The Great Antiques Roadshow Rip-off

Hello everyone. It’s good to be back. I don’t know about you, but I am kicking myself for falling for a prime piece of hype. I blame myself; I work in this industry, I should know better. But when I saw a headline screaming: ‘£1 million find on Antiques Roadshow!’, visions of Del Boy and Rodney danced before my eyes and I excitedly mentioned the programme to my family. This was a must-watch event, a once in a lifetime TV moment and I didn’t want to miss it.

Earlier in the week, the BBC reported that Antiques Roadshow would screen the first ever object to be valued by a show expert at £1 million. The item of interest was kept under wraps and kudos to them because I didn’t get a sniff of said closely-guarded secret until the show aired last Sunday at 7.15pm on BBC1. According to the BBC, fine art expert Philip Mould made ‘the find’ and broke the news to the owner at a venue in Gateshead. The owner knew it was valuable, but, said the press release, the actual value ‘shocked’ apparently.

At home, my family all wondered what it could be: an Old Master bought for a tenner at a car boot sale? A piece of old China handed down from generation to generation? An old Roman coin found at the bottom of a garden? Answer? None of the above.

Instead, the reveal was…..a design model of Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North sculpture. The model was one of a number he made to win over sceptical councillors ahead of the statue’s commissioning. And why was it valued at £1m? Because a larger design model had recently sold at auction for £2m. The model on Antiques Roadshow was OWNED BY GATESHEAD COUNCIL. It had been in council offices for 13 years! What a disappointment. "Is that it??!?" my mum cried in disbelief. "You made us watch this…for that??!!?" said my sister. What could I say? I tried to explain that I’d been taken in, but my family were having none of it and took their frustration out on me.

I’m resolved never to fall for anything that cheap and underhanded again. I’d expect a move like that from a digital broadcaster desperate to get viewers watching some sort of salacious celebrity tat – I certainly don’t expect it from Auntie and most definitely not for Horlicks-and-comfy-slippers TV such as the likes of Antiques Roadshow. What annoys me is that this tactic simply wasn’t needed; the show has been storming the ratings in recent weeks, beating ITV’s much-trumpeted drama Britannia High into the ground. Ever seen The Real Hustle? It tends to air on BBC Three and demonstrates confidence tricks, flimflams, hoaxes, frauds and various other nefarious deeds for a trusting public so that we can avoid becoming victims. May I humbly suggest they add ‘The Great Antiques Roadshow Rip-off Scam’ to that series?

Today I am mostly lovin’ – I am still loving watching the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live skits. Absolutely hilarious! She totally nailed that impersonation.

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
That bloomin’ Garnier Nutrisse advert with Davina McCall. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhh!   

MSN Editor Coops
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71 Responses to The Great Antiques Roadshow Rip-off

  1. fiona says:

    couldn\’t agree more.  I too watched, waiting for the magic moment when an unsuspecting member of the public had their Del & Rodney moment.  What a farce!

  2. Catherine S says:

    I also agree, a real let-down considering all the hype.  Where were the slightly gormless people standing around looking shocked?  Where was the little old lady with a dead cat on her head to be told her poorly dusted lump of metal was really important?
    None of the usual AR romance and delight.  There was something particularly jarring about it belonging to a council, I suppose they could sell it and recoup some of their constituents\’ money on their Icesave losses…

  3. laurie says:

    Hi I was also dissapointed because I even hate the original the wings are far to long & spoil it for me

  4. Coops - says:

    Sorry guys, I had my comments switched off by accident. I am adding the following comments to this post:
    From:    No Name  – The Angel of the North Sculpture is, in my opinion, hideous.  As an Antiques Roadshow fan, I too was very disappointed when the model was the \’surprise £1,000,000 find\’.
    From:    christopher  – very angry that i was conned into watching this programme.
    From:    Jonathan – Why is anyone suprised about anything that the BBC do nowadays? It is fairly evident from recent events (eg Ross, Blue Peter and many others) that even when the BBC editors know they are going over the top they cannot stop themselves. When the BBC itself is the news, you know that those in the driving seat at the BBC just love the self publicity too much.

