Cerrie Burnell: When Parents Need To Grow Up

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a pub. The landlord turns around and says: "What is this, some kind of joke?" Boom-boom! An Englishman, an Irishman and a Rabbi walk into a pub. The Rabbi suddenly stops and says: "I think I’m in the wrong joke." Boom-boom! ‘Ere, ‘eard the one about the disabled CBeebies presenter who’s currently the victim of a vicious, nasty, abhorrent, vile and cruel campaign engineered by idiots who, having been blessed with working reproductive organs, are able to call themselves ‘parents’? This is no joke. There is no ‘boom-boom’ to follow. These people say that Cerrie Burnell, born with one hand, is not suitable to appear on the digital children’s channel because she is ‘scaring’ their offspring.

When I was young, I vaguely recall seeing Ironside and Sandy from Crossroads in their wheelchairs and I didn’t really bat an eyelid. However, as thalidomide was often in the news, my mum said that I asked questions about the children who were affected by the drug. "You did say: ‘why does that boy look like that’?" she recalled as we discussed this Cerrie Burnell issue. "I said, ‘when he was inside his mum’s tummy, she took some bad medicine and the medicine did something bad to his arms and legs’." I asked her if I accepted the explanation. She replied: "As a child, all you did was ask questions – it drove me mad. But afterwards, you’d forget all about it and you’d want to watch cartoons!" I asked my mum if I was scared. "No," she responded. "You were always curious."

I think you’re all familiar with that advert for Cancer Research in which a little girl lists what she’s not scared of. She mentions things children are traditionally frightened of: the dark, spiders, clowns etc. Well, I hate clowns and, to this day, I am still freaked out by the public information films that used to air during daytime TV in my formative years. Daytime TV y’know! Cerrie Burnell’s got nothing on the likes of these:


With that in mind, allow me to give you an example of the views about Cerrie Burnell currently polluting message boards near you (please note that I will make no attempt to correct grammar or spelling errors as that would bestow a level of intelligence so clearly lacking):

  • "What ever next! Will I be paying my licence fee to watch someone without any legs! Or will they be scaring my kids with someone with absolutely no limbs whatsoever! That’ll give them nice DREAMS won’t it! Give me my money back BBC and Pull your socks right up!!"
    Lionel Candsworth, London, UK,   
  • "Is it just me, or does anyone else think the new woman presenter on CBeebies may scare the kids because of her disability? I didn’t want to let my children watch the filler bits on The Bedtime Hour last night because I know it would have played on my eldest daughter’s mind and possibly caused sleep problems. And yes, this is a serious post."
  • "What is scary is the BBC’s determination to show "minorities" on CBeebies at every available opportunity! Before everyone lyches me – take a second aside and actually think about it – I have no problem with it if it happens "organically" in the general making of a TV programme. But every programme seems to have a PC agenda – it has to tick this box and that box"
  • I absolutely believe she is entitled to be doing this job, however, I just don’t feel it is necessary to have it "on show". Why can’t she have her sleeve tucked under or something – that way it povokes awareness of her disability without the "scarey" image. At the moment it seems like the BBC are simply "flaunting" her disability, totally unnecessary and does make you question the reason for her getting the job in the first place.
    Concerned mum, Berkshire

Just a few illustrations of how moronic human beings can be. In my eyes, it’s a stoooooopidity and crassness that has reached such a low, even Jeremy Kyle would refuse to have them on his show. A BBC spokesman said they’d received nine formal complaints about Ms Burnell; fortunately, faith in common sense is somewhat validated by the huge number of people who have backed her.

The mother of a four-month-old daughter who works as a teaching assistant at a special needs school in London, Cerrie Burnell admitted to being upset by the comments. She branded her critics ‘small minded’ and their remarks ‘terrible’. "Children come up to me in the street every day and say ‘What’s that’?" she said. "I wouldn’t say they’re frightened but certainly they’re inquisitive. I would always take the time to explain to a child. All they want is an explanation. They want to know ‘What’s that?’ and ‘What’s happened?’ and ‘Why are you different?’ And then they will move on."

Got that ‘concerned mum in Berkshire’ et al? Children are naturally curious – it’s how they learn. If your child is old enough to ask the question, they just might be old enough to hear the answer. "Mummy, why does that lady have one hand?" "Some people are born with two hands – like you and me. Some people are born with one hand, like the lady on the telly. Some people have black hair, like you. Some people have red hair. Some people have straight hair, like Aunty Carol. Some have curly hair, like daddy. Everybody’s different." Just what is so bloomin’ difficult about that? Have all you detractors completely lost your parenting skills in addition to your minds?

The ironic thing for all you objectors is that, in all probability, your child may be educated alongside children with a disability of some sort. How will you handle that situation then? Will you insist that the school throw them out so that your precious one doesn’t have to see an infant who isn’t exactly like them? Why stop there? Why not throw away the blind, the deaf, amputees from meningitis, kids with cleft lips and/or palates et al? Heck, why not go all out and keep your sprogs from anyone with bad teeth or bunions? I, for one, sincerely congratulate all you narrow-minded, ignorant, scaremongering bigots. You are the dictionary definition of namby-pamby, cry-baby, fraidy-cat, lily-livered, wussy, yellow-belly, wimpy, milksops who are unable to deal with aspects of society. With regard to Ms Burnell, you give your children far too little credit; they will probably turn out to be more grown-up about her disability than you are.

  • If you disagree with me, please feel free to take me to task and explain your stance. Due to the fact that I like to think posters here have more imagination, I am issuing a challenge: see if you can express yourself without using the stock, pat and clichéd, ‘get a life!’ – it annoys the mucus out of me. Come on peeps, do me proud!

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Robert De Niro in sense-of-humour shock at The Oscars. The man who, usually, can barely crack a smile, actually cracked a brilliantly funny joke about Sean Penn: "How did he do it? How, for so many years, did he get all those jobs playing straight men?" Cue laughter from everyone. Wow! Robert De Niro’s funny! And it didn’t stop there. Sean Penn memorably opened his Best Actor acceptance speech with the following: "You commie, homo-loving, sons of guns!" And well done to Slumdog Millionaire and Kate Winslet, of course.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Sky1’s red-carpet Oscars coverage. I watched five minutes of Fearne ‘rent-a-bubbly-bland’ Cotton and my stomach rebelled; I had to turn over to E! The Americans, headed by Ryan Seacrest, are just as bland, ask da stoooooooopiest questions ("Are you excited to be here?") and their obsequiousness is such, that even Oprah – ‘I just love you! Don’t we all just love him/her, audience?’ – Winfrey would balk, but they’re infinitely less annoying and more entertaining.

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100 Responses to Cerrie Burnell: When Parents Need To Grow Up

  1. Lorrie says:

    Cerrie Burnells. I sincerely hope you continue in the television presenting career. Regarding the adverse comments on this topic – I feel ashamed to be a member of the human race – those \’people\’ are nothing short of a disgrace to mankind.

  2. Deryn says:

    Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with someone with a physical disability presenting a childs show. Why are some people so narrow-mided when it comes to reality. Children need to see people who are \’diferent\’ so they dont feel strange or awkward about it in the future.

  3. claire says:

    I can do nothing more than agree with all the comments posted thus far. My four-year old did notice Cerrie\’s arm and wanted to know why it was \’little\’. No fear, just natural curiosity….the same she expressed when she came home from her nursery-school friend, Rashi\’s, house and asked: "Why are Rashi and all her family brown?" Children are bound to ask questions about people who aren\’t exactly the same as them and it\’s our duty as parents to explain those differences. After all, it would be a pretty dull world if we all looked the same, wouldn\’t it?

  4. Joanna says:

    Jo wrote what am amazing Woman who through no fault of her own has a Disability but it has not stopped her. Parents should be inspired and encourage their Children that even though people have disabilities it shoulnt stop them doing what they want to in life. In our Household we have a 3,5, and 8 year old they have just seen a DVD of a guy who has no arms and legs. He has the most amazing story and he carries on in life and has addapted his house so he can live a full life . I am afraid this is the World we live in Parents cannot shelter their Children from he fact that some people are made different but Educate their Children to have a good and caring attitude. If you ask me its more like the Parents cant deal with it. I feel the future will be bright for Cerrie and give other parents who have Children with Disabilities encouragement. Look at Mr Tumble working with all the Children will parents say next that its scaring their Children, I think he is an amazing communicater and a great man.

