Pooh-poohing All Over That Poo Advert

I have watched a great deal of TV over the years; I’ve viewed the good (Brideshead Revisited, The Sweeney, Boys From The Blackstuff, Cheers, the ‘Up’ documentaries – 7 Up, 14 Up, 21 Up etc); I have dissed the bad (Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Celebrity Wrestling, Babes In The Wood etc); I have shuddered at the ugly (Alastair Burnet’s Royal Interviews, The Girlie Show, The Black And White Minstrel Show, Minipops).

I have prided myself on my impenetrability. I haven’t so much as blinked as bodies were cut to pieces in The Sopranos. I laugh at profane (but hilarious) language and scenarios in comedy routines from the likes of Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock. I even absorbed the sight of Keith ‘Cheggers’ Chegwin’s doughy starkers body on Channel 5’s Naked Jungle without puking.

But ladies and gentlemen, I am finally defeated. To the extent that I am considering therapy: "Hello. My name is MSN Editor Coops and I am getting all Daily Mail over an item on TV…" This thing actually repulses me. It makes me physically recoil in horror. And what is it? What’s proved to be my Kryptonite? It’s an advert featuring a child wanting to go to the loo. Except this child doesn’t say what my mother taught me at that age.

In my formative years, it was drilled into me that I wanted to go ‘to the toilet please’. But not this sprog. In the advert for Glade Touch n Fresh, the kid wants to do, and I quote, "a poo". But he doesn’t want to do said poo at his house because his stupid thicko of a mother didn’t buy a Glade Touch n Fresh for their loo. So he wants to do his poo at his friend Paul’s house because they’ve got that Glade thing. And to think that when I was a kid, I wanted to go to my mate’s house because they had a VCR.

I honestly thought Glade ads couldn’t get any worse than the "it’s all gorrrrrrrrrn! It’s all gorrrrrrrrrn!" commercials. But that’s practically Shakespearean in tone compared to this latest one. Feel free to disagree with me, but the word ‘poo’ in an advert is just plain wrong. I don’t care if it’s uttered by a child or an adult – it’s just not cricket! Especially when the commercial airs at mealtimes. In my opinion, there is a definite (and misplaced) case of: ‘kids say the darndest things’ [deliberate use of Americanism] going on here. That’s the only logical explanation for "it’s all gorrrrrrrrrn! It’s all gorrrrrrrrrn!" and "I want to do a poo". If the law of diminishing returns is applied, the next advert will probably feature a kid saying: "Ewwwwwww, mum! My diarrhoea is all yellow and stinky and it’s running down my leg and it’s on the floor!"

Who-the-hell is creating these Glade ads anyway? Medieval torturers used The Rack, metal pincers to rip pieces of flesh from victims, The strappado to dislocate bones, the head crusher, the garrotte, flagellation, the wheel, flaying et al. Noughties torturers just make Glade adverts.
Watch the Glade Touch n Fresh ‘poo’ advert here

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Season two of the fab The Big Bang Theory is on Channel 4 from Tuesday at 11.05pm. It revolves around geeky physicists who are also complete and utter social misfits. Watch out for Jim Parsons as the hilarious Sheldon in a show that’s big on popular culture references and big on laughs. If you missed the E4 run, now’s your chance to catch up.  

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
Caught ten minutes of American Idol. Why do these type of shows persist in putting people of questionable mental state in front of a judging panel so that they can be belittled for a TV audience’s amusement? I’m not talking about the arrogant, deluded ones – they’ll be OK thanks to their egos. However, I’m uncomfortable seeing hopefuls who are clearly mentally fragile. It is not clever. It is also not funny. It is downright cruel.

MSN Editor Coops
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100 Responses to Pooh-poohing All Over That Poo Advert

  1. Unknown says:

    another example of the me me me generation,when i was a kid you did what you were told,ate what the rest of the family ate and went to bed when you were told.last year my wife and i looked after my sisters kids,we had to cook 5 different meals for 6 of us and it was 3 in the morning before we got the 4 of them to bed.i will NEVER look after these spoiled brats again,i really fear when kids like these are set loose upon society,they are in for a rude awakening(i\’ve warned them).kids are massively influenced by t.v. so prepare yourself for adult tears and tantrums in public with a very embarresed 50-60yr old parent who will probably wonder where did i go wrong and is my 30-40yr old child ever going to get a life of their own?

