Grisly TV End For Davina McCall

By Guest Blogger Ms Bubbles, the MSN Soaps Blogger

MSN Editor Coops is out of here for a couple of weeks so I’m just posting a quickie: Big Brother host Davina McCall meets a grisly end in a new zombie horror show. She makes a cameo appearance in the forthcoming five-part E4 show Dead Set. The thriller is set in a fictional Big Brother house which is increasingly under threat from the bloodthirsty masses.

Davina plays herself, as the horrific events unfold during an eviction night. Dead Set is written by Charlie Brooker, who is known for his writing in the Guardian and his BBC Four series Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe. He said: "Just as a shopping mall was the ideal setting for the original Dawn Of The Dead back in 1978, so the Big Brother house seemed fitting for a TV zombie epic set in the 21st century. Dead Set isn’t an out-and-out comedy, but an unashamedly populist horror-thriller with blackly comic undertones. Think 24 with zombies. And housemates. And gore."

Dead Set also stars Jaime Winstone as production runner Kelly, working on the fictional series of Big Brother. The actress praised Davina’s performance, saying: "She’s so up for it, she’s so game." Former Big Brother housemates also make cameo appearances in the series which is being broadcast on E4 this month.

MSN Editor Coops returns in a few weeks. If you want to add a comment about anything on MSN TV – articles, galleries, blog entries, whatever – please click the ‘send a message’ option below and she will personally deal with your comment on her return.

By Guest Blogger Ms Bubbles, the MSN Soaps Blogger
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22 Responses to Grisly TV End For Davina McCall

  1. Coops - says:

    Here are all the comments received about this blog entry. They were sent in by MSN users during my absence:
    From:    Gail –  WOW, sounds great, can\’t wait. I\’ll certainly keep my eyes open for that. Would imagine there would be funny bits too. My eldest daughter will definitely want to see it too. Thanks for letting us know.
    From:    Maddie – Oh shucks! I thought you meant she was REALLY coming to a grisly end! Her and BB should both go. They\’re so past it.
    From:    partrick – i watched the dead set and personally i kinda like it ..but i was a bit upset that it was only on for half an hour .i was gettin into it and it finished thats wat peed me off.. but i like…
    From:    Justme –  oooooooooh cant zombie stuff x
    From:    wrinkeface – Rotten heck!!! I thought we really were getting rid of Deadly Davina permanently~!!!

  2. Peter says:

    I wish divina really was coming to a grisly end i think shes sooooo anoyying

  3. matey says:

    Re Davina   will it be an " ending " as  in Zombie Flesh Eaters ?  ..those who have seen it  will know what I mean !!!

  4. Dee says:


  5. Coops - says:

    I have received the following e-mails in response to Diana\’s comment below (sorry, I forgot that I\’d turned \’comments\’ off!). 
    From no name: – What on earth does the colour of your skin have to do with paying for  a TV licence.  What colour is the National TV awards?  It\’s in colour, technicolour like the rest of the world!  Black and white is in the dark ages, just like your moronic attitude Diana. It\’s 2008, dust the chip off your shoulder and join the rest of us!
    From Christina: – We all pay a tv licence so what you on about??

  6. dave says:

    what does the colour of your skin have to do with paying 4 things the whole white guilt trip is gettin a little old a getting on my nerves people like u need to shut ur mouth

  7. Coops - says:

    Ah Diana – what a hornet\’s nest you\’ve stirred up. I\’m not sure what point you were trying to make but as far as I\’m concerned, everyone should pay the Licence Fee. The BBC is the envy of the world and if I have my say, it will remain so.

  8. Jacqui says:

    Actually, I totally disagree with Coops the MSN TV Editor (who must have ties with auntie Beeb judging by the response). How can one company justify using the law of the land to extract £100+ from EVERY household in the UK whether they want to watch that channel or not? Fine if you like BBC and can access ALL of the BBC channels but not everyone watches BBC or has access to ALL of it\’s channels. Effectively some people pay the licence fee and only receive channels 1 & 2 so that\’s unfair for a start. Secondly, those who pay Sky or satellite / cable subscriptions are effectively paying for BBC twice. Again, unfair. OK so you folk who enjoy BBC programming may not want to see it commercialised. Fair enough. Why not make it a subscription channel? Then those who want to watch it can pay for the privilege and those who don\’t want to watch don\’t have to fork a hundred and odd pounds every year. Ah, but then they wouldn\’t be in a position to pay Jonathon his extravagant fees, perhaps. The point is, no-one should be forced into paying for a non-essential service like television.

  9. Darryl says:

    Im in total agreement with J. Let\’s hope when the analogue signals are infact turned of, BBC does infact become a subscription channel for the same price as the current license fee. By the time that comes, TV Licence fee\’s will probably be around the £150-160 mark.

  10. Coops - says:

    J, thank you for your comment – a very compelling argument. In truth, I have no ties with the BBC and I vehemently disagree with stoooopid money being paid to the likes of Jonathan Ross. But on the face of it, the BBC costs us around 40p a day and for that we get a number of national TV channels and radio networks, in addition to local TV and local radio services. There\’s also the BBC\’s website and BBC iPlayer, which is soooooo much better than many other on-demand products. You\’re right – I can\’t bear the thought of commercialisation but more importantly, the cost of the cornerstone of public service broadcasting equates to a bag of crisps per day…..I don\’t think that\’s a bad price to pay but I would like to see more concessions to pensioners.

