Heinz’s Deli-cate Dilemma Over ‘Gay Kiss’

Now that the heat’s cooled off somewhat, I thought I’d take a look at the furore over June’s Heinz Deli Mayo advert. First things first, it fell foul of Ofcom’s guidelines relating to products that are high in fat, salt and sugar. As a result, it had an ‘ex-kids’ restriction meaning that it couldn’t be shown in or around children’s programming.

The advert’s setting is an average family doing their morning routine; the boy and girl are getting ready for school, dad’s preparing for a hard day at the office and ‘mom’ is Robert De Niro apparently. The boy and girl get their sandwiches (made with the Heinz Deli Mayo) from ‘mom’ – a man with a ‘Noo Yoik’ accent dressed in a deli serving outfit. The father takes his sandwich and says "See you tonight love" to ‘mom’. However, ‘mom’ growls back: "Hey! Ain’t ya forgettin’ somethin’?"

At this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking dad’s forgotten the shovel and box of limes for Tony Soprano. But it ain’t dat. He was gonna go without kissing ‘mom’ goodbye; naughty, naughty! So dad kisses ‘mom’ and is sent off to work with the words: "Love you. Straight home from work, sweet cheeks." That’s the end. Heinz rake in gazillions from their product and everybody’s happy. Or at least, that’s what should’ve happened.

Instead, cue hundreds of complaints to Ofcom from outraged viewers. The objectors deemed the kiss shared by the two male actors ‘offensive’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unsuitable for children’ (despite the fact that the ad had an ‘ex-kids’ restriction). Some parents were also unhappy, they said, about having to explain same-sex relationships to their kids. Cue hasty Heinz backtrack and the advert was pulled. Heinz said: "…some consumers raised concerns over the content of the ad and this prompted our decision to withdraw it. The advertisement, part of a short-run campaign, was intended to be humorous and we apologise to anyone who felt offended." Cue backlash from gay organisations who called for a boycott of Heinz products.

What a terrible start for Heinz’s new advertising agency AMV BBDO. The premise was basically along the lines of: the product is so good, so tasty, so authentic, it’s as if you have your own New York deli man in your kitchen. The campaign was supposed to last for five weeks – it ended up running for one. At the time, I recall being more offended by the family set-up than the kiss: dad’s off to work while ‘mom’ is in the kitchen making sandwiches…what is this, the 1950s? But perhaps the concept of parodying the traditional view of family in order to sell a product to Brits that supposedly evokes New York went over complainants’ heads. They saw two men kissing; I saw a muddled concept.

The real irony is that these adverts were sandwiched (did ya see what I did there?) between the likes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street: two soaps with gay characters who’ve shared full-on kisses watched by millions of adults and adolescents. As the Yanks say: go figure.

Footballers hug and kiss all the time with nary a conseqence to face. Male heterosexual footy fans think nothing of planting big sloppy wet ones on each other after a vital win (OK, it’s usually the cheeks…and by that I mean the ones on the face…but you get my drift). How does this differ from the Heinz Deli Mayo advert? I’d love to hear your views – did you like the advert? Were you indifferent? Or did it offend you? Watch it below and let me know your thoughts…..



Today I am mostly lovin’ – Coronation Street’s Blanche Hunt has had me in tears of laughter recently. Her belief that Ken Barlow – the squarest man in the land of soaps – is gay is TV gold.

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
Joss Stone is apparently joining the cast of The Tudors. If I was watching (and I’m not), I would definitely switch off.

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100 Responses to Heinz’s Deli-cate Dilemma Over ‘Gay Kiss’

  1. Dana says:

    AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It\’s not gay! There is nothing gay about it! It\’s about as gay as a son kissing his father! IT\’S NOT GAY!!!!
    Feels good to get that off my chest. I think Heinz\’s main problem is the steadying decline of the IQ of the nation. We\’re obviously all devolving into a bunch of cavemen if this is what offends us these days. As for kids asking awkward questions? Bring it on I say! My kids are 5 and 2 and always come up with the best questions. Answering these questions is why we have kids in the first place and you can\’t just ignore them if you don\’t know the answer or are embarrassed. I\’ve made a promise to myself to always answer my children honestly but that doesn\’t mean you blind them with science or tell them things that are inappropriate for their age. "Why are those 2 men kissing mummy?" is just the sort of question my 5 year old would ask. In this situation I\’d tell him that it\’s a funny joke. If it was a true homosexual moment he was asking about, I\’d tell him (and have done!) that sometimes girls like girls and boys like boys and wouldn\’t it be boring if we were all the same! My 2 year old daughter asked me this morning, very loudly, on a crowded bus, "Mummy where\’s my winky gone?". Like I said, these are the moments that having kids is all about. Answering them should never be and CAN never be avoided. By answering the innocent questions of an enquiring young mind you are shaping the wonderful person they will become. If you avoid answering questions, the kids will stop asking them and where will that leave you? I think I\’ve gone full circle on this and explained the mass lowering of our nation\’s IQ!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I don\’t get it.  It\’s not gay, it\’s a simple quick kiss, not snogging, and the regular "mom" has simply been replaced by the deli man, it\’s not implying a gay relationship of any kind, unless Heinz are saying their product is so good that it would make straight men want to bed the deli man, but I don\’t even think that\’s the case, I think Heinz just thought this was funny, memorable, and showed that they don\’t have a problem with gay people.  The people who objected to this, really need to grow up, and stop being so silly.

  3. Unknown says:

    Get a life! Its 2008!!!!!

  4. Coops - says:

    Hello autumn, thank you for your comment. I find your concern for youngsters ironic given that you\’ve used profanity in your comment on a public forum where kids can access. I have edited the swear word accordingly. Let\’s keep it clean peeps.
    autumn14 August 16:00(http://cid-6d2449d3f75fa1d5.spaces.live.com/)well i have to say not EVERYONE is as fond of gay people making out on tely.. aside that, kids are being exposed to that s**t, and im pretty sure most ppl would perfer to have a normal kid who likes opposite sex,… the add would only give children ideas and make them think about thingss that r uneccessary at their age!! i dont like ittt!!!! at all!  

  5. Ami says:

    Why do many people still believe we are livng in the 1930\’s? Fact – there are hundreds of same-sex couples out there, and it\’s only natural! I think it\’s sad that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than complain about adverts – what next? Will people stop buying mayonnaise and using it in their kids\’ food incase it makes them kiss others of their gender? Really, it\’s time to grow up and face the facts – adverts are used as a way of getting you to remember a brand, and this fun and humourous advert certainly makes me remember Heinz Deli Mayo! xXx

  6. emily says:

    Oh come ON! You can\’t be serious? People complaining about a gay kiss on TV yet on Eastenders & Coronation street and so on, you see full-on kissing all the time?! Personally, i found it funny, i laughed, i didn\’t care about the kiss or find it offensive, i just found it merely humorous. It\’s 2008! People are just getting more and more homophobic. You see same-sex couples all the time in the streets, you can\’t stop your kids from seeing that, can you? Next thing you know we\’ll be trying to ban same-sex couples all together, this is just the beginning, to be frank. Everyone who complained was a homophobe and, if i was gay, i\’d find THEM COMPLAINING offensive, NOT THE ADVERT. They\’re being silly, and it\’s stupidity on a whole other level. They should let this advert play, and stop being so stupid. Emily, x

  7. Vicky says:

    Autumn – so you think that children will become gay because they\’ve seen two people of the same sex kiss? Seriously?
    If sexual orientation were that plastic and malleable, then how would there be any such thing as homosexuality? The overwhelming majority of the public displays of affection that a child will see are going to be heterosexual ones, so, if sexual preference is determined in that way, no child would grow up to be gay – the straight sightings would more than cancel out the gay sightings.
    If you consider your own sexual orientation, do you think that seeing a gay kiss when you were at an impressionable age would have turned you gay?
    I find it quite odd that the people who object the most to seeing this kind of thing seem to consider homosexuality so seductive, so alluring, that the only way to keep children straight is to try and stop them from finding out that homosexuality exists!

