to my £15.00 Donation. Wow ! She was so generous. Now, we will have to put up with her quiet , respectful , dignified Funeral! ALL DAY LONG on every TV Channel! What are we people coming to? Now , had she accepted that the couple of £mill she already had in the Bank for her kids future , and DONATED the Million plus she made from her "dignified" Wedding , death etc etc to Cancer Research? Than i would say YES she was a Heroine and dignified.

  54. Nicky says:

    Jade\’s decision to go public with her illness has saved so many lives. She was so brave, and lived for her 2 boys. Her sad upbringing, and thank God she had 7 happy years. We forgive her for the \’shilpa\’ cooments, one cannot blame her totally as it was the upbringing she had. She was a truly remarkable human being and May God bless her.

  55. hayley says:

    i to have lost family members from this awful disease and i totally agree with the decision jade made to have her last months filmed to raise money for her childrens future.i would never like so any others be able to afford to leave my children what jade has left hers but dont call her and moan because she has done what any caring and loving parent would do if they could.jade had the ability to do this and so she has given her boys the start in life that she never had,im sure every one out there would do the same for their children if it was possible.jade has raised the issue of cervical cancer to the limit and becaue of this soo many lives will be saved so instead of having a go at her thank her because it could be some who you know whos life she has saved.has for the wdding on the tv i watched and i cried,i had my thoughts of jack but you can see just how much inlove with jade he was and how proud and thankful that he was to be a part of her and her boys lives.i dont know how he has coped with this sad passing but i take my hat off to him for how he has cared and loved jade through her final months.i have always liked jade right from big brother,she was loud but honest,she had a tough up bringing but still never complained about her life.she was a fantastic mother and a joy to watch,my heart goes out to her family and friends especially jack and her boys.rest in peace jade,you are now out of pain and resting peacefully.you will be missed x.

  56. Leith says:

    i think the people who are slating Jade should think how they would do things if it was them….they all say Oh Wendy Richards did it with dignity,if it had been Wendy Richards who had chosen to document her ilness this way i can guarentee that there wouldn\’t have been the backlash there has been for Jade..everyone is different and if thats the way Jade chose to spend her last weeks and to provide for her boys then good on her…she has also saved lives..she was only 27 nobody right up until the end we all thought there would be a cure..yes lots of people with no money go throught the same..had it not been for big brother jade would have been one of them don\’t slate the girl just because she did it her way she was just like me and you and i for one can sa i\’d have done exactly the samesleep tight Jadexx

  57. Leith says:

    and sorry for all the spelling mistakes i was angry when i typed and also i do not mean any disrespect to the fab Wendy Richards,i was making a comparison x

  58. liz says:

    It seems that everyone is getting on the bandwagon putting flowers outside Jade\’s house, why did no one put the money to cancer research instead. I am having chemo at the moment and like others I dont get transport I have to catch a bus. I live on my own so I go through all the up\’s and downs on my own. Jade did a lot of good letting young girls know the down fall of not having the tests, but I wonder after Jade\’s funeral if a lot of girls will go back to not having the tests. The reason a lot of people dont get to have the test is that their lives are so busy they dont have time to make an appointment.

  59. kim says:

    I lost my mother, jades 2 boys will never get to see their mum, my heart goes out to her sons, maybe they are to young to know, but jade has brought this to everyones attention, im 21 and if i can i\’ll get myself checked out.

  60. linda says:

    so so sad about jade,yea she was out of order in the big brother argument with shilpa shetti,but jade never deserved the punnishment she got.weve all done and said things that were out of order,so she was not on her own.my heart goes out to her two wonderfull boys,i wish them all the luck in the world,and may jade rest in peace,god bless her

  61. Giesel says:

    Personally I was never a big Jade fan and I am not about to change my opinion on her now that she is no longer here but I would like to say that like Jade I am a mother and in the same circumstances, I would sell my soul to the devil if it meant that my child would be financially secure. I appreciate that some people feel angry towards the level of care she received but she was fortunate to have the money for this and again if we could we would. My own mother passed away some years ago from exactly the same disease, we didn\’t have the money for around the clock care but that was our life but I will tell you something for nothing if I could have afford the same level of care for my mum I would have done and I wouldn\’t have felt bad about it at all – when it comes to my own own family I would do whatever I had to do whatever the cost. It is sad to see that from this all people are complaining about what she did and what she got but at the end of the day the fact is another family has been ripped apart because of this disease.

