‘Let’s All Laugh At’ Fiona Phillips!

A little while ago, I made my selection of TV’s Most Annoying and invited MSN users to do the same on the Talk TV message board. Unsurprisingly, the name Fiona Phillips crops up again and again and again. For a variety of reasons, the GMTV presenter grates (although, to be fair, she has her fans too).

In addition to just about everything she does on GMTV, it’s the non-stop wittering about Chelsea FC from the former Southampton supporter that sets my teeth on edge. Where was she when they were Jurassic-sized dinosaur poo? And no, famouseccles, my Spurs-supporting mate, this isn’t a bitter Gooner talking (much). The switch to Chelsea was due to the fact that her sons support them. Fair enough (or is it?). However, like many a convert before her – she’s gone overboard. Thus, the decision to fly her out to Moscow to cover the Champions League final for GMTV seemed a very strange one indeed. Whatever happened to neutral reporting?

Andrew Castle may be an Arsenal fan, but he at least has some connection to sport, having played tennis professionally and commented on numerous tournaments. If anyone should’ve gone, surely it should’ve been him? Unsurprisingly, Ms Phillips didn’t exactly cover herself in glory – her performances at the press conferences were cringe-inducing and her questions were inane in the extreme. Over the past few weeks, I’ve bit my tongue and kept my bile in check; all I wanted was the footballing gods to answer my silent and ever-so-fervent prayers. And oh! How they’ve been answered: Drogba off! Terry misses! Cashley a loser! Terry cries like a girl at a McFly concert! Me? I was laughing my head off. Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. And thinking of the GMTV presenter watching it all unfold made it funnier.

A win for Chelsea would surely have made Fiona Phillips the smuggest woman on Earth and that would be a sight my delicate stomach should be spared. I was dreading catching her on GMTV if Chelski had done it. Instead, in the words of Sir Alan Sugar: "Ya lost!"

Our Big Brother 9 special has now launched. It’s got loads of fun features including Big Brother Mingers (spoilt for choice) and Big Brother Babes (ditto).

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Schadenfreude!

Today I am mostly hatin’ –
No more Raef…shame.

MSN Editor Coops
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100 Responses to ‘Let’s All Laugh At’ Fiona Phillips!

  1. Teresa says:

    I\’ve only just started watching GMTV. I enjoy it apart from Fiona "i cant dance & am so annoying" Phillips. I must admit when she was on strictly come dancing it was cringeworthy TV and quite funny as she was so embarassing as she can\’t dance for toffee!. All she does is go on about chelsea & thats a real problem when you hate football. Fiona please note: go & work for chelsea as their tea girl or something you\’d be doing us all a favour!

  2. Unknown says:

    Well I like Fiona Phillips I know she\’s a bit dizzy but she makes me laugh. She obviously enjoys her job and how many people can say that?? Most of the GMTV presenters have to get up at some ridiculous time like 3.00 a.m. I know I couldn\’t be that chirpy if I had to get up at that time and I\’d rather see her cheery face when I\’m eating my breakfast than the the BBC lot, even Kate is better than them. So leave Fiona alone!!! The presenter who is doing my head in is Lorraine Kelly (I know everybody loves her) will she just stop giggling for a minute. When she is interviewing somebody she is forever interupting them with "oh right" oh sure" "huh huh" giggle giggle "for sure" giggle giggle. I used to like her but she needs to calm down.

  3. Kaz says:

    She is vile.  Vile vile vile vile VILE!!
    And if i hear her say "alright" one more time I\’m going to send her my toenails in the post.

  4. Tia says:

    Lol! Bless her. She only wants to do her job, but she doesn\’t realise how annoying she can be. Though I do agree with a previous comment, I\’d rather watch her than BBC, BBC are dull, and the GMTV lot annoy me so much that they make me get ready for school a lot quicker so that I can leave the house, and I haven\’t missed the bus since my Mum\’s had it on!

