Freaky Orangina Advert Is Among 2008’s Worst

I was 13 years of age the very first time I tasted Orangina, courtesy of a school trip to Dieppe. Back then, for me and my mates, drinking a carbonated concoction of orange juice and pulp out of a bulb-shaped, pebbly-textured bottle was the height of sophistication. After all, we were bred on a diet of intensely fizzy, scarily orange-coloured Fanta, Tango and own-brand supermarket orangeade – the kind so lethal to teeth, a year’s brushing wasn’t enough to remove all the sodium benzoate. This is how I remember the drink being marketed back in the 1980s (select link to play)…. 

How times have changed. Thanks to a controversial commercial conceived around the concept of ‘pulpeuse’ (which in French has a double meaning: ‘containing pulp’ and also ‘sexy’ or ‘voluptuous’), the Orangina advert of 2008 makes Campaign’s list of this year’s Top 10 Worst Ads. Personally, I think it should’ve been higher – it’s a shocker! What’s more, there are glaring omissions…where’s Davina’s Garnier Nutrisse abomination? Where’s Pierce Brosnan’s L’Oreal cheese-fest telling me, "You’re worth it"? Watch the Top 10, as detailed below. Do you agree with Campaign’s list? Let me know…

10. DFS – A load of people lip-synching to Nickelback’s song Rockstar (because we all live out our ‘rock star’ fantasies on the sofa, don’t we)? It’s bad enough to make me nostalgic for Courts. Funnily enough, the advert is now banned. According to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the sofas looked too big "in relation to the actors". That’s the posh way of saying that the sofas were inflated (geddit?).


9. Samsung – Four Chelsea players play around with a ball and look like mugs (don’t they always? Sorry, that’s the Gooner in me talking). For non-footy fans, the South Korean electronics giant is the team’s sponsor, hence the presence of the players. The advert is for their LCD Series 6 HDTVs but the creative is woeful. It’s so poor, you’ll be left with the impression that Samsung is muscling into couture and flogging suits rather than TVs.


8. Premier Inn – Isn’t there a cruel irony in Lenny Henry fronting budget hotels? "Hey, I’ve found something small time!" he shouts to his manager in the advert. I’m guessing it’s his recent CV, but no – it’s the bill…


7. Orangina –
Forget clowns, spiders, dentists and, if you’re reading this P Diddy, long second toes – this advert truly is the stuff of nightmares. A million times more terrifying than flying cockroaches, it’s a veritable anthropomorphic orgy of inter-species erotica. Or at least, that was the line complainants took when they contacted Ofcom and The ASA. Aside from viewers, the objectors included children’s charities and equal rights groups up in arms over its sexual (and sexist, they said) content. According to French agency FFL Paris, here’s what you need to sell Orangina in 2008: animals with bigger breasts than yer average page three model; pole-dancing creatures shaking their bootys; bikini-clad peacocks; gyrating giraffes; an octopus squeezing her ‘oranges’; a fig leaf-wearing bear and….I can’t do it justice. Watch it for yourself.


6. Kellogg’s Wake Up To Breakfast –
Dame Kelly Holmes is a legendary Olympian, but she can’t read an autocue for toffee. She is human after all. Did I say human? After seeing her excruciatingly robotic delivery in this ad, I’m now convinced she’s a cyborg sent from the future to kill John Connor.


5. Country Life –
It was The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten who once snarled, "Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?" and as his alter ego John Lydon flogs butter to us, hordes of aging punks just might find themselves nodding in agreement with the younger incarnation…No wonder The Who sang the line: ‘hope I die before I get old’ in the classic My Generation.
MSN Music’s Tom Townsend defends John Lydon here


4. Warburtons (click here to watch) – 
Mr Hatano, a businessman from the Far East, arrives in Britain, only to find the Warburtons name everywhere. It’s all very Being John Malkovich and/or The Twilight Zone, but it doesn’t really convince and it’s barely memorable. I forgot I’d seen this ad until Campaign reminded me…

3. Renault (click here to watch) – It’s entitled ‘Le Cheque’ and it commits the cardinal sin of being hideously dubbed. Cheap as frites…

2. Specsavers – The great Edith Piaf, La Môme Piaf, (The Little Sparrow) and her iconic song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien used to push glasses? Zut alors!


1. Gillette –
Here it is. The worst advert of 2008 according to Campaign. Personally, I’d argue that the cheesier-than-a-Gorgonzola-factory creative has actually succeeded in giving both Roger Federer and Tiger Woods a personality. But maybe that’s just me and my warped sense of humour. Conversely, remember how cool Thierry Henry (we are not worthy! We are not worthy! We are not worthy!) was in those fab Renault Clio Va Va Voom commercials (refresh your memory here and here)? Well, the Gillette ads have sucked out every ounce of his je ne sais quoi-hipness. Instead, he comes across as the sort of person who shopped in Mr Byrite when he was a yoot. Hey Bobby, what’s the French for ‘naff’?