  5. barry says:

    Hi All 1st of all i would like to say im not the small minded barry who wrote that comment and just had to pop on to say i watch cbeebies with my grandson i i be honest i never even noticed her disability. I think never noticed as its not important and she far to pretty to look at to see things like that. i really think people should stop judging other by looks and everyother way they can to find fault this girl is wonderful and should stand tall and be proud

  6. Gwen says:

    Hi, i too have a disability and use a wheelchair. I feel it maybe the parents with the problem not the children, yeah of cause children are inquisitive its only natural but if an adult explains as much as they can then will children usually except it. At the end of he day no one is perfect.

  7. Kathryn says:

    I was horrified to hear that some parents have complained about the new presenter of Cbeebies "frightening" their childrenLets just sterotype these parents for a minute and see hiow they like – I bet anyone a million quid they are some full time working toffee nosed home counties snobs who drive their little darlings to nursery in their range rovers and never even see their children. I pity these poor children. My 3 year old watches the programme and hasn\’t even noticed anything different. And to conclude if she did I would explain to her in a sensible manner.

  8. Elle says:

    She is entitled to be doing her job and the parents that complain are shallow and don\’t care about her feelings. Do you think she wanted to be born without an arm? I have a child of three years old and she just said theres a new presenter.None noticed

  9. Leigh-Ann says:

    Hi I am a DOUBLE AMPUTEE and so i am obvioulsy wheelchair bound!! I have a son who is 1 and I will when he is old enough to understand explain that some people are different! When I heard about the complaints small minded people were making regarding cerrie i was absolutley mortified I remember saying to my partner when i first noticed cerrie on cbeebies that I thought it was brilliant that they had employed her thinking it would give children and wider knowledge about disability. the first comment i read on your blog just now about hiring someone with no legs really hurts me. Does it mean that i shouldnt have a had a baby because i have no legs. if parents cant be bothered to explain to there children about disability or answer a few awkward questions which is all a part of parenting and explain that some people are just different then they are the ones that shouldnt have children. I can go into town sometimes and some children stare which is fine some childen ask " where are your legs" and i will explain to them that when i was younger i was run over by a nasty man so to not run across roads or be silly near roads (but for the record tho we werent being silly we were simply walking home when a drunk driver ploughed into us) but thats dosnt matter it helps to be able to explain it in a way they will understand. other children however say "ergh she has no legs mummy" which most of the time i just ignore but sometimes i think why cant parents make there children aware of disabilty every child is going to come across it sooner or later so to avod these awkward questions explain to them when they first ask then they will accept it before the embarresment of ushering them way and telling them of for just being inquiuzative. I am sorry if i seem to be babbling but i feel so strongly about this and it has angered me beyond belief. thank you for listening. A very angry disabled mum

  10. Leah -Ace- says:

    Wow. I mean, seriously, wow. How on EARTH can anyone ever be so stupid and say that a woman with a missing hand would scare their children. It is shocking and it actually sickens me. When I was younger and in church, I once asked my mam why a lady was in "that weird chair thing". I wasn\’t being rude, you understand, I merely didn\’t know what a wheelcahir was. I was about five at the time. My mam said to me that "that lady is in that chair because her legs can\’t work." I asked my mam why that was, and she said that "not everyone is born the same, we are all different. That lady may not be able to use her legs, but she is not at all different to you or me." I was never scared, I was only curious and I wanted to know what was going on around me. My mam never complained about going to a church that had people with special needs going to it or people who were disabled. One of my best friends in church is deaf, but him and I get on great. We made friends when we were both nine, and he told me he couldn\’t hear what I was saying, but he could tell if I was happy because of my smile. I love him to death, I really do, and to think that people would say that since he couldn\’t hear he must have scared me is scary in itself.I think that people today really need to wise up, and stop being so narrow minded. As some people know, I\’m from Northern Ireland. Once, my sister and her friends went to London for a weekend break. It was spoiled because her and her friends were talking outside a shop, and somebody walked up and called them "paddies who are probably members of the I.R.A." I am not saying that all people would act like this, I am just saying that some do and those that do need to learn that words can hurt.

  11. Susan says:

    Hi all. i have a son that is nearly 3 and a daughter that is 6months cbeebies is on my telly all day every day and my son is very very inquisitive! he has never questioned or even noticed that cerrie has a disabillity. No wonder there is so much bullying in schools parents are the ones that are teaching their children to notice and prey on people with disabilities it doesnt change the person that she is at all so why take her off the telly if parents stopped making such a big deal of it the kids probably wouldnt notice, everyone is born different that makes us who we are. People need to stop being so narrow minded and pathetic.

  12. pamela says:

    shocked that the Mcmaster children are watching TV "all day and every day". What about talking to them, playing with them, taking them for walks, socialising with other children, Susan? Am otherwise in complete agreement withg her regarding people with disabilities. I\’ve brought up a disablked Grandson – mostly a woncderful experience……………..Pam K

  13. Unknown says:

    I am appalled at the way people percieve people with disabilities, surely if it was them or their children they would be outraged. My 3 year old watches cbeebies and has never noticed cerris disability. I don\’t see a problem with this and have now solved the answer as to where all the arrogant people come from. Its breed into the younger population by arrogant parents, i say good on cerrie for working and not sponging of the goverment like most of the who watch tv all day must do.

  14. Unknown says:

    I am sorry but I need to lower myself to the level of these people above as this is the language that they understand. I must say that I would sooner have a beautiful heart and face and be missing a hand as is Ms Burnell than I would be as \’ugly\’ as you under developed critics.

  15. Aleczandra says:

    It\’s disgusting that people would complain! She didnt choose to be born with one hand! THEY ARE IGNORANT AND STUPID! If its frightening kids tell the kids to "GET OVER IT SOME PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT!" gods sake i hate people like that!she is a great presenter and even if she has got a missing hand that doesnt make her ugly. she has a pretty face! if she loses her job over this i swear i will bite the bbc people! its fantastic that she has the confidence to be filmed daily on tv like that! GO CERRIE BURNELL! I SUPPORT YOU 100000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Clair says:

    My daughter hasn\’t noticed Cerrie is visually any different, and to be honest, it was a few dys before I did. What\’s more, I didn\’t think anything of it until reading all of this. If she\’s a good presenter, and is on the kids level, then she\’s perfect for the job. End of chat.

  17. Rebecca says:

    These people make me sick, my mum was born with one arm exactly like Cerrie and works in a school with hundreds of kids. Not one kid in over 10 years has EVER been afraid of her arm, not one of mine or my brothers friends as we were growing up absolutely none. Why on earth would these people think it would scare a child? As a teacher you realise that instead of adults pretending not to notice a difference kids will generally ask about it. The children my mum works with is just ask why its like it is and once she explains thats it they don\’t care. They\’re not at all bothered about it and these are children as small as 3. It really makes me mad, should people like my mum not teach because she was born like that incase she scares the kids? I don\’t even see it as a disability as my mum can do anything anybody else can so why should presenting a tv show be any different? I hate small minded people and i wonder actually how many of these peoples children would actually be bothered anyway?

  18. eileen says:

    when my daughter was 4 & started school a boy who was in her class could\’nt speak clearly & had some scaring on his face, other kids was calling him names my daughter ask why i explained, when he was born he had no top lip, no roof in his mouth so he had to have a lot of operations and he is having speech therapy so he can talk, she excepted the explanation made friends with him and told the kids what i told her, and the lad came on a bungle he was very intelligent. are the small minded people who complained about Cerrie not intelligent enough to explain to their children. Well done Cerrie kept up the good work the majority are all for you & don\’t cover it up just because someone said so.

  19. kate says:

    I don\’t even know why there has been so much discussion about this !! Cerrie is doing a great job. People must have nothing better to do than to put her down!!! My son has disabilities and I hope when he is older he is out there doing something he loves !! I thought this was ment to be a society with equal oportunities clearly its not!! when you have small narrow minded people all i can say is that i feel sorry for those kids what kind of up bringing are they having!! its the parents that need to grow up and get a life!!

