Corrie Catfight

Coronation Street has had its fair share of controversial storylines in its 48 years of broadcast, but the likes of the ‘Free Deirdre’ plot could, potentially, be eclipsed by an episode due to air in September.

The writers of the Weatherfield soap cannot be accused of shying away from contentious issues of modern day society as the soap will soon feature the most gratuitous and shocking scene of girl-on-girl violence seen on British soaps ever. It’s widely expected that a backlash will follow over the scene; many believe that the soap is capitalising on the fear of gang culture sweeping across the nation.

Fansites have today been attracting negative comments from viewers saying that unnecessary scenes of this nature are actually encouraging the same behaviour among teenagers. So what’s all the fuss about?

The scene in question shows four young women attack undercover police officers Mel Morton and Abi Sharpe in an unprovoked attack after they are sent to investigate an incident at a local bar. This is not your playground pulling of the hair and name-calling; the vicious attack sees the four youths punch, kick, and even smash glass bottles over the unsuspecting officers. One fierce assailant brutally stamps on Abi’s head as she lays helpless on the pavement, before leaving her for dead.

Ofcom has already received a complaint – over a month before the episode hits our screens.

My thoughts are that if it’s happening in on our streets, why shouldn’t it occur on Coronation Street or any other soap?

However, contentious scenes or storylines must be written with a certain view taking factors such as sensitivity to taste and violence into account due to the fact that the long-running show is aired before the watershed.

I actually disagree with the concerned fans of the show who are opposing the depiction of such scenes like this on principle. Yes, Coronation Street isn’t EastEnders where more gangsters appear to be operating in Walford than in all the London boroughs put together. However, youth violence is a fact of life and however unpleasant, it needs to be tackled and confronted head on. Even in a soap. It may shock viewers enough for certain people to be more self-aware and withdraw themselves from situations similar.

By Guest Editor Rob Jones

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100 Responses to Corrie Catfight

  1. Marty says:

    lets get real here people..everyone is already aware of the growing problem of youth violence so lets not try and set this up as teaching people or making them aware of the issue. the only benefit it may have is allowing parents access to the subject to teach their kids(if they don\’t want their kids to see it you\’ve had plenty of warning). basically it will be shown as entertainment/drama and i have no problem with that. any sane person watching it will not then want to go out and do it and unfortunately anyone capable of doing this in the first place will not be stopped by watching this scene.

  2. Oneeka says:

    wot is the problem? so wot if theres violent scenes on soaps… thats life, and any1 who uses the fact that its b4 the watershed is chattin shit, cus just because it is b4 the watershed that doesnt make it a kids show. i wasnt watchin corrie or eastenders wen i was younger and not because i wasnt alowed, because i didnt want to, i wud rather watch cartoons. dont blame the fact that you cant decipline your kids on violence b4 the watershed. i watched alot an alot of violence at a young age in movies and so on but i didnt do any of the things i seen on tv because my mum taught me not to.
    parents…. take some responsability and stop puttin the blame on tv.

  3. roxanne says:

    I cant belive how sad some people are its a bloody soap for gods sake, iv been pissin mysen just reading some of the sad peoples comments, its 2008 for god sakes haha losers!

  4. Shane says:

    I Think A Show Like Corrie Should Have More Scenes Like This, I Hope They Do What They Always Do In Eastenders, Show Them In The Hospital…..It Would Really Put The Message Out, To Teens That Watch The Show,I Think Im Speaking On Behalf Of All The Teenagers In Britain That Watch Corrie, Not In A Blood Lustfull Happyslap Kind Of Way But It\’s Good 2 See That Happily Ever After Shows Are Actually Taking It On Properly.

  5. Kelly says:

    why shud\’nt corrie hve scenes of this nature things like this do happen in real life so whats the big deal with people complain\’ i think it shud be shown at a later time though after 9pm coz scenes like this shud not be watched by young children.

  6. Unknown says:

    i think this episode will help people see that this kind of stuf does happen everyday and help people see the seriouseness and importance of the situation.This shows no matter who you are or what you do bullies don\’t feel anyway about beating someone will be seen as shocking but nowadays people refuse to believe anything unless they see it for their own eys and even tho it is a soap it does address situations that normal people have to tackle on a day to day basis.

  7. Carol says:

    I agree that soaps have to show a certain amount of realistm and feature current topics, but where does it stop?
    I stopped watching Eastenders a long time ago because it was always depressing, Coronation Street is not far behind now
    with all of these topical issues coming in.
    Have we forgotten that soaps are supposed to be light entertainment: I want to be amused and entertained and not necessarily
    be given a dose of stark reality, I get all that from the News and current affairs programmes.
    Coronation Street was always a soap with plenty of humour, but not any more.

  8. Roger James says:

    Corrie used to be a laugh but now it is as depressing as the utterly cretinous Eastenders.It shows baboons and is watched by baboons so why should the rest of us care.It is just chav tv and Louise you are a sanctimonious prat.