  5. colin says:

    Totally agree…Gateshead Council official "shocked" at valuation…come on, I am sure they saw the larger one go for £2m! We waited with baited breath for a "del-boy" find and were gutted. Bet the Council don\’t sell the statue and reduce the people of Gateshead\’s Council Tax bills!!! The BBC are poo all round lately!

  6. David & Kerry says:

    absolutely agree. not a \’find\’ at all. very disappoining BBC hype about not much.

  7. David says:

    Dunno bout Del & Rodders, it woz more like summit from Steptoes back yard.

  8. pamella says:

    I totally agree what a waste of time ,looking forward to something so special!!!!, and that was it, I think the BIG one in Gateshead is repulsive and scarey, to have a smaller version worth £1 million pounds!!! Sell it and give the money to Children in Need.

  9. pamella says:

    I agree with everyone else, it was a complete let down, I love The Roadshow, and was looking forward to the episode ,and was disgusted that THAT WAS IT!!!. I Hate the BIG one( Angel of the north), let alone a little one worth a million pounds, they  should sell it and give the money to children in need Now that is worth while!!! don\’t you agree?.

  10. Bow says:

    Ermm surely the council already knows the value as you would hope that its insured already????,and they already know where its  from and etc etc etc…..we sent the kids off to bed early much preparation for the big top telly night and mug off !!!!

  11. john says:

    i am a person who lives not a great distance from the said statue, to me it resembles an airplain standing on its is hidiuse???

  12. hilary says:

    I didn\’t like the \’Angel of the North\’ either – until I was taken by friends to see it close up – try standing underneath and looking up – the wings suddenly do look like angels wings, soaring upwards, and I found the statue powerful and inspirational! However – I agree with most of your contributors – it was all a bit of a con to show the small version on Roadshow when the council must have known its worth.

  13. lindy says:

    I love the "Angel of the North" both close up and from a distance it thrills me whenever I see it – however, the Antiqes Roadshow was a total let down. Surely Gateshead Council knew the true worth of it and the Councillor\’s reaction was as flat as a pancake. All the media hype was totally unfounded.

  14. Bridget says:

    I love the angel of the north i have only seen it once but was impressed

  15. Unknown says:

    Today I am totally hating that chocolate Lynx advert it absolutley freaks me out,  that creepy smile Yack yak yak!!!!!

  16. Coops - says:

    Sorry guys, I had my comments switched off by accident. I am adding the following comments to this post:
    From:    Cheryl –  Couldn\’t agree more – it wasn\’t a find, because it wasn\’t lost and I thought the programme was called \’Antiques Roadshow\’ not \’Something knocked together within the last 20 years show!\’
    From  Jennysue –  I have never read anything so snotty and ridiculous. Quite obviously you and your family would be better off watching rubbishy soaps than attempting to appreciate ANY item that features on Antiques Roadshow. It isn\’t about programme ratings. For real fans of Antiques Roadshow it is learning to discern and identify items of genuine value or interest. I buy and sell collectables on ebay and AR is always an education for me. What I have learned has helped me to choose and pay the right prices for items at auction and set an appropriate price when selling. Not only that, but has also given me and millions of others, great pleasure in seeing items that people have in their homes and in the many lovely venues that the show visits.
    From ANGIE – im so glad im not the only one being driven up the wall by that advert to make it worse it dont look like her its not even her mum shes talking too and to top it off the hairdye doesnt give u that look trust me ive tried angela
    From –  The Gormley Angel of the North maquette is NOT an antique and so shouldn\’t have even been on the show in the first place! Does the BBC think we\’re stupid? Can there be any viewers out there who still believe that the Strictly "Sunday" show is live? And they showed Beyonce "live" on a recent Satuday show when she had revealed on a BBC programme on Friday that she was flying home that very afternoon. The deceit is incredible.
    From: helen – i completely agree, the whole thing was a big con. but boy did it take us in and my reaction same as the rest "is that it" and yes a council would know the value of something like that. i wanted it to be a little old lady with something beautiful and old. wont con us again lol