  5. honey says:

    I\’m so glad it\’s not just me.
    She has no chemisty with the other presenters and you can see that she loathes half of them and how mutual it is.
    I would not be very happy if I had to fit my work around such a selfish woman who has ALL the school holidays off including halfterms.
    I hate the way she always has a snide comment just as a piece has finished so no one can come back and reply. Very unprofessional. The woman doesn\’t know the meaning of unbiased……… It too me ages to work out how this woman held down her job until I heard she was married to the producer.

  6. margaret says:

    Oh  fiona fiona, shrek wud luv u – am i mistaken or was her now hubby alredy maried when she met him???  SOOOOO   happy chelski lost, proves all the money in the world doesnt count does it, enda day for droggie!!! end england captaincy for terry!!!   cant stand gmtv anyway, soooo many two faced presenters on it, always switch over to cartoons haha !!

  7. Coops - says:

    Hello Me, thanks for your comment, but no profanity allowed……I\’ve edited accordingly

    Me22 May 23:02

    I dislike the woman so much, I dont even watch GMTV. She makes me feel sick, and so does Lorraine \’lick everyones a**e\’ Kelly.

  8. Unknown says:

    I can\’t stand the women – she is smug, insincere and irritaiting to the extreme…

  9. Esther says:

    This is why morning tv sucks so bad! bbc is dull boring and repetitive to the extreme and theres barely a single presenter on gmtv i can stomach. Andrew i can bare he doesnt have that air of self importance like the others. But fiona fiona FI freaking ona. The single most vomit inducing irritating inane human being on television. Well her and penny smith, and kate garraway barely gets through by the skin of her teeth. altogether gmtv is the biggest waste of time on and im including jeremy kyle in that. No wait hes worse. The woman knows little about nothing what was she thinking covering the match? as if shes going to be of any good offering any worthy match analysis, she can barely interview people about their sick pets. So sleeping with the boss still has its perks even in this age of feminism. i remember how i hated her before she had children, shed look at the kids that came on the show like they were alien beings and practical ran if they ever tried to put their grubby hands on her. now all she does is blather on about her kids, yawn.

  10. Mandy says:

    Fiona Phillips reminds me of a minature Yorkshire Terrier, yappy!  I can\’t stand yappy dogs.

  11. Rob says:

    I think lorraine kelly is at least one hundred times worse! Can\’t stand her

  12. Unknown says:

    fiona is absolutely gorgeous and very funny – a joy to watch while i am getting ready for work every morning.  she is a scream and a very good presenter – love her to bits – wish her well

  13. Jane says:

    All this nastiness – what has the woman actually ever done that is so bad?  She comes over as a normal (giddy normal) woman who most women can relate to.  She doesn\’t take herself too seriously and that is quite is refreshing

  14. dean says:

    I totally agree with you about her, she is enough to make the milk on your cornflakes curdle!

  15. Unknown says:

    I used to like reading and contributing to this page Coops but agree with Pearl. Whilst I firmly believe in the freedom of speech and we are all entitled to our opinions, all this "Lets all laugh at Fiona Phillips" leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. OK she\’s a celeb and therefore wide open to criticism, but if this was in the work place or playground it would be seen as bullying.

  16. Coops - says:

    Patricia – the \’let\’s all laugh\’ reference is a play on a very common football chant heard at grounds up and down the country. \’Let\’s all laugh at Chelsea!\’ or \’Let\’s all laugh at Rooney!\’ or \’Let\’s all laugh at City\’ etc. If anyone will understand what I mean, it\’s Fiona Phillips as I\’m sure, as a zealous Chelsea fan, she\’s heard it (and perhaps sung it herself) at Chelsea with reference to my team (\’Let\’s all laugh at Arsenal!\’) or other London rivals (Let\’s all laugh at Tott\’num!\’). I\’ve perused my blog entry again and I stand by it because my criticisms are largely football-based. I also made a very serious point; why was she flown out to Moscow? Even a foetus in the womb knows that she\’s a Chelsea fan. Therefore, GM:TV should\’ve balanced up the coverage by sending along a Man U fan. Or a neutral. For us real football fans, that\’s what left a \’nasty taste in the mouth\’.  Finally, if you\’re a celebrity/TV personality and you declare your allegiance to a football team, especially in the way Ms Phillips does, you expect ridicule if that team loses. It\’s a football thing. And yes, I\’m still laughing at Fiona Phillips – her team lost!