  8. Andy says:

    What a spineless withdrawal, playing into the narrow minded idiots hands, How many gay people are there who buy Heinz products? seems silly, calm down dears it\’s only a commercial. is there something wrong with children asking questions about same sex relationships? A veiled attempt of homphobia I think, reinstate the advert and shame the bigots!!!!!!

  9. Emma says:

    hiya i think it is annoying, what it the matter with the kiss ,its not doing any harm NOW GROW UP parents ,them parents always complain about everything and they are so stupid get a life mums emma xx 

  10. Liz says:

    Ahhh this made me angry!! I am 14 and i do not see why so many people are against gay people. I understand they have different beliefs, but what on earth is the difference between a man and a woman kissing and a guy and guy. I don\’t understand it! It\’s so annoying! My dad and my uncle are both gay, my dad is engaged and is having a civil partnership, I see him and his fiance kiss all the time and i don\’t see how it is such a huge issue for these people!!

  11. Unknown says:

    Why do people think that seeing something "gay" is going to make children gay? There have been gay people long before TV – wonder what it was that brainwashed them? And do gay people seeing straight things on TV then turn straight? How ridiculous.

  12. dorothy says:

    These people make me sick the telly always portrays them as the nicest people and the reality is these people are dirty perverts everyone is forgetting was threse people get up to. All the comments on this site are really worrying especially the one from the 14 year old girl that is a classic example of the brain washing that they have done. EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GAY EPOPLE SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE TELLY. AND IF YOU ARE GAY THEN KEEP IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND STOP PUSHING IT IN OUR FACES BECAUSE WE DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND AS FOR SAYING WE ARE HOMOPHOBIC. WE ARE NOT BECAUSE IT IS NOT A PHOBIA WE JUST DONT LIKE YOU AND THINK YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Coops - says:

    (no name) who left a comment here on 16 August at 15:03, your contribution, however objectionable, has been left intact. But no swearing allowed.
    (no name)16 August 15:03(http://cid-19beae176817fea4.spaces.live.com/)all these comments just prove the point , that our kids have been brainwashed by these pervs,i saw this coming 10 years ago, put them on the telly  to look like the best thing since sliced bread, let them have their gay marches in the suzzies and next to nothing on, give them their own clubs, close off whole streets in town and disrupt traffic, so they have got their own space. ye lets just all forget what they get up to, and how they like their young boys. ive seen enough of these wonderful people to last me a lifetime.   Why dont they just mind their own personal business and keep it behind closed doors like normal people. Who wants to know. If they never pushed themselves in everyones faces the kids to-day wouldnt even know about them. Society today is guilty of child abuse, anything goes, and nobody is teaching them , let kids  be kids without poisoning their brains.  its about time all this s**t stopped. I know why dont we just give all the gays their own Island and ship them all off , with no form of contact then we will all get some peace from them, before they dictate to the whole world.  The answer to Liz"s comment is simple  its NOT NATURAL love

  14. Chamali says:

    Oh my goodness, that was the least inoffensive thing I have ever seen!  The things people get their knickers into a twist about!  I thought that it was a humorous and quite cute advert actually.  I have written to Heinz to try and get the ad reinstated and I suggest those of you who feel the same way do likewise.

  15. Natalie says:

    To the two people who have left (no name). I think that it is utterly disgusting that people such as yourselves still exist in great britain today. Quoting you :
    "give them their own clubs, close off whole streets in town and disrupt traffic".
    Gay people are just people, why shouldnt we want to mix with like minded people and celebrate being gay. Gay people are not throwing it in your face, they simply feel more comfortable talking about their sexuality in public without getting beaten up! Remember that gay people have only really been able to live the way that they want for the past 20 years/10 years and have been oppressed for so long! Also to your comment:
    "Why dont they just mind their own personal business and keep it behind closed doors like normal people."
    Gay people are equal to hetrosexuals in every way, they have straight or "normal" as you put it, storylines on the television everyday so why not gay ones?  I also do not understand why you are trying to incite that gay people are paedophiles and are guilty of child abuse etc as this is not the case. I think that you are a close minded idiot and I really hope that you are a dying breed! I have knownthat I was gay since I was 12 and had gay feelings since I was 8 so no, it is impossible to brainwash someone to become homosexual!
    Oh and the video was ridiculously inoffensive!

  16. Unknown says:

    ugh arent these heterosexual people so disgusting!!! My point is what is the sodding difference!!! Shouldn\’t matter if you\’re with a person of the same or opposite sex, if it\’s seen acceptable of couples of the same sex showing affection toward each other publicly then why shouldn\’t gay couples?? You people are pathetic and close minded, move on with the times, everyone else has!! G+LP.S. Bring back the heinz advert, bring back the gayness!!Ciao

  17. rachel says:

    i think it is a funny advert and even if they were gay what does it matter. !!!!!!
    people need to start getting a life and except it because there are gay people
     about and they should be aloud to be gay without people judging them.!!!!!!
    the thing that winds me up about this subject it is usually men that have a problem with gay men couples and they have a real strong oppinion on it but they dont mind lesbians its all the same isnt it ? if there gay there gay how is one more exceptable to some people than the other.

  18. Unknown says:

    whoop whoop go girl!

  19. Kate says:

    Isn\’t it a bit of an irony that gay people are supporting this advert when it\’s actually making a bit of a joke over gay relationships being \’shocking\’ bein as it wouldnt be funny or have that \’oh my god i can\’t believe he just did that!\’ element if the mum were a lady. However i do think that this is yet another example of the public becoming so anally retentive that they appear to have lost that great british trait….a sense of humour. Just shows how much of a litigious nation we\’re becoming. Lighten up people and stop having a whinge…..let people be. 

  20. rooftop says:

    There have been lots of comments for and against this type of \’situation\’ however we are always told by those who claim to know best that television has an influence on what the \’young \’ will do  ;
    if they see violence they will be violent
    if they see smoking they will start to smoke
    if they see excessive drinking then that is what they will do
    we are always being told that tv must dumb down because of its influence yet there are no calls for action on gay relationships. So to all those do-gooders who get up on their back legs and whinge about violence, smoking and drinking – either moan about this as well (or would that not be pc) or shut up about everything. Personally I dont care, if it bothered me I would just change channel.

  21. Jan says:

    Well done for sorting the wheat from the chaff and highlighting the peculiarly old-fashioned nuclear family set up.  You can\’t really blame gay consumers for calling for a Heinz boycott if only to emphasise the tragic wimpiness of the multi-national corp. in the face of stupidly homphobic comments.  Bizarrely, a lot of my gay friends are actually what you might call "lable queens" and do place a premium on branded products (won\’t find "no frills" in their larders!)so a gay boycott might actually hurt.  You are also right in pointing out the time placement of the ad and what content surrounds it, no hypocrisy there then? 
    On to the kids that might be affected by this disgraceful advertising, are we worried they won\’t grow up to build a little nuclear set up of their own?  Or that they might expect to find that Dad has replaced Mum with a deli chef?
    Stoll on.