Today I am mostly lovin’ –
I can’t get enough of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. This E4 US import about a group of geeks is getting better and better. The snappy script is a paean to the geek-hood. Take this snippet for example: the deeply anally retentive but vengeful-when-crossed Sheldon was described as: "one lab accident away from being a super-villain" – sheer genius. Then there’s Sheldon’s reluctance to watch The Clone Wars TV series because he hadn’t seen the film: "I prefer to let George Lucas disappoint me in the order he intended," he said. Ha,ha,ha! And best of all, the ‘rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock’ method of settling disputes….except it doesn’t, as everyone opts to be Spock! If you haven’t seen this show yet, check it out.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Tabloid-fed hysteria over the various utterances of TV personalities. In some cases, it’s understandable – but in others, it’s ridiculous. 

MSN Editor Coops
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72 Responses to Freaky Orangina Advert Is Among 2008’s Worst

  1. Theo says:

    As bad as what these adverts are you\’ve missed out the worse ones! I don\’t agree with your top ten at all and I think I could of done a better job. I can\’t belive you get paid to write such rubbish! Name one good t-mobile or orange advert???

  2. Coops - says:

    (no name), you\’ve slated me rather unfairly. I\’ve clearly stated numerous times that the Top 10 is compiled by Campaign. If you can\’t believe that, quote, I: "get paid to write such rubbish!", I must say that I can\’t believe you didn\’t see that? Should\’ve gone to Specsavers perhaps?

  3. jorge says:

    I think that the adverts in the british tv are funny ,clever done ,and i,m sure it acompplish the mean that they been created for in the first place..,make you buy the stuff.However i must say that i load the one for specsavers .Piaf must turn in rage in her grave with the stupid translation of her song.[so disgraceful way of selling specs…………….],but i love the advert for orangina ,its just great , but sayng that ,i,m not going to buy orangina ,now or in the future ,because i must say i got a sort of imunity from the adverts.I agree with the top 10 if orangina is out…………..thank you

  4. Bruce says:

    I don\’t know why Piaf\’d be turning in her grave because she didn\’t write it and it\’s not really "her" song, and I really don\’t understand why people get so uppity about a 50 year old song just because specsavers made up a translation. On the other hand, I\’m not sure I can take the opinion of anyone who thinks the origina advert is anything less than horrifying (let alone great!) seriously anyway.All that aside, suggesting Kelly Holmes is in fact really a terminator is the best thing I have read all day, so kudos!

  5. John says:

    The ad. I find most intertating is the Christmas Iceland ad. It\’s so awful.

  6. C.O.R.E says:

    Flirtini. THE worst add ever. Also, Who the hell asks for Disarono on the rocks?

  7. C.O.R.E says:

    And co-sign with the Iceland Christmas adds. Make me cringe.

  8. Coops - says:

    Sorry David – no swearing allowed so I have to edit your commentdavidwrote: the worst one is the country life butter ad reasons for this is it sterotypes english people being ginger, ugly, having really bad teeth and s**t w*nk hair, which is complete bulls**t

  9. Unknown says:

    SO glad to see someone else loves Sheldon as much as I do. I love the Big Bang Theory, it\’s great writing (we always pause the TV to read Chuck Lorre\’s vanity card at the end). I particularly adore the comedy between Sheldon and Penny. I wouldn\’t want him, (or Wolowitz!) in my house, but I would however, adopt Leonard in a heartbeat. Great characters and absolutely the best thing on telly just now.

  10. reg says:

    "- Isn\’t there a cruel irony in Lenny Henry fronting budget hotels? "Hey, I\’ve found something small time!" he shouts to his manager in the advert. I\’m guessing it\’s his recent CV, but no – it\’s the bill…"hahahaha that actually made my day

  11. jorge says:

    i do appologise ,it is not my intention to cause offence to anyone in the specsavers business,in the meantime have a orangina to sweet you down…………..

  12. Frances1985 says:

    One of the worst adverts ever is the Grecian 2000 one with the two girls saying "You\’d be a really nice catch for somebody" then handing their dad Grecian 2000. Next scene is him and his new date taking a photo of themselves (and his newly dyed hair) on his mobile phone. One word – AWFUL.

  13. Coops - says:

    Frances1985, I couldn\’t agree with you more. It\’s an abysmal advert – just dreadful.