  20. samuel says:

    I dont actually watch ceebebies as i am to old (13 by the way) but i was browsing on the internet and i though wat a stupid argument. When i was little i went to a church in porth. In porth there was one boy aged 15 who was born without any limbs. I remember looking at the boy and thinking, how does he write? i know its stupid but i was like 5. I never for one moment thought he was scary, just strange. When i asked my mum she sed he was born without them by accident, not because he was bad. She also told me not to stare. After that i always felt sorry for him and never looked at him as if he was weird, just different. A while after that i moved to penrhys and the school specialisd in \’specail needs\’ kids. I was never afraid and the children in the nursery school next to us would play with the \’Special needs\’ and not be scared. So why all this fuss. It doesn\’t look ugly or scary. If shes good at her job what does it matter. shes probably better than some of the \’normal\’ presenters. Kids need to see different people so they aren\’t so called \’afraid\’. What i want to know is, are the kids afraid?, or are the parents afraid to explian why some people are different. As a cartoon once sed, your not handicapped but handicapable.Ill back you Cerrie Burnell 100%Stupid pea brained parents! :@samuel aged 13

  21. James says:

    Mr Lionel Candsworth, if you disagree this strongly with how your television license is spent then i suggest you don\’t watch it you obnoxious prejudicial twat.On a separate note I am fascinated as to how your children are going to turn out.

  22. terrie says:

    my three and four year old granddaughters watch cbeebies avidly and when Cerrie first appeared she noticed almost immediatly and asked why the lady didn\’t have another hand their mum explained that that was the way she was born at which the four year old thought for a while and then said" shes special cos she has to do every thing with one hand thats clever" not exactly scared !!

  23. colleen says:

    i would just like to comment on these narrow minded people, then again it might be better if i dont. I have a son who has the same disability as cerrie he will be 4 years old in April, from cerrie started presenting CBeebies he loves to see her ,she would be one of the only people he gets to see with the same disability. i think it is great that cerrie is on tv giving younger people with same disability some much needed confidence as i its hard for children. i think cerrie is amazing and i would like to thank her for boosting my childs confidence…. thank you Cerrie 100% respectcolleen mc dermottderry city

  24. xxPippaxx says:

    What a society we are breeding! I beleive its not the kids who are fearfull, but the parents. The parents are scared that they might have to face a fact of life before THEY are ready. We would all be suprised to know how resistant children are, fear doesnt come into most things with children, hence why the dont see danger as clearly. Bringing your childr up ignoring disability or simply avoiding the subject will only do them harm. Is it any wonder these day why everything from teen pregnancey to drugs and crime are all on the up when parents are don\’t want to \’scare their children\’ Prehaps if Joe Bloggs scared his daughter a bit more she wouldnt be a heroin addict and have 3 kids at 17!!!

  25. Rach says:

    My five year old son asked me \’ why does that lady not have a hand?\’ he wasnt scared or distressed and I explained with one sentence \’ maybe she was born like that or she might have lost it in an accident\’ my son replied \’ oh\’ and went back to playing and watching tv. Not difficult to explain at all unless you are rude and small minded and enjoy making fun of other\’s disabilites with the smug \’ Oh look at me I was born perfect\’ The next time she came on my son said \’ Oh look Mummy heres that lady again with the broken arm\’ that was it. The people complaining may like to think how they would feel if they lost an arm in a car accident or something, would they then have their kids adopted in case it was too scary for them to see their parents with one arm missing?

  26. beki says:

    cbeebies are one of very few channels to show people with disabilities and i think its great that they do it shows both adults and children that everyone is different its just a shame that those ignorant morons that complained about cerrie dont take more notice of that and see past her "disability" and explain to their children that some people are born that way or have had an accident but no they would much rather their children grow to be as small minded and arrogant as they are. my four year old son watches cbeebies and has never noticed anything different about cerrie, it was a good week before i even noticed and if he had i would have explained to him like i did when he asked me why a lady had wheels on her chair and i simply explained that she had poorly legs and couldnt walk so she used the chair instead of her legs so maybe when he felt like complaining about his legs not working (at the time he would say his legs wouldnt work to get out of walking or putting toys away etc) he would think how lucky he is to be able to use his legs because there are people that cant and he excepted that and hasnt said his legs wont work ever since but unfortunatly there are parents who must really underestimate their children. i mean just for arguments sake you wouldnt complain to a supermarket because of a disabled person working there would you? and this is no different. what i dont understand and no its not because i have a problem with it is why people have complained about cerrie working there because she only has one hand but not about the woman who plays penny in balamory (on the same channel might i add) being in a wheelchair? its just shallow mindedness from people that are obviously more concerned with appearance than they are with other peoples felings. i imagine these so called parents are among those you see allowing their children to make rude and or nasty comments to people in the street. they need to get down off their high horses and take a good look around and realise that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME and help their children to see that too. cerrie is good at the job she does so why criticise her n complain about something that she had NO CONTROL over. how would you bunch of muppets like it if say you or even one of your children were born with something wrong* and had to suffer put downs from arrogant people like yourself you wouldnt like it because you cant stop a person from being BORN with or without problems. i really feel for your children having such pig headed parents*not sayin theres a right way to be born but hopefully you get my meaning

  27. Rebecca says:

    I was disgusted to read that people are complaining about a TV presenter who has a disability. I grew up with a girl who had exactly the same condition and went on to become a gold medal winning Olympic swimmer! The whole country cheered her on and she has never been told to hide her arm because it frightens kids. It never frightened me just made me curious as to why she was different! These are the kind of small minded arrogant people who blight the lives of others just trying to get on with theirs. I sincerley hope that no one close to them ever has the misfortune to lose a limb or have any kind of disability – because then they will really see how hurtful and damaging the comments they made are. Rebecca – Leicestershire

  28. JANINE says:

    I\’d like to congratulate cerrie on actually managing to become a childrens tv presenter for the bbc! in the firs place let alone 1 with a sterotypical disability!! I can remember asking my dad when i was a child why 1 of his friends had only 1 hand and that 1 wasn\’t so called normal like my own, and he gave me the same simple easy to digest information as yourself. Also does anyone remember that in the 80s on channel 4 morning time tv on saturdays was actually dedicated to deaf children and children with dissabilities! was there this much complaining back then? i wonder. All these people show is just how little regard they have for the differences around the world as a whole, and the differences of all people, do they not think that if we were all as perfect as they clearly must be then the world would actually be a perfedtly boring place to be? and why should she be aked to cover her arm? wold we ask someone to cover their face becuse their nose is croocked? I think not, they need to grow up and take a look at themselves,their views and opionions and ask themselves what lessons in life are they actually teaching their little darlings!! as my litte girl said to me because i was about to kill a bee, \’no don\’t kill the bee mummy! bees have feelings too! just because we don\’t hear them doesn\’t mean they don\’t have any!\’ which she learnt from BEE MOVIE which i feel she made a valid point, but does their attitude mean films with hidden messages like BEE MOVIE should also be banned from our little angels?

  29. Darren says:

    I have to admit when I saw the program and presenter concerned it didn\’t cross my mind that anything was wrong at all, my neices and nephews whom I was watching the programme with didn\’t seem to notice anything wrong either. Their ages? 1 year old, 4 year old, oh and an 11 year old who for some reason was really wanting to watch the prgramme. I think he\’s got a crush on Cerrie to tell you the truth. But what I don\’t understand is all the bruhaha about the presenter? Perhaps I\’m just unable to grasp the supposed probelm?