  17. Kate says:

    I totally agree here. I find Fiona Phillips a smug, patronising and rude interviewer. Her facts are often wrong or misleading suggesting her journalistic skills are zilch. When she speaks to the \’common\’ guest she comes across as insincere and unsympathetic. When she speaks to the famous ones she sucks up. Keep her on morning tv only because I turn off when she is on.

  18. Coops - says:

    Sorry Patricia but I think you\’re overreacting, especially likening what Coops said to bullying. It\’s far from bullying! If Fiona Phillips doesn\’t want people to take the mick out of her, she shouldn\’t keep talking about Chelsea all the time. I\’m a Charlton fan and I\’m also glad that Chelsea lost. I can\’t stand the way Fiona Phillips carries on like she\’s always supported them when she hasn\’t. Keep talking Coops, you\’re only saying what we\’re all thinking!!!!! 

  19. Unknown says:

    Couldn\’t agree with you more, all her Chelsea rubbish, if i were a chelsea fan i\’d be embarrased.  I am a Man U fan and the way Eamon Holmes goes on about us is the same, but at least he hasn\’t just followed us for the last couple of seasons when a billionaire tips up.

  20. Coops - says:

    I don\’t think Patricia is a football fan. If she was, she\’d understand why football fans can\’t stand Fiona Phillips. I\’m a QPR fan and she\’s just another reason to hate Chelsea. Editor Coops, you may be a Gooner, but this is one time I agree with an Arsenal fan.

  21. famous says:

    coops i agree with your assessment and am very glad CHELSKI lost(partly due to a long standing fued with a brother in law who enjoyed gloating when spurs were beaten by his team!) one small complaint with your proofreader (or spell checker )who cant spell   schadenfreude.dont let em grind you down coops  . l o l

  22. Sarah says:

    Isn\’t Fiona Phillips married to the GMTV executive producer or something?  Surely that says it all. x

  23. Coops - says:

    Hey famouseccles my Spurs supporting mate! Easy geezer. Thanks for your comments and thank you for pointing out my spelling error. I can only blame the fact that I was lauging at Chelski too much to notice that I\’d inserted an e instead of an a… 🙂

  24. famous says:

    coops  talk about red face!!! i just noticed i cant spell feud.just been readin the sundays about AVRAM  GRANT being shown the door. they are touting MARK HUGHES of all people. wonder how long he\’d last with the poisoned chalice????

  25. Coops - says:

    Mate, we\’ve both been on the sauce or something – I\’ve just noticed that I left the \’h\’ out of laugh in my comment below. LOL! Mark Hughes eh? Wonder what Fiona Phillips will make of that?

  26. Steve says:

    I have little or no interest in football but found her bias comments totaly unacceptable, but then again I did not like Eamon Holmes constant reference to Manchester United. During last Summers floods she piped up that there was important breaking news that Paris Hilton was being released from prison, get a life woman. I prefer to watch BBC its only my wife that changes the channel to watch this inane woman.

  27. David says:

    I like so many others cannot stand the Fiona Phillips creature she is in my humble opinion a grade 0ne epsilon moron,what is the reason for her continued presence on early morning TV? her presenting skills are on an equal footing with my garden shed. How tragic that after so many millions of years of evolution we can still end up with a single cell pond life form presenting a TV show which aims to keep the rest of the UK informed of the current state of our planet and our various societies.Surely there must be other more informed presenters out there with an IQ of at least ten which would be triple that of the brain dead Ms FP. as some one once said "This woman is depriving a village some where of an idiot"

  28. kelly says:

    I myself too find the woman totally irritating, and her coverage on the champions league final embarrassing, maybe it was because she was there in support of Chelsea and then once they had lost celebrated with the Man U fans, glory hunting at its absolute best

  29. Jacqueline says:

    I agree, as a pompey fan i watched GMTV last monday, to hear any praise for our boys winning the F.A cup to find THAT woman gushing and fawning over her \’beloved\’ team\’s forthcoming game. Not 1 mention of our boys, thanks Fiona for your unbiased news coverage!!!! 