  14. thomas says:

    i have to go back to no names comment *the 1st one* Coops here is just forwarding campaign information along with his great comments..and all of his work is very articulate and well written, and the t-mobile ads are bad but not like these and the orange ones are beautiful and pretty:) next time please learn to read and coops I really like your comments and your posts :D*TOM*

  15. Emile says:

    Wow… The Orangina ad is brill! Hadn\’t seen it before – expected a purposefully nauseating ad, to acheive notoriety in the \’so bad its good\’ field. Its actually very sensuous, mildly erotic even! Its taking anthropomorphism away from Disny\’s big eyed Bambi (acceptable) to an adult & sophisticated level. It must jar the sub-conscious of repressed humans, to see animals behaving erotically? We are only animals really, by the way – we just imagine animals just do \’sex\’- and not much else. The pole dancing, the cute female, the strong bear, its woodland semi-orgiastic hollywood musical style fantasy is very artistic. If its french made, then that must be why some hate it! When is anti french stuff gonna die out? Cheers, Raymondo

  16. Emile says:

    Watching the Orangina ad again – (only the 2nd time ever) I cant believe people don\’t get its sensual style!? The \’woman\’ creatures havn\’t even got huge breasts – they\’re quite cute, and pert – and the bear\’s a hunk (i\’m not gay)! Even the musics ok, and the French accented sign off sensuously delicious. (so, it all does what it says on the tin, eh?) The entire package is miles away from the usual mid-atlantic Yankified flavour that pervades TV/Cine ads to this day. The \’corrupting children\’ tag is the usual last attempt at a ban – I\’ve got more chance of being corrupted by a busfull of schoolkids (have you heard the disgusting little creatures?) at kickout time! Back to the ad tho – Its all gorgeous, I love it!!! If the drinks (tactile) packaging, its French origin, and lack of tooth destroying ingredients, added up to a European antidote to C**a Cola (not allowed to swear), then whats wrong with that? – and thats prob why it was disliked – maybe its a Europhile v Atlantophile argument – more political than artistic. Pole & lap dancing stuff is everywhere, kids spill out from pubs & clubs at night behaving more like (real) animals, doin stuff in the street, that would surely appall the creatures in the advert. If I was reincarnated as a bear (for instance), I\’d wanna go to where the sophisticated action is, to that Orangina-style woodlandland!

  17. helene says:

    Dissarono, nobody drinks it, why bother advertising it, awful ad, awful drink, tatses like hydraulic fluid

  18. Coops - says:

    Thomas, cheers for the kind comments mate. Happy reading! Just one thing – I\’m female. I know my nickname is a tad on the ambiguous side but I can definitely assure you that I am all woman. :-)Ray – in the words of Harry Enfield: \’Oiiiii! Anthropomorphism animal orgy, noooooooooooooooo!\’ You find that advert erotic? Sorry, it didn\’t float my boat in that way whatsoever. I can get freaky when I\’m ready – but that\’s too much. Even for me. Question is: does it make you want to buy Orangina? Isn\’t that supposed to be the point of it all?

  19. Tina says:

    You are so right, Coops! This advert is AWFUL – it\’s just plain wrong! I\’m sorry but just because Coops and I and all the other normal people out there don\’t like this ad does not mean we\’re sexually repressed! I\’m comfortable with my sexuality and who I am – to the point some other people have to tell me not to give so much detail! I also have a very happy, healthy love life, so it\’s not like I\’m not getting any either. This ad certainly didn\’t make me want to buy Orangina. I used to quite like Orangina actually, but then I saw this ad and it now makes me feel physically sick! And I\’m not just French hating either. I speak good French, and I love the country.There\’s something fundamentally wrong with people who get turned on by the whole fuzzies phenomenon. Yes, we are basically animals, but we\’re different to regular animals. We\’re the most complex and developed. You don\’t see different species of animals breeding do you? They certainly can\’t have kids. And we don\’t all have our beloved cats, dogs, guinea pigs, etc making a truly independant crack onto us in the hope they will bed us! The day our family pets come onto us, then I might justify the meaning behind this ad. But leave the anthropomorphic eroticism at the door, where it belongs, thank you. Keep it up Coops. I look forward to reading more of your posts!And the Grecian 200 ad really IS awful.

  20. K. says:

    I agree that some of these adverts are bad. Some are rubbish (Premier Inn), some are boring (Gillette and Samsung) and some are plain embarrassing (DFS and Specsavers). I was thinking with the Kellogg\’s one that maybe that\’s what it\’s about (keeping it real… \’cause in the end the medals and accomplishments are the ones really speaking). The Johnny Rotten one…. well, I think it\’s so silly that it works! Not liking JR or the Sex Pistols particularly, I laughed the first time I saw it because I thought it was a case of taking the p**s, which is never a bad thing 🙂

  21. bryan says:

    I agree all these ads are awful i particularly hate the gillette ad never liked Thierry, now it\’s as if he\’s had a personality bypass stood next to the charm free Woods and Federer. The DFS one don\’t like the MOR Rock? band Nickelback hate the people in the ad and would boycott the store if i were buying a sofa. I remember when i actually found Lenny Henry funny so the premier in ad is quite sad. Kelly Holmes Kelloggs ad is stiff your line about her being a terminator made me laugh out loud. Dead celebrities flogging anything how is that meant to make me want to go to specsavers, former icons of cool well i don\’t remeber the sex pistols but i know lydon was one so seeing him sell his soul is marginilly amusing but don\’t like country life so not gonna make me rush to the supermarket to buy any. Overpaid footballers making more money for very little again boycott the product buy their rivals tv just to stop them using Cheslski palyers to folg stuff. As for the oringina one that is just sick, i don\’t understand how that\’s gonna make you want to buy it not just feel physically sick if you saw it on the supermarket shelves, It shouldn\’t just be amoung the worrst ads of \’08 it should be top of the poll and run away with it, if you do like it and don\’t find everything about it 100% disturbing seek help.Coops you\’re right about The Big Bang Theory, discovered it\’s 1st season by accident late night on e4 and i love it Sheldon is a fantastic character with no concept of normal human behaviour, he can be rude arrogant sarcastic bitchy but most of all funny. He\’s like they turned Dr House into an out and out sitcom character.

  22. Terri 'LK' says:

    While I consider myself a feminit as opposed to a manhater, I have to say, I found the Orangina advert hilarious. There are artists out here who draw this kind of thing (\’furries\’) and to see an actual ad with it was bloody funny. A pity that come feminists don\’t know when to be outraged and when to laughSame goes with the butter ad, I hurt something laughing when it first ran and I think the comedy was what the makers were after. At least it\’s better than the Snow-White version where birds and hedgehogs do your housework for you while you eat some toast

  23. Terri 'LK' says:

    Man, that comment was full of typos *Feminists, *some

  24. prudence says:

    most of the adverts are just plain embarrassing, I always hated that nickleback song anyway, but the orangina ad is creepy as hell! The first time I saw it i thought it was kind of cool but when I saw it again an paid more attention I was amazed to see a lapdancing octopus squeezing her rather large "oranges" with that strangely pornographic expression. Its got nothing to do with feminism or hating the french, its just weird! I loved the ad they did with the runaway cart of orangina bottles it was full of french charm and sunshine which is what orangina was always about.

  25. Ben says:

    What about that horrible Halifax ad – the one with "Woke up this morning, feeling fine"? To my mind that\’s worse than any of these – I cringed every time it came on.The Bird\’s Eye "Our House" adverts were pretty awful too…

  26. Siriku says:

    "There\’s something fundamentally wrong with people who get turned on by the whole fuzzies phenomenon""if you do like it and don\’t find everything about it 100% disturbing seek help.""You don\’t see different species of animals breeding do you? They certainly can\’t have kids"Thanks for that. I assumed I would be the first furry (no, it\’s not called fuzzies), to post a reply. Actually, some types of animals can interbreed. Ever heard of Tigons or Ligers? That\’s just for starters..And as for the whole erotic animal thing, so what? How does it harm you in any way? It doesn\’t. Some of us happen to like this sort of stuff. I don\’t need people telling me my sexual interests are "wrong" or that "I should seek help", because on both counts, they are wrong. You are wrong. Don\’t like the advert, fine. There are adverts on TV I don\’t like either. I don\’t go around telling me they\’re sick, or whatever, because that\’s not my, or your place.Get over yourselves. People like me find this stuff erotic (I personally haven\’t fapped to the video, but I assume others have), deal with it. I\’m not sick, and I don\’t need help. Don\’t critiscise something when you know nothing about it.