  9. Wendy says:

    Please,Wake up andsmell the coffee, I work as a professional with adolescents aged 11-18 and have done for the past 18 years.  There is no better way of getting a young person to address their behaviour than by witnessing it displayed by someone else,therefore I applaude the soap for actually having the back bone to face and deal with these issues in a realistic manor.  Bearing in mind that this is where 60% of the young people watching these soaps get their education on street wise reality it is by far the most effective way to get messages across.  Most of the incidents in reality are carried out by children who are being raised by meer adolescents themselves, who lets face don\’t know or want to know any better,at least this way it will not only be addressed but addressed and dealt with in an appropriate and consciencious manner…

  10. Shona says:

    im not sure which side of the fence im on here, i mean i dont think that suc violence as someones head being stamped on and people being kicked and punched should be shown before the watershed as kids are probably up when this shows on and i know when i was younger i would have found that horendously disturbing and to be honest i still would. I do think however that any parent who blames tv shows for the behaviour of their child is a disgrace, it is your duty to raise your child right, if you cant do it properly then dont have children, weve got streets full of yobs and parents who sit around blaming tv!i think corrie is tackling a very important issue, but at half past 7, i think thats too early for that kind of violence, children could be watching, its a disturbing sight, after the watershed parents realise that theres going to be violence and are more alert and ready to sheild their children from such things on tv.

  11. James says:

     What a pretentious load of balls. Coronation Street is depicted by terrible actors who shagged their way through drama school. The plot is full of holes and incongruencies. This show is only watched by subdued morons and can subsequently cause no harm. Heroin addicts would prove more influenced by such a story line.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    At one time I really did enjoy the \’escapism\’ the soaps both Corrie and Eastenders afforded, however now its just depressing to watch. Do we not have enough misery around us? BRING BACK ENTERTAINMENT. Corrie and the other soaps are no longer worth watching.No wonder there is so much real violence in the world…people are being \’drip fed\’ ideas of how to commit crime & injury from the televison screen. Is there no sense of responsibility anymore?

  13. Rick says:

    For the writers to say they are "Tackling the problem Head on" is total nonsense, they aren\’t. They are just after a lively story line to get attention. Showing this kind of thing will solve nothing.

  14. Peter says:

    I feel that in todays society it certainly has changed, and certainly not for the better. Good for coronation street to keep up with social issues, wheither its to do with race, sexualliy, and youth crime. the problem is that a large percentage of parents dont or wont wish to know were there kids are at all. As human beings were all to busy getting on with our lives to be bothered about our friends or neighbours. Also the levels of red tape stop us from dealing with our children with the home environment.  It time that as induviduals we all to time to put the pride back into britian and made it grate again, instead of standing back and watching our country being ripped apart. Let give the powers back to the people, like thwe courts, police, prisions, and lets get ths country back on its feet again. keep up the good work the writers of the street.

  15. Kenneth says:

    The bottom line is that this is nothing to do with entertainment or social responsibility, this is an issue about RATINGS.  Television productions live or die by the ratings.  To pretend that programmers and writers are \’confronting social issues\’ is regretably at worst cynical and at best self-delusionary.  Their job is to get people to watch, if this wasn\’t isn\’t the case why engage in a cynical exercise to ensure that everybody knows well in advance that this episode is being screened.  Like so many issues it depends which side of the argument you support where you draw your evidence, but the real danger is that we as a society are being \’taught\’ that this is a social reality the inference bieng that this is both normal and acceptable and that there is nothing we can do about it and that is deeply regretable.  

  16. karl says:

    I am in total favour of ths certain episode being aired!  I for one do not think there is a better way of portraying the youth culture of today.
    Being a 19 year old myself, I know only to well the harsh reality of how violent such youths are. There was once a time when being a teenager and young adult actually meant something, however due to the recent behaviour of such people I am now ashamed to be placed within the same bracket as these violent yobs!
    I applauld Coronation Street for taking on such a controversial issue in which they highlight the shocking reality that is modern youth culture. There is no better way of tackling situations like these than facing them head on, if this means airing an episode which contains extreme/graphic violent scenes then so be it.
    The people of today need to wake up and see what is happening aroud them. These youths have been running riot for too long and the violence has hit an all time high.
    Youth violence needs to be stopped and lets start today!!!!

  17. Unknown says:

    I chose to leave the UK because the country seemed like a rudderless ship floundering on the rocks with no chance of rescue 13 years ago,  Now I watch the news from afar, and see where the problem lies, the true brits are now seemingly the ethnic minority! So…………Corrie really doesn\’t portray a \’true\’ picture of life as we see it in the UK! As for cat fights and violence in the programme, why don\’t you use what little choice left to you all without being taxed , AND turn the tv over?
    Use your anger to the full, and seek to remove the cause of the violence that has now invaded your shores, get rid of the so called government, who have led you all to an illeagal war and bought this distruction to the once green & pleasant land.
    I never say I am British……I am ashamed to be, the British are the laughing stock of the world!