  2. Judi says:

    I have to agree with comments re the Glade advert that it\’s tasteless and of course I can switch the channel over but why can\’t viewers be treated as having some sensibilities in the first place? The fact that the child is talking about \’.. what one doesn\’t talk about publicly…\’ and taking a great delight in it makes me feel totally repelled. It\’s rather alarming to think that the producers of the ad thinking anyone would find the idea of a little brat going on about bodily functions as a spur to rushing out and buying the air freshener. The brat is totally un-cute and as charmless as the idiots who decide what the great unsuspecting British viewing public may wish to see and/or buy.

  3. Unknown says:

    What on earth are you wittering on about?

  4. Loraine says:

    I agree I can\’t stand that Glade advert. That child is really annoying and if I was Paul\’s mother I wouldn\’t let him use her toilet.

  5. Bill says:

    Its a bit like the Senokot advert, where one young woman calls for her colleague She doesn\’t quite say"Did you have a good sh-one-t then" or even have you emptied your handbag. Even that\’s not as bad as the advert that shows the person using the "Blackpool Big Dipper" as an alternative method of making them pass a motion.

  6. Unknown says:

    Just stumbled onto this link while I was doing something worthwhile. Where do people find the time, let alone the motivation to comment on tosh like this. What is the purpose of all this. It\’s like finding a cafe in the backstreets of Birmingham, sitting down with a bunch of faceless strangers and whining about the world around you. No…it\’s worse than that..it\’s whining about a commercial that the word \’poo\’ is used in!!?? Please – switch of your compuer and get a life! Now..must go and spend some quality time with my kids…

  7. Kerry says:

    Ahhh come on… lighten up… this ad is hilarious!! I mean.. if the word \’poo\’ is offensive to people then Im unsure as to how you go about your lives on a daily basis without a permanently horrified look on your face.. AND… lets think about it…. isnt the fact that we\’re talking about it now, exactly what the advert makers were hoping for/intending… therefore.. whether we like it or not… making it a memorable ad and therefore meeting the brief!! (no pun intended!)

  8. jaycee says:

    It\’s not the word \’poo\’ that\’s offensive – it\’s the fact that this child is having a tantrum cos he can\’t poo at his friend\’s house. How embarrassing! Course that\’s typical of kids today – no manners, no discipline, just attention seekers! And as for us, \’whining -nothing better to do\’ people adding to this blog – \’pot calling kettle\’ comes to mind! You must have been interested to even look at it!

  9. Katharine says:

    I think whoever wrote this Gawd awful glade advert hasn\’t got kids.My kids think it\’s great to tell you they are going,leave the door open,not flush the loo and leave the bathroom looking like a bomb site……..Glade air freshener !!!!!My kids wouldn\’t think to even lift the can,let alone moan we hadn\’t got one.Now if they made air freshener for the Nintendo DS…………….

  10. barbara says:

    Every one knows , surely, that children of the age in the Ad, don\’t give a fig re odours.So the whole Ad is rather pointless.Why oh why do we have to have Ads re "bowel movements" as in Nurses in latter years asked," Have you had your Bowels opened today Mr X ?"Of course it is a natural function, and the Ad suggesting certain loo rolls are fine. Refereeing to quality ( a Ad running at the moment with, one Woman going into too much detail re her "difficulties, and four women explaining to the hapless individual,the solution ) quantity, and emanating orders are truly not necessary.

  11. Anne says:

    Jeez its an advert. It mentions poo, we all do it you know even the Queen, its a natural bodily function. There is nothing wrong with it, it doesnt show you the used toilet does it?! Its a word, and how a word can put you off your tea is beyond me! I stumbled across this crap whilst looking for the news on Jade Goody, you know some people have more important things going on in their life than to get so upset about an advert. Why not use all this pent up aggression wisely and do something about the fact that this country is going down the pan, no pun intended but at least we can make it smell nice after it does huh?