  17. michael says:

    I live very near to the Angel of the North and I was\’nt a fan initially, but I am now very fond of what has become an iconic symbol.
    I got wind of the the \’million pound\’ item some months earlier (a local free paper) and therefore knew what the item was when my wife, like everyone else excitedly mentioned the programme.  To describe a 200kg bronze statue replica statue as "a delicate and fragile artifact\’ as some media cryptically described the item prior to broadcast,  was shamelessly misleading the viewing public.
    In an attempt to to gain additional viewers for one programme they risk losing the viewing publics support for future programming.  Dont take us for MUGS!   

  18. michael says:

    On the subject of the Garnierre advert and Davina.
    Its a little ironic that it shows her talking animatedly to her mum about the product on the telephone. My wife read an article some time ago that she hasn\’nt spoken to her mum for years and they have a rather acrimoniuos relationship, that is if you can believe all you read.  The latest advert has dropped the mum reference – perhaps her mum complained about the fact that the advert didn\’t reflect the real relationship?.   I wonder?  

  19. Coops - says:

    Aha! As I suspected, my disappointment about that \’£1 million find on Antiques Roadshow!\’ is largely shared. Jennysue, I do think you\’re missing the point and the reference to my family and \’rubbishy soaps\’ is rather snotty of you – especially to soap fans. As for Davina McCall, check out the fine print on the advert; it states that she\’s styled with hair extensions!

  20. jo says:

    when i moved to newcastle imagine my face when i came face to face with the so called angel of the north… i was quite amused about how people said it was great and when i actually got to see it it looked like some man holding a plank of wood making out he was an aeroplane…why would anyone pay £1million for a mini versionenough said…

  21. Natasha says:

    I was so hoping some little old lady would have found something in her attic. Not the COUNCIL. It was such an anti-climax!

  22. LISA says:

    We fell for the hype too.  We eagerly turned over to watch the programme and were even guessing which one was going to be
    the million pound find.  Then as it neared the end, we suddenly realised, we\’d been had.  It was hardly a genuine find, was it?

  23. famous says:

    hiya coops been a long time!! in reply to jennysue \’s comment about A R teaching us about antiques and their worth can i remind you of something i said some months ago about greedy antique sellers on tv??they accept a price from the \’\’experts \’\’ and then put a sky high reserve on them.they then are surprised when they dont sell!! will GATESHEAD COUNCIL be getting their million and using it towards next years council tax????

  24. famous says:

    about davina and her ad ,what with hair extensions an
    about davina and her ad,what with hair extensions and now \’\’eyelash inserts\’\'(small print)is anything on  t v real anymore??

  25. Coops - says:

    Hello famouseccles, my Spurs supporting mate! I haven\’t been well which explains my absence. Good to hear from you – and the less said about football (especially that 4-4 travesty at the Emirates), the better…. 🙂  I specifically look for the small print on adverts now. My favourites include Dolmio; all those sauces marketed like an Italian mama used to make….but made in Holland. You\’ve got to laugh. As for Antiques Roadshow, it was so far beneath them that the entire brand is somewhat sullied for me now.

  26. barry says:

    a million quid for a model of a monstrocity ,the real thing aint worth that. !!!

