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Return Of The Wolfman

Foam fingers at the ready because a new series of Sky1 hit Gladiators is on the way this January. Airing first on ITV from 1992-2000, it was presented by Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu and later, Jeremy Guscott. Gladiators made household … Continue reading

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The Great Antiques Roadshow Rip-off

Hello everyone. It’s good to be back. I don’t know about you, but I am kicking myself for falling for a prime piece of hype. I blame myself; I work in this industry, I should know better. But when I … Continue reading

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Kirill is here…

Kirill is an exclusive new drama only available on MSN. Three scientists have vanished. Two bloggers are under siege. One man has an urgent message to deliver. None of them are safe. It is a dark, gripping, and sinister science … Continue reading

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