  12. Annie says:

    I\’ve been amused by all the comments….for and against….stoopid advert – stoopid child – stoopid mother – stoopid product. I would smack the little brat and he wouldn\’t be able to sit for a poo, let alone demand a special place to do it in!Yes, I AM a grumpy old woman and now I have something BETTER to do…….happy viewing folk……Annie.

  13. Juliet says:

    Yes, the \’poo\’ word should be banned. There are at least 2 superior alternatives.

  14. bronwyn says:

    Yes the ad is midly irritating, but hey ho thats life and at the end of the day it\’s an advert for a product which you don\’t have to but and if the advert bothers people that much, try turning over the tv – simple you\’d think but no – you would rather complain about the use of the word \’poo\’. It could have been worse, alot of people need to grow up and get over it, if air freshners are all you have to worry about your one sad …..

  15. George says:

    Are you being ironic?It didnt work. Shut up.

  16. lily says:

    It\’s just strange and doesn\’t make any sense! Their mouths move out of sync with the voices as well so it looks even stupider.

  17. Coops - says:

    Barbie, I\’m well aware of the fact that wars are being waged and people are dying. However, as this is a TV blog, discussion is going to centre on the world of TV – whether it\’s an advert with the word \’poo\’, silly edits to post-watershed films or moans about ITV\’s football coverage. Yes bronwyn, I could turn the TV over…but shouldn\’t the onus be on advertisers to make commercials that don\’t force viewers to reach for the remote control? It\’s a bit counter-productive…

  18. Alex says:

    It doesn\’t disgust me but it is f*cking annoying.

  19. heidi says:

    Obviously did what it was meant to do, get everyone talking about it and everyone will remember it. Enough said

  20. ralph says:

    I can\’t understand how anyone wants one stink replaced by another

  21. geriann says:

    it doesn\’t disgust me, it just annoys the hell out of me.i\’ve noticed something in that advert and i wonder if other people have.he goes to his friends\’ house to do a poo…but…it\’s his mum that changes the glade touch!his mum!it should be paul\’s mum!damn i hope this gets took off the air.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    to be fair, barbie, yeah we could turn over the telly, but if people aren\’t allowed to voice their own opinions, then that\’s Communism, and it wod certainly give you something important to worry about

  23. lynne says:

    I would really like to ram his head down the dunnie.Why cant te little love open a window like every one else.Or fall down it.

  24. suzanne says:

    haha this blog is quite amusing. all u hypocrites goin on bout us lot havin nothnk beterto do than comment…. well newsflash u commented too so u must have nothink better to do either. the advert is soo annoyin!! child brat demanding to do a poo at a friends house, how embarrassin, most people still have the decency to poo in their home toilet, and those who dont at least dont go shouting about it at home, what shocks me more is that the childs mother actually gives in to his tantrum n fits a glade air freshener in her house because shes ovbiously mortified that her son wants to poop at other peoples houses.( i think thats what the advert implies julie, not that his mum goes to pauls house to change her glade, because if a child opted to \’save\’ his poop till he got to my house id have rather a lot to say about that to his mother) in my day we would have had a smack across the legs n dont not to be so cheeky, and if i needed to poop we do it in the privacy of r own home n not stink other peoples house, no matter how good their air freshener was. as i said i also have nothink better to do either thats y i\’m commenting. but thanxs for bringing this to conversation funny how different people tick innit

  25. Gail says:

    The first time i saw the advert i laughed my socks off. I think it\’s funny, it can\’t be on often enough for me. I might even go out and buy a Glade thingummybob…..or maybe not…..i don\’t like artificial smells…..i\’m not saying i like certain natural smells though…..oh heck i think i\’ll just shut up now!!!!!

  26. sonja says:

    I also think it is distasteful, I did from the moment I first heard it. It is totally unessesary.