  27. Tina says:

    Oh, I am sorry, Aaron, I thoght this was a free country, at least in part, where we had the right to freedom of speech? But hey, I guess since you were born, we now DON\’T.Incidentally, I DO know it is called furries, I DO realise I typed the wrong word, but I guess I\’m not allowed to make mistakes either now, huh? I bet you\’ve made a few typos in YOUR life.And yes I have heard of some animals interbreeding, but I was referring to the point that most cannot. They cannot harbour sperm (or indeed eggs depending on the animals) they are not fertile in such a foreign body. It\’s down to genetics I believe. But don\’t quote me on that, as I do confess, I am not an expert on animal fertility and crossbreeding.The whole erotic animal thing IS wrong. It shows a desire to have sex with an animal, which I know you will disagree with, possibly out of spite, but that is your right to opinion. And the last time I checked, bestiality was ILLEGAL. And the law is something I DO know about. You can always check out my degree if you don\’t believe me.As for the whole erotic animal thing not hurting me? Well, what about all those times in your life where you\’ve felt so strongly about a subject, it has physically moved you to tears? Pain does not always have to be physical. In fact, emotional pain is far worse. Yes, those of you who are into that sort of thing do have the right to be into it, no one will ever change your mind on the matter, but the rest of us have the right to NOT LIKE IT. Ok, fair enough, you don\’t need people telling you your sexual interests are wrong, but depending on how far you take it, the nature of yours have the potential to be ILLEGAL as I have previously stated. I\’m not saying you do actually indulge in the above, I cannot stress that enough, but those that do, they take the sex from the animal, that poor animal cannot speak up, it cannot defend itself and say NO. Tell me how that doesn\’t hurt it. I have always loved animals (no, I do not hump them) and I feel very passionately on the subject, so of course I am going to feel very strongly about FURRIES. And I am NOT wrong, as you are not wrong, we simply have differing opinions, so there is no need to attack me.No, I do not like the advert, this is pretty clear, but you cannot justify saying I can\’t go around telling everyone how I feel about them because it is not my place, because then that also means it is not YOUR place to be making your feelings heard either, be that in response to my post, or wherever else. And that also means neither does anyone else writing here have the right to voice their opinions. So yes, it IS my place to say how I feel about this advert. As it is yours. They\’re made for our benefit, adverts, and anyhow, I like Coops\’ work, and I am responding to HER. Not just having a random rant about a random ad. I respect people\’s sexualities, as a bisexual woman, I give the respect I\’d like to get from others, but when it involves animals, I will get upset, and speak up for them, because they cannot do it themselves. I was not criticising, I was merely voicing my opinion. And I may not know much about the furries thing, but there are many things you complain about in my post you know nothing about either yet you still had your opinion. So I think we are even.To conclude, this post I have intended to be fair and balanced, and a completely rational and calm reply to a hostile post. I do hope everyone takes it that way, and Aaron, I am sincerely happy you have had the chance to voice your opinion. Despite everything that has been said, it is good to have the views of someone on the other side, so to speak. Have a good day.

  28. Octarinelouise says:

    Personally I find it hard to get up the motivation to complain about adverts, as I can\’t say there\’s been more than, maybe, one in every hundred or so that I\’ve even borderline liked. So in the interest of fairness I\’d have to complain about at least ninety-nine ads every now and then, which would just be exhausting.

  29. Tina says:

    Octarinelouise, I have to say, that is a very fair point! Clever lass! 😀

  30. Siriku says:

    I think perhaps I was a bit hostile, sorry.I don\’t care if it\’s illegal, that part of it is irrelevant. Can I also point out that furrys need not necessarily be sexually aroused by actual animals? I\’m not into Beastiality. And I can tell you there\’s a world of difference between having a hard on for Anthropomorphic characters then watching Beastiality. And as Furry art isn\’t actually having sex with animals, it harms no-one. It shows a desire to have sex with an animal, with human elements, or if you\’d like to look at it from the same angle in another way, a human with animal elements. There is a lot of misunderstanding going on. I apologize, I tend to have an instant reaction when someone tells me i\’m sick and what I like is wrong. You can understand my getting defensive i\’m sure. People assume Furry = Beastiality, when it just plain doesn\’t. But as you say you don\’t know much about the furry fandom, i\’ll let it slide. Just please look it up before jumping in with the "ew wtf".I also have to say, if an animal (such as a dog, or horse) mounts a human for instance, completely willingly, it\’s not like the animal is saying no, and doesn\’t want it. Otherwise it wouldn\’t be doing it. This is why I find the whole "OMG ANIMAL RAPE" argument a bit pathetic, because some of the time, it really isn\’t. Need to give animals a bit more credit methinks.The nature of my furry status does not come anywhere close to being illegal as it doesn\’t feature real animals. It\’s not illegal, and I doubt it\’ll ever be illegal.

  31. Siriku says:

    I think I should also mention that being a furry doesn\’t automatically mean you\’re into the sexual side of things, many furries aren\’t.

  32. Coops - says:

    Aaron – thanks for your comments. Eye-opening reading. If you happen to see my tongue on the floor, could you pick it up for me please? 🙂