  62. christine says:

    Having lost family members to cancer, i know what Jades family are going through, my heart goes out to her young son\’s, but i know Jade will be taking care of them from above, you will be missed Jade by so many people, and the world is a sadder place now you are no longer with us, i for one can still close my eye\’s and see your wonderful smile,and you will always be known as wonderful mother.God bless to you Jade

  63. Sharon says:

    Lets put this into perspective folks – yes its very sad about whats happened to Jade and I feel for her boys and yes she has raised the awareness of the disease and yes i\’ve bought the magazines and watched the tv shows but haven\’t we heard enough now? A friend told me a story the other day which made me realise that enough is enough and this should be laid to rest – my friends friend has just recently been sent home to die of the same cancer as Jade and whilst laid in bed with her youngest son he noticed a newspaper on the bedside cabinet and went and threw it away – when asked why he had done it he replied \’your dying too mummy and your not in the paper being paid lots of money and I don\’t think its fair so I threw the paper away so we don\’t have to see it\’. Need I say any more – there are lots of people around the UK in exactly the same situation but we don\’t see them on the news or in the papers.

  64. sarah says:

    i think people need to stop slaggin jade off at the end of the day she has passed away n isnt hear anymore and the dead should be showed with respect.i knw lots of people have cancer and dont have the luxury that jade did or did the publicity she did bt i would have done the same as jade to make msure my child had the best life ,she put thoughs boys first and she was in terrible pain .she did what mother would do ,she made somethng for them for when she isnt here.i repsect jade fr all she ahs done.she wanted to put her cancer on the public eye to show people what happens and what she and other people who has cancer go through everyday.she has made a difference in the world since she went public n i for one say im glad jade has done what she did.she was in a postion whether to hide away or face the disease head on he way she wanted to and she did ,she has made millions of women go for tests and get checked .she is in peace now and i think its time people keep there bad opinons of jade to themselves and let her rest in peace.

  65. pete says:

    So now we know what she did on her deathbed,thanks Jack.Is nothing sacred?What colour were the curtains?Sure we\’ll find out in the next edition of OK magazine.Will there be no end to it?How much money can they make out of this?ANSWER As much as people are willing to part with.Let her rest in peace.

  66. jo says:

    i feel sorry for the girl just as i would have for the girl up the road she made a few mill for her kids future so what good luck to her she was lucky for the fact she was able to do so where so many dont have that option if i had been in her situation i would have done the same thing and most that are running what she did down if are really honest would have done the same thing she was a nobody once and was made a somebody by the media so why not milk em they milked her and made out of it they are the ones to blame not jade coz if they didnt keep writhing the stuff people would be now saying jade who

  67. doreen says:

    please dont think i am hard or unfeeling, im not, but to be honest am just a bit tired of all the ongoing write ups etc about Jade Goody surely enough is enough or in this case more than enough, I believe the next thing to come is from her husband, for goodness gracious this really is turning into the neverending story HELP

  68. doreen says:

    thousands of other women have the same cmplaint but have to suffer without any of the help that Jade got so lets think of them for a change, I lost 2 friends with cancer so dont give me all the rubbish about ade Goody lets just see the end of this pantomime

  69. ANA MARIA says:

    doreen..all I have to say to you is….Thanks to this poor girls death and the awarenes she has raised about cervical cancer, I managed to get the courage to have my firstsmear test…So just imagine how many lives she is going save….how many children are still ging to have their mums in thenext few years…I am a mother of three and like all those loving, good and responsable mothers out there we would do the same as jade goodey did for her children…I imagine you dont have the blessing of having children but I know you will understand it when you do… ood luck to you and keep those ugly comments to yurself..ri.p jade!