  30. dawn says:

    after watching the program with my 2 year old it was nice to see a bit of real life portraid on the childrens tv programs i was absolutly discusted with some of the comments on here, this is real life and children need to be aware of the diffren people in the real world, the bbc are doin a great job of opening childrens eyes to both diffrent cultures and diffrent back grounds, one of my sons fav programs is mr tumble ( aka justin ) who does many programs for the BBC and i was very inpressed when he was showing children with diffrent disabilities, showng my child that if people are diffrent doesnt mean there scary or should be avoided, Cerrie does a fantasic job as a childrens TV presenter and i hope the bbc do not listen to so called worried parents and maybe do a program to teach these small minded parents that every one on this planet is equal and diserves the same options. and just for them very few small minded people who think there kids are goin to get scared because carrie is diffrent you may want to look into the discrimination against disabilitie act, as your children will run into may people just like Cerrie, so i think you should Thank Cerrie for opening your childs eyes in a medium that your child understands and is comfy with, I hope to see much more of Cerrie if not my son will be very disappointed

  31. Daniel says:

    While in the military I suffered injuries while serving in active duty. Since my injuries are internal and can\’t be seen, some adults often make rude comments to me about parking in a handicapped parking space or else they leave threatening letters on the windshield of my car even though I have been issued a handicapped placard. The lesson that Cerrie Burnell shows children is that we all have something different about us, and that it is ok for people to be different, or to be handicapped because everyone can still accomplish anything they put their minds to if they are given the chance. Everyone has something positive to add to society just take one look at the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. Fortunately, most of the kids who watch Burnell’s program are mature enough not bothered by a slight physical difference, which is something that some adults that I have encountered, and the parents who are upset with this program still have yet to learn.

  32. tracy says:

    I just can\’t believe how small and little minded these people are, my son too was born with no hand and it is far from scary to any of his cousins who are all ranging from 2 to 10, so no I strongly disagree that there is anything frightening about my son or Ms Burnell\’s arms. I think it is very lucky for you people to have children with no sign of disability but God help you if this comes back to bite you on the bum, don\’t forget there is always grandchildren etc and God forbid but I didn\’t do anything wrong in pregnancy, I couldn\’t have helped what happened to my son, the docs still don\’t know what caused it so it could happen anyone.

  33. ali says:

    I had my comment read out on South East Today when it all broke, and I\’ll say the same again:It\’s the parents that have the problem with this lady, not the children themselves, they don\’t like to see someone different on TV, they think they should have 2 eyes, 2 legs, 2 arms and a big wide smile, but reality isn\’t like that, the BBC have done the right thing, it highlights 2 things: it might give others (unless of course it might actaully put them off because of the negitive press, but then I don\’t think it has been to negitive anyone I have spoken to have all agreed it\’s total rubbish!), that might be disabled the kick they wanted to stand up and say "yes! I want to do something with my life" and the other, it still shows there are idiots out there that should shut up and realise everyone in this life deserves a chance, the same as an ablebodied person.My three boys arn\’t scared of her, why should they be, yes of course you do look when you first see her, because it isn\’t something you see on TV, but then that last all of three seconds and then you just think "good on her, good on BBC"!!

  34. ali says:

    also I would like to say to these parents, what do you do when walking down the street and see a disabled person, do you dash your child away? push them into the nearest bush?. If these children are so scared then maybe it\’s time they did go out in the world, instead of sitting in front of the tweenies all day, but then off course they wouldn\’t be now would they because thats on cbeebies isn\’t it, and you probably don\’t let your child watch it now because of the \’scary lady\’. ooh I am all ranty now.

  35. cutiepiecat2006 says:

    Its so nice to read some of your comments on here and see that there are actually some people in the world that realize children are going to see others with disablities. why on earth concerned mum seems to think making cerrie cover her arm would make her arm any different from a child point of view is beyond me.i have no problems at all with cerrie,she seems a lovely young lady-very pleasant to watch and a joy to see when there are so many men on cbbies.

  36. cutiepiecat2006 says:

    also i think we should applaud her for getting the job in first place cos you can bet she had to work ten times hard than anyone else to prove she is able to do what she does.you sad pathetic people that want her banned should be ashamed of your selves,your obviously not living in the real world and i pitty your children i really do.

  37. ella says:

    everyone should be equal,no matter what they are like,I myself had a motorcycle accident and now walk with a crutch and I still get stares all the time as though I had horns or something, the ones who object to anyone not like themselves, are insecure and are also idiots.

  38. shona says:

    i have an 11 year old daughter and a two year old son neither of who see any one with any form of disability any different from them selves. i ask the narrow minded parents out there who feel there children should be protected from such images what would you do if a child started in your little angels class with such a disability? becaus eit may just happen. My eldest daughter had a girl with cerebal palsy in her class and she was one of the lovliest brightest children in the school. she is now in main stream high school. Instead of putting your own prejudices on your children allow them to make up their own minds about teh presenter. And please grow up, this isnt teh school yard of the 70s or 80s!!

  39. charlotte says:

    I don\’t have a problem with her disability, my son who is 2 hasn\’t even noticed. I work in the care industry and will explain about disability when my son asks.What bothers me is she seems to lack charisma, as does the man she presents with, he is equally dull. I just don\’t like her as a presenter. Having said that she is not as patronising as the woman they had before who is on green balloon club or whatever its called.

  40. margaret says:

    this is terrible what is the girl supposed to do just shut herself away from the public she has every right to be on childrens t\’v regardless of her disabillty she.s a pretty girl with a good personality it\’s these ignorant people that have the worse disability for having no brains and plenty of ignorance

  41. Unknown says:

    I read this article to my 7 year old daughter, her response was, do the children become scared if they watch Dr Who when he loses his hand and regenerates/grows a new hand. I believe this sayys it all. And this from a 7 year old, sometimes adultsneed to take a leaf from their childrens book.

  42. Calandra says:

    What a fantastic blog on the narrow-mindedness of, what I hope to be, the minority. Children must learn to accept diversity in all forms as soon as possible in order to create a well balanced and accepting society for the future. I am utterly astounded and hugely disappointed that parents still feel it is ok to feel and express such obvious and oblivious bigotry. I dread to think how their children will develop in to if they follow in their parents footsteps. Children are exposed to worse on the average computer game.Thankyou for writting an article that helped to open my eyes to what it means to be a good parent, and what it does\’nt. Calandra,23.Suffolk

  43. anne marie says:

    I think anyone who cannot accept diversity or the fact that people are different in some ways are the ones who are truly disabled.

  44. Lynn says:

    lynn gibson- I read with horror the comments made around Cerrie Burnell. I wonder if any of those that are so shallow to even comment have stopped to think that this time tomorrow anyone of them or their children could loose a limb, in any number of ways and then would the same rules apply. Hide their children away,dont want to frighten anyone, its ok to be disabled….. just dont show us the disability. I am truly truly horrified that these people are supposed to be members of the British Public…….. they should hang their heads in shame. May God forgive them!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Rebekah says:

    I,m sorry. I happen to think that Cerrie is a fantastic presenter. My children think that she is great, and not one of them has been upset or scared by Cerrie\’s disability. Those people that want to hide disabilities from their children should hide themselves instead. They are the ones that cause children to be afraid of people that have differences, they are the ones that cause children to become predujiced bullies towards those with problems. Have these people watched the programs on cbeebies. there are people with disabilities in other programs. Do they want them removed as well? I think they should realise that their children are not frightened or put off. THEY are.

  46. Ulrika says:

    My daughter only noticed Cerrie\’s disability the other day, I hadn\’t noticed at all until she said something. She said \’Mummy, look! The lady has a funny arm. She doesn\’t have a hand", just a statement of fact. And I went "Wow, you\’re right" and that was about the whole of it. When I saw your blog today I was shocked to see that this tiny part of what makes up this woman has become such an issue for some people. She\’s a funny, talented individual who\’s obviously very good at what she does and how some have seen fit to let that be overshadowed by a part of her body not being like most people\’s is simply beyond me. A lot of children will watch tv shows and be exposed to things in their life that surpass the trauma these frankly horrid narrow-minded idiots are baying about hundreds of times over. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  47. Michele says:

    I have been reading and listening to the comments made recently about Cerrie Burnell. What a lot of narrow minded people there are in the world, children accept what they are told. Yes they are naturally curious and will ask questions, thats how they learn but all you have to say is she was born with only one hand just as some people are born white, black, deaf, blind, etc. As they grow up these children will encounter other disabled people in wheelchairs etc. how can these parents ensure there are no disabled children in the schools their children will one day attend How are these parents going to explain that or are they going to insist that these pupils are taught somewhere else.Come on parents, stop being so narrow-minded and accept that not everyone is the same in this life and children learn by example, lets show them a good example and keep Cerrie on cbeebies.