  27. David says:

    Hi Lorna,
    Just nipped across from the Strictly blog.  Matt has links to the other blogs on there I noticed.  Perhaps they were there all the time and I was too stupid to notice.  Anyway…
    You got me going on my favourite subject.  Adverts.  Firstly as a Formula 1 (and SCD) fan – which might seem mutually exclusive – I am D-LIGHT-ED that the F1 will be on the BBC with no adverts in it.  Do they interrupt football?  Do they interrupt rugby?  No.  So why the F1.  Roll on next March.
    Current adverts.  Well, good old Barry Scott or do I mean BARRY SCOTT who would shout about the wonders of Cilit Bang.  Now he comes round quietly and points out the daughters dirty socks.  My daughter saw that and said if he came to our house, then she would tell him to…  The Vanish ads annoy me.  Those poor ladies in their kitchen suddenly find the stains in the wash and then suddenly, a pink-clad lovely pops up with the Vanish.  "Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?"  Healthy yoghurts have all got some made-up Latin bacteria name.  Bifidus Digestivum?  Talkus out our Bottus morelike…  perhaps that\’s what they make you do?  The woman on the Maltesers ident wrapped around Loose Women.  Er… am I admitting I watch Loose Women here?  Anyway, would you want her as your friend/daughter/wife?
    A little comment on the Davina ads.  Did she not used to call the female off-camera voice "Mum"?  I think in real life there was some sort of bust-up and she was barely talking to Mum, let alone consulting her on hair colour.  They\’ve changed.  She now speaks to unspecified off-camera voice.
    Ah the adverts, probably the best thing on telly a lot of the time…

  28. Coops - says:

    Hello David, nice to see you here mate. Matt is our Editor-in-Chief so if anyone\’s promoting the best of MSN, it\’ll be him. 🙂  I\’ve been spouting my opinions on the world of TV for a while now so feel free to join in. By the way, let me know if you saw the \’£1 million find on Antiques Roadshow\’ instalment. I\’d be interested to hear your view. 

  29. kat says:

    The antiques roadshow regularly has \’modern\’ items on – Beatles memorabilia, football programs, some cheap tacky ring once thought to have belonged to Jimi Hendrix. I\’m not sure why anyone would count an old, tatty football program as an antique, but obviously they do. Presumably, the angel of the north will be around for along time and the rarity of a model of it produced by the artist himself will have value, and is an antique of the future. Don\’t they do a children\’s special along those lines at christmas?
    Instead of feeling \’robbed\’ by the experience why not appreciate the opportunity to see a sculpture by a well known artist? There were any number of other interesting articles on the show that were indeed antiques, which for the collector/specialist i\’m sure were thrilling. I think it\’s quite sad that there is such a backlash about this, i think the BBC were simply trying to show something local to the area that is very well known and just happens to be valuable. Did anyone see Fiona Bruce\’s vile doll collection? Not one interesting item in that box, but still an expert had to be brought in to talk about them
    I wonder if such a thing had turned up in the South would there have been so much anti-feeling to it?

  30. Coops - says:

    Hello kat, thanks for your input. I\’m sorry, but I do feel \’robbed\’ by the so-called \’£1 million find\’ on Antiques Roadshow. I have no objection to \’modern\’ items being shown and although a proud south Londoner, the location of that particular show wasn\’t the issue for me. What I object to is the blatant hyping of the \’£1 million find\’ by those associated with the programme. Here\’s how The Guardian reported it prior to broadcast. This line of reporting, adopted by most of the media, would\’ve been based on the press release. That geezer from the council didn\’t look all that shocked to me. As far as I\’m concerned, this was a cheap, dirty tactic but it worked; it conned viewers into watching.

  31. famous says:

    hey coops must add this about adverts, the number of miss-spellings (the game of CHALLENJ?) No wonder the kids at school are confused as to what\’s right  or not!Even more frustrating for the C B I when they are hiring graduates that cannot spell properly!!