  22. John says:

    Do people who say that same sex relationships aren\’t natural drive
    cars, take pain killers, fly in planes, wear wrist watches, cook with
    gas, use an electric light bulb, a mobile phone etc. etc. etc?  Those
    inventions are not natural.
        Gay people emerged naturally to provide a population of non-breeding adults.
    One of the biggest problems gay people face is that of stereotyping.
    Almost all of the gay men I know are very masculine and don\’t do drag
    nor are particularly beautiful nor have a sense of great style. They
    are not effeminate and several are in the police, forces, and other
    ordinary occupations. They are regular guys just living normal lives.
    Gays lead normal lives in every sphere of occupation, hobbies, sports or other interests.
    I\’ve been beaten up, discriminated against, bullied, robbed, mugged,
    under-promoted, sworn at, lied about, mocked and I am still standing. I
    don\’t know many heteros could put up with what we gays have had to put
    up with.

  23. laura says:

    this is the morst ridiculous thing ever- it was purely an advert with humour.HELLLOOOO people we live in 2008 believe it or not being gay is not a disease!
    my 2 little boys saw this advert and asked me why two men were kissing-i just explained that sometimes two men or two ladies can love each other just like mummy and daddy do.
    people need to get a life and stop being so god damn stupid.
    end of

  24. Albert says:

    …….with all this uproar about gay kissing, why did  "Little Britain" win so many awards for being the best comedy show. Did they not use men in drag and many more off putting situations…….perverted adult breast feeding for one and men dressed in awful drag not to mention the outfits of the the "only gay in the village"
    if the public wanted to complain about bad influence just look at the things they vote for as best shows…. I guess they complain about this add because it is to close to the truth for comfort…….. 

  25. juicy says:

    I think it\’s about time that narrow minded Hetrosexual idiots let the Gay and Lesbian couples of this world get on with their lives. What harm are they doing? There are so many cruel and violent individuals out there who murder, rape and violently abuse others why don\’t you target your hate campaign\’s towards these people and leave the gays and lesbians to a normal happy existence?? I have been in a same sex relationship previously and found the love and support of the people important to me far outweighed the negativity from the \’gay haters\’ out there. I say be yourselves and be happy……as for the advert what\’s all the fuss about?!

  26. Liz says:

    Right, to the no name on the 16th who said i was a classic case of brainwashing?? So when i was 8 and my dad sat me down to tell me he was gay, i had been brainwashed?? WRONG!!!! I saw it as my dad found love i did not care what sex the person he had chose was. I think it is disgusting how people of todays society can still think like that when civil partnerships are now legal. To the guy who said it was not natural… HOW IS LOVE NOT NATURAL??? GET OVER IT YOU HOMOPHOBES!

  27. Stephanie says:

    I thought the Mayo ad was amazing,  \’this is a really whitty add\’ was the only thought that crossed my mind. I was shocked and disheartened to hear there had been so many complaints, not to mention disapointed at the level of stupidity still left in the world. More than anything, I feel sorry for those who found the advert anything but light hearted and fun. And I was further disapointed when Heinz withdrew the advert. Surely this means the complaints were just? I think not. Shame on you heinz for giving in to predjudice. The complaints should have been treated with the comtempt they deserve.

  28. janet says:

     its only an advert for goodness sake there are worse things in life how about withdrawing all the soaps that show far worse things

  29. Agent says:

    Seriously, people really do need to grow up and sort their emotions out. It\’s an advert, it\’s hardly portraying real life as the message is that with Heinz Deli Mayo the mother of the family turns into a New York chef. But I guess, in this country at least, we\’re not happy unless we\’ve got something to be unhappy about.

  30. Samantha says:

    Oh dear… *sigh*
    I wonder why there is so much hate for people. I can say with all honesty that some of the gay people I know are horrible some are nice some are fantastic some are… oh wait yes its easier to say they are just the same as everyone else on the planet!
    And for all of you who hate gay people so much I would say
    Blame the straight people!!! there the ones who keep making them hehehehehe…
    Come on people!! Joking aside its wrong!!!!
    Everyone on the planet is allowed there own personal oppinion. Mine is that I couldnt give a crap! I am a woman I fell in love with a man… who cares? If I had fallen in love with a women my love would be the same but I guess my life would be difficult because of all the hate!!!
    One day people will just take a deep breath and realise that there is no VIP ticket to life….
    we are all born we all take our first breath then we go about our lives then we die… what happens inbetween is affected by money/jobs/satus… sure it is… but NO ONE PERSON OR GROUP OF PEOPLE have more "right" to life!!!!
    SO… my point is it doesnt matter if you love or hate gay people because your not better than anyone else therefore you are equal and have no right to demoralise or judge!!!
    I cant believe that people are saying gay people are sex offenders…. *sigh*
    I was told by my Grandad that way back in the day people used to say Black people couldnt see in the dark!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!  Can you ever imagine anyone saying that?? I bust out laughing then I realised how horrible that was!!Its the same thing! Its ridiculous! Its ignorance and its shamefull…
    Its the same as when in the "good old days" women wernt aloud to vote or make decisions because there brains only worked some of the time…. doh!! Its funny now but imagine how it must have felt… And god help you if you were a black women!! I guess you would have been a half brain who went blind after 9pm… its so scary its actually incredible!!!
    Black/white/asain/gay/straight/muslim/catholic…  you get my point! We are all entitled to be here!!!
    Anyone who hates a group of people so much really does need to stop for a moment and have a mental re shuffle!! Because hate comes from ignorance! Please dont "hate" "the gays" because in your mind they are weird and different…
    If you find it hard to accept same sex relationships and marrige/civil parnerships (or any group of people for that matter) just think its only the same as coming to terms with other things in life…
    would it be weird to imagine a Black priminister/president…? I doubt anyone would even raise an eyebrow! But ask that question 50 years ago and it would be a different!! Its just about re adjusting your thinking… we are only limited by our own closed mindedness…
    Does anyone else see what I am saying…?
    Now days we wouldnt allow someone in a wheel chair to not be aloud in a reasturant/cinema etc incase "normal" people got ill by "catching" it… if someone said that there would be uproar! And quite rightly so!
    We are a community… we are made up of all kinds of people from all walks of life!! we should come together and embrace each other and if you cant fully accept someone then the very least you MUST do is respect them as a fellow human!
    If people cant get into this mind set then I am afraid all of your grandparents and great grandparents (mine included) gave there lives for nothing!! fighting to keep the world safe FOR ALL PEOPLE!! I guess they should have just given up to the dictatorships and the evil and become an all white blonde hair blue eyed world…
    I would rather die!
    Our differences are what make us amazing!  
    It might just be an advert for mayo but it just goes to show that we are still a very stupid race… humans are ridiculous! The USA are constanly sending rockets into space to look for life on Mars etc… well lets hope we dont find any because the first thing we would do is nuke them… We cant even find it in ourselves to love each other we are seriosuly pathetic and we should sit the whole planet on the naughty step for the next 100 years!!
    We need to grow up!
    xx sam xx

  31. Fran says:

    Seriously!!!! Do people actually have nothing better to do than complain about things they see on TV!!!!! Honestly people, get over yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally thought the advert was very funny (as I\’m sure was intended by Heinz!!!) I think if people are bothered about what their children see on TV, why are they letting them watch it, at that time of the evening?!?!?!?! Also, as for those who are annoyed about having to explain same sex relationships to their children – why have kids if you can\’t be responsible parents? What did you think would happen? Were you going to shield your children from all things \’gay\’ for their entire lives???? Grow up!!!!!!!!