  27. ross says:

    This is totally pointless! I dont like the ad but it isnt a disturbing ad! 1) Why are people disgusted by the word poo? I remember wen i was a child i used the word poo wen i needed one and no one gave a damn! why is it different now? 2) I have been in some stinking bathrooms in my life and drove down to a supermarket to do my buisness before! so if anything i know how the kid feels!Its people like you lot who complain about petty things that ruin stuff! i.e. the simpsons! there are things in that show that get censored off of it when its on channel 4 even though what has been censored off is usually a part that makes the show make sense or isnt even that offensive people like you have no lives and should think about throwing out your tv\’s and reading a book if tv\’s offend you that much! of course then you\’ll write up novelists and tell them you think their books are too violent or sexual "erhem! Ms Rowling! I have written to you as i think your harry potter books use too much magical violence! It will make our children run around and shoot magic boolts out of their own wands at the neighbours cat" you lot make me sick!

  28. joanne says:

    I\’m not easily bothered by things myself, but when i first saw the ad, i too couldn\’t believe my ears!I even put it on my facebook update, and asked if anyone else had seen it. One friend commented \’yes, while i was eating my dinner!\’It has got people talking about it, which didn\’t do cadburys dairy milk much harm, but i find the shock tactic, a lazy way of getting free publicity by tv and papers talking about it.I think that\’s what advertisers want these days.I too was telling people i\’ve now found my kryptonite.Plus my poor mate pete, well, it put him right off his chilli con carne!

  29. Amanda says:

    Sorry but I can\’t see what all the fuss is about, most kids call it "poo" & I think it\’s probably one of the most innofensive words for it. What woul you rather they called it? "feaces"? How many kids call it that??? Or I suppose they could call it some of the names the parents do????

  30. Coops - says:

    ross said: "Its people like you lot who complain about petty things that ruin stuff! i.e. the simpsons! there are things in that show that get censored off of it when its on channel 4 even though what has been censored off is usually a part that makes the show make sense or isnt even that offensive people like you have no lives and should think about throwing out your tv\’s and reading a book if tv\’s offend you that"ross, don\’t be so quick to judge people. I do not like the creative in this advert, but just because I\’ve had a moan about it, why must that mean that I am also the type of person to complain about The Simpsons or South Park? One person further down said he found this advert more offensive than porn and I agree with him. It\’s about context – if I\’m watching a TV programme and an advert comes on, I expect some level of broadcasting standard. Remember – we do not choose to watch adverts, they are foisted upon us. If I choose to watch The Sopranos or Oz, I know what I\’m gonna get. 🙂

  31. Hannah says:

    i want to poo at pauls house too!!!!!!!!

  32. jill says:

    The child in the \’poo advert\’ portrays a precocious little brat, typical of quite a few children these days! Yes, I am a grumpy old woman but what has happened to manners and doing what your mother tells you. Totally pointless and abhorrent advert.

  33. Unknown says:

    I agree this is utterly revolting. Doesn\’t anyone know what \’bad taste\’ means anymore.

  34. Louise says:

    I would love to have been in the room when the agency pitched the idea for this ad, whilst not totally offended I certainly wouldn\’t want to buy it. Some people have mentioned the Ducolase one and that just cracks me up. I can\’t ever remember discussing "you know, bowel stuff" with even my closest girlfriends, let alone a whole load of them over lunch!

  35. Hayley says:

    This advert is stupid and shouldn\’t be shown

  36. david says:

    What!? Someone said \’poo\’ on television, how terrible, well that really compares to the trouble in the middle east and Afghanistan. I think we all need a hobby. That\’s including myself because I\’ve actually replied to this.

  37. Coops - says:

    No name, you\’re not the first to contrast this debate with world news events or economic woes. However, this is MSN\’s TV blog – MSN\’s News blog is that-a-way. ——-> http://msnuknews.spaces.live.com/

  38. Margaret says:

    I completely agree with your sentiments on the "Poo" advert, it is beyond the pail!. I find alot of the adverts are becoming violet, the balls being fired at the call center workers, man fighting himself in the VW advert, i complained to the advertising standards but did not get a satisfactory reply

  39. Carrie says:

    I want to know if Pul is actually a kid or is it all a bit more sinister than that…. I mean if there is more to this advert then who is Paul and why is he luring small boys into his toilet??! I think this advert is downright creepy!!