  32. David says:

    Hi Lorna,
    Yes I did see it and I agree with a lot of your comments in your original post.  I got the feeling of "oh, so that\’s it" and am familiar with the thing anyway where I drove past it quite a few times.
    I do like Antiques Roadshow – we watch it as the alternative is Britannia High (or they used to call it Fame and it was set in New York in my day).  I do like it when these people come along with a painting and they think it is worth 10 quid and it is valued at 5,000 or so.  They are busy saying how much they love it and will keep it while the eyes seem to be saying how quick can I get out of here and flog this thing.  Perhaps antiques are an acquired passion.  The oldest thing in our house is the wife!  (Yes really but only by a few months).  Whilst we have bits and pieces around, there is nothing that we hold close.  If you on the other hand pulled out my daughter\’s early school drawings, every birthday card she has made for me since she could barely stand up, then that sort of thing has no price and is most precious.
    Anyway, back to the programme.  It is good viewing.  It is also one of those rare shows where the format has never changed.  They have not tinkered too much and it is pretty much as it was in the days of Hugh Scully.  This recent episode was a con – like the council are ever going to part with it anyway.  They could have got an independent valuation outside of the programme but I suppose it made good telly.  I wonder if one of the producers comes from the area where the show was filmed that week and thought it a good idea to get the trainee angel on telly?  So Antiques Roadshow, just go back to what you do best, highlighting interesting objects that people have hidden away.

  33. Graham says:

    I do believe Davina\’s Mother died last year and so it would be a little bit distasteful for her to still be worrying about her dead mothers greys.
    An advert that I can\’t stand is the one which goes:
    "When love comes in – and takes you for a spin
    C\’est Magnifique!"
    Why oh why sing it like that?! – the lyrics are bad enough but the melody – I physically shudder everytime I hear it…

  34. liz says:

    Davina\’s Biological Mother (the one that abandoned her when she was 3 and was an alcoholic) died last year …. her Step-Mother is the one in the advert.

  35. Bebe says:

    Hi Lorna.How are you?Great space.I like all the tv news.Have a great week and happy thanksgiving.Hugs.Bebe

  36. Carey says:

    Hi,  completely agree about The Antiques Road show.  What a disappointment! We too were sitting there saying "It\’s not that is it?  No, It can\’t be….It is!"  As for the object – not exactly antique is it?

  37. wendy says:

    yep i too fell for it  never again once bitten twice shy

  38. Michelle says:

    I heard all the hype, and it slightly piqued my interest, but I haven\’t watch AR since I was 9 (and to think I used to love watching it, oh the shame :p ). So I wasn\’t too bothered about missing the find of the century as it were. So imagine my smugness (albeit minor) of not being duped in by the hype. I do feel sorry for the people that did though, as another commentator said, once bitten, twice shy(I would like to add though that perhaps the BBC have shot themselves in the foot with this one, what will happen if another fantastical antique is found to be worth a million, will viewers believe them? S\’like the boy who cried wolf. Almost.)

  39. Unknown says:

    I must admit, I was more than disappointed, I was quite cross.  Not that it matters, in the greater scheme of things, but please…!!!  Also I would have thought the council should have had the thing valued regularly  for insurance purposes.  Or am I being naive?

  40. Joe says:

    Definitely disapponted with the £1M \’find\’.
    BUT .. the biggest disappointment and annoyance of all advertising time (other than telephone voting on every show, in particular \’Going for Gold\’) is the rebranding of \’Mr. Muscles\’, why? We do still have a sense of humour, right? Did Barry Scott squash the original as he slammed down his Cillit Bang … perhaps as they have also softened up Barry, they\’ll soften up the product name … \’Cillit Symphony\’ perhaps?

  41. Katherine says:

    Me too!  Was very disappointed too as i had told my family about it.  Also agree with Joe about Mr Muscle, what IS going on with that!