  32. Amy says:

    Oh Lord.
    Seriously, whoever came up with that idea is a genius!
    Its not gay.
    Its funny!
    Are parents going to sheild their kids from all things gay forever?
    I don\’t see why the big fuss, ffs!

  33. Amy says:

    Although, at the same time, although im not prejudiced against gays/lesbians in any way, we do not need the gay pride demonstrations. "We\’re here, we\’re queer, get over it!"? Yee, but you don\’t see straight people going out and disrupting town traffic, closing roads and declaring, "We\’re here, we\’re not queer.." etc?

  34. Emma says:

    now parents grow up its only an advert its not the end of the world GROW UP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Unknown says:

    I dont believe that the advert is offensive at all.  I got the idea behind it straight away and I think most sensible thinking adults would have. 
    I\’m not gay and I actually find some of the comments on here by "no names" offensive.  I dont agree with the gay lifestyle but I dont think they should be shipped to some remote island….as suggested by one person and I also think that the gay population do have "their own clubs", which are widely known to be gay clubs and you make the choice to enter.Each to their own, but I do agree with Amy who said that the straight people should have marches.  But then how quickly would we be called homophobes, just because we prefer someone of the opposite sex and dont conform to the same standards as gay people.  The same rules should apply, maybe its time the hetrosexual community was allowed to have a Straight Pride March.

  36. Vicky says:

    Helen – Why do you feel the need to organise a \’Straight Pride March\’?
    Were you bullied and victimized at school for being straight? Have you been beaten up in the street for being straight? Did you have to worry about your family\’s reaction to your heterosexuality? Do you have to deal with prejudice against straight people, day in and day out, so that you want to have a day which is about celebrating your difference for once, instead of constantly being made to feel that you\’re inferior and deviant because you\’re straight?
    My guess is no, so perhaps you should stop being so facetious.

  37. Unknown says:

    I did catch this advert before it was pulled. I thought it was mildly amusing, I took it to mean that the \’Mum\’ had turned into a New York deli man (because of the product), I did not see it as a \’gay\’ kiss just a husband kissing his wife goodbye. It was rather sweet really, much more pleasant viewing to see a nice little kiss than a punch in the gob or something! It\’s a shame this lighthearted look at life was deemed innappropriate…but then again some people are just miserable so-and-so\’s!

  38. Kate says:

    How long can we expect this innocent piece of fun to be talked about?
    Because surely there are more important things to get our knickers in a twist about!
    As for Gays being persecuted….well!
    all I can say about that is, if they didn\’t keep drawing attention to themselves it wouldn\’t be happening.

  39. Cazz says:

    bahahahahaha! i love it lmao
    i reckon people just want summat to complain about to be honest. you can clearly see that he\’s meant to be from new york with the whole deli thing and accent. i think it\’s good natured fun =D

  40. Colette says:

    The only thing that insulted me was the pure sexist "mum makes sandwiches" idea and the awful acting of the children… That little girl\’s sqeeky voice made me shudder. Ick.Anyway. I think it\’s funny to be honest.  why should parents feel theneed to shelter theirkids from homosexuals?.. It\’s pathetic, its just another form of people "gay-bashing" by deeming it inappropriate.Your kids are gonna find out what being gay is, from either their friends, television or you.. Wouldn\’t you rather it come from a loving home and parent explaining i after a apparently "controversial" advert? Rather than racy late night TV shows or the giggling boys who make crude comments to each other?I guess it was american people who were insulted. They get in a flap over everything. I\’mjust gonna say..Calm down dears, its ONLY a commercial.

  41. Alexx says:

    (noname) said this right at the beginning :

    "I saw the advert and was disgusted.  Men and women kissing is a natural act of nature, two same sexed people in an intimate relationship is UNnatural and goes against the laws of nature.  I fear for our children and future generations who are slowly being poisoned with such filth.  May God\’s judgement on those who practice such a base act be swift."
    Another function of necking is affectionate and sexual, in which two males will caress and court each other, leading up to mounting and climax. Same sex relations are more frequent than heterosexual behaviour. In one area 94% of mounting incidents were of a homosexual nature. The proportion of same sex courtships varies between 30 and 75%, and at any given time one in twenty males will be engaged in affectionate necking behaviour with another male. Females, on the other hand, only appear to have same sex relations in 1% of mounting incidents.
    If two male giraffes are climaxing together during sexual activity, that at least in my opinion shows that homosexual relations are indeed natural. So put that in your pipe and smoke it you homophobes!

  42. Alexx says:

    Oh and Sally……..it\’s not us who are "drawing attention" to ourselves and our sexuality…..it is the likes of homphobes like you and the media who cannot take two people holding hands or kisssing just because of the sexual organs between the legs.
    Think before you prejudice someone over a penis will you!

  43. Annie says:

    Whoever came up with that idea is a genius! Its funny, not offensive!!!Surely there\’s more important things get worked up over than a mum and dad sharing a kiss (even if the mum happens to have transformed into a new york deli man). In the end kids are going to see gay relationships on the streets, on soaps, everywhere. There\’s nothing wrong with it and children should know that, in the end they\’re the next generation of families be it straight, gay or whatever. P

  44. Kate says:

    Get real Alexxx, it\’s not me marching up and down in the streets of Brighton.
    If that\’s not drawing attention to your pathetic plight then I\’d like to know what is!

  45. stephen says:

    Sally – what a thoroughly pig-ignorant comment. \’Drawing attention to ourselves\’? Erm, some people are gay, Sally – it really is time you got over it. So two men kissing is drawing attention to their sexuality, yet a man and a woman kissing isn\’t? What exactly do you consider \’drawing attention\’ to one\’s sexuality? It may come as a shock to you, but gay men and women live, breathe and pay taxes like their straight counterparts and are entitled to do, say and behave in exactly the same way. It\’s funny how – to the bigoted – one straight person\’s perfectly acceptable behaviour is another gay person\’s rubbing someone\’s nose in it. Oh, and apropros the disgusting views of the folk who use \’religion\’ as a veil for what is simply hatred – yes, it sas \’lying with man\’ is a damnation in Leviticus – it also says wearing more than one fibre at the same time is an equally heinous crime. It also says that women on their period shouldn\’t go anywhere near the \’temple\’, for that too is against god\’s word. So in other words, according to \’god\’, wearing tights is as bad a \’crime\’ as being gay. Isn\’t it funny that people just get all in a tizz about the gay one? Pick your fights, people. If you\’re going to quote the bible in your hatred, at least be thorough and stop picking bits out purely to support your single-minded bigotry.And Amy – gay pride marches, like the black ones before them, are a show of solidarity against immense oppression. You don\’t see straights parading and \’closing roads and disrupting traffic\’ in equivalent parades because they have never been an oppressed group who were not afforded the same rights as everyone else. It\’s like complaining of the suffragette movement. Amy, you\’re palpably an idiot.Wow, there are some seriously ignorant people in this world, and it\’s really rather depressing – it\’s for this precise reason why there\’s still a hell of a lot of work to be done in terms of equality. ps. SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY, GET OVER IT!