  40. Peter says:

    its not the use of language that annoys me with this advert, its more the dubbing of the incredibly annoying voices that are put there because they have no regional accent! its almost like canned laughter! drives me mad. i see what you mean though it\’s not the most pleasant of adverts, but as a general rule i tend to go out of my way to change the channel when adverts are on these days because they\’ve become so unimaginative and irritating! the new cadbury\’s one is a prime example, the kids just look annoying!

  41. claire says:

    Poooo, schmoooo!!! What about the \’Vagisil/sal? Ad! That takes the bad taste biscuit! It covers the most revolting topic! The glade ad is simply annoying. This \’Vag\’ ad takes gross to a whole new level. Stop them now !!

  42. Unknown says:

    \’I AM American and we do not say \’I wanna take a poo at Paul\’s house!\’ we don\’t say things like that on tv and as for this being Americanizm that\’s a lot of poo as well! I hate to say but more often then not you\’ll get our tv shows and bleep out our words like hell, dam and such the smaller ones, why not just have this kid say \’I need the toilet now!\’ or Can we get Glade like Paul os it\’s fun to go to the toilet here too!\’ There are dozens and dozens of ways to re-word that most of it being used in UK terms!

  43. Jo says:

    "That\’s the only logical explanation for "it\’s all gorrrrrrrrrn! It\’s all gorrrrrrrrrn!" and "I want to do a poo". If the law of diminishing returns is applied, the next advert will probably feature a kid saying: "Ewwwwwww, mum! My diarrhoea is all yellow and stinky and it\’s running down my leg and it\’s on the floor!"Coops – loved the article – made me laugh. Totally agree with you.

  44. Coops - says:

    Anne delaney, no swearing please! Jo – thanks for reading!Anne delaney said: "That advert. What a load of sh*t!"

  45. michael says:

    don\’t be so squeamish … especially in these days when to practice gay sex (sodomy) is acceptable … and Graham Norton is a regular(?) on BBC this that and the other. It\’s an advert you poor thing.

  46. michael says:

    …. speaking of adverts while eating food …wasn\’t there an advert several months ago where the advert is telling you how to get rid of SNOT …. more churning than POO!

  47. david says:

    I love it when people complain about adverts like this and tell us how things are going down hill and how advertising execs have no idea. However the advertising company love this sort of nonsence. Your advertising their product for them, you\’ve certainly put Glade in my sub-concious, well done everyone. I do realise this is a TV blog but surely there are more important issues.

  48. Robert says:

    I don\’t understand why adverts are getting so awful, the new swift insurance of an old, emaciated man dancing has mecloseing my eyes. But it took a long time to work out what he was advertising, due to turning away from the screen.

  49. Jacqueline says:

    That is so funny!!!!!!!!!!

  50. ker's_here says:

    Iggy Pop selling insurance just about sums up the advertising industry right now. That icky child wanting to go to his friend\’s house is awful – and the airing times are just about the worst. There are some items on TV I\’d much rather see in magazines than on the telly. And I\’m still buying my toilet freshner in Aldi.

  51. Coops - says:

    No name said: "I do realise this is a TV blog but surely there are more important issues."In the world of TV? What\’s more important than an advert that crosses the line (for some of us) when it comes to broadcasting standards? Stick around kid, I just might pontificate about something you\’ll agree with. 🙂

  52. melissa says:

    This advert is just horrible!!! There is no need to have children saying that on tv. My children don\’t say that, I wasn\’t brought up to say it either. Shock tactics to sell more?? I didn\’t think there could be an advert that annoys me more than that stupid swift insurance one (Iggy Pop). I honestly can\’t watch it and find myself complaining about it for the next 20 min if i see it. Grrrr

  53. melissa says:

    No namewrote: don\’t be so squeamish … especially in these days when to practice gay sex (sodomy) is acceptable … and Graham Norton is a regular(?) on BBC this that and the other. It\’s an advert you poor thing. hate to post again so soon, but what has homosexuality got to do with it?? It\’s not illegal and that won\’t change because of a few narrow minded people like you. Also, research has found homophobics are really masking their own sexual confusion.