  48. Bev says:

    I think its absolutely disgusting,the responces of these so called "adults",i think it shows the ignorant,uneducated attitudes many parents have in this country,sadly these attitudes are usually passed on to their children.I wonder if they would be so quick to make the same comments if either themselvs or a family member had the same disability.How can children learn,about disability if parents are so narrow minded.My son was more concerned why he doesnt see more people with disabilities on childrens tv.

  49. Cathy says:

    Here Here!!!! I was…and am still… for want of a better word \’gobsmacked\’ at the absolute and utter bigotry wih regards to Cerrie Burnells arm. I refuse to call it a disability as it clearly isn\’t. She appears to be fabulously abled thank you very much and she is a very sweet presenter. My little girl thinks her and Alex are great… in fact the only thing she was upset about was losing Hugo Monkey (parents will understand that one). So… BBC ticking all the correct boxes eh? Well… I wonder how many white children ask why Sid is black and many black and white and Asian children asked why Pui was Chinese and what Chinese actually is… oh and why Andy os so tall… and why Sarah Jane is so small, oh yeah… and why Chris was errr obviously gay! [Thinking to self… well, yes there are a good few boxes ticked… which is a bloody good thing if you ask me! The world is not made up purely of white, corn bred bigots! Or have I been wrong all these years? Perhaps so! Scary!!] I believe there have been a few \’minorites\’ left out… I have a suggestion which may make all these hideously shallow, mindless morons very happy… how about the Beeb employ a nice skinhead member of the BNP… and maybe have guest slots from the KKK… they could even consider a couple of members of Al Qaeda, the IRA, a couple of football hooligans and any other extremist groups they could muster up to create a series aimed at the poor, doomed offspring of these tiny minded neanderthals.I am so depressed to have realised that my imaginings of a civilised, grown up and accepting society have turned out to be just that… a total illusion. Where, in this day and age, can people become so unaccepting and awful?I have yet to meet a child who has ever been scared of ANY difference in another individual… children generally find difference exciting, fascinating and interesting… even societys\’ \’not so attractive differences\’ i.e scarring or disfigurement. It is purely the parents/carers/families and friends\’ influence that changes their perceptions!Cathy – Child counsellor and psychologist

  50. Cathy says:

    P.S… the only issue I have to admit to having is how come Cerrie gets to look so damned stunning having had a baby 4 months ago and holding down a full time job AND not looking like some harassed bag lady from hell – which is what I look like NINETEEN months down the line and I only work 2 days a week! I gotta say… that really shouldn\’t be allowed [I feel like such a failure!].Hehehehe! Joke! But seriously… get the point? Who agrees with that one? I definately think she is in the minority with looking so amazing being such a new mum. Lol!You go girl!

  51. Pauline says:

    I look after my grandchildren a couple of days a week, and C-Beebies is on all the time!!!When Cerrie first appeared as a presenter … I wondered how long it would take before the children mentioned her disability.In fact, it was about two weeks later (and they are very quick and observant children) when my little 3-year old grandson asked what was wrong with the lady\’s arm. I simply told him that when she was a new baby – one of her arms was a bit short and did not have a hand on it … and that some people might look a little bit different, but can still do things that we can do.That was it!!! He carried on enjoying watching, and nothing more said!!!The children don\’t have the problem here … it\’s the adults who can\’t handle it!!! Children can teach us a lot!!!

  52. Crystal says:

    Oh for god sake dont people have anything else to talk about other than this, there are more important things going on in the world, this is not an issue at all, i grew up with a little girl next door to me who was born with half an arm, i have no problems it\’s a fact of life that not everything happends as it\’s ment to. As an ex childminder and special school assistant, i have just about seen most disabilities and this is not a disability, she can , walk, talk, write hell she even had a baby – and guess what so does most other woman who have full arms so how does this make her any different???? – it doesnt. At a guess it\’s uneducated people who are disputing her work and that makes them narrow minded and shallow, they should be showing their children that its ok to be different in this day and age. Otherwise what is the point in having equal oppotunities, if they stop her working does that mean we have to go back to igoring the gay community or stop mums from working, i think all hell will break loose if that happends. People should grow up and accept change in our world, my kids certainly love watching her on C-Beebies and all they\’ve said is she\’s different mummy and i said yes she is, they watched some more and said afterwards mummy her arm is shorter and i said yes then they asked why an i explained what happened and that she could have a plastic arm if she wanted but it\’s her choice i she does or doesnt, and they are fine with it. I think she should sue for unfair dismisal if she\’s sacked

  53. Trudy says:

    I cant believe there is so much uproar about Cerrie being on the TV!At the eof the day she is a human being trying to support her family just like thest of us,its just that her job is a presenter!When i was at school(about the same age as Cbeebies viewers)there was a boy in a wheelchair and a girl who only had one eye due to a growth on her face that had been removed,im sure at the time there were questions asked but there was never a problem!I think the people who have complained about Cerrie being on TV should take a good look at there own lives and they will soon find that they themselves are far from perfect

  54. Flufy says:

    Oh my god!!! My daughter is disabled and if anyone talked about her in tat way I would go for their throats!!!! My child has a Tracheostomy – a tube in her throat. She attends mainstream school and youknow what? All of the other kids really don\’t give a crap about it. As faras they are concerned she is a normal little girl. She is their friend. They don\’t bat an eyelid and they certainly dont have bad dreams about it. Where Cerrie is concerned, I dont think she was is a brilliant choice to take over from Chris and Pui because they were such HUGE characters. Cerrie is very sedate for childrens tv, but that has nothing to do with her arm. In fact I feel the same about the new bloke.The comments above at totally disgusting. How can they write such trash. Are they so perfect that nothing they do would ever upset a child?? I doubt it.

  55. janine says:

    I\’ve just sat here and read through the above several times, ok, i have a total of 4 children the youngest 2 being jus 3 and 4 yrs, and they watch cbeebies from dawn til dusk, even the repeats…lol, my eldest girl who is 4 has asked me what happened to cerries arm, to which my reply was i think she hurt her arm when she was a little girl, as at that point i didn\’t know the situation, since then neither of the girls ask questions about it and they are DEFINATLEY NOT frightened by her, these parents who have complained i feel are hiding behind their children….its the adults who have the problem with disabled people not young innocent children, who until their parents tell them do not understand disability. as far as i\’m concerned i hope cerrie can put these small minded people out of mind and keep doing the excellent job she is doing on cbeebies….

  56. Angela says:

    All I can say is wow wow and wow again When I first heard of the disagreement about Cerrie, I wondered what the fuss was all about, till I actually looked I mean properly looked at the programme. You see it\’s on all day every day from Sunday afternoon till Friday lunchtimes. (except when my two little angels are in bed of course). I remember sitting there thinking I\’ll be damned! Is that it? All that fuss and palarva over this young and pretty girl having one arm? I\’m still in shock! My little angels go to a toddler group with disabled children there. They have seen different forms of disability already. They are two years old and it doesn\’t faze them so why should it faze anyone else I ask myself? The only answer I could find in my fifty years of living on this planet is that those who question it are scared because they had sheltered lives. (And yes I am being kind). Other than that they need to GROW UP!!!!!

  57. Tracy says:

    I really dont see what the problem is with Cerrie, Im woken up most mornings by my 2 year old son saying "mummy, beebies" Like I say my son is 2 and is probably a bit too young to understand, but I really dont get why these narrow minded people are making such a big fuss about cerries arm, at the end of the day she is a great kids TV presenter as are the other cbeebies presenters, I would like to think that my son will grow up without prejudice against anyone and me being his mum will have a big part in him doing that! there probably will come a time when my son asks questions, not because he is scared by it, but because he is a child and children ask questions (lots of them) thats how they learn! If these children whose parents felt the need to complain are frightened by cerries arm, it just makes you wonder what rubbish these parents are telling them in the first place!

  58. Kirsty says:

    It isn\’t the kids it\’s bothering, it\’s the narrow-minded parents. Kids don\’t even notice these things, and if they did, it doesn\’t bother them. My son loves Cbeebies, and he loves Cerrie. He has never mentioned that she has only got one arm, and it certainly does not frighten him. The people who have complained about it to the BBC are absolutely pathetic. So she has one arm – it\’s not like she is on a kids programme naked and swearing – that I would have a problem with!I think Cerrie is fantastic – probably the best presenter on Cbeebies. Well done Cerrie for showing that disability means you can lead a perfectly normal life. Good luck to you!!

