Good Ol’ Blighty

In a couple of days, I shall be attending the launch of new UKTV channel Blighty. Or rather, the re-brand of UKTV People. Check back here and I’ll let you know how the launch went and what this new channel is all about.
In addition, I’ll be waving the flag for what I consider to be the best of Blighty TV. And by that, I mean the television shows that demonstrate the very best of British. Get ready for tributes to Brideshead Revisited, Life On Earth, Boys From The Blackstuff and more… Rule Britannia!

Today I am mostly lovin’ –
Mad Men is back! This superb 1960s-set drama has the cut-throat world of advertising as its backdrop. I know some are put off by the measured (as opposed to frenetic) pace, but it really is absorbing viewing.  

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
FX, I love you for your decision to air Cheers, I truly do. This superlative sitcom doesn’t get enough of an outing if you ask me. But I wish it was being screened at a time that enables me to catch it. FX are showing it in the afternoons. I don’t have Sky+ so I’m gonna miss out.

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23 Responses to Good Ol’ Blighty

  1. KATE says:

    As far as I can tell, it\’s not the "Best of Blighty" or "one nation under a channel", its just another lot of recycled BBC progammes. Not one nation under a channel, more likely one broadcaster under one channel. If it was a "nation", it would include the best bits of other channels as well.

  2. Coops - says:

    KATE BOTT, re: Blighty. Yes it is, in your words, "another lot of recycled BBC programmes" (although I do believe there is some original programming too). But, more to the point, it\’s a perfect excuse for me to extol the virtues of fantastic British TV. 🙂

  3. Graeme says:

    WoW!! Mike!!The Girl is dieing!! shame on you!!! I can\’t believe I just read that!!!! Anyway!! nice to see some good old Uk programs!! just what we need when were stuck out here in the Gulf.. UKTV keeps us going!!! Well done!

  4. Coops - says:

    Mike\’s comment has been deleted as it was off-topic.

  5. Andrew says:

    Blighty is one nation, it\’s called England! Yet they use a form of the Union Flag to promote it. It\’s good to feel you belong, me being Scottish.

  6. Tina says:

    Hear hear, Andrew Gordon! I am Scottish also, and agree with your sentiments completely.

  7. becky says:

    quote from wikipidia: Blighty is an English slang term for BRITIAN, deriving from the Hindustani word vilāyatī (विलायती) (pronounced bilāti in many Indian dialects and languages) meaning "foreign", and is itself derived from the Arabic/Urdu word wilayat, meaning a kingdom or ministry.Other dicitionarys say the same. sorry scots, you live in blighty too.

  8. Leah -Ace- says:

    I agree with both Andrew and Tina. I\’m from Northern Ireland, and I always feel that we are left out of everything; that is "Everything best of British."Plus, some of the shows that will be on the channel are old ones. Normally I love old shows but I mean, some of these things will be classics, and I don\’t think many young people will watch them.The word "Blighty" just makes me think "England" or "English", and I cannot identify with those words.I will try and watch the shows tho =]

  9. Coops - says:

    pat roberts, part of your comment has been amended.pat roberts said: "Andrew Gordon & Tina Patterson – you don\’t mind when the Spending Assessment of £billions comes from England to keep you happy. If you can do it so can I – I\’m British by birth, but English by the grace of God!

  10. Sam says:

    The only reason why all of you who feel left out of Britain actually feel left ouit is because you make yourselves so, I bet when asked your nationality you put scottish not British. Personally, I like channels like this, they mean that there is always something you can stick when there is nothing else to watch, something that is usually suitable for most of the family. Oh and by the way I am British and have lived all over the UK including doing a tour of Northern Ireland and the top of Scotland.

  11. burt says:

    Technically I understand Britain is inclusive of England and Wales. Whilst Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland. So by simple deduction it can be said Scotland puts the great in the britain, although apparently not in blighty.

  12. Catherine says:

    Grr this stupid rebranded is just utterly pointless, its not going to make anyone watch it anymore than before and im sorry to say what a completly stupid name for a tv channel, same as when Dave got rebranded another pointless money waster to a stupid name. Whats wrong the current name UKTV people at least sounds civilised and not some school childs media project

  13. Leah -Ace- says:

    "Great Britain" includes, as I was taught in Geography three years ago: England, Scotland and Wales. Only the "United Kingdom" has Northern Ireland as part of it. Here\’s my point: How am I meant to feel British when the country I live in isn\’t ncluded in the general term "Great Britain"?Look at the Olympics: Athletes from Northern Ireland are part of the team: "Great Britian and Northern Ireland." We\’r not included in "Great Britain", yet I have to have "British Citizen" in my passport….However, so I am not going off topic here, I have already said that I will try watching the channel, and see what it is like.

  14. Tina says:

    I\’ll apologise if I\’m wrong, but Billy Connolly, and as far as I know, Frankie Boyle, seem to be the only Scots that might appear on Blighty. Although I won\’t know because there are so many repeats being broadcast my friend won\’t upgrade his sky subscription just to get Blighty. And quite rightly so.Actually, the way I understand it, pat roberts, Scotland is now independant of England. But England wouldn\’t let us go and BE independant, originally. What says more, this fact or yours? This isn\’t about politics, this thread. It\’s about a TV channel that seems to show predominantly English programmes.

  15. Tina says:

    Incidentally, this doesn\’t mean I don\’t appreciate the programming nonetheless. I\’m not against the channel at all. It\’s just Scots and the Irish get left out of a heck of a lot.

  16. Coops - says:

    Scots and N. Irish peeps, I thank you for your very personal points of view. As you may know, the strapline for re-branded channel Blighty is: "One nation under a channel". Given the debate raging here, it\’ll be interesting to see if the channel lives up to this ethos. One thing I can tell you is that Blighty will be airing the BBC\’s Billy Connolly\’s World Tour Of England, Wales & Ireland. I\’ll talk more about the launch in a later post.

  17. Tina says:

    I agree Coops. It WILL ne interesting to see if it can live up to this ethos. Glad to hear Billy WILL be on Blighty, always been a fan, always will be, and can\’t get much more Scottish than Billy! But it\’d be nice to see more Scots. And definitely more Irish. Scots are hilarious, but the Irish really blow our socks off when it comes to humour!

  18. Leah -Ace- says:

    @Tina- I know what you mean…. I love Billy Connolly, and Frankie Boyle. (though I think he\’s a bit more for grown ups than me xD) I also love irish comedians like Dara O\’ Briain and Ed Byrne, and I can only ever see them on Mock the Week…. I do seriously think that more scottish people and Irish people should be included. Thats all!@Coops- Thanks for letting us here share our views with each other. Some people would have said that we were being OTT and silly but you let us talk (well type xD) away. Thanks, and let\’s see if it can live up to what it claims it is!

  19. Tina says:

    Hear hear Leah! Thanks Coops!

  20. Leah -Ace- says:

    *bows* Thank you, I do try. xD

  21. Tina says:

    lol you are so cute! hehhe!

  22. Leah -Ace- says:

    Um… Thanks again? xD Aww, I\’m cute… lolI can\’t wait \’til Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You come back on….

  23. Tina says:

    Oh yeah, that would be good. I love Mock the Week. And I do sometimes watch Have I Got News For You. My old parents in law were on it a few weeks ago, well, their reconditioned double decker bus Harold was… there was quite the media fuss over him a few weeks ago for some reason!

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