  54. david says:

    Poor kid, I bet that was his first advert just doing as the directer tells him and look at all the insults. Tuff break kid. I hope for all your sakes his real mother isn\’t watching this 🙂

  55. Anthony says:

    i think the article is great, well written, and obviously a great deal of thought went into it.

  56. John says:

    I agree, such language is totally unnecessary – however, isn\’t the need to spell out the message so graphically, testimony to the inability of the hard of thinking and the great unwashed, to work out for themselves exactly what Glade Air Freshner is used for?God help us all if the ad agency responsible for this ad were ever commisioned to promote toilet tissue!

  57. Phyllis says:

    I hate it as well,thought it wasonly me.Is nothing sacred,anymore????!!!!! Phyllis

  58. Jenny says:

    By the time he gets to pauls house, he will probably have done it anyway!!! Bet they play it back to him, when he\’s about 30yrs old lol.

  59. Mark says:

    I\’ve just watched the ad, what a lot of fuss over nothing!

  60. Bethany says:

    I\’ve seen it too & to be honest i hate it! i mean, who wants to see that in the middle of your tea??!!!!But then again, there are worse adverts! I mean, who wants to see any adverts like that? Surely there are other ways of commercialising products??

  61. Kara says:

    It is totally horrible and not necessary. Why do I spend my whole day at work trying to get the children to ask in an acceptable manner if they need to use the toilet, for them to go home and watch this on TV? I work with young children who have special needs and love nothing more than to parrot TV adverts I just hope they miss this foul one. There is no need for it.

  62. Shaz says:

    there is absolutely no need for this ad,and why is it always on when its dinnertime/teatime when people are eating? ( they also put ads on for Dulcoease/Earwax etc too at those times…ewwww

  63. Andi says:

    Everyone\’s entitled to their opinions and I also find it a little off, but more so because i\’m sick of ads in which the sound doesn\’t accurately match-up to the people talking. DO IT RIGHT!On the poo issue, this is all a bit oversensitive. Everybody does it, and let\’s call a poo a poo. If you\’re upset that it\’s on when you\’re eating your dinner, I think maybe the issue is your own. The boy isn\’t describing the poo, you don\’t see him going to the toilet – what is there to put you off your food? Do you look down at your pasta and suddenly can\’t eat it because you can\’t get the word "poo" out of your head?Why is it that the most essential, basic and natural things in life are the ones we\’re squeamish and embarassed about?Also – anyone else noticed that we\’re all getting upset over a FICTIONAL toilet-trip? Let\’s not pretend anymore that we\’re not a DNA-triviality away from doing it in the street.

  64. Andi says:

    Also, just as a side-note: A few posts ago, Phyllis asked "is nothing sacred anymore"? Did you hold this little boy\’s privacy, honesty and unashamedness in front of his mother sacred beforehand?

  65. becky says:

    OMG. I think you would all be even more shocked if the kid saying. \’Mother,may i please take a swift visit to My Aqquaintance Paul\’s lavatory,please?\’FGS, what are you people going to moan about next?Come on, they are meant to advertise their product and grab peoples attention, obviously you are processing the WRONG type of attention. Come on, what do u expect a little boy to say??I just think they have just done their job properly. And as Johnny English always says…\’Get over yourself, it\’s only a bit of Poo!\’

  66. angela says:

    I remember when Daz used the word \’understains\’ on their adds.That caused a bit of a contraversy ~how the world has moved on(inadvertising but not obviously in folks thinking).Just maybe,Glade are trying to get the younger market~that is,until its found that nine year olds discover how to use it for recreational purposes!