  70. Unknown says:

    Ana Maria Molina, you accused doreen of ugly comments, well I found what you had to say just as ugly, if not uglier. It seems to me that you\’re saying that only women with children can sympathise with Jade. Talk about patronising!!! Well, I know women with children who\’ve made the exact same point that doreen has made. It\’s very presumptuous of you to assume that doreen is childless. I don\’t think that comes into this at all. Cervical cancer doesn\’t discriminate – you get it whether you have children or not. If someone\’s unfortunate to get it before they\’ve had a chance of having kids, they will still be mourned by family and friends.

  71. lyndsey says:

    well everyone has said what i wanted to say,and that is R.I.P to a very corageous and beautiful young lady who has done everyone proud,she was a fantastic mother,wife daughter ,and friend to all that knew her,god bless xxxxxxxx

  72. lee says:

    i met jade she was lovely, she didnt deserve t die, her kids were well looked after BY HER as I witnessed, she was a devoted mother…. end of x

  73. mick_maggie says:

    doreenyou may have lost friends i feel for you, but horrible person to say the things you aid about jade, we have lost 2 very close family members child and mother from this horrible thing, to jade\’s family boys jack and mother and jeff, we feel for you so much i cry every time i think of jade as we know what you all had to go through watching this beautiful young woman dying, so anyone tell me that they would not want their children looked after with money OK maybe most people cant do that, but given the chance you tell me of anyone that would not do it given the chance, all she wanted was to make sure her boys are fine and not want for anything, they have lost the most precious thing THEIR MOTHERSo these horrible awful people should keep their MOUTH SHUT.God bless you Jadeloads of love girl, and thats what she was just a normal young lady, YEP LADY IN HER OWN WAYxxxxxxxxx

  74. mick_maggie says:

    Oh and another thing has not Jade saved the lives of many people i hope, so tell me is that not worth all the money in the world if she only saved but a few people, with coming out with it to the publicTHINK ABOUT THAT ALL THOSE THAT HAVE SAID BAD THINGS AND HOPEFULLY NEVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH ITXXXX TO JADE

  75. Claire says:

    Hi all,I have to admit I\’m seriously sad about Jade, Such a waste of a young life! I take my hat off to Jade when faced with in my opinion one the worst things in the world to leave your children behind she showed such courage and braveness always worrying about others whether it be her boys or the scores of other women that are or could one day be in the same position as she was! I have 2 boys myself aged 6 & 2 and have recently had a smear scare (i\’m 25) and I can honestly say that put in Jades position I really dont know how i\’d act I like to think I\’d be brave but really I think I would crumble into a mess scared of dying !!!One more thing, Could everyone try to see that Jack isn\’t doing anything wrong by selling stories etc Jade wouldnt have been the Jade we knew and loved without the selling of stories and the making of TV programmes and as Jack hasn\’t seen any cash from all magazine deals, tv rights etc I would imagine that knowing Jade she would have said "sell your story after I\’ve gone but don\’t you dare say anything bad !" Anybody Agree ?My heart and love goes to Bobby & Freddy, Jack, Jackie and Jeff – remember that she will always watch over you and make sure that you are safe !!Jade you will be missed by me and 1000\’s of others and my memories will be of a strong and wonderful young woman who showed such courage right until the bitter end !!!!R.I.P. Jade xXxXxXxXxXxXx

  76. alexandra says:

    for me jade is a big woman and a lady to have in heart evry day im sorry all the best for you all

  77. alexandra says:

    hi to all i have to say that i my self i lost my mother i was 10 just a kid and you one thing what jade did is all what a mother wish for her kids she just make sure that they will have what they need and about what they are talking about jack this is the most sad thing in the humaniety just shut up you the one that dont know nothing about sda is when have peopal that is traing to pot the nose when they dont have to , for jade family you all have taken so must pain im with you all jade was a simpel woman that just whant to life and i realy respect her she wil be in my heart and you all

  78. michael says:

    all this pom pom bout jade is rediculious how about giving everyone a day off from listening.people talking bout her

  79. Wilma says:

    her song she danced to with jack on her wedding was amazing they were so beutiful together and that song brought back so much memories for as i lost my husband to cancer december 2007 and that was one of the songs as his funeral when he was cremated and i think she was amazing what she done for her boys from wilma rip jade