  33. Tina says:

    OK Aaron, thank you for the apology. But I fear you are stil being a shade too hostile.The law is always relevant, whether we like it or not. Furries per say may not be illegal in the technical sense, but we ALL know today\’s court houses are sick, twisted places, and they try and twist individual cases, for the most part, to what will suit them, usually what generates the most money. The ONLY reason I\’m in law myself. The money. Yes, there IS a world of difference between having a hard on for a straight up animal and having one for a furry. But most images of furries I\’ve seen are predominantly animal, so referring to your animal with human elements and human with animal elements argument, I would say that they are animal with human elements. And we ALL know there are real live animals all over this planet today that are NOT furries, they are real amnimals, that have plenty of human elements. This does not, however, make them furries. As for my supposed saying you were into bestiality, I did not say that at all, in fact I believe I intended my point to be that it potentially shows the desire to have sex with an animal, which WOULD be bestiality, which IS illegal, I did not in fact say that you engaged in bestiality just because you like furries. I did not assume that because you like furries you\’re going to go out there and rape animals, I\’m just saying that in this world, there are some people out there with that kind of potential. I\’m not making rash generalisations about furries lovers. But then I notice you yourself say "And as Furry art isn\’t actually having sex with animals, it harms no-one. It shows a desire to have sex with an animal, with human elements, or if you\’d like to look at it from the same angle in another way, a human with animal elements." So what is it exactly you are trying to say? That I am right that furries lovers DO show a desire to have sex with animals, or that I am WRONG and they do not? I\’m not trying to take the Pee, I\’m just trying to get this point clear.In the cases where animals mount humans, the animal thinks the human is ANOTHER ANIMAL. It is common knowledge that the animal mentality and the human mentality are NOT THE SAME. We are wired up differently, our brains are different, everything is different, genetically speaking. Which is why when an animal is mounting a human, it is just doing what comes naturally to it sexually, with what it thinks is another animal. They feel that way sexually that we do when we\’re going out with someone we love so very much, and we\’re overcome by the desire to sleep together, so we run off to the bedroom. So therein, perhaps, lies the only POSSIBLE similarity. But it is certainly not the animal seeing us as a human being and saying to itself, I really fancy having sex with that human, you know what, they\’ll probably say no because of the whole species thing, I\’ll just take the sex anyway. If it could be proven that an animal mounting a human WAS having this thought process, then most of those animal would be up in our courts being done for rape, since most of us, myself included try to get the animal off us as quickly as possible, because we do not want the animal doing it to us. And I\’m well aware, it\’d be a lot harder to brush off a horse because it is a huge animal, that doesn\’t mean the human wants the horse to do it, just because said horse is too big for the human to push off. That\’s almost akin to saying that every petite little woman that\’s ever been raped wanted the sex really because she couldn\’t manage to push off the huge, burly man on top of her. And my point in this paragraph is exactly why the whole animal rape argument is NOT pathetic. There is good grounding for it. And I think most of us DO give animals a lot of credit. I myself, as that is the only person I can speak for for sure, know just how frighteningly intelligent animals are, especially dogs, and I know many people think dogs are big dumb beasts.And finally, not once did I say that your furry status was illegal. I said that what it might lead to in some people WOULD be illegal. So if you desire me to get my facts right before I comment on furries, please, also do the same yourself.And again, thank you very much for your reply. The furries thing creeps me out, you love it. It is, again, refreshing, to have the other side of the argument. But as this thread is about the orangina advert, and most people have not liked it because of the furries thing, I do feel the makers of that ad may have just gone a little too far with the controversy angle. Most people are not ready for that sort of thing over here, a lot never will be. And THAT is the point that needs to be remembered here, not whether furries are right or wrong, whether it leads to bestiality, etc, etc…Have a good day, Aaron. 🙂

  34. Tina says:

    I also have to reiterate that yes ok, when furry art is NOT made with sexual connotations, it is beautiful artwork. But again, most furry art I\’ve seen has a very much sexual message to it. That\’s what I\’ve got the problem with. Not the furry itself.

  35. si says:

    i personally can\’t find anything wrong with the orangina advert, its very cleverly done. after reading what everyone has written, all i can say if you don\’t like it ,don\’t watch it. everyone is different, we can\’t all like every single advert but the advertising companies follow strict guidelines and if it was over the top or had a sexual nature to it, it would not make to our tv screens. we have to move with the times and this advert has done that.

  36. Tina says:

    How can you miss the sexual element to it? It\’s only just falling short of showing actual sex happening! Also, if we don\’t like it, don\’t watch it? I fear we have no choice, it appears on many channels!

  37. Station says:

    All hope is lost in our house.when the adverts come on, we mute the tv and go make a cup of tea. some times i think i could have a quick shower in the time the adverts are on.and still maybe get that cuppa…

  38. Chirlene says:

    I reckon with the orangina one they probably just didnt want to use real people, so the animals were used instead. I dont like it cos it is creepy, but i appreciate what they were trying to do.

  39. Alex Bonus Features says:

    I love Sheldon and the bubbling script that launches his character into comedy genius, spot on there, as for celebrities that sell themselves for lame products I think you can only justify it if you\’ve completely deteriorated you\’re finances with a rock and roll lifestyle and poor mental arithmetic (John Lydon? Hopefully?), i\’d rather see him hocking butter than approaching me for a spare twenty pence piece with that crazed look he always sports. Otherwise why would you scupper what most artists would kill to have… a cache of cool.I thought Gillette had reached the final frontier when they took their multi bladed razor into space…. how wrong I was, I think they have one man behind all their concepts and he needs to be blasted into orbit with a razor and the next gimmick they decide to attach to it for eternal company.