  59. ricky says:

    the parents need to grow up the wreckon all this is bad for the kids some people are born with disibility proplems its just nature what would they do if their child was born disabled get rid of it cos they dont like the child its not their fault they have something wrong with them like i said its just nature the parents need to grow up and srt their selves out their just scared of people with proplems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Rosalyn says:

    I think this is rediculous do you all want your kids to grow up little clones of yous who obviously have nothing better to do than put a person out of work or force her to a job she doesnt want to do even though shes probably put lots of years of training and education into her carear.Not like some people who just sit on there backsides and do nothing and I\’msure you would all have plenty to say if this women was doing that claiming disability money . But no shes gone out there trained and tried to make something of her life and now has people like you all going on llike this . I have 3 children and I would never dream of sheltering my childen from disability you never know what is round the corner. I have a cousin that wasin a serious car accident and is now in a wheelchar can hardly speak can do very little for herself and has to have 3 full time carers , she herself has 4 children who were just baabies when the accident happened and now have to deal with a disabled mother but as neither ofus ahve ever shielded our children from any disability they cope and treat every one the same . How you all react if this happened to your family lock the person away in a hospital somewhere TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS get a grip in life there all kinds of people ans the job of a parent is to brig there kids up to respect other people no treat them like lepers just because there different. I t would be interesting to see how your kids grow up probably school bullies or the most insecure inividuals on the planet. I f people like you dont stop your nasty small mindedness thiscountry will go back to putting people in asylums just because limp or just look a bit different . yes a child will ask and they might even stare at someone different but isnt that life leave her alone to do her job and let your children understand that not everyone is the same. And i would just like to finish with you cant rule your childrens lives they ar little people who grow into adults and have to stand on there own two feet and really dont think your children will do that with parents like yous the job of a parent is to guide , educate ,advise ,love and yes protect but not against someone who looks different there are real dangers out in tis big bad world we live in . its not like it\’s catching for god sake I hope for your childrens sake you never have to deal with any tradgedy in your lives . I wonder what yous would do if the childrens grand parents were to have a stroke or something that made them look different , lock them away so the children dont see them . Think about what you are saying it is really small minded and yes bullying.Call yourselves parents…

  61. Nicky says:

    Thank you, Editor Coops!!! Not only for pointing out the appalling nature of the remarks concerning the pretty new CBeebies presenter, but also for reinforcing my own horror at the (apparent) appalling standard of written English in most of these odious blog postings…I wish I were a better person who could say they didn\’t do a double-take when I first saw Cerrie on CBeebies (I do have a two year-old, by the way), but I for one was only initially surprised, followed by a bout of self-castigation, then mental cheering and applause for the fact that she isn\’t hidden away in an editing room somewhere… This lady is clearly very talented and should be treated the same way as any other presenter! My very bright little girl didn\’t bat an eyelid whilst first watching her (nor has she subsequently). I remember only too well the only "reactions" in my own family when I was young, with regards to people with a different aspect (be it race or disability) were questions, to which very simple answers could have been provided without bias…How can we ever expect our children to grow up and perpetuate a more rounded understanding that no-one in this world is perfect if we keep on treating people who don\’t "look normal" like a scourge on society or freaks??I am appalled that parents are insinuating that this young lady could frighten their children – it is not she, but their astoundingly ignorant and base opinions that will be the more frightening!!Well, that\’s got it off my chest – thank you again for the blog – I love it!

  62. Allison says:

    Why shouldn\’t Kerrie have the job as a childrens presenter. Those who think she frightens children because of her disability really do need to grow up and open their eyes. I have three children and none of them are frightened of her. My two eldest have been to school with disabled children and have learnt to accept that some people are different but have every right to live life like the rest of us, and have the job they like. As for covering her disablity up – why should she. That\’s like saying she\’s ashamed of the disability. She doesn\’t flaunt it. Keep up the good work Kerrie. I myself have what can only be described as a whole in my arm. Children often ask what it is and why its there. I\’ve never come across any that have been frightened of me because of it. During the summer i don\’t cover up. If i want to wear short sleeves i do. And why not. These parents that are saying these nasty things want to think about if anything should happen to them or someone they know are they going to cover up. I think not! People would be expected to accept it. It doesn\’t alter the person you are. Every one should be treated the same whether they have two hands or one (or any disabilty). If parents explain things properly to children who ask questions, they accept what they are told. Most children are frightened because of what there parents have told them. So come on don\’t push your fears and negative nasty opinions on them. Let them learn to accept that some people are different, and explain things to them.

  63. tracey says:

    i have 4 children under 7, and not one of them batted an eyelid at Cerrie\’s so called disability, its the parents who have a problem, and by the way shes got a four month old??? how come she looks so fab? not fair! i still look like a right old trog 18 months on from the last one!

  64. Lucie says:

    I am astounded by the attitude of these narrow minded bigots who criticise Cerrie\’s appearance on CBeebies. I thought (hoped) that these attitudes had died out in the last 20 years. How would they feel if they, or a loved one, lost a limb? Would they still be offended? It is shallow, ignorant and abhorrent. It would be interestig to know of these same parents allow their children to swear or watch violent films – they sound moronic enough. This shows a total lack of respect – I cannot think of enough words to describe these brainless amoebas – actually that is insulting to amoebas. What about servicemen who have lost limbs fighting for our liberty and freedom of speech? Do they also warrant such stupidity. Grow up!

  65. Jean says:

    Truth be told the first thing I thought when I looked at Cerrie, was not that she had a missing arm but just how pretty she is. Give it a couple of mounths and all these silly people will have probably forgotten her. I just hope in turn we can forget them also.

  66. Caroline says:

    Thank you for posting so much common sense and sound thinking on this issue. Personally I havent seen Cerrie present because my children are older now but if she does a good job I am really happy for her that she has progressed in her career this far. Her ability to do that job well should be the only thing that counts here and whether the young children watching enjoy her filler sections. Children are naturally interested in all people they meet and I always tried to answer questions from mine honestly and with a little good humour. The only thing that really scared them (and me) were bad-minded, nasty people who spread negativity and intolerance.

  67. amy says:

    I have a four year old boy who is mad on cbeebies its all he ever wants to watch. Cerrie has been presenting on there for a while now and not once has Alfie so much as flinched nor has he asked about her. I think this is simply due to the fact that he accepts her as she is she is an individual not a mutent or a monster. In my opinion Cerrie is a beautiful young woman and an inspiration to anyone who looks different. She is also a fantastic childrens presenter. I hope these moronic bigots wake up and realise just how hurtful their words are and to all of them I say, just imagine she was your daughter.

  68. Tim says:

    My 3 year old daughter noticed straight away but she wasn\’t afraid of her in any way. I just explained to her that some people are born differently from others, or some people may have had an accident to cause arms and legs to be removed. She was curious, but in no means scared.

  69. Harri says:

    Children aren\’t born bigots they are made into them. Clearly all the parents who have such an "issue" with Cerrie\’s "disability" are doing their best to ensure that their children are raised properly – into the sort of people that think anyone who is slightly different from them should be locked away and kept out of sight. It\’s very sad. My 3 year old didn\’t even notice and when this ridiculous rubbish all started I asked him if he could see anything different about Cerrie and he said yes she only has one arm. And that was it!! No tears at bedtime, no midnight screaming, he couldn\’t care less. So, if our 2 and 3 year olds don\’t have a problem with it, why do some of the parents?? Obviously age does not improve some people!! Unfortunately part of our society being full of differences is that we have to deal with moronic people like that with their horrid bigoted views.Get over yourselves you sad small minded people there is a whole world out there so stop obsessing over something that you can\’t change and start changing something that you can – your narrow minded bigoted point of view. On another note entirely I have a 6 month old daughter and would kill to look like Cerrie does – I didn\’t even look that good before I had my daughter!! Now, that really is stressing me out, maybe I should write in and complain about the unfair pressure she is putting on new mums??!! Or, maybe I should just get myself to the gym and stop eating so much cake!! Good luck Cerrie hope you weather the storm, I\’m sure you will.