  46. claire says:

    i thought the ad was funny! i really dont understand what this fuss is all about?? what is  the differance between a gay person and a straight person?  get over it

  47. Gemma says:

    I thought the advert was funny and am surprised people have been so backward in their views about it to make Heinz stop the adverts. Sounds like the parents who complained should put their children to bed at a sensible time and spend some time worrying about more important issues in the world that actually require people\’s attention!

  48. wiggy says:

    it\’s a cute advert
    Seriously, why is gay an issue anymore?  How boring are people\’s lives that they get offended by something as unimportant as a flippin mayo advert

  49. mandy says:

    I cant see what all the fuss is about ….. the ad wasn\’t distasteful, it was fun.  Kids see a lot worse on cartoons and playing some of their games nowadays.
    There must be a lot of lonely sad people out there with a lot of time on their hands before they have started complain about something as trivial as this.

  50. dorothy says:

     Richard they are not oppressed they have now got themselves in a position were they can tell everyone about their sexual preferences because their plan has succeeded on getting everyone to think they are the best people on the planet. and if you are gullible enoug to believe it thats your problem.

  51. Coops - says:

    Nathan, slight edit to your post required. This is a PG-rated blog as far as language is concerned people.

    Nathan22 August 01:57Im straight and quite comfortable as such and i simply thought the advert was funny! Not offrensive or brash or throwing homosxuality at viewers! It was simply taking the p*ss out of families and trying to sell us something! What\’s wrong with that?

  52. Coops - says:

    Richard, edit required to your post. Sorry mate, but I cannot allow slander irrespective of how much you disagree with someone\’s views.
    Richard22 August 13:28
    I actually can\’t believe what I\’m reading here. To the Sallys and Amys of the world, the reason gay people (Yes, they are PEOPLE too with thoughts, feelings and emotions – shocker!!) need to have Pride marches is to raise awareness of the issue of the oppression they face on a daily basis from people like you and Iris Robinson. Homophobia is rife in our society and it is only when you travel to places like The Netherlands or Paris where they realise that there are more important things in life than worrying about who your neighbour may or may not find attractive. Also, they have more or less proven that it is genetic so, unless you want to restart Hitler\’s philosophies in your pursuit of a perfect race, there ain\’t nothing anyone can do about it. You say if they didn\’t keep drawing attention to themselves it wouldn\’t be happening, but you are wrong. Homophobia may not have had a name in the past, but it has most definitely existed.  PS – I love this advert and would have loved to see where they would have taken the ad campaign.

  53. Coops - says:

    (no name) who left a comment here on 22 August at 13:36: mind your language please. Your post has been edited accordingly.
    (no name)22 August 13:36(http://cid-19beae176817fea4.spaces.live.com/)all you d*** head people out there who think this mayo advert was absolutely marvellous, would you have thought that if there wasnt two fellas kissing  i suspect you wouldnt have thought twice about it, it was obviously because of the gay inuendo. which all you weirdos obvious relish in.  you are all sick in the head, just because its 2008  does that mean that we have to accept anything thats going on in the world.  like paedophiles they are also in the world so we have to accept them aswell .  I dont thinkso. and if i ever catch anyone telling my kids that this is a normal way to be , they had better be watch out.  why dont all you ******** and ***** just keep your sexual orientation private, and stop pushing it into our faces.   WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AND IF WE DIDNT WE WOULDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY NOW WOULD WE. IT MAKES SENSE.

  54. Malini says:

    What\’s wrong with people!  I think it\’s a great advert that shows diversity.  No I\’m not Gay and have nothing against anyone that wants to be, it\’s a lifestyle choice and who\’s to say that being hetro is exactly the right thing anyway….
    Go Heinz, just hope more Advertising it just as diverse.

  55. Unknown says:

    Wow, NO NAME, how brave of you!!  Its attitudes like yours that cause wars. Why dont you switch off if it offends you so much. My children know about homosexuality and i have taught them tolerance to ALL types of people. After all surely love is better than hate.  By the way ,you can have gay animals, so how can it be unnatural?

  56. Ben says:

    It\’s actually rather shocking how many people are being immature about this; I\’m only 16 and my views on this advert aren\’t strong at all!! Two men kissing? Doesn\’t make them \’gay\’ you know people who are homophobic are really sad. Coops, i like what you said about footballers kissing and hugging each other, its stating a point that just because a man kisses another man it doesn\’t mean they are gay for heavens sake! You might want to call me\’gay\’ for a sarcastic comment to a friend of mine i said to her "If i pass my driving test, i will kiss my instructor…Man or Woman" She just laughed! You need to grow up and stop thinking just because two people of the same sex kisses one another, it doesn\’t mean they are gay!
    As for parents saying they had to explain about same-sex relationships, well maybe if they are that uncomftable maybe that should be included in the education curiculum!! Maybe not there would be a major uproar because there child(ren) would be talking about what they learned! Then the school will get alot of hassle off of parents!
    If you don\’t have a grown up reply to write, then don\’t bother with one!

  57. kissandtell says:

    this argument is absolutely hilarious.
    the advert has nothing to do with being gay or homosexuality.
    it is simply mocking the traditional "cereal box family" which to be honest is refreshing, arent we all so sick of seeing the perfect 2.4 family advertising products on tv.
    so before you start getting your knickers in a twist and pulling your hair out about this, take a step out of your rigid 1940s box and stop being so narrowminded.
    and to those who ahve shown utter outrage at the advert, have you ever thought about therapy, as there are obviously some deep underlying emotional issues that you need to face up to.

  58. Keeks says:

    This advert has nothing to do with gay people at all…. the sad thing is it shows that prejudice and homophobia is still prevalent in our society…
          which is sad….  I am gay, but i am also a nurse, a driving instructor, a brother…. a persons sexuality doesnt define who a person is any more than a persons skin colour does or hair colour or favorite diner or favorite football team… HELLO!!!
             i think it says more about people that they can see gay images in things which blatantly arent supposed to be gay at all….
              As or Heinz… i wont be buying any more of your stuff for being quite so spineless and vacuous.. shame on YOU for bowing to a couple of hundred bigoted witless mooses with far too much free time on their hands… now i AM offended… your beans can go sit on the rubbish bin floor from now on.. there are many more tomato sauces out there that dont run off with their tails between their legs and alienate a big spending part of their market…

  59. Sara says:

    I can\’t believe all the uproar over this advert yes that was too men kissing but it clearly was not a "gay kiss". This is just one more thing in a long list that makes me seriously ashamed to be British. I can\’t believe Heinz was so weak as to bow down to a prejudice like this,  had the advert still had the same little boy and girl and the same dad but had a black mom instead and all the racists this country sadly still has came out and said "that\’s disgustingtthat\’s immoral yada yada yada" would Heinz of said "oh ok then we\’ll not show it anymore" I doubt it! Also last point if all you little homophobes out there were watching the add between Emmerdale and Corrie lets hope you turned the telly off quick coz Shaun and Marcus were probably in the episode of Corrie after and who knows they might even have kissed (shock horror) and then you might have had something else to complain about. Lets just hope if you didn\’t Corrie is  bit stronger than Heinz eh?

  60. Dr says:

    You Know, I\’m a bit late replying on this one, however i will say one thing. If you\’re going to qoute figures make sure you haven\’t just made them up. The advert was slightly amusing (at best) you could find more grounds to complain about the length of the adverts that are on. Simply put, no one has the right to force their beliefs on you, so if you don\’t like the advert (believe it or not) you can change the channel, miraculous.