  40. Patrick says:

    wo !!i was reading through the comments when i came accross the argument about the orangina advert and furrys. i was shocked i mean ive never read anything like it, that should have its own little sub category of discussion it seemed as if you was a member to an exclusive club who loved animated animals abit too much but i suppose its each to there own. As I had never heard of the term furrys i looked it up (wikipedia source of all knowledge) it described it as animals with human characteristics with a few pictures to give examples and all that jazz. there wass a paragraph about people who find it erotic. It is looked down upon even in your exclusive furry community as quoted buy wikipedia "furvert" id have to agree i myself wouldnt get a kick out of seeing any cartoon/animation gettin jiggy with it let alone an animal one but each to there own, i just thought id add to this rather bizarre argument.back to the original topic…. adverts are a curse. just when your getting into your show or movie its cuts to the brainwashing scemes which are mainly pants irritating and ineffective. every now and then you get a good one but other than that my general rule is run and hide when they come on. Pat

  41. Tina says:

    Thanks for your insight, Patrick. A refreshing read! But also good that you at least did a little research. Despite my having friends who were into furries, and being commissioned as an artist (my old trade) to DO erotic furry art, I have already come under fire for not doing MY research on furries, as you will have read…But yeah, I do agree all adverts do these days is interrupt our shows and movies!

  42. Tina says:

    There\’s no way this advert is suitable for kids. Also if this is so stupid why waste time getting so riled up about it and replying?

  43. Coops - says:

    amy soderstrom, please, please, please keep your comments clean. This is a PG-rated blog. Edit your profanity or wash yer bloomin\’ mouth out with soap! And by the way, nobody is " f**king stupid" – that\’s a terrible thing to say. This is my blog and I want people to disagree respectfully. amy soderstrom said: "You are f**king kidding me?!?! You guys are so f**king stupid arguing over the fact that is a bad advert..we all know its badd but we don\’t all go on about it forever, Orangina is a kid\’s adverts its meant to be entertaining for them to animals dancing about, that is for them so it makes there mummy\’s want to buy them it, as long as adverts are on there no matter how stupid it is theres always gonna be more than one person going.."Ohhh, I could use some of that for my house", or "Oh, that could come in handy one day," "Ohhh,that looks good right about now!"And like most of you, I don\’t really agree with this, or any of you, because if they\’re were no adverts on t.v. how do you think that most company\’s sell their products so they get the best business?And I hear no comment about stuff like the some might say \’cheesy\’ dominoes advert!, etc,etc,etc.

  44. Alex Bonus Features says:

    Are people taking objection to this advert because it is sexual in nature or because it depicts furries AND is sexual in nature?From people who have grown up with advertising from an early age I find it surprising that they are surprised to seesex selling a product. Three things in the advertising world help to sell more than any other, sex, comedy and fear and it seems this advert has managed to tap into all three quite brilliantly. It is explicitly sexual, humorous because they are actuallyanimals personified ergo subverting the form and expectation and people are fearful of their primal reactions and what they might signify, you can see that from the reactionary comments in this thread and the complaints it had. I like it and it does what an advert is commissioned to do, judder the mind and kids see similar stuff watching girl pop videos. If you\’re gonna object to sex on TV you\’re gonna have to be more long sighted than just adverts.Adverts are annoying most of the time but would people be willing to put their hands in their pockets to have them disappear?Could this actually be a system of making quality TV? HBO works on this principal and it has made some astonishing shows like The Wire as an example.AL

  45. Tina says:

    I\’m not scared of my primal instincts. Speak for yourself.

  46. michelle says:

    The Orangina advert, what can I say, I can see what they were TRYING to achieve here, but (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very very creepy) it just didn\’t work for me. It made me shudder, something just not quite right about it. I\’m no prude, the pole dancing and squeezing oranges has nothing to do with why I find it so very "odd". It had the same effect on me as the very creepy animated monster models in the 1970\’s film Clash of the Titans.

  47. michelle says:

    ok, sorry had to comment again, but I have pinpointed the bit that I really find disturbing. In the first 30seconds, a creature (ostrich or flamingo) with a very long neck, pole-dancing. It just makes me shudder, it is nightmarish, the rest of the add is pretty clever until the end, where the zebras on the bottles had that same shudder/creepy affect on me.

  48. Tina says:

    I think I agree with that Michelle. There\’s just something about it that makes you, I and most other people shudder. Without that disturbingly sexual element to it I do agree, it would have been such a clever idea, as if you look outside the creepy element, the CGI on the whole is beautifully done. I\’m so sorry, Paula, if you feel this also means me so called contradicting my point again, but sometimes, when people listen to other people, they are allowed to see things FROM ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE.

  49. Carol says:

    The advert that drove me nuts over the Christmas period was ASDA. Bing Crosby singing \’It\’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas\’ Sooooo annoying! It made me cringe!

  50. Tina says:

    I agree! It was everywhere, and to make it worse, my colleagues started singing it all the time too!

  51. Carol says:

    My family did the same, hehe they knew it would annoy me rotten!!!!