  30. Jon says:

    My most annoying person on TV must be Jonathan Ross. He\’s everywhere….on the TV and radio. Appears to have no interest in anybody except himself when he\’s interviewing. Talks so fast I can\’t understand him. How much longer has his contract got to run? Also agree with previous writer….Lorraine Kelly is a nightmare and the less said about Terry Wogan, the better!! 

  31. Graham says:

    I agree with the previous writer, never mind Fiona Phillips, lets do everything we can to get rid of that imbecile Lorraine Kelly, she really is horrendous.  Just a total idiot. The woman is an untalented nervous wreck. She makes me nervous just watching and listening to her. All that hand waving, fake pretence at being interested in her guests, and complete insincerity. She is always trying to come across as everyones friend. She is also deluded in her belief that she is an \’adopted Dundonian\’, because she married a Dundonian man, and also lives there, but any Dundonian I\’ve ever spoken to, absolutely loathes her! All this nonsense about her chest, which by the way she is meant to be indifferent to, (yeah sure), when actually she adores all the attention. In real life she is about five feet tall with her hands up! A sex symbol she will never be, except to a few sad old men. Has anyone looked at her appreciation society. She talks about what underwear she is wearing, etc, and there are even pornographic pics of her, when she was much younger. How nice for her young daughter and her school friends to have to look at that! Please GMTV  get rid of her, and soon!!

  32. Mike says:

    Lets face it, her husband is the editor of GMTV and she was sent on a jolly. I caught 30 seconds of her "questions" to Fergie on the Wed morning and I had to change channels, it was so toe curlingly inane. Anyway really funny to see John Terry fall flat on his bum and then cry at the end…pure comedy

  33. stuart says:

    did anyone see her interviewing ross kemp the other month? jeez… it was like a train crash! she had no idea wot she was talking about, got ALL her "facts" wrong… you could see the "I\’m-dealing-with-a-complete-moron" look in his eyes… classic tv!!!!

  34. Unknown says:

    I watch repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond every morning.Enough said!

  35. pat says:

    What about "Penny Smith "…..she thinks she\’s some kind of comedian……..sorry but you\’re not !!!!….if she\’s on the sofa I switch off……I too watch Everyone Loves Raymond most mornings now, that says it all.

  36. Michael says:

    I myself too find the woman totally irritating, and her coverage on the champions league final embarrassing, maybe it was because she was there in support of Chelsea and then once they had lost celebrated with the Man U fans, glory hunting at its absolute best.
    Oh, and Coops, could you please add me as a friend? I really love this blog, and it would be great if you could add me. I love that you update this blog frequently and put some personality behind your blog.

  37. Coops - says:

    Hi Michael, of course I\’ll add you as a friend. Thanks for your kind comments.

  38. Eileen says:

    Fiona Phillips is not an interviewer she is self obsessed and fame craving – she asks questions and continues talking – has she not heard that in order to conduct an interview you must let the interviewee talk?  I would not mind if she made sense or even if she was a little entertaining or had something interesting to say; unfortunately she does not.  I wonder if she would still be on TV  if her husband were not one of the producers!

  39. David says:

    Eileen has got it so right!  I physically have to stop myself throwing stuff at the television when she is on – it is even funnier when she is interviewing politicians and she tries to do her comedy version of Jeremy Paxman: basically leaning forward, interupting and pouting.  And finally if she mentions her friendship with the Beckhams one more time…..aargh!!!!

  40. Unknown says:

    Ive just read these comments about fiona philiphs and amactually close to tears with laughter, especially the one about she is depriving a village of their idiot!! so true, i cannot stand this woman or in fact any of the people on GMTV, I was made up when eamon holmes disappeared i thought they were having a staff change but no, she has managed to cling on to her husbands ankles for all her life is worth, I dont actually know anyone who watches this programme anymore mostly because of her or Ms penny "im so funny listen to my jokes" smith, i actually cringe if i hear her voice, but as for Lorraine Kelly, theres only so many time you can hear a 50 year old woman saying "boobies" to dr hilary jones or that fashion "expert" before you die of shame for her! does the woman write her own script or something, you could play a drinking game for the amount of time she will say Boobies, So True or For sure in one sentence, she makes me physically sick with embarassment for her !