  61. Colin says:

    The advert was crass and not appropriate for broadcast at any time, the claim it was ex-kids means they can\’t show it before such a time – well guess what kids have tv\’s in their rooms, know how to set skyplus so would cme across it anyway. I am fervently opposed to any homosexuality on tv I do not agree with it and will not watch it, unfortunately OneDom for a 30 second ad where the contentious element appears at the end it\’s hard to make the informed choice as to what channel to watch as believe it or not ads can appear in any programme bar bbc channels.
    I also despise the non words homophobia, homophobic etc. By definition homo(self) phobia(fear) and no, I do not fear myself and I don\’t fear homosexuals – I do not agree with it, nor with their hijacking of words from the English language. As far as I know this is a country where I am allowed to not agree with things and do not need to be labelled by a minority.

  62. linda says:

    I am in my 50\’s and i cannot believe what this world is comming to. What harm was there in this amusing advertisment when will people stop stop stop over reacting to these things. My grandchildren know more about same sex relationships and modern life in this modern world than I do they age from 9 to 15 and have been brought up in an open minded home, they are not offended by the reality of this ever changing world we live in. Open your mind and accept the world is different to to way it once was. I am not offended by this advert by Heinz and feel sorry for those that were my only complaint is Heinz bowing down to this type of hysteria.

  63. S_ says:

    this advert is beyond funny. its disgusting.tv is becoming a joke.why encourage people to accept abnormality like homosexuality. they are the s.c.u.m of the earth, a disease, inhuman, disgusting. if same sex relationships were sane there would only be one sex/gender on the planet. but there isn\’t!and encouraging young children to follow such abnormal behaviour is immoral and despicable, it\’s sick. if it was ok to be gay then gays wouldn\’t be so ashamed of what they are. if something is shameful then it\’s obviously wrong. being gay is sick and stop trying to make it right. the other thing i hate about gays is the fact that its ok for some of them to preach about gay rights, but no1 is allowed to preach against them!END HOMOSEXUALITY!!!!

  64. laura says:

    =)) Im Sorry Bt Have To Laugh At Some Ov The Comments. And At The Fact Tht This Advert Wasnt Allowed To Be Broadcast. So What If 2 Guys Kissed! Honestly. Y Is Tht So Bad? And The Person Below Me Who Commented And Didnt Leave A Name (How Approaite!<<Yeah Ano A Cant Spell It!) Its Narrow Minded People Like You That We Need To Get Rid Ov. Not Gay People!. I Mean Honestly! And The Funny Thing Is Nothing Happens To People Who Are So Against Gays. Bt If You Were To Say Get Rid Ov All The Blacks…Etc Etc. Boy Wood You Be In Trouble! It Makes No Sense! Stop Judgin People On How They Chose To Live Their Lifes. If Tht What Makes Them Happy! I Happen To Have Loads Ov Gay Mates Nd Woodnt Stop And Think Twice About Defendin Them Against Narrow Minded Homophobic Natsy People Like You! Maybe Yous have Such A Problem With It Because You Havent Yet Faced Up To The Fact Tht You Are Gay!

  65. kayleigh says:

    Oh My God!! How ridiculous is this?? I have just been reading through these comments and some of them are unbelievable!! I honestly can\’t get over some peoples attitudes, we are in the 21st century not the stone age! And all these people who are upset that they have to explain same sex relationships to their kids.. it\’s life!! Its just the same as explaining any relationship. Two people like each other and want to be together.. end of, it shouldn\’t matter whether it is a man and woman or a man and man etc. I do not understand how people can be so narrow minded in the world we\’re living in. I have a 4 month old son and i have no problem with him growing up knowing about homosexuality. Because it is just another way of life. I don\’t think the advert is particularly brilliant to be honest, but when i first saw it, the man kissing a man part of it didn\’t stand out to me at all. It wasn\’t exactly a full on tongue down the throat kiss was it?!! I can\’t believe heinz actually backed down!

  66. Laura says:

    I have no problem with the advert, apart from the fact it wasn\’t done very well. When I watched it, I didn\’t quite get what it what it was trying to say. I think it would have been better to show the mum being other things too, say, a chauffer when driving, a washerwoman when doing the washing, or a holiday rep on holiday or something. Just seeing what was in the advert, I didn\’t understand.but then I also didn\’t get the significance of a New York deli man making a good sandwich :S

  67. vinny says:

    I don\’t get it. Why are people worried about explaining same-sex relationships to their kids?Do they think if they ignore it that it will go away? Or do they think that their children will not be Gay if they know nothing about it? My mother\’s Gay, and a feminist, and I am all the better for being brought up in a totally equal household. You all actually have no rights whatsoever to be homophobic, it\’s a crime just like racism.

  68. S_ says:

    the whole point of being human is to reproduce, being gay stops this from happening, if you are gay then you have no worth or use on this planet. and the response i will get is "so if i am an infertile man/woman then i also have no use on this planet?" but thats why there are orphans and parentless children, not so they can be brought up by 2 dads or 2 mums but so they can be brought up by heterosexual couples who arent able to have there own children. a child needs a mum and a dad. there is no place for gays on this planet and there never should be. so stop going on about being open minded, its nothing to do with that, its just the fact that humans are naturally not made to have same sex sexual relationships, theres no survival function in homosexuality and due to this hopefully they will all die out, with  the help of HIV and AIDs.

  69. Laura says:

    Funny advert, cleverly done.Oh dear, I liked the advert, does that make me gay now? Ooops, better go let my husband know.I\’m not buying the whole \’having to explain gay relationships to my kids\’ rubbish because I highly doubt any child would have seen at as anything other than what it was. Okay, they may not have understood the advertising method, but my 3 year old could see that it was a man \’playing mummy\’.I\’m not in the least bit bothered about my children seeing \’gay\’ kisses, even though this wasn\’t one, I would hate for my children to grow up intolerent to others and their choices.As for the \’nature\’ or otherwise of people being gay, even though that is not what this discussion is actually about, I would just like to ask: When our pedigree show dog refused to breed with bitches, yet regularly attempted to with male dogs, where on earth did that come from? We had him from a pup and I can assure you, he was never ever shown anything of a sexual nature, straight or otherwise.

  70. S_ says:

    Laura are you suggesting humans should act like animals? well that\’s exactly what gays are doing, only worse, at least animals don\’t fall in love with same sex animals.talking of nature, humans are a species apart from animals. we are much superior to animals. maybe in the 22nd century people will start having sexual relationships with their pets and other animals. just because some people are sick in the head and do sick things it doesn\’t mean we should just stand by and accept it. some things are just meant to be kept the way they are supposed to be. sex and sexual relations are meant to be heterosexual. by the way animals also eat dead animal corpses, I don\’t suppose you do that in your house do you?

  71. Phil says:

    No name of the 25th – you\’re obviously ashamed of what you\’re saying, as you don\’t want to admit to it by using your name. By your argument, that would mean that you know you\’re wrong.
    They do say that those who are most offended by homosexuality are unconsciously scared that they\’d enjoy it if they tried it – is there an uncomfortable truth that you need to face?

  72. Phil says:

    No name of the 27th – yes, animals do mate or attempt to with the same sex; there was one example quoted in this discussion, and it happens all over the animal kingdom. And those dead animal corpses that you mentioned? They\’re called meat. I\’m vegetarian myself, but plenty of people consider eating dead animals to be perfectly natural.