  18. Stevie says:

    Poor excuse for a tv program which is so badly writen who really cares about a soap that should have been put out of its misery a long time ago

  19. Mathew says:

    air it!!

  20. Suzy says:

    I\’m married to a police officer who has been assaulted, similar to that described above. He has been seriously injured, and has had a number of operations as a result of it. He was doing his job and this hapened. Why hide the public from what is happening on our streets. They need to know.

  21. craig says:

    I\’m a serving police officer and what coronation street is showing is real life and incidents that really occur to officers and civilians alike. Why are we hiding away from what is really happening out there. If it shocks well then it shocks and people will wake up and realise that that it does happen. People complain about a tv program which portaits the truth in a character based production why don\’t they complain about all the assault\’s and knifings in this country. People can switch off the tv but you can\’t switch off  real life. This country complains about the wrong things…… tv…..films… late the bus is….real life incidents…. they don\’t get involved WAKE UP its happening all the time complain to your local MP regarding the injustices of real life incidents.

  22. Olivia says:

    im a 15 yr old girl n wot we av 2 go fru on the streets is jst da same as dis iv ppl wont 2 complain dey av oviosly neva experienced dis violence real life ! it shud b shown so ppl no wot we av 2 grow up wiv

  23. helen says:


  24. richard says:

    When i  was very young i used to love old war films, my father had to sit me down and explain to me that when people die they dont come back you dont ever see them or speak to them again. I was allowed to watch these films as often as i wanted (This is before the watershed existed) but i had to understand that when you are dead you are dead. Maybe if you think your child will be scared by what they see in these scenes, it might have a subconciuos effect on them, that they will connect violence with upset. which may in the future stop them from doing these violent acts.
    Education is needed if this educates then so be it, but for the people who say that teenagers or younger people would be influenced by this is stupid, they have already had their influences. These people have a mind of their own, even at a young age why havnt they been taught what is right and wrong ? I would assume that most of these offences happen when corrie is on or around about the time that it is shown so how is going to influence anyway?. If somebody commits an offence like this and then blames tv they should have the book thrown at them and at the very least be sectioned because they arent safe to walk the streets. These people work in packs when they are alone in prison with no friends lets see how cocky and violent they are, they will get broken down to size very quickly and brutally with no friends to jump in and help them they will get a taste of their own medicine.
    And finally as pointed out before, the police will not help the public in these situations, but they all jump together when its one of thier own on the recieving end. Get rid of these useless waste of tax payers money called community officers and replace them with a copper who can actually do something to fight these crimes.

  25. Sheila says:

    what concerns me is the level of violence todays youth get up to .coronation street is enlightening the everyday problems.
    schools have no authority to disapline pupils weapons are taken into schools are undetected.i thinkit is time schools were given more
    authority to search pupils.
    young people out for a night end up in drunken brawls,who keeps serving alcohol to these who are drunk it should be stopped.
    fights end up with death on our streets,it is about time the british people and the government got together recurrent
    offenders should be conscriped to the armed forces ,i am sure they would have alot more respect for other human beings and the country they live in

  26. Alishah says:

    I think it should be aired, then maybe people will realise the realities of living in our world! It\’s no bed of roses, and people need to se theharshness to stand up and do smething about it!! AIR IT!

  27. jill says:

    Unfortunatley this is happening everyday and is becoming a fashionable measure by these gangs of young adults. my uncle was viciously attacked last year by a gang of girls and leaving him in a very critical condition. I think if Coronation Street are to air this episode and the state it leaves Mel and Abi, then it must also show the capture of these people and the sentencing of them. This should include the reactions of the culprits parents and the full blow of what it does to everyone who knows them.

  28. stephen says:

    I think it is important that people are made aware that these events are happening and are real.  But they should announce at the start of the show that there are scences which younger viewers may be upset by or move that episode to a later transmission time, after all if you are a fan you would watch it whatever time it is on.

  29. Unknown says:

    It\’s probably just one of those ploys to give their ratings a shot in the arm. Ooohooo this should secure us the big Soap Award! And I\’m not saying out of disrespect to anyone here. My e-mail is there if you wish to pull me up on this matter. Thanks

  30. Amy says:

    What good will it do complaining and attempting to ban a scene like this from our television screens if people don\’t face up to the reality and campaign towards putting a stop to it in real life. Hopefully by showing this on television,  it will raise awareness of the realities that young and old people are faced with today. Plus, if people can\’t bring themselves to watch it, there is always \’the off button\’  and viewers are lucky enough to have that option. However, for  victims and their families of such crimes, they will never be able to \’turn off\’ what has happened, and they will relive it everyday for the rest of their lives.