  41. Ellie says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fiona Phillips – the world\’s most annoying, insincere, over-the-top, shallow, vomit-inducing presenter.  Please, please, please can we get rid of her NOW?!

  42. Jessica says:

    Fiona Philips is a sterotypical scraggy middle aged woman with her Chelsea Tractor – everything that she stands for is against everything that most people would stand for! i have to turn over when she comes on screen!!

  43. Sally says:

    Fiona Philips is soooo irritating in a morning (well, at any time of day). She comes across as if she is looking/sneering down her nose at people and is so insincere – don\’t know why she thinks she is above everyone else as she doesn\’t appear to be that well educated. The only reason she is still there is that her husband is one of the bosses isn\’t he?? Says it all really.

  44. TRACY-LOUISE says:

    oh, dear, can SOMEONE please give some money to the "clothe Fina Phillips in some new gear" fund? i am really sick of her (dear god, not the blue one again)in the same round of clothes, i really had to email the GM.TV prats in the vain hope they may take her to Primani (Primark to us low-lives!)…..her voice is like nails on a snotty black board!!!!!!!!! i am soo glad i dont have to watch her naymore in the mornings, some of us have to ckange our clothes daily!!!
    i do agree with the comment below of "Fiona Philips is a sterotypical scraggy middle aged woman with her Chelsea Tractor – everything that she stands for is against everything that most people would stand for!"  i bet she drives a 4wd fuel-muncher! snotty cow! get some real talent on the sofa…. Richard Hammond…. now thats one i can cope with EVERY morning!! woo hoo!

  45. Denise says:

    You lot are so cruel lol! What makes us such a bitchy nation?

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree with most of the comments on here and if she says "lovely to see you" one more time in that patronising tone I think I\’ll scream.
    I can\’t believe they sent her out to cover the champions league final – all she goes on about is her love for Chelsea and Frank Lampard – funny that she never used to mention them before Abramovich moved in!!
    She also goes on too much about her job and how its a nightmare getting up at such an early time – I\’m sure there are plenty of talented presenters out there that would relish a job like that – fantastic pay and all the kids holidays off!
    I think all the talk about Gordon Brown being interested in her joining his team went to her head – she really does think she\’s a political interviewer now.

  47. Lyndsey says:

    I can\’t stand Fiona Phillips and her inane interviewing either.  And I agree about the clothes, particularly the black top with the luminous stripes round the top of the arms – no one aged over 20 should be wearing that.  And she really gets my goat when she has a go at Richard Arnold – ok he\’s not the greatest presenter but having met him, he seems like a decent bloke – more intelligent and sincere than Fiona anyway!!
    I don\’t mind Penny Smith so much – she is an idiot but doesn\’t seem to take herself as seriously as Fiona.  Lorraine Kelly I used to dislike but have come round to and contrary to a previous comment, I\’m a Dundonian and most Dundonians I know quite like Lorraine.
    I also shout at the tv when Lynne Faulds Woods gets on her high horse as well, can\’t stand the woman.

  48. Coralie says:

    ME TOO! Sorry I have nothing to add but I wanted to join in the shameless cyber-bullying of this awful woman who has built an entire "career" out of sheer nepotism!

  49. peter says:

    The best thing about Fiona is that Gordon Brown thought she was worthy of becoming some kind of spokesperson for the general public.That just about sums up the intelligence of the labour party and any person who voted for this shower !!Why is it that she always interviews Gordon instead of Andrew Castle. Fiona let me interview Gordon unscripted live on TV and ill give you £1000 to your favourite charity!!.Ive already e mailed Brown a year ago and have not recieved a reply.