  73. S_ says:

    phil culmer. theres a difference between a dead animal corpse and an animal which is killed for the purpose of consuming. one died by natural cause, accidental death or disease and is disintergrating/rotting, therefore not fit for human consumption and the latter is killed whilst healthy for consumption purposes and is stored accordingly and kept fresh. im sure if you saw one of your carnivore friends stop by at the side of the road to eat a cat that has been run over by a car, you would find it very disturbing and sick.

  74. Caroline says:

    The comments ive read so far are unreal! To all the people who are against homosexuality – if you have a good friend, and you find out years down the line that they are homosexual, what do you do then? Just because someone is gay does NOT make them any less of a person than someone who is straight. You can\’t judge someone by their beliefs or their feelings; just like you cant judge people by their religion, skin colour or background.
    As for the advert, who the hell cares?! If you\’re so offended by it, turn off the television when it comes on! You say you dont want your children to see "things like that", but there are far worse things they could see and have easy access to via the net or sky channels, rather than a quick peck on the lips!
    If people would stop being so petty and judgmental maybe this world might just be a better place.
    Homosexual\’s are not doing anyone any harm; the people disturbing the peace are those that are too shallow to get to know people for who they really are.

  75. colin says:

    What\’s so offensive about a kiss for goodness sake! There is not enough love in the world! I find the knife (used to spread the mayo) far more offensive!

  76. Coops - says:

    People, people, people! As far as language is concerned, this is a PG-rated blog. Clean yer bloomin\’ mouths out with soap!  emilyyyy ;D, your post is edited in order to take out a naughty word.
    emilyyyy ;D28 August 01:56i have read some of the comments and i thought i\’d post one. well first of all…for them people who said they had to explain to their kids about same sex relationships…i\’m sorry, but its aload of sh**e. did they ever question why their daddy kissed his best friend (not the childs best friend by the way ;D) while they were watching football? or why their mummy kissed her best friend when she was leaving the house? come on, get a grip people. is anyone not thinking this whole country is pathetic? for gods sake, what if the nearest thing to tony blair was a man when he got voted prime minister and he wanted to kiss them? would there be so much of this going on? come to think of it there probably would. im probably rambling on and no-one can probably understand a word i am saying but i hope someone catches my drift. FFS…its bloody heinz! and i reet fancy some beans on toast now. toodles ;D echy x

  77. Coops - says:

     claire, your post is also edited to take out a naughty word.
     claire28 August 07:58(http://cid-038a1baf07b53a17.spaces.live.com/)For all the homophobes out there, I think you should go and express ur views at ur local gay-oriented pub – now that would be entertaining.  In response to (no name)27 August 16:43, who said "the whole point of being human is to reproduce", get ur head from up ur a**e and take some history lessons will ya? The ancient Greeks practised homosexuality with a refreshingly open attitude, so why should people in the 21st century be ashamed to do so? Also, are you implying that all women are merely baby machines and all men are sperm banks on legs? How laughable… As for the ad, I think it was ok – no more, no less.

  78. Michael says:

    emilyyyy ;D,Sorry my friend, but Tony Blair has been stuck up George Bush\’s ass since he was recruited into the daisy chain of supporters,signed up for the criminal military action against Iraq…metaphorically speaking,of course..I think??

  79. Emily says:

    its called free will. it is human nature that you do what feels right for you – noone can stop you making your own choices, and noone has the right to take that away. of course, not all choices are the right ones, if you decided to go into a busy pub and open fire with a shotgun, that would be an incorrect use of free will – but you cant stop it happening. therefore, as long as homosexuals arent hurting anyone else, why shouldnt they express it as they wish?
    just because you dont agree with something doesnt make it wrong. very few things are intrinsically right or wrong because like it or not, there are always grey areas. i dont agree with hunting and such like, but that doesnt make it intrinsically wrong, end of the day, it has a purpose. similarly, even if the only purpose of homosexuality is a persons happiness, surely thats enough. fair enough maybe you cant accept homosexuality, but sometimes you just have to understand that you dont understand, and move on.

  80. Jessica says:

    whats wrong with the ad?? i actually found it quite funny. Don\’t get why parents are kicking up a fuss; if its got an \’ex-kids\’ restriction then they\’ve got nothing much to worry about unless their kids are tv addicts – i which case they\’ll have seen worse anyway. Besides, the kids have got to learn sometimes!

  81. Carly says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments below – I\’ve seen this advert many times and could not understand what all the fuss was about! To the people who have made discriminatory, and quite frankly extremely tedious comments below, it is quite probably safe to say that nobody really cares. I for one found them quite comical. The reason that homophobic people have to make such obtuse, aggressive comments is because otherwise, all the happy, contented people who are busy getting on with everybody and enjoying their lives, would not notice, therefore they have to be forced upon us in whatever way possible. Therefore, I think everyone should boycott this blog from now on, so these people do not have a forum to leave their comments. And shame on Heinz for reacting in this way…perhaps they should concentrate on making better adverts.

  82. Adam says:

    there is nothing wrong with the advert at all but to be honest there really was no need for the gay kiss at all it would of been better have it of been a woman and a man

  83. Unknown says:

    I\’m not fussed by the advert, I do find it odd that it was pulled because people complained about having to explain same sex relationships to their children, but presumably not why the ad promoted the notion of a nuclear family when many of the people watching it come from single parent families. Surely that raises more awkward questions?
    And as for the lovely soul who hid their name and decided this was a good place to start a little gay bashing, you are an idiot. I can only assume you have very little to do with your time if you have so much of it free to devote to hating others for something as inconsequential as who they fall in love with. As for hoping that homosexuality will die out with HIV and AIDS, were you aware that sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent amongst heterosexual people these days? 
    Incidentally, do you really think that there are orphaned children in the world to give straight people who can not have children a sense of purpose, or did you run out of you daily allowance of coherent sentences? I have gay friends who are wonderful parents, and their children will at least grow up to understand that there are all kinds of paths life can take, and they should never be ashamed of who they are (and who told you all gay people were ashamed anyway?).
    Truly, so far the only joke I see is that freedom of speech unfortunately means that intelligent individuals are exposed to opinions like yours.

  84. Trickster says:

    Forgive me for thinking we were in the year 2008, not 1908. I\’m 16 and some of the comments below made me feel physically sick. Homosexuality is NOT a crime and is just as equal as heterosexuality so why shouldn\’t it be shown on TV? I personally loved the advert and thought it was adorable. It won\’t corrupt children, it\’s not really sexual, it\’s not offensive… let\’s be honest, would there be a problem if they were a man and a woman? I say bring the advert back!
    What frightens me more is that, judging from the sheer volume of complaints, there are so many incompetant parents who can\’t \’explain\’ homosexuality to their children. What does it need beyond "Sometimes boys can love boys too".

  85. Ellie says:

    I like the advert, it\’s cute. A quick kiss shouldn\’t cause so much controversy! It was hardly sexual at all.
    No name, raving on about how gays have no purpose, I would love you to meet someone who thought you had no purpose because of an aspect of your life, your race or your personality. Maybe you should think about how that feels.
    And I may not be infertile, but I don\’t want children, never have and never will. Does that make me useless? Does that mean I\’m failing the human race? No. It\’s a lifestyle choice. It\’s my choice, because I can choose what to do with my body. So can homosexual people.
    How can you wish a devastating disease (which ruins the lives of generation after generation of homosexual and heterosexual alike) upon someone? You\’re the one who seems to have no purpose, except to spread hate. I hope your \’survival instinct\’ doesn\’t lead you to produce children who grow up to be as prejudiced and bigoted as you are.