  67. Frankie says:

    Hilarious article. I completely agree. Damn those Glade adverts !!

  68. Margaret says:

    I really dislike this ad too, and it nearly always comes on while I\’m eating my dinner. I think it could have been worded better.

  69. Jan says:

    What a load of Poo! As a granny of seven I have never experienced any of my grandchildren saying they want to poo anywhere else other than the loo they are closest too. For goodness sake, Glade are presumably trying to reach the adult market who will be purchasing their product, so talk to us like adults!!! "Glade will stop smells in your loo" ….what\’s wrong with that? That\’s what it does. In my opinion advertising either spells out the facts or has a quirky funny aspect to it. This ad doesn\’t fit either catagory. Way too contrived.

  70. Jennie says:

    It\’s terrible and makes me cringe – it is not teaching children to be polite!

  71. Kathryn says:

    Don\’t you all realise, this is exactly what Glade wants us to do? Everyone is talking about their ad. Any publicity is good publicity they say. we are playing right into their hands.

  72. Amanda says:

    its only an advert! i dont see why people are making a fuss over it. Glade are only promoting their air freshener. people relax it there to make glade thier profit. calm down.

  73. carol says:

    It is the most cringe making condecending advert I have ever seen,the child and it\’s "mother" should be put in a padded cell and left there!On principle I will never buy a glade product again.

  74. Kathy says:

    l could think of a nicer way to advertise the stuff, like most other products with regard to nice smells, frankly there are a lot of ads that get me really mad, like the one for panty liners," DONT MEN LEAK, " WHAT ABOUT THEIR BITS . we dont see anything for them advertised do we.

  75. michelle says:

    I think the advert is crap…… literally !

  76. Unknown says:

    I really dont want to hear about peoples toilet habits – especially when I\’m eating. The adverts are just too personal. they should ban all sanitary products also.

  77. mary says:

    i agree with dorothy wholeheartedly

  78. cathy says:

    the pooh advert s disgusting, I hate it, I was having my tea the other night while watching Golden Balls, the Pooh advert was shown around 5,30pm then again at 5.45pm. I was extremely annoyed as it completely put me off my meal, Why must they show this advert around tea time, or why must they even show it at all. I also dislike the adverts for tampons, sanitory towels, and tenna lady, I think the advertisers take us all for idiots. Please ban these adverts.

  79. Emma says:

    FGS, all women have periods, all people poo. As for it putting people off their meals, you\’re not being forced to watch it. You have the power to change channel. Any other channel for 30 seconds and then back so you don\’t miss your programme.

  80. Emma says:

    as a post-script I\’m currently potty training my son and he tells me when he\’s been by saying "poo-poo" or "bum bum bum"

  81. Samantha says:

    I hate the word "poo," I\’d much rather say sh*t*. But, maybe the telly ppl think that ppl so uptight might be eating their dinner around a table with the TV turned off? As I believe is the "healthy" thing to do? Oh, If only we weren\’t all so different…

  82. Janice says:

    Just makes me want to go out and buy any other brand but Glade Touch n fresh! Who wants a constant reminder of a TV advert stuck on the wall in the only room in the house where you can escape the TV

  83. Swiggy. says:

    i can\’t say i\’m put off my dinner when i see the glade \’poo\’ advert, but it\’s a rubbish advert whatever way you want to look at it. "i\’m going to do a poo at pauls" ?! yes, i can definitely see a child making that decision all down to the fact that paul has a glade in his bathroom. its actually so stupid it\’s funny. other adverts i\’d group into the same category of being terrible are: those ads for tones for your mobile, particularly the one on atm with some ventriloquist, life insurance adverts, the envirofone advert cuz the look on that fellas face when he gets a cheque for 32 quid makes me want to hit him, that haribo advert with the kid playing a detective since will ferrel did that sketch already with his daughter (look it up on the internet, it\’s actually funny compared to this advert)….the list goes on! i prefer the likes of the new cadburys advert and those accident claim adverts where the people fall. but then thats just me….