  80. Unknown says:

    SylviaJade done what she had to for her sons which i fully agree with as given the chance i too would do the same for my 2 sons, but dont forget that their father jeff who they are entrusted to also has money so she needen\’t have put herself through it, but knowing the kind of girl Jade was that\’s how she wanted it, her choice..Lets hope she left some money to all the wonderful Mcmillian nurses who helped her through it all, as they are the real heros in all this…Also lets not forget her mum Jackiey who is left behind and has to carry on, without her, cos no mother should have to bury their children, it should be the other way round, that alone must be one of the hardest things to do..So lets all spare a thought for her, and hope that she finds the strenght to get through this…And lets hope Jack doesn\’t sell all her secrets to the highest bidder… which should stay private, between him and her…. As thats what usually happens, they tend to forget the person and get greedy, as her boys and mum have been through enough pain…And yes Jade was like Marmite, you either Loved her or Hated her… RIP Jade.. As they say: Gone But Not Forgotten.. xxxxx

  81. Julie says:

    Hi, Me and my husband watched Jade\’s wedding on living and I must say we really enjoyed it. But also it was so sad because we all know what the outcome was going to be. They would\’nt have a long and happy life together, but a short and painfull one. That was so sad, as you could\’nt get away from the fact, and that\’s what made it so sad. I loved Jade just the way she was, she was funny, down to earth, and spoke her mind. You knew if she liked or disliked you. That\’s what i loved about her. She will be sadly missed by every one. I am dissapointed that they did\’nt show much of the funeral. We could\’nt get there as we are both disabled and would be worried in the crowds. So we are hoping that living were there and have filmed the day. Some people may not like that idea, but when she was so loved as she was then I think people would like to say there goodbyes also. Can you let us know if living is showing Jades funeral or not please. thanks. From big fans of Jade. All our love to all her family especially her two boy\’s. Love Julie Allen and Milo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  82. Hayley says:

    I think What she Has Done fo her chidren and other People that have the same condition as her is amazing . x Some people think that by showing her wedding on telly she was just tryin to get publicty but she was doing it for her boys Future! X God Bless You Jade. And Good on you Jack, Jackiey ,Bobbie And Freddie for Staying so strong … x God Bless You All x xxx (R.I.P Jade our Essex Princess . x)

  83. angela says:

    Jade and Jack\’s wedding was beautiful – it made David and Victoria\’s and Katie and Peter\’s weddings look really tacky!! Jade looked beautiful, Bobby and Freddy were gorgeous and Jack looked wonderful too!! RIP Jade, my heart goes out to Jack and your boys – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  84. janette says:

    Jade and Jack\’s wedding was awsome, I think what she\’s done for her children is amazing, she will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten. Her legacy is she will save many many women. She had many talents even with her troublesome backgroung, she did good. She has left two young boy\’s and what good boy\’s they are. R.I.P Jade The Essex Princess.XXxx

  85. caren says:

    I have never been a fan Jade Goody\’s, but the last few weeks I have been impressed by her. She was a young woman who said she was ignorant and uneducated, and some people said she was ued by the media. I think the truth was the opposit she used the media to get every she wanted, she had a beautiful wedding ,christening, her children are well cared for and want for nothing (except a mother). All paid for by the media if that\’s ot clever i don\’t know what is. it was mutual exploitaion. Good on you Jade. R.I.P. Love to her family.

  86. Rebecca Lucy says:

    i will be honest ever since big brother i have loved jade i have been a massive fan, i think she was a greeat person who truely loves her boys, and i look up to jade and would love to be like her. it is very sad of what has happened as noone should have to go through it not at any age. i pay my respects to jades family as she is a great los. R.I.P jade may you sleep peacfuly x

  87. John says:

    I completely agree with Doreen, this whole episode is a media pantomime. we\’ve all lost loved one\’s to this disease, but we dont ram it down everyone else\’s throat, give it a rest!. John.