  11. alan says:

    Davina should be sacked shes the most iritating woman on tv bbc should be sacked I pay for it but dont ever watch it if it went ive got another 40 channels to watch. Poor people have to pay this as I see in England there put in prison for the non payment of thier fines this is barbaric that a tv channel can have such power

  12. joe says:

    The BBC is very much like Woolworths, not having kept up with the times, and with a name associated with age. They [ woolies ] should have changed their image a long time ago,because they were always famous for the modesty of their prices, but in this day and age it would be a disaster in some echelons of society to admit ever having NEAR Woolies.The BBC is also old fashioned in some respects, because on the one hand it permitted the Ross stuff to be broadcast, and it permits such disgusting vulgarity on childrens programmes i.e farting, burping, spitting,etc, yet will not let viewers see natural events associated with Wildlife programmes in case the sight of Hyenas ripping a Zebra to pieces will upset someone .But though they are old fashioned and poorly managed in some departments, they provide a wonderful service for the price, and the service they provide to many parts of the Globe [in some cases the ONLY contact with the rest of the world] is displayed by the countless Millions round the World who rely on them for current News transmitted without bias and in honesty.They are an Institution which is the envy of the world.

  13. Darren says:

    Television should get back to basics, stop profanity, nudity, gore etc and get back to wholesome family shows. Sunday night at the Palladium for example. England\’s television used to lead the world with innovation and now it\’s just poor. We need to bring those good moral values back again. People may disagree and I support their right to do so, but I suppose that must mean I am a minority that wants my wholesome viewing back? Shall I become the new Whitehouse?

  14. Coops - says:

    Darren, times and tastes have changed and the days of TV schedules filled exclusively with \’wholesome family shows\’ are no more. But if it makes you feel any better (quite possibly, it won\’t) the likes of Britain\’s Got Talent, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice are all ratings monsters and they are not filled with "profanity, nudity, gore etc". Then again, I find the likes of Trisha, Jeremy Kyle and Rikki Lake more harrowing viewing than an enire season of The Sopranos, which may not be a \’wholesome family\’ show but is, in fact, TV at its best.

  15. KEITH says:

    Does this mean an end to the smarmy Davina hair ads on ITV, ——NO,—— what a pity

  16. Lenise says:

    Darren, I wholehearted agree with you. TV should give us wholesome veiwing not the profanity, nudity, gore ect we see today. Why watch such things anyway? We have violence and profanity to deal with in our everyday lives outside our homes, so why deliberately bring it indoors and sit and watch it on TV and listen to profanity.Maybe we should set up a Whitehouse Club and get people to join – and see how may people are fed up with the TV programs which are"served" to us every day. YES, I would like to see wholesome family veiwing come back on our screens.If anyone agree with Darren and I please add yes to this blog.

  17. Kate says:

    I agree with J. Why pay for what you dont watch? I pay for cable T.V and rarely watch the BBC. Its about time the T.V. Licence was done away with. Pay for what you watch is a good idea.

  18. christine says:

    I think the TV licence should be reduced.

  19. Matthew says:

    Too much in televsion today is about advertising revenues, this is why the BBC is a brilliant British institution. Get rid of that license fee and they\’ll be be no escaping the increasingly aggressive, patronising, overwhelming comsumerist culture which already has too larger palce in our lives. The BBC pulls in a huge a number of viewers with \’Strictly\’ and \’Eastenders\’, although neither my favourites the ratings suggest many people are getting some value from there license fee. I think \’Spooks\’ alone is worth the hundred odd quid, but wouldn\’t be without the beebs website, news coverage, and radio stations of which all of them are excellent.My only gripes: why do we pay the same for BBC boxsets as boxsets produced from profit making / commerical organisations, when in theory we (as fee payers) already paid for the production of these programes. The second, the BBC i-player despite being a great new way to enjoy T.V, is frankly a poor relation of channel 4\’s \’4od\’.As for the easily offended, turn over or better still – turn off. Let our comedians say what they like, if you don\’t like it, again, don\’t watch / listen.Bring back Johnathan Ross.

  20. jean says:

    Maybe some folk do get wonderful programmes on BBC and actually enjoy the misery of Eastenders and sll those strictly celebrity shows- maybe they get wonderful quality pictures on large HD sets- I cannot afford to upgrade, neither can I afford the licence fees increasing annually, and my picture has been bad for years even with an aerial booster. if only they could apportion their fee to the amount of BBC programmes actually watched by the payer and the quality of service they are receiving. If i could afford a digital freesat set with HD and a large screen then I could afford the licence fee no doubt! Use the detector vans and audience figures to apportion the licence fee according to the value of what we use and is received because sooner or later I shall ditch the sets and not have live telly unless they reduce the fees to an amount I can afford on state pension. I shall miss ITV 3 repeats of BBC old programmes they sold off to another company. I shall certainly not miss most of the BBC programmes. Don\’t forget that they were fined heavily for making phone in competitions that nobody had a chance of winning- nop doubt as licence fee payers we paid twice for that little fiasco- once in making calls, and again in being fined out of the licence fees! How can that be justice?

  21. Trevor says:

    if only it was true,icould name about 20 more so called celebs who should meet grisly end. trevor b

  22. morgan says:

    Some people might like watching horror or stuff like that. and its not like theyre on in the daytime. only at night. yeah, T.V. used to be like that, but the times have changed since then, and so have what people watch on tv.

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