  70. amanda says:

    I for one have no problem with Cerrie, apart from the fact that she is flamin gorge and as said in previous posts look\’s very good after having a baby recently, my youngest is 20 months and i have a flubber belly. Cerrie isn\’t disadvantaged at all, she can do her job just as good as Pui or Chris. My daughter never reacted to Cerrie in horror or any type of revulsion at all, like the previous messages, when this started, I asked charlotte and Xander if the saw anything different about Cerrie, charlotte said she has one and a half arms ( this then scaled into a lengthy discussion on who chopped her arm off, was she poorly and doctors pulled it off ). I think Cerrie will be fine and if bosses take her off, I myself will complain, one thing I would have liked to seen, in the its all about Cerrie photos, was some photos of her with her arms on show, charlotte was curious if she had alwayhad one arm or two, so I dont think they should hide anything. I also need to stop eating cake and get to the gym, she looks too good to have a baby so young. good luck to Cerrie, you gorgeous skinny woman you, grrrrr lol

  71. Unknown says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting that there are such bigoted people in this world; I have a two year daughter who loves cbeebies. Cerrie doesn\’t scare her in the slightest. She is just curious to know why she doesn\’t have two arms like her. I explained that some people don\’t and she accepted this and went about her day as usual. To suggest that Cerrie would scare children is ridiculous. It is just people thinking that they know best. Political correctness gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Lucy says:

    I cannot believe that this is even an issue. I am absolutely gobsmacked! I can\’t begin to even grasp how someone would actually think that someone with a birth defect presenting a TV show is a problem – the response from these \’people\’ (I use the term very loosely) makes me sick. I was truly saddened reading the complaints, as I came to the realisation that people really do think like this. In my opinion it is the parents complaining who are scared, too scared to take two minutes to explain to their children that *shock horror* everybody\’s different. Nightmares indeed! Living with bigot parents like that is the only nightmare I can think of in this instance! These people need to cut the cord, unravel the cotton wool and step in to the real world. I think this article is very well written, I couldn\’t have put it better myself! I\’d love to look as good as Cerrie but like \’no name\’ and Harri Brown I favour cake to the gym!!! Go on Cerrie lass!! xxxx

  73. Helene says:

    I have a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son who love Cbeebies. They aren\’t bothered by Cerrie\’s arm one bit. The only thing that does bother them is that they want Chris and Pui back!!

  74. Michelle says:

    I am shocked by the negetive comments about this. Do these bigots want the days when people with disabilities were kept hidden and locked away???? Absoloute craziness.

  75. paula says:

    i think that more shows should have disabled presenters then this world will not be run by small minded, idiotic people. there is nothin wrong with cerrie showing her arm and my children asked what happened (they are 3 and 2 yrs old) an i told them they are very lucky children to have 2 workin arms an everyone is different ….. they just said ok mummy n it never bothered them again . i give my complete support to cerrie xxx miss paula money of s.wales

  76. Sharon says:

    Lol, political correctness gone barmy, as usual. I love how these stuck up parents are so bent in wrapping their kids up in cotton wool. I\’m just as much gladh common sense did prevail in this however. Last thing we need is the beeb officials bending to their wishes for fear of reprisals or some such utter crap. Protecting kids from a one armed lady indeed. I\’d hate to hear what they have to say when something more worrying pops up as their children grow. Like knives in school, drugs and gang culture for example. Oh, and I know what you mean about those public-safety adverts. I was born in the eighties, and specifically remember being nervous every time I saw the \’DANGER-Electricity\’ adverts as a kid. Was a sensible ad campaign though.

  77. For says:

    these \’parents\’ are pathetic.my 6 year old son can be very sensitive at times, but has never even asked why cerrie is different. my 2 1/2 year old son loves cerrie.do these parents even watch cbeebies? if so, if they want rid of her, do they also want to ban the programme something special? or maybe get rid of penny on balamory? the librarian on bobbinogs? the list goes on.keep your head up cerrie, 99.9% of us who watch cbeebies love you to bits 🙂

  78. Emma says:

    Nicky wrote "I wish I were a better person who could say they didn\’t do a double-take when I first saw Cerrie on CBeebies", this pretty much covers the reaction I had, purely cause there are so few presenters with visible disabilities, not because it disgusted me in any way. Cbeebies is on in our house a lot for our 3 year old and neither she or my older kids have even mentioned Cerries arm, my 3 year old loves her. Personally I think theres far more genuine things to worry about in this world, so leave the poor lass alone!

  79. donna says:

    i dont get the problem with someone with a disability working as a presenter on a kids show,cbeebies is always on in my house and my 3 boys are far from scared of cerries,in fact i think its good to have her presenting this show as it shows the children everyones different and you can do well no matter what and besides she does her job well and my kids like her these parents making these comments arent worth bothering over there narrow minded and pathetic,what are they gonna do if they pass someone down the street with only 1 limb cross the road or put there hands over there kids eyes they should grow up there worse then the kids.

  80. james says:

    Disgusting people,honestly. Some people really need to take stock of themselves before commenting on things like this.For the love of God – have you SEEN the state of some parents nowadays? Semi-psychotic,drug-addled,unhygenic looking parentVSLovely,smiley,blonde,bubbly tv presenter with a wee bit of her arm missing.Wonder what the kids find scarier,eh?Get a grip and grow up!

  81. martin says:

    Did anyone mind Jeremy Beadle? i dont think so. Immature pratts who take offence.

  82. Nikki says:

    i\’m quite outraged by all the prejudice against this lady to be honest. i\’m sixteen and wouldn\’t have been scared at all by the fact that she has this "disability" if i were four or five. to me she is a normal person and i don\’t think anyone should be offended by her. i have only watched her present once, and after that i asked my 5 year old nephew whether he was scared by her arm, to which he replied "no, i think it\’s cool." he then explained to me that one of the girls at his school had a dad in the army whose leg had had to be amputated and had come in to talk about his disability with his class. none of the parents complained about that, so why are people complaining about this lady, who has done nothing wrong. i think it allows children to ask questions about people who are considered different, and i also believe that if they are familiar with such "conditions" at a young age, there will not be prejudice and avoidance such as this when they are older. my friend, also sixteen, avoids people who are "different", as she was brought up to see a "normal" and "abnormal" by her parents, whereas mine let me see all types of people, so surely kids that are used to Cerrie now will be more accepting later?if she were bright green and had half a dozen antenna poking out of her head, i could understand, but no, she\’s a normal, confidant young woman who has suceeded at doing what she wants, and if she has that confidance, why should people bully her and push her down by saying things like this?apologies for this being long, it appears i have a lot to say…

  83. helen says:

    my children and i discussed this subject of cerrie\’s disability and bein on tv, the response my children gave was that the parents that had complained were sick and how would they have liked that reaction if cerrie had been their child. children only see what their parents make of the situation. i hope they are ashamed of themselves. GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE CERRIE i hope this brings more work your way.

  84. ros says:

    Whilst I don\’t really enjoy seeing Ms Burnells arm I do not believe that this should be turned into a \’witch hunt\’. she is obviously a comptent presenter.as was said before, children are inquisitive, how are they supposed to learn, there are a lot uglier sights on television, some of the c Bs cartoons are not nice at all. Yes I would prefer to see ms burnells arm covered, perhaps the beeb is trying as usual to make a statement.How about Mr Bumble and his program?(Nana doesn.t know the proper title!!) they have disabled children on all the time, also balamory. Get real people!! children have to see the real world as it is and not to be wrapped in cotton wool. Nana Rosie Ruislip

  85. marianne says:

    seriously?! whats the big deal about Cerrie having one arm!? it makes no difference to he person she really is, and if some people dont like her then thats their problem! Would they not rather their child seen the true differencials between everyone in the world?? Personally my 3 year old daughter loves watchin Cerrie and Alex, and has absolutely no problems with her, same as me. Im sure shes had to put up with a lot of hassle from people in her life telling her shes different, she doesnt need that now that shes making a living for herself! As for me, i love seeing Cerrie on tv, as it gives children a chance to see that people look different, if everyone looked the same where would the diversity lie?? get a grip all u messed up parents who think this isa bad scary thing, your thing but a narrow minded bigot! good on u Cerrie, keep it up, your showing people a new side to life!!!!Marianne and Amber Halferty xxx

  86. samantha says:

    For all those ignoramuses who have said that they would prefer Cerrie to cover up her arm and who suggest that the BBC are attempting to \’make a statement\’ by having her \’disability\’ on show, if you actually opened up your eyes you might notice that Cerrie actually uses both of her arms while demonstrating activities on air. I wholeheartedly believe that these so-called parents are using their children as a medium for expressing their own prejudices and fears, and we can only hope that their kids grow up to have more common sense than themselves. This is not about political correctness (Cerrie is a more than capible presenter- I think perhaps some parents have resented the shift in dynamics on CBeebies that occurred after Chris and Pui moved on), it\’s about the BBC selecting the right person for the job, and disregarding any inconsequential factors. There is simply no justification for this kind of petty prejudice- perhaps these people should take into account that they theselves are part of a short-sighted minority and turn their own discriminatory attitudes on themselvessam

  87. Christine says:

    Oh my god who are these sad pathetic people complaining about a woman that is really good at her job an sure as hell keep my 2 kids entertained and they dont even notice anything wrong. Actually that is maybe because i dont make a big deal out of it, i am not judgmental to anybody and in my opinion nobody sure as hell should have the right to be judgemental about anybody everyone has flaws. If these parents are like this you can imagine what there kids will end up like! Leave the woman alone she is doing a job and making a wage, i am sure if she was at home claiming benefits you would have something to say about that as well, Grow up and act your age its just pathetic.

  88. Helen says:

    ignorance begins at home ……………………….

  89. Martina says:

    This prejudice is absolutely abhorrent and certainly does not reflect the views of the majority of decent, level headed parents in this country. There is no place for these comments in a civilised society and all credit to Cerrie Burnell for succeeding in achieving her presenter success in spite of her disabillity and the disabled minds of some so called parents. Any wonder Britain is broken if these views are flourishing and being given any credence.

  90. wendy says:

    oh good grief, what is wrong with these people. do they really not understand that all they\’re doing is instilling fear of difference in their children. i can only think that by having ms. burnell on a tv show for young children, the bbc are providing an excellent opportunity for parents who find discussing such a \’terrifying\’ subject as physical difference with children to, much more easily do just that, in the comfort of their own homes. speaking as a person with multiple sclerosis, who walks with a cane and a wobble, i\’ve had some great conversations with children about why i use a cane and walks a little strangely. kids just want to understand their world and everything they see in it. the moment parents \’scoop up their children and run for the hills\’ as soon as a subject that THEY are uncomfortable with comes up, as has happened because of my ms, they teach their kids to fear \’us, the abnormals\’….\’ooh, come away, not nice\’. get a grip people, bite the bullet, just answer all your kids questions, and for pity\’s sake, take a look at the kind of values YOU have that you think disability should be hidden away from children, it just isn\’t a healthy attitude to feed your kids.

  91. dorothy says:

    Ashamed to say I\’d watched the programme several times before I even noticed Cerrie\’s hand was missing, probably because her face is fascinating and she looks so friendly and genuine when she\’s interacting with the children on the show. She makes it appear that having only one hand is quite natural and no bother, which I think is excellent education for children who haven\’t yet met anyone with a visible disability, and I see no reason why it should give anyone nightmares!

  92. simon says:

    How completely unsurprising that the children of these parents are alarmed and worried about a woman with one hand. I wonder what kind of subliminal messages they get from their ignorant parents every day not only about this (delightful) presenter but also about disabled people. It is they who instill unnecessry fear in their children. Loathsome idiots. Is there any action that can be taken against them for writing complaints of this nature? i would be the first to support any.

  93. carmen says:

    well to be honest i didnt notice that cerrie was missing a bit of her arm and with a two year old son, cbeebies is on my t.v constantly, my son absolutly adores cerrie and has asked once why mummy had two hands and cerrie only has one, i explained as well as u can to a two year old that she was born that way, he accepted that, and still gets excited when she comes on screen……maybe these "parents" are using thier children to cover thier own fears.i decided to do a search on facebook of cerries name and 40 groups came up all in support of her to stay with cbeebies and to shut out general ignorance, these groups all have 2000 members plus, so maybe just maybe its just a small minority of adults that are so immature that they have to pretend thier kids are scared of people who are slightly different.

  94. emily says:

    "Flaunting her disability" !? What nonsense is this? Have we really become so small-minded and sensitive to making sure everyone in the public eye looks absolutely perfect that we would choose to actively ridicule someone for the way they look? Never mind the fact that the woman obviously enjoys her job! She should be applauded for not sitting at home on incapacity beneft, whining abut how the world has done her a bad turn! Are these people seriously suggesting we should go back to the days when anyone different was put into an asylum, or \’freakshow\’? Seriously people, society is supposed to have evolved here.My own father is in a wheelchair, through no fault of his own, are these people saying I should teach my one year old son to run screaming from his own grandfather? We should be teaching our babies acceptance.

  95. Unknown says:

    When I first saw Cerrie, I thought what a lovely, charming addition to ceebies for our children. My five year old daughter has never mentioned her arm, she just enjoys watching the programme. I must admit, I thought nothing of it until I first read some comments relayed on sky news by "concerned parents". I then felt appauled by the "concerned parents" bigotry and somewhat horrified that this sort of ignorance still exists!

  96. joanne says:

    theres a fan club of cerrie on facebook and if anyone has a personality disorder and doesnt like cerrie being on cbeebies. then look to see exactly how many do support her. currently there are hundreds of thousands of people supporting her that i think she has a job for life.well done ceebebies lets have more of this, it`s about time disabled people counted more in society instead of ignored. Inside matters more than looks.None of my 3 children have commented about her arm at all.she`s wonderful and refreshing.i`m fed up of these skinny perfect celebrities who look ill and cause so many teenagers pain and harm wanting to be so like them. thats more harmful than a missing hand.thankyou

  97. sade says:

    when i first saw cerrie on cbeebies it brought a tear to my eye. my baby was born with an almost identical arm, and it just made me think, "what an inspiration, proof that anyone can do anything", and it certainly put my mind at rest over the concerns id had about the oppurtunities my daughter may miss out on. when people started complaining,i wanted to cry again, how cruel small minded and ignorant. id have 1 thing to say to these people – if you were to have a child with a disability how would you feel if people said they should be hid away or that they could give children nitemares?they would be devastated thats what, they should be ashamed.Cerrie, you are an inspiration xx

  98. leonie says:

    Concerned parents ???? Narrow minded, ignorant people more like !!! What sort of person are they raising if they find someone with a disability offensive ?? I, for one, am raising my children to be accepting of all people whether they have a disability, are black, white or pink with yellow spots !!!! People need to learn to judge people for who they are and not what they look like. My 8 and 5 year old regularly watch CBeebies and on seeing Cerrie asked why she was that way to which I simply explained that some people are born that way, which they both readily accepted without further question. To all you ignorant, judgemental people out there, get a life and stop raising your children to be ignorant and judgemental too !!!!!!

  99. Minnie the Minx says:

    It actually scares me that these \’parents\’ think they are in the right, I imagine they are the same ones who cry poverty and yet still manage to purchase the cigarettes every week…sorry, wrong of me to typecast, none of them think that she got the job because she was the best person to do it, I feel sorry for their kids.

  100. Terri 'LK' says:

    Could I say something here? In my experiance, if children are shown something when young, it doesn\’t phase them as adults. There is a local Chinese (now Scottish, they\’ve had children here in the UK) family and as a result of growing up with them, seeing Asians in an otherwise overwhelmingly white setting (small Scottish town) doesn\’t phase me, same with a friend of the family who had lost part of her finger in an accident. She explained it to me, and as a result, I\’m not too phased if people have missing digits (although I do squirm a little if they tell me they lost it graphically; being an artist I\’m funny about my hands!)Children are more curious than anything else, and as long as you don\’t mind their initual stares (because people DO stare when they notice something out of place; we humans have a built-in pattern for reconising things. Two hands, two feet, ten fingers and toes, a certain arrangement of facial features, all that stuff) and their initual curiosity, as long as you EXPLAIN it without being evasive or rude, they\’ll be facinated for a while but will then lose interest. I\’ve had children ask about my tattoos ad I tell them honestly how I got them, and yes how much it hurt. They didn\’t think much more about it

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