  52. Tina says:

    Heh heh, what we should do is wait until another ad with a really annoying song comes along and sing THAT at them all the time! See how they like it! 😀

  53. Carol says:

    Not a bad idea, Tina! 🙂

  54. schnitzel says:

    the Specsavers one with Edith Piaf is well annoying.

  55. Tina says:

    There\’s bound to be an ad like that soon, let\’s face it, we\’re not short of ads! If we were this thread and others wouldn\’t be here!

  56. James says:

    the dfs sofas were also clearly green-screened in.. and yes, Big Bang Theory is genius

  57. Alex Bonus Features says:

    I\’m not complaining about the ad, I don\’t object to it or the sexual connotation done in an obviously satirical/sardonic way so the lack of fear on my part, I thought, was self evident. I don\’t know what was inferred by my comment but it wasn\’t to meant to be directed at anyone specifically, no need to get defensive.I hate classical music being used so much that when I hear it in its proper context I can\’t help but visualize one product or another, this happened with a piece of music I heard recently and a British Airways Boeing 747 materialized into my head, this should not be allowed!!

  58. Amy says:

    I agree – Davina\’s Nutrisse ad belongs in that list. Who is she talking to? Is her mother trapped within that mirror or is it simply the voices in Davina McCall\’s head? Who knows. All I can say is that every time that advert appears, I mute the sound.

  59. Lily says:

    omg that orangina ad!

  60. Alex Bonus Features says:

    Ha ha, mother mother on the wall… shampoo adverts… a tour de force in nonsense phrases and cheese… don\’t get me started!

  61. Brigitte says:

    Yes I couldn\’t agree more i found the orangina ad totally disturbing and said so at work to find a similar response widely held, maybe thats why i try to stick to none commecial tv i am just sick to death of the ads and of course every channel shows them at the same time , how much hopping can you do in 3 minutes ? grrr !

  62. Rachael says:

    that oringina ad was truly disturbing.I may have nightmares.scarily creepy.

  63. jorge says:

    i said it before and i will say it now ………i like the orangina advert.I realy dont understand what is the big deal,after all its only a cartoon…………ladies dont get so offended

  64. Tina says:

    Thank you Jorge, for assuming only ladies are getting upset ove rthis advert. Not all men are the same, and not all ladies are the same either.

  65. Lo says:

    I love that orangina add it makes me smile.Is no one out there is prepered to own up to holding a hair brush and singing to it in the mirror and doing a Pete Townsend stance than i suggest there\’s a lot of folk out there with short memories.More ads please……Lo Monroe

  66. Jo says:

    the orangina advert is pretty wrong! i couldn\’t stop laughing the first time i saw it because i couldn\’t believe what i was seeing and everyone i\’ve spoken to is pretty shocked by it! it\’s should\’ve been number one in the worst ads list. it\’s just kind of sick in the head really considering yes anyone can drink orangina but let\’s face it, it usually targetted to a younger market. so if they\’re trying to appeal to a wider audience do they just assume that everyone\’s idea of having a good time is pole dancing and strippers!? im not saying that wouldn\’t be fun but seriously? liking this advert is somewhat close to beastiality surely!?no offence but think about it – there\’d have been so many more complaints if it was actual human beings even if they too were animated so what makes this ok?

  67. olivia says:

    The Orangina ad is original, clever, tongue in cheek, humorous and memorable, and remembering an ad – and hopefully the product too – is what its all about really. If you want to see crass sexuality, unoriginal and monotonous \’titillation\’ and cheesy vulgarity, just watch any number of pop videos by Pussycat Dolls or some rap stars. Yes there is a dark side to the Orangina ad which is perhaps due to the use of animals, maybe we\’ve been too used to seeing the Disneyfication of animals in cartoon form instead of being forced to confront the reality of the animal world. The music is great too.

  68. Tina says:

    No offence is meant here Olivia, but last time I checked, the male animal (in most species) just climbed onto the back of the female, did his business and got off. There WAS no foreplay, pole dancing, strippers, and squeezing of really large "oranges". Damn, maybe Darwin WAS wrong…

  69. Gillian and Chris says:

    To paraphrase Michael Winner,"Calm down dear (sexist?) it\’s only a commercial !" Here\’s me thinking this blog was to comment on the worst ads but it now seems to have become an outlet for a load of amateurish psycho-babble! Yes ,I know, we are all entitled to an opinion but come on– think of all those things you can do in a 3 minute ad break; from making a cup of tea to —Well, the mind boggles !! Happy viewing everyone. Regards from SMEE

  70. Kris says:

    haha! Good summary here in my opinion! For me the worst ones are the cheesy celebrity faces used to promote kelt. Its amazing what they\’ll put their names to. Todays celebrity culture is way out of hand.

  71. Frances says:

    hmm ……… you missed out the listerine advert! …i think the listerine ad should have came second, but the orangina advert was definately the worst …im never buying ornagina again in my life, im sickened!

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