  42. Mary says:

    I am a regular to Antiques Roadshow so I didn\’t need to be \’duped\’ in to watching it, but I can understand how annoying it was to those who, quite rightly, watched as they believed it would be a real \’find\’ that the ordinary person stumbled on. These days its common of them to showcase some valuable pieces from a council, and I\’m sure it wasn\’t the first thing they valued over £1m either (there was 2 paintings of London shown by the London authorities ({gallery? council? oh whatever}, and I think they were worth £2m…)

  43. muriel says:

    I like many others Ifelt let down by the BBC I always watch the programme so I didnt need to be tricked.M G

  44. John says:

    I always watch AR so I didn\’t feel duped, however I have never had the desire to see the real thing because, what Iv\’e seen of it on the box does not inspire me to drive up there. I think it is Grose

  45. Meg says:

    I too agree. It was a a bit of a con trick; I\’ll still tune in every week though, and record the ones I might miss. However I do turn when the Davina McCall ad. comes on, and I do make sure i miss everything she appears in.

  46. stewart says:

    Hi John,
    I am curious,
    where is Grose?
    What\’s it like?

  47. Sue says:

    Nooooooooooooooo you are ALL wrong, the MOST sickening adverts are the Somerfield ones.  Instead of getting the tonic the poor man was probably snogging the meeting and greeting woman behind his wife\’s back – and who could blame him, what a cow!

  48. clive says:

    Clive N.
    Antique Roadshow is should be called Collectors Corner. Angel of the North minature worth a million quid.. hardly an antique….depending on your point of view, a work of art yes.   As Gateshead council have two why dont they sell one , preferably the BIG one and give the council taxpayers a refund on there bill.

  49. terry says:

    just read all the comments re- Antique  Road show.   Why does anyone watch it?   only  because they think ( Hope) they too may find something of enormous value in the loft.   it\’s unlikely.   Most of us have what we bought in say, the past 30/ 40+ years, and most of its rubbish, or made in China,.   I wouldn\’t waste precious life time on it.   Just turn the TV off when it\’s on..   it\’s only another rubbish prog. to keep the big bosses  of TV in money.   AND we actually pay to watch it.    Nothing is free I know,  but we CAN choose, and if enough people turn the TV off , so the trash progs will have to end,.    Try it.   just turn your TV off,  and talk to your mate/ husband, children, or even your dog instead.   use your brains – use yourr voice –  use your finger to switch it off.!   There, that wasn\’t too difficult was it?????  

  50. Coops - says:

    Hello Pamela, I need to edit your comments a little.Pamela02 December 14:08( anybody like D McColl – she is the b**ch from hell, raucous, brassy, go getting and utterly self absorbed, I do hope her kids love her

  51. James says:

    Hasn\’t the t\’road show\’ gone off the rails in anycase? At every location we get the owner or curator of the castle, country house, ancient pile trotting out the family silver/paintings etc which are just not what your every day person will ever be likely to find or have in their possession……i think its gone far to \’up market\’ and we get long, long diatribes from the \’ experts\’ on boring items rather than the many items of interest that we used to get . You can guarantee a cpl of japanese/chinese bits each week for their oriental expert and at least the same for the perpetual annoying patronising Eric \’knowall\’ Knowles ….time to get back to basics of more items we can all associate with. Barry Faulkner

  52. BRIAN says:

    Pity you had no contacts in the North East as the local TV stations gave the info on the evening news on the day the programme was recorded. We in the NE just laughed at news reports.

  53. Suzanne says:

    The advertising was a bit sensationalist. Although if you really like the Angel of the North, I suppose you wouldn\’t have been disappointed. Most of us can\’t understand why that particular item would be worth a million. We probably expected a piece of fine art and didn\’t get it. I do agree with Happyservant3 in that this show has \’gone off the rails\’. It seems more \’connived\’ – less \’spontaneous\’ in it\’s finds. I believe more people these days, actually know the value of their possessions and this is because of the umpteen \’antique-related\’ television shows & things like eBay. My particular \’bug-bear\’ with this show is that certain items – like jewellery for instance – is terribly undervalued by dealers who seem to know very little about what is desirable at the minute – and definitely have no idea of the price of \’fashion jewellery\’. Obviously, not all of the items would qualify as being extremely desirable, but a great number of them would stand against today\’s exorbitantly priced \’fashion\’ items and realise a much higher price for being \’the real thing\’. If I feel this way about the jewellery, there must be people out there who feel the same way about other categories covered by this programme. Some of the \’experts\’ do seem to be out of touch with the real world of today.