  84. Sharen says:

    What about the environmental impact of these items, total nightmare, we should not be encouraging anyone to purchase them least of all children

  85. Carolann says:

    Totally 100% agree. The ad is total garbage. Me and my 12yr old son power it every time it\’s on (which is far too often by the way!!) Please if there is a God I hope he will help to remove it from the TV asap, also agree about the other ads, women are always gonna need to buy these female products anyway so why the f**k are they advertised???!!! Makes no sense to me.. there.. nuff said xxx

  86. Preciousz says:

    Hemmm if some1 else\’s child is gonna intentionally come to my house, when they where at their home moments before…to Stink it out (No respect I dare say) because I have \’Glade – Touch n Fresh\’ that would definately put me OFF buying it; if its causing others to purposely come & use my toilet…hemmm thats the most silliest advert ive seen in a while!

  87. Preciousz says:

    By the way ive no real problem with the word \’Poo\’ children use it on a regular basis…the even watched, seen pics or read \’Winnie the Pooh\’ at some point so there\’s no real harm to me any ways…I just dont like the concept of the advert!

  88. tracey says:

    i am so glad you gave your view on the glade touch n fresh advert! this ad makes me cringe right down to my toes!! the kid is one of those that makes you feel like you wish the mother of the kid had turned out to be sterile! it has put me off my food a few times since it aired-and i hope it will soon stop being shown. it is a rotten advert and i totally agree with you about how off-putting it is-from tracey.

  89. John says:

    Yup, it\’s a cr@p advert!

  90. Trudy says:

    I think this advert is discusting and should be banned from the TV

  91. Philip says:

    I have an idea, why not cancel all adverts people hate. ITV and other channels will be forced to make redundancies as they have no money. Then complaints will be made!!!…its an advert get over it. There are plenty of adverts I don\’t like but I either switch channels or wait for them to finish…its only about 2 minutes

  92. jameil says:

    I think you are being ultra-sensitive about this \’poo\’ advert…I honestly don\’t see the problem with it at all!

  93. MSN says:

    I have to agree but i do find it funny

  94. jon says:

    complain to johnson and johnson as i did they replied to me and said they have had no complaints so i would suggest people who hate the advert complain as johnson and johnson obviously dont read this forum

  95. Chris says:

    I\’m afraid its any adverts greatest asset… the child. Aside from sex selling things these days, children \’wanting\’ sells alot more. When i was younger and i wanted something, any amount of complaining about not having it saw me get a smack and that was it. In todays world most people will buy a child something to just keep them quiet. \’Mummy, mummy, i want one of those…. i\’ll not poo without it!\’ and guess what, they will get it as it keeps the child quiet.Perhaps my analyse of it is a little dire but when i see that advert thats all i think about… that and the really bad lip sync, god that really is annoying!

  96. H says:

    Ok people, if you REALLY don\’t like it & feel you want to complain (& possibly have it taken off the telly) then go here & do so. http://www.asa.org.uk/asa 🙂

  97. Josephine says:

    Glad I am not the only one who hates this advt I think its disgusting and it seems to always come on when I am having something to eat. Even if I liked the product -which I dont -it would stop me using it.Its about the only thing which has me reaching for the remote. I dont know where these people get their ideas from but this is one of the worst

  98. Shannon says:

    It is an absolutely DISGUSTING advert and it always seems to be on at tea-times it is vile!! I reach for my remote immidiately before the child even says anything!! I have recently been searching on the internet for other views on this advert and I came across a blog where someone was saying they complained and she got told that it is totally acceptable for a child to run around saying \’I want to do a poo at pauls!!\’ I really think that is out of order as children do watch TV and I certinaly never got taught to go around saying Mum, I want a poo!! I actually got taught MANNERS!!! I am totally glad i am not the only one who hates this advert and I really do hope that finally it gets taken of the TV soon!!

  99. Naomi says:

    I want to go for a poo at pauls house

  100. Mike says:

    I actually hate the use of the word altogether!Its just horrible Call me old fashioned but I can\’t accept itSorry

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