  31. Mick says:

    I’m in favour of this being aired – in my opinion Coronation St more than any other soap deals well with contentious issues in the end giving a balanced view. At the moment we don’t know the context of this scene or the outcome so let’s wait and see. At the end of the day we have the ultimate sanction, either individually or as a parent, take responsibility and turn it off or change the channel.
    I found the other comments more interesting – the facts from a policeman’s wife, an ex-pat who doesn’t admit to being English anymore and who appears happy to be criticizing the nation from afar, the teenager who I suspect is like the majority and is tired of being cast a troublemaker, and the comments reducing this to a ratings war issue.

  32. Jenna says:

    Whats the problem with having a violence plot? EastEnders have them all the time, it\’s not like Corrie has them every day. It would be great to see somthing like this. These people who are objecting this, need to get into the 21st Century. It\’s Modern Day TV and these companies can\’t change that.  

  33. Nathan says:

    I\’m all in favour of this scene, but instead of investigating at a bar, could they be respinding to these 4 women having crazy lesbian sex in the middle of the street, lots of zooming in and flash bits, then they start on the cops for interrupting them just as they wer about to orgasm!

  34. MIKE says:


  35. Reece says:

    How on earth will this encourage similar behaviour? How many Coronation Street viewers are really that young and impressionable?Show it for chrissake, theres only so long left before children\’s shows get heavily censored!

  36. Leah says:

    air it!! its happening in the streets so why not have it happen on the show? maybe it will raise awareness of other people to be careful when theyre out!

  37. andrew says:

    Show it, then all the small minded people that watch it will think its whats normal, just like sleeping about, and breaking up families,  TV DOES influence society, look at big brother, if they decided one day to make them all drink there own p*ss, you would see people copying them, its all nonsense.

  38. Coops - says:

    Mev Brown, I need to edit your comment as external urls are not allowed.
    Mev Brown02 August 00:49
    There is "no one solution", to gang culture & knife crime, but I feel part of the solution is to change social attitudes to violent crime. Where appropriate, the usual charges of Assault, GBH, ABH or even manslaughter and murder should be substituted with Cowardice.
    Many feel prison is no longer an effective deterrent, I agree. We need to hit these thugs where it hurts most: their “street cred”.

  39. Coops - says:

    \’Nicole\’ – your comments have been deleted because your language is filthier than a Victorian sewer. This is a PG-rated blog – no swearing allowed.

  40. Unknown says:

    even if its shown on tv its still goin to happen in the streets
    its not goin to stop them is it

  41. Unknown says:

    I really dont see what the fuss is all about
    We have the option to watch – or to switch over
    Maybe ITV should broadcast a warning that this episode may contain scenes and some viewers may be offended – then they are covering there own backs.
    I for one am a very big corrie fan, and if the storyline reflects what is happening in todays world, then who am I to complain
    I think it wrong to reveal peoples email addresses on this site – This invites spam !

  42. Unknown says:

    Just air it! It\’s about time the British Public took on board that this is an everyday occurrence in society today. Let\’shope that there is a satisfactory outcome though, that might just make people think twice before commiting violence. I say bring back National Service for both sexes! 

  43. Hayley says:

    i believe violence should be shown as it show young children the results of violence inthe future. and i am confident that corrie will do this in a respectful manner. i think real life situations should be shown as it helps people relate o the same situation

  44. Tia says:

    I don\’t see a major problem with this, as tv magazines, and leaks like this will allow parents to stop their children watching it if they feel it neccessary. I know violence is part of life now, it\’s sad but true. However, I hope that soaps portraying girls like this won\’t give  viewers an impression that all or most teenagers are like that, because we\’re not. I think that the people who have a problem with it should just turn over, I don\’t see how complaints will stop it. However, I hope that the girls are shown to have proper punishment, I know this may not always be the case in real life, but this is a soap, not real life. We watch it for entertainment, not as a documentry.

  45. Conor says:

    we all luv a little girl on girl 😉

  46. alan says:

    it appears that any t v programme will glorify violence to gain viewers and then give it credence by saying these thing must be confronted  RUBBISH violence breeds violence

  47. Charlotte says:

     The people that think that this episode shouldn\’t be aired need to take a step out into the world we live in today. Unfortunatley, things like this happen, but maybe it will open the eyes of people that don\’\’t realise how serious these issues can be. Viewer discretion is possible and if people dont want to watch it, they dont actually have to. Its a personal choice. The violence isn\’t glorified, its shown as it is on the streets today. Why shouldn\’t soaps tackle real life issues?

  48. leeanne says:

    you might be able to stop this from happpening on tv but its still happening in real life so theres no point it is what it is and itv is just showing what the world and some people are like today

  49. lesley says:

    Who wants reality, i tune into the soaps for enjoyment. If i wanted reality, i would watch the news. I can understand the storylines that hit the news like kidnap, or illnesses, but lifelike punch-ups i can do without thanks.