  54. lilian says:

    yes davin McCall realy gets on my t*ts! i thought i was the only one who disliked her!

  55. victoria says:

    I was taken in by antiques road show as well

  56. Margaret says:

    I love the Antiques Roadshow and thought this particular episode was brilliant. Something worth a cool million ? It was so exciting wondering which of the gorgeous items rolled out it would be.We loved that it was a mini Angel. Some people have called the full size Angel gross ? Oh Man !! It`s fabulous !!! Iconic. if any one would like to see another example of Anthony Gormely`s unique art go to Crosby beach in Liverpool and be delighted and amazed at his masterpiece, Another Place. Lots of iron men in a likeness of Anthony stand all along the beach. The tide comes in and his work goes under the waves. Anthony`s work is exciting and borders on genius. The Antiques Roadshow is a delight to watch. We are so lucky to have such a quality show ? LONG MAY IT REIGN SUPREME.

  57. Susi says:

    I was suckered too, my husband told me about it so we sat to watch it. A huge let down as I wanted it to be a rags to riches bit of antique, instead it was council owned bit of contemporary sculpture that took seven men to bring it on set.

  58. Lin says:

    We always watch Antiques Roadshow and made especially sure we watched this episode. What a con!!! My husband just said – Is that it? Why did the BBC feel the need to hype this particular episode? Their viewing audience has always been good for this show – has been for years otherwise it wouldn\’t have continued in a prime time Sunday evening slot.

  59. Lynne491 says:

    I was disappointed with the £1m "find"! It was like the British Museum bringing along a Van Gogh to the show – not really a "find". Like others I waited for this exciting item to come up. When it came to the model of the Angel of the North I assumed it was a museum piece and the following item would be the find. I went off and made a quick cuppa and settled back to hear about the last item on the show and my daughter informed me I\’d missed it. This week\’s real "find" of the Russian painting valued at £200,000 was much more impressive. Still love the show.

  60. Steve says:

    People, please remember that local authorities OWN nothing. We entrust these so called bodies to manage on our behalf only.This so called \’Angel of the North,\’ is held by the authority for safe keeping. This government thing also owns nothing except \’shame\’ for such treason to its indiginous people. REMEMBER

  61. Keith N says:

    Having watched the antiques road show for a lot of years now. To be able to value something is very difficult as the value of something is only what someone is willing to pay for it. I do not listen to hype i just listen to the "value" & think i wouldn\’t tuppence for it, other things i would have paid more than valued. I also believe that anything under 50 years old should not be on the show.

  62. BILL says:


  63. john says:

    it`s an advert,go make a cuppa,simple!

  64. Unknown says:

    Where did somebody find Christine Bleakley,3 that make me either change channels,or turn the sound down are Tess DALY,Fern COTTON,and of course CHRISTINE.

  65. Michael says:

    how can a mini angel be worth over a million when the real thing only cost 800.000 ?

  66. Unknown says:

    but the price of scrap has fallen

  67. Unknown says:

    Suggested New Year\’s Resolution for this blogger: Get a life.

  68. thomas says:

    that is a disgusting comment *No name* If you dont like it dont comment on it for gods sake…

  69. Coops - says:

    To No name who left a comment on Jan 2: you tell me what kind of life you\’d like me to get and I\’ll do my very best to oblige you. Cos it\’s all about you, isn\’t it?

  70. Tina says:

    Jeez no name you\’re the one who needs to get a life I think! Coops has the right to her opinion!!

  71. 死神 says:

    dose this a live pop bussiness market ,The Great Antiques Roadshow Rip-off is just a way or just a choose .

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