  86. Ellie says:

    Oh, and \’no name\’ of the 22nd of August; if you\’re going to make a prejudiced and ridiculous comment like that, at least practice your spelling and grammar. You have successfully proved to us all that your opinion is worth nothing as you are obviously a complete idiot.

  87. Les says:

    To Mr or Mrs august 27th what you have said is racially inflamatory  and is in fact a crime these days! Just hope MSN passes your I.P. address on to the Police!

  88. Unknown says:

    Oh dear, we Brits do get our knickers (oops, sorry – is that offensive also) in a knot over some pretty irrelevant stuff!  Tis a difficult one in a sense, given that parents should, quite rightly, be allowed to decide when and how they explain the nature of same-sex relationships to their children.  I found myself being forced into this during an episode of Eastenders many moons ago and it was actually a very useful and informal way of introducing the concept without embarrassment.  Children are amazingly non-judgmental and accepting of life\’s little twists and turns, so T.V is a great way to open up their minds.  But, come on!  This was a tongue-in-cheek ad that would have had no impact whatsoever on young viewers who would probably have seen the fun element in an instant.  Crikey, chill out britain!

  89. Rachel says:

    i don\’t think that the idea of the advert had anything to do with homosexual relationships – it was just a peck on the lips! Besides, it shouldn\’t be a problem if the kiss was a proper gay kiss anyway because hetrosexual kisses are shown on tv all the time so the complaints were homophobic. Furthermore, as for parents having to explain gay relationships to their kids, it is better for them to learn about them from tv than it would be if they met a homosexual person later in life and offended them by not realising that homosexuality is not wrong and making an insensitive comment to them.overall i just think that people are getting offended to easily and are trying to protect their kids too much. The advert was supposed to be fun and memorable, not any kind of homosexual statement.

  90. Coops - says:

    Roy Keane (is a massive tw*t), I\’m all for freedom of speech, but this is a PG-rated blog and so your profanity has been edited. In addition, your off-topic comments have been deleted.
     Roy Keane (is a massive tw*t)04 September 00:44im confused, is it actually possible for any1 to have been "outraged" by this advertisement. i found it quite amusing and didnt feel the need to complain about it. sayin that though i dont think we have the right to complain about television programmes or adverts. basically if you dont like it, dont watch it – problem solved.

  91. leanne says:

    omg plebs! what is this world coming to?! what on earth is everybody raving about! i thought it was funny, and im guessing those who complained have never took their kids to see panto, you know the 3 ugly sisters…there all men!! ive seen worse on eastenders! you cant keep everything from kids, and whats with the gay people with there complaining…thought they wanted equal rights and wanted to have same sex relationships blessed in church…and they want kids…yet they dont want kids to see men and men with kids on tv.
    and so what if they portrayed mom in kitchen dad going out to work…some people do still live like that. gees get over it!
    this world needs some balance in it, were not allowed to celebrate christmas cos it offends ethnic minorities…half the time the poor buggers get the blame when they dont give a toss, and those who do, tough..this is england…live by our rules…gees i got one on me today!
    go for it heinz…even though i dont eat mayo! lol

  92. Sandra says:

    I think I must be missing something that all the complainers can see!  All I see is a very funny advert.  I\’m shocked that people find it difficult to explain same sex relationships to their children, none of the parents at mine and my (also female) partner\’s schools have batted an eyelid at explaining to their children why their friends have two mummies.  What worries me more, as previously mentioned, is that the advert was being shown around the time of Emmerdale which has this week shown strong scenes of violence and threat.  So maybe its ok for people to hate each other and try to finish each other off but not ok for two people to love each other?

  93. Corinne says:

    thats brilliant! its funny! whats the problem with it? jeez louise. whats the big deal? and its actually really offensive to the gay community for us all to be complaining about this. if you wana look deeper into it (instead of seeing it as a funny advert) then this would be an ideal opportunity to explain to our kids about being gay so that they dont grow up to be narrow minded biggots who complain over an innocent peck on the cheek by two guys. I dunno what the world is coming to- for anyone who doesnt know you can\’t "catch" gayness from a TV advert…

  94. Dua says:

    oh my god
    what have you people got against gay people
    they are also humans
    its like being racict
    whats wrong with gay people

  95. ben says:

    some people are extremely narrow minded, so much for the uk being one of the most open minded countrys in the world!
    being "gay" is not a diesese, it what people are born with. Don\’t beilive me, ask any gay or lesbian! infact lots of them hate being it and would do anything to be straight cause lets face it, they dont want to be hated by people who would have otherwise liked them if they were "a normal person"
    the simple fact is, men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women has been around for years. in Roman times they all sleep with who they wanted to, and be in a relationship with who they wanted to be, no-one gave a F..k!
    wasn\’t until religion came in that it changed
    people came to be narrow minded because of religion
    got to be the worst invention in my mind, i mean its turned us into worse people
    anyways religion is dying out these days (thank god) so we would like to hope the world will become a better place
    i know thats sort of off topic, but thats the reason homophobia or any phobia of people who are not "normal" exsists

  96. jon says:

    Its so sad that we have to put a label to what your preference in life is.
    We all were born into the world male and female a human person.
    There is much more to life the a kiss of man to man. female friends give a kiss when they meet ooooooooh no but men dont kiss.
    you only have one life so get on with it and lets others get on with theres. Kids will educate you more than you know.

  97. Tony says:

    Sad apert from the fact that the add pretty poor and is a long way from the concept discribed those who coplain should get out more an do it with their eyes wide open in many countrries men kiss openly on the streets they walk down thte street hand in hand or arm in arm and nobody turns a hair get out and see the world. travel is the best educator.

  98. samrinder says:

    Please, people, chill out!I have just seen the advert for the first time and it\’s obvious to me that the premise is not a gay relationship. I would not have a problem if it was, but in this case, because Mum is using the deli product, she has "turned into" a New York deli man. That\’s why the kids call "him" mum – the mum is there, we\’re just seeing the New York man.If it was a "gay relationship" ad, then fair enough, kick off, be petty, be anti-gay, whatever, have your opinions.But it doesn\’t apply in this case. It\’s a visual joke, you plonkers.

  99. j says:

    It amazes me how poeple complain all the time these days. Are we really turning into a nation of miseries who can\’t just ignore something if its not to their liking? Two blokes kissed. WOW. shock horror. it wasnt that long ago that you wouldnt have seen poeple of different color skin kiss on TV because of all the complaints that it would have caused but we have moved on, its the year 2008! get a life all you moaners and if you dont like something then dont watch it. 

  100. Catherine says:

    Who are these sad people who ring Ofcom for the slightest thing that caused offence decades ago?
    And as for parents being outraged at having to explain same sex relationships to their kids – they should have done that anyway! Brushing things under the carpet only causes more trouble.
    I thought the advert was fairly entertaining, I thought the concept was ok.
    Perhaps I\’m biased becasue I\’m in a same sex relationship (and I\’d like to point out here that public displays of affection are a big no no for me & my partner – just can\’t put up with the staring and judging from small minded people), but the ad did not offend me at all. Heinz made a mastake by pulling the ad – how will the small minded people ever learn that times have changed if we pander to their ignorant wishes?

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