  50. Matthew says:

    I think it should be aired. This type of thing is happening every weekend all over England, its not like corrie has this level of violence all of the time, I watch it with my teenage daughter, who in the next few years will be going clubbing, and hopefully this will highlight to her the dangers of drink fuelled fights and teach her to keep her wits about her. Girls violence is increasing and this is frightening. I think Corrie has enough comedic elements in its storylines to keep a balance. At least its not like Eastenders with violence and fights everyday that make it too unbelievable to watch. Corrie fan.

  51. Steve says:

    I have been watching Corrie since it started over four decades ago! It retains a sense of humour but live issues are usually portayed with sensitivity and with an educational element. If it helps our teenages be aware of potential dangers then isn\’t this a good thing?

  52. laura says:

    RE-lesley06 August 11:28 why watch soaps which are a portrail of real life scenarios just crammed into 30 minutes-if you want comedy watch lee evans.
    i think its right to show this sort of thing that does go on everyday. and to all people who are complaining because there kids watch it- thats what cbeebies is for????

  53. Unknown says:

    Whether they show it or not, wake up and realise that it happens everyday. I actually think the writers did a good job writing a scene like that. Also, if the scene hasn\’t been aired and won\’t be for another month or so, how do they know how violent it actually is, surely they wouldn\’t preview an episode over a month before airing and you can\’t seriously tell me that people are just taking someone\’s word for it. I think at the end of the day, if you don\’t want to watch the episode, don\’t. It\’s rather childish working up a huge debate about it just watch something else. Soaps are exremely fake as it is (e.g how many families can afford to go to the pub almost everyday?, we need some element of real life in them otherwise no-one ould watch them. Conclusion: stop being pathetic children and watch something else!!

  54. bill says:

    What young peron watches this garbage?
    Bad acting, terrible storylines and wooden characters who are merely stereotypes!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Sarah says:

    Show it, as this happens everyday in real life, I know as my daughter was attacked by two girls last week when she was out, they punched and kicked her in the face as she was on the ground and made a right mess of her face.  She thought the main person was a friend of hers, some friend, don\’t people know how to fight one on one nowadays, why is it always two or more onto one. 

  56. David says:

    Why dont the producers make it even more like real life and show an episode of the sentencing they yobs actually receive.
    Then kids can be taught that if you committ these type of crimes you only get short term jail sentences anyway so its ok. You kill someone life should mean LIFE!! LIFE IN PRISON WOULD BE WORSE THAN THE DEATH SENTENCE> Why does so much of the governments money go into taking care of criminals in jail. Who cares what they feel. Make our life hell by killing our family members why not actually make jail a place which is feared even to the worst offenders. They wanna stab people, give all criminals knifes in jail. Through them all in a pit together.

  57. David says:

    and further to my below committ… ive just come back off holiday and the atmosphere is greece,spain anywhere is so much different.How way of life just really sucks. I am absolutely ashamed to say im British. It like years ago (No offense to gays i dont hate you) but it was frowned upon and if you was gay you would hide it…. and today it flaunted around and its just wrong isnt it?
    20 years time it will be 100% Legal to have sex with animals,  guns shops will open with slogans saying (sick of being knifed on the way back from work! well…come in a buy a gun…Protect yourself! YAY!) we are turning into america\’s shadow. WAKE UP the only reason the 7/7 bombings happened it because we would have a reason to join america…now when our soldiers die our people wont go "o0o0o0o they never bombed us why are we going" its all set up!! and it will come out.

  58. Unknown says:

    Yes they should air this episode. It happens in real life and I agree that the court case should be shown with the sentencing. Too many young people think they can get away with this now and it needs to be shown that they can\’t.
    In real life children can\’t be named for legal reasons. I think this is totally wrong. If they are old enough to do the crime they should be classed as old enough to have their identities revealed.  

  59. Unknown says:

    I agree with Hartman.  Although I don\’t mind Corrie, the youths who carry out these acts of violence won\’t be sitting at home like good little children watching this episode, they\’ll be out roaming the streets or getting drunk, and getting themselves into positions which lead to these stupid violent outbursts.  Go on Corrie, air it, but you\’re only airing to the people who tend to be law abiding citizens anyway!

  60. Chrissie says:

    What is so daft about this story line, is Mel has only been in the police for the last 8 or so months, she would under no circumstances go undercover with such a short time in the Police.  She would still be in her probationary 2 years, never mind going undercover!!!! They need to get real with the story lines.

  61. Becca says:

    hmmm…. i think its just a tv programme, ok its not eastenders, but even on corrie we cant just expect to watch rita get her highlights done all the time, or blanche moaning.
    Actually I dont care.
    Do it corrie, F***** go on.
    If you moaning b******* have a problem with it, paint ur wall and watch that dry instead

  62. Paul says:

    The people advertising the latest plot for Coronation Street ALWAYS has a massive build-up, almost like a major "never-happened-before-see-it-to-believe it" scenario, yet, whenever any big story lines have come up; when the day approaches, it is hardly EVER anything as big as originally mentioned in the trailers – it will probably not happen until the last 10 minutes of the show and it\’ll leave you thinking – "Was it worth watching?"

