Make My Body Younger

Anyone watching Big Brother’s Little Brother? Nah, me neither. It’s just not the same since Dermot O’Leary jumped ship to The X Factor (although after last year’s turgidity, it should be The Zzzzzz Factor). OK, if you haven’t seen the new look Big Brother’s Little Brother, chances are you may be unaware of new male host George Lamb. He can also be seen every Wednesday night presenting new BBC Three series Make My Body Younger.

I know what you’re thinking people, but you’re wrong. This isn’t How To Look Good Naked or Ten Years Younger…but it is the flipside. Young boozers, bingers and party animals get a wake-up call as their over-the-top lifestyle is put under the microscope – literally. This series isn’t concerned with the usual preoccupations of makeover shows (laughter lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, boob jobs, cellulite et al): the question is, what damage are the subjects doing to their insides?

Using state-of-the-art technology, a ‘living autopsy’ is performed, revealing the real impact that bad food, drink, drugs and cigarettes are having on their organs. In the first part, party girl Emma Sheldon comes under the spotlight. For six months of the year, the 23-year-old is ‘avin’ it large! as a club rep in Ibiza…nuff said. Anyway, it’s all been rough on her body; she lives on a diet of junk food (and it all shows on her face – sorry, but it’s true), she’s been known to put on three stone in just three months, enjoy 24-hour drinking sessions and – wait for this because you won’t believe it – Emma also smokes up to two hundred fags a week. Two hundred fags a week!!!! Flippin’ ‘eck Tucker! No need for artificial smoke in Amnesia with Emma around, is there?

Her heart, lungs and skin have taken a real battering (she’s got the lungs of a 45-year-old) and she is diagnosed as clinically obese. Upset by the results, Emma wants to change her ways. But can she? Does she? Ah, now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Admittedly, Make My Body Younger does feel rather familiar. But the digital technology used to illustrate exactly what’s going on inside the subject’s body is pretty amazing. I’m starting to wonder how old my lungs are now….

Make My Body Younger, Wednesdays, BBC Three at 8pm

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon win. Phenomenal on every level; I am sooooo glad he won!

Today I am mostly hatin’ – For the record BBC, I’d rather listen to a bowl of Rice Krispies than Tim Henman. And they’ve got more snap, crackle and pop too. Also, referring to that grassy area as ‘Henman Hill’ or ‘Murray Mound’ is beyond naff. 

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