  88. Nicole says:

    i think wat she has done for her sons is really nice dont u think so

  89. Nicole says:

    I have never been a fan of Jade Goody, but since the last few weeks I have been impressed by her moves

  90. cheryl says:

    i know its sad but just give a thought for all those people going through who are not in the spot light and their families who are struggling for money so please just let her rest xxx

  91. katlyn says:

    i feel sorry for jades family losing a wife, a mother, a daughter, a niece, a grandaughter and a auntie i think we should just leave jades family alone to a rest in peace and i jut love watching jade in big brother she was really funny and i have always been a fan of jade when she came ot of big brother she is such a happy, fun, bubbly person to look up to xxxxxxx p.s. rest in peace jade

  92. lisa says:

    thx god done and dusted damn wman sill manging t get in he press like shewas so9m kinda angel mmmm notttttttttt

  93. naomi says:

    i think what eva money can b made for her children in a good way is what jade would have wanted i know if it was me i would love to make enough money for my kids if i was in a life death situation good on her for doing what she did so she knew her kids would b cared for the way she wanted them to b if someone hasnt got a good thing to say about someone who is dead then they shouldnt say anything cuz if her family was to read it it could hurt them

  94. George says:

    For God\’s sake we have had enough of this ignorant, crude woman. Let us rest in peace!!!! The media is trying to paint her as a princess, star and saint when she was none of these things. The public are being manipulated by Max Clifford etc just to make money. As for her family, she married a thug, and I for one would like to know how much he was paid to go through that sham of a marriage. Everything was done for publicity. If the family don\’t like it hard cheese. I have had to put up with the nauseating sight of her on the news. Does her family think about me and my family – I don\’t think so.

  95. wendy says:

    if you can\’t say something nice about some one who has passed away then don\’t say anything!!! thats goes for anyone who died whether famous or not..she didn\’t pretend to be anything that she wasn\’t, she just made the best out of life in which ever way it came. she never pretended to be perfect, and if your talking about being ignorant and crude maybe you should look at some of you no name people\’s comments show some respect to someone who has passed away. you did not have to watch thebits of news when she was on you can always change the channel, not that hard surely in the day and age of remote controls. i do hope she rest in peace and that her and geoff boys get privacy they deserve to grow up. and remember that those boys will read the nasty comments about jade when they grow up and i\’m sure nobody would want their kids to read horrible comments about them if they died when their kids were young. soif you can\’t be nice then be polite!!!!!! W.McGrath

  96. Jane says:

    The public is fascinated by Jade Goody because she represents us all – she is good, she is bad – but unlike a huge proportion of the population she \’got over\’ her abusive childhood to become someone who could control her own destiny, which she did with panache. She was a victim, who became a survivor and, with no talent or education, she did with her life what most of us could only dream of. She knew who she was and where she came from and never pretended to be anything else. That\’s why we loved her. How many of us could say the same?

  97. trisha says:

    i am sorry but jade goody was a very good person, plus a very good mam,daughter, and wife ,

  98. diana says:

    As it was Jades choice for the cameras to film her, i for one did no mind watching it yes it was very sad and my heart went out too her, we know she did all this for her boys she wanted them to carry on with a good education so maybe they will benifit in later life i hope so . I hope Jade is looking down on them and bless her and bless her mum as well i hope all goes well for Jackie x

  99. Tina says:

    Why should people lose the rights to their opinion because she passed away? People should still have the right to voice their opinion, but it does need to be done in a respectful way.She had everything given to her for not being a very pleasant person on TV, I prsonally think she would have commanded a lot more respect than she\’s already getting if she had worked hard and earned that money for her boys without milking the media\’s sick, twisted voyeurism over the dying. And let\’s not forget, most of us as a public were all proud of hating her, or as close as until we were told she had cancer… what does that say about us?Time for all of us to start thinking about all of the families going through this very thing who DON\’T have the benefit of millions from TV appearances to give to the family to help them when they\’re struggling for every penny. No one asks for cancer to happen to them, but the poor, unknown saps that have to go through it, go through it penniless and no one thinks about them because they\’re not on the telly. And I think when the boys grow up they might not be so proud of what she did although they\’ll appreciate being set up for life before she was gone.I think she was a superb mother, and a lot smarter than people made her out to be but that\’s it. it truly is a sad day when a mere honest, respectful opinion gets shot down just because its not what people think should be heard.

  100. AMANDA says:


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