  63. Derri says:

    If you dont like spinach-dont eat it.
    If you dont like Coronation Street doing a bit of realism-dont watch it. I\’m pissed off living in a nanny state, being told what not to do by the plankheads in Westminster, and definateley dont need it from the old gits moaning on about Coronation Street. Shut the hell up you sour pusses.

  64. Jade says:

    why s dat ppl moan dat da soaps arnt like real life, den wen corrie try n do sumat dat s real life ppl moan!!!! omd get over urselves
    let em air it, u dnt av 2 watch it but i wana c it

  65. Tricia says:

    Maybe they could expand the storyline a bit to give us a look at the supposed parents of the little thugs who actually inflict this type of violence. You know the ones who are too busy ignoring their responsibility as parents to give a toss what their little darlings are up to between meals. The same parents who threaten a teacher if that teacher dares to discipline feral little johnny or Joan. Although I don\’t suppose those great examples of parenthood would get the point even if they were watching.

  66. Beverley says:

    i cannot understand the concerns of viewers over this matter, i am a corrie addict and to portray this type of behaviour in this soap or any other soap for that matter only brings home the real reality of todays society, dont be fooled by thinking that the good citizens of our society will turn bad should they happen to view this episode of corrie, its the mindless idiots already out there that behave like morons, because they are so wrapped up in themselves and their mates, they haven\’t got the capabilities to understand right from wrong, i have brought up several children of my own, and not one of them would behave badly towards another human being, just because of something aired on tv, its not tv thats to blame, its bad parenting, a useless justice system, and the government and its associates that mamby pamby the perpetrators of criminal behaviour

  67. Asbo says:

    these misserable f**k wits should be banned from having a tv license, all they do is spoil TV for everyone else.
    At the end of the day a soap is a series that reflects everyday life and if these idiots dont wanna see this then why not watch another channel, like CITV ( should be fun 😛 )
    maybe they should pull there heads from there ass and open their eyes to what does go on in the real world,

  68. Unknown says:

    The trashy show sure needs a little realism, its truly dreadful, and probably needs a bit of sensationalism to revive its flagging audience.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I am pleased about the corrie scene, we need to show the teens just how others behave and the injuries they inflict, after all every other subject has been covered by other soaps, teenage pregnancy, gay kissing, domestic violence, murder and now Holloaks are doing HIV so whats the beef about corrie doing this. Well done to those who write the story. 

  70. Elizabeth says:

    and just to add another bit to my voice, I would like to see a scene that show just how stressed the victims familiess are, this may show the teens what their actions have on them as well as the poor devil they are beating. Let the story writer be allowed to follow thru with it all, hospital scenes, court hearings, sentencings the lot but most of all scenes that show the families of those who did the beatings, let the teens witness the stress they are put under.

  71. Suzanne says:

    "I agree with the majority of people\’s comments here,I think Corrie is making a very good statement on these young thugs who do these unspeakable violent attacks on innocent people,it is a good thing for a soap to make a storyling of this awful subject,as so many people watch corrie,hopefully by thugs like the ones depicted in the storyline,also,it will show them the contempt and disgust which every decent citizen feels about these crimes,if people are upset by the violent attack shown in the corrie episode,they can always use there right to switch off! but I wish people would\’nt be so strong in there agressive verbal attacks about peoples concerns on the programme,after all,everybody is entitled to there opinion,even if some of us  think them wrong! We should all respect their views also."

  72. Edward says:

    Brains numb trying to work out what BabyJadey90 means!

  73. Qbic says:

    the Corrie scene is a great idea, it\’s bout time people stop behavin like ostriches, and turn round to  blame  goverment for moral decay in the society, no amount of legislature will make our teens change if we not ready to confront issues as they are. if such scenes are shown many out there will come to terms with the dont have to wait to experience an ordeal to appreciate. down with those who the crime scene is offending, atleast they can turn off their sets so they can live in their deceptive world. we got to a point where parents look on unconcerned whiles their teens behave badly.

  74. Keith paul says:


  75. Ms B*tch says:

    The people who are saying they don\’t agree with the scene need toget a life.
    Which would they prefer? Seeing a pretend controlled scene on the TV that potentially could help in correcting the government\’s cock-ups or see it for real on their doorstep, however \’nice\’ their area is?
    The government banned all forms of chastising children so until that is stopped, these kind of things are just going to get worse as children know that they can do or say whatever they like and the punishments they receive are very limited.
    I\’m only 20 and can see this, so (as most people believe that people my age are still immature) why can \’mature\’ people not see it?
    Every day I here older people saying \’It wasn\’t like this in my day\’ etc, so what\’s wrong with facing and trying to deal with the problem caused by the politicians who just make it up as they go along, earning stupid amounts of money for making or lives miserable?? (Don\’t even get me started on the politician\’s expenses claims, or the ridiculous laws (like the one they\’re trying to get through at the moment about rape victims who\’ve had alcohol being entitled to less compensation). It\’s stupid)
    Go on Corrie!!

  76. Ann says:


  77. Donna says:

    Like the majority I think they should show the scene. I know there\’s not much chance of getting through to people who go around hurting people for fun. However, soap\’s are supposed to be based on real life. We can hide away from it as much as we like but the truth is Violent attacks like this are becoming the norm, it\’s reality. If we can show people who are fortunate enough to have not experienced something similar how awful the affect of a vicious assault can have on person and their loved ones maybe thei can be more empathy towards victims of crimes like this one.When I was attacked I had little sympathy from others, I think the term "Drama

  78. Donna says:

    queen" was used to desribe me.

  79. sarah says:


  80. Bamber says:

    This is a serious issue in todays failing society. Maybe, just maybe, the end result in this storyline will have severe consequences for the louts involved. I don\’t think for one minute, it will change the way a small minorty of kids act on the streets, but this sort of behavior  needs to be addressed, so why not let Corrie make a stand for all of us. With a bit of luck this may just trigger the goverment to think more seriously about this growing problem and consider bringing back corpral punishment in our schools, National Service or the death penalty. Yes , you read it right….THE DEATH PENALTY ! 

  81. Tommyfest says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I personally think that it may give people a jolt into real life. I dont think it will make the actual youths realise as they most likely don\’t watch Corrie, but maybe wake up their parents into doing something about it. I am not blaming the parents, but they raised them up and looked after them, so they can do something can\’t they? I am 18 and i live in fear around where i live, i fear for my friends and my family I can\’t take my dog out for a walk, go to the shop or even go out without living in fear of being stabbed or attacked by people my own age. I see children aged 6 plus abusing the elderly, running riot on the road, asking people to buy them alcohol and cigarettes for them because they are too young. Because i have quite a few friends that i go out with, i find that people cross over the road to avoid us, because they think we may attack. I would never dream of it. I am a girl who is off to university, who wants to become a teacher and do well in life. My aim is not to abuse or attack anybody. Its horrible watching it happen to someone and i dont like it myself, so why would i inflict it on somebody else?I think i have made my point after this essay :S But i think this would be good and to not air it will be a big mistake.Siobhan.

  82. Zack says:

    why s dat ppl moan dat da soaps arnt like real life, den wen corrie try n do sumat dat s real life ppl moan!!!! omd get over urselveslet em air it, u dnt av 2 watch it but i wana c itTranslation!!Why is it that people always moan that soaps are not like real life, then when coronation street do something that does on in real life people moan about it. O my god get over yourself. let them air it! you don\’t have to watch it but i would like to see it!I think thats what she is trying to say and somehow making a good point along the way….Kinda

  83. Dean says:

    all get a life please!

  84. kelly says:

    this is what happens in real life and it shud be something that we are aware of but if you cant handle it then dont watch and i suggest you stay indoors aswell cos as i say this is real life

  85. carol says:

    if we gave bigger sentences out and more police on the street and closed clubs and pubs earlier ans stp drinking on the streets we would all be safer.

  86. Unknown says:

      I agree violence on the streets today is totally out of control and if a programme wants to make aware what is going on then they have a right to do so

  87. marie says:

    i believe coronation street is true to life & should stay like that

  88. Colette says:

    Many people remember the times when a simple unknown murderer was the main story line in Corrie, that loveable creature everyone loved yet turned out to be a cold-hearted killer. Ahhh the good old days. When storylines were dometic beatings, rows about affairs and children becoming "goth".Now, as the times change it\’s true,the storylines will too. I mean people were shocked what they brought a gay cast member in,and now they are introducing a lesbian character, peoples tounges will be wagging. Though frankly they just have to grow up. And this true-to-life scene will pick-out just one problem of youth crime, which we all know is happening.All these teenage attacks and the many fights don\’t only pop up in London and Liverpool you know,it\’s happening right here in Manchester and therefore it should be depicted in Corrie, even if it IS before the watershed. I mean half the time you get more disturbing things on Hollyoaks and no a word is said about that.Go on Corrie. Show us the crumbling society of morals that the world has become. Shock value?, maybe, but also a lesson to those involved in such things? Not likely.

  89. susan says:

    I watch soaps for entertainment, what is entertaining about seeing someone getting their head kicked in? By all means let the soap reflect todays modern society warts an all, but is it really necessary to be so graphic about it. We are all aware of what goes on in the world outside. There is such a thing as newspapers and 24 hr news programmes for this sort of thing. I can\’t believe that anyone seriously thinks that showing this sort of stuff on corrie or any other soap is going to have any positive impact on the yobs that commit these sort of crimes. Most of us watch telly to relax and get away from  the stresses and strains of everyday life, even if it is only for half an hour. There is enough crap in the real worls please don\’t bring it into my lounge.

  90. Lee says:

    Lmao, thanks for the translation.   I can never understand those people either.  Whatever happened to the correct way of speaking/writing English!

  91. Lee says:

    What the hell are they teaching the kids in schools, these days.
    "Okay kids, the spelling of "whatever" is W H U T E V A.  Finally, when you are writing a formal letter, it\’s best you write "R" for ARE and "U" for YOU and abbreviate every word you can possibly think of."

  92. Coops - says:

    Text speak is an abomination as far as I\’m concerned and I am seriously considering banning it from my blog. I don\’t mind the odd abbreviation, I do it myself. However, comments entirely composed in text speak are hard to read and even harder to take seriously.  

  93. Ben says:

    This episode should be aired, people need to face that they cannot hide from reality in a ITV soap opera! Its not real an its about time they started to air episodes in which it contains actions of modern day britain, in these days theres stabbings, shootings, gang wars if you like. So its about time people grow up and stop trying to hide in soap operas and face reality!
    Very little violence happens in soap operas, last violence in a soap opera was ealrier this year on Eastenders, in which Honey was pushed down by some gang members who were after Jase! In which that also got one or two complaints (Or even more!) Then again Eastenders in which Sean & Tanya buried Max alive; that also received a high number of complaints!
    My views are strong on violence and people really do need to face up to reality!
    Oh yes, and as for text speech!!
    Its either just pure laziness or they just cannot spell!

  94. Jem says:

    I\’m 14 and if I\’m honest I\’m not intimidated by gangs, (I\’m not in one, I\’m just a normal school girl living her life as a normal girl of 14 should) I think they\’re a load of **** to be honest, all they do is make peoples lifes miserable so whats the point?! I mean people get killed and they think nothing of it :@
    I do think this ep should be aired, even if it does get alot of complaints people need to realise that this world "ain\’t guna get any nicer" if we dont do something about it.
    Also I use the Texting kinda (< baha) speech..alot…yet I can spell obviously, teenagers and adults…yes some of them do use it, express themselves in that way because it makes writing texts easier, its not our fault if people find it "hard to understand" if you had common sense you would figure out what they mean…its not laziness, its to get things done much quicker and sometimes for people who cannot read or write well its easier for them to understand. Not everyones perfect. And not everyones lazy. So dont judge people by the way they write, I mean you probably think I\’m a "bossy, think-im-it" kind of person, yet I\’m not. I just want to put my point across, that teenagers are not "lazy and unsuccessful" in reading and writing, because a lot of them are.

  95. Emma says:

    you seriously think members of gangs watch corrie anyways?!  u lot that complain make me laugh XD heh heh heh

  96. Becky says:


  97. Lauren says:

    i think that it should be aired as it is showing what actually goes on in areas. it will make more people aware of what else is happening a long side the knife crime gun crime and other crimes, physical violence is not publically viewed as it never makes headlines, only in the most serious cases.

  98. james says:

    yes this happens on the streets its a good idea to show. Its a shame that socity has come to this but in alot of places its just away of life. From New Zealand to Brazil just watch SKY ONE ROSS KEMP IN GANGS "as they allowed this to air" and thats alot worse.

  99. Fiona says:

    So it happens in real life so therefore the street must reflect this.  What a sorry state of affairs. Of course its going to attract viewers (probably the reason why the storyline has been written in the first place,) Lots of viewers means lots of prime companies advertising, lots of lovely revenue, oh yes indeed.
    And what does it make those people who dont normally watch, just tuning in. Oh I think probably as bad as those rubber neckers who love to see a good fight, brawl. As bad as those who pass clips of gratuitus violience  around on mobile phones. I could go on and on. The programme makers are doing this to reflect on current minorities of our society? I dont think so.  Ratings and revenue grabbing, and a \’if you have been affected by any of the content shown tonight phone this number\’ at the end of it.  As if that makes it ok? Using violence to make money? How very charming. So what are we all supposed to do? Round of sarnies, maybe a pizza whilst watching, because they know we will.  Lovely charming family viewing.

  100. Paul says:

    It is ridicoulous hoew these soaps try and emulate real life when it should be about entertainment.If we as viewrs want to see violence then all we have to do is sit in any precicnt in any town on any given weekend and it will be there in all it\’s gory unnecessery glory…to add these things to soaps is irresposible and somehow makes it acceptable for any openminded viewer be they young or old.I do wish the producers and makers of these programmes would realise why we watch soaps in the 1st place…it is for entertainment.Oh bring back the days of Elsie Tanner and Hilda Ogden…extremely entertaining and dramatic.Stop letting the soap criminals get away with murder it\’s totally unacceptable……yours a dissillusioned viewer

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