  50. Unknown says:

    Fiona Philips Is she still on TV ?  She used to get on my nerves when she was on GMTV with
    Eamonn Holmes

  51. Iain says:

    I love it when Fiona is on holiday because we get to see more of the gorgeous Kate Garraway!!!!

  52. Brian says:

    In my opinion she is pretty thick. Do you recongnise anyone when you look at Andrew Castle and Fiona on the GMTV sofa. It took me ages to figure out it was like looking at the Meryl Streep in death becomes her (she is held together with make up). And Andrew does a cool imitiation of Herman Munster. He spends most of his time blowing smoke up her a~~. Is he trying to get a promotion?? Come in Fiona, try to do a real job with some impartial reporting. Remember that you are on a morning programme and try and reduce the size of that head of yours. Any bigger and we the camera wont be able to capture your \’beauty\’!!

  53. CAROLE says:

    Ever since I heard the silly woman boast that she earned more money than her husband (a TV director?) I have disliked her intensely.
    I would like to know whether her husband has anything to do with her job.
    What ever was the point of that? Whatever is the point of this woman who really has NOTHING to offer in her field?
    No looks to speak of, no real knowledge about anything.
    The only thing she has in spades is conceit.
    Dreadful woman.

  54. Unknown says:

    I was on another web site not so long ago and the coversation was about the same subject.  There are so many people who don\’t like her.  She is condesending and is always on the attack when talking to politians, like she is a capable journalist.
    I think one of the comnments related to how she says anyway in a really long, drawn out way with her hands on her knees. 
    To be honest she is the reason I don\’t watch GMTV anymore. 

  55. Mark says:

    Couldnt agree more with these comments… The irony was, that the day before the final there was hype and biased reporting of the \’brilliance\’ of chelsea – terry, lampard and co. and the Champions League Final generally… and bizarre questioning at the press conference. The day after the final Fiona was no-where to be seen on gmtv!!! And Man Utd winning the Champions League was mentioned once in about 40 minutes… no mention of Ryan Giggs amazing achievements, or Van Der Sars heroics. Not a dicky bird. Hmm I would if that would have been the case if Chelsea had won – maybe not!!

  56. louise says:

    i remember once there was some footage of iraqi tv and she came out with \’ you can almost sing along to that music\’ with a really sincere (not) face. The  nonsense she comes out with! Eamonn holmes was hilarious,when she started talking drivel,he\’d roll his eyes or look at her in disbelief

  57. louise says:

    and she reminds me of kenneth williams when she does THAT sneer

  58. wayne says:

    we are parents of kids aged 18 16 and 4 and i just happened to see your web page on all of your comments about fiona and i am shocked that these things were being said by people who are suppost to be role modles to todays young people and to show them that it is much eaiser to be nice about other human beings than to be nasty but if adults are saying this about fiona than what chance have are children got i think it is very sad you lot havent got more to do with your time than thoughtless comments that if she or her children were to read them it would be very hurtfull i watch gmtv every morning and have never found her to be anything but heartfelt and sincere for sure fiona laughs and jokes but all that is part of her job and if she was not any good at it im sure she would be replaced for some one better so what cannot speak cannot lie all i can say fiona is im sorry for these people and hope thay read this and think before adding silly comments

  59. Coops - says:

    Hello (no name), speaking very personally, I cannot feel sorry for her over her football team – I\’m glad they lost to Manchester United (a team I despise incidentally). I see that you\’re in disagreement with most of the sentiments expressed here; it\’s always nice to have an opposing view so thanks for yours. Rest assured that if any remarks are too personal or insulting, they will be deleted. But to be honest, I\’ve seen and heard far worse on an average session of PM\’s Question Time.

  60. louise says:

    wooooah there (no name) You didn\’t stop for breath then! Ever heard of punctuation?

  61. louise says:

    …and I won\’t even mention the spelling…….

  62. Simon says:

    Love it when she is on holiday, better programme all round.  SHE MUST GO!!

  63. sheena says:

    good god leave the woman alone, she is fun, intelligent and she writes a very fair and honest column in th daily mirror. she has never claimed to be a moidel so leave the clothes alone, she is a journalist who loves her children and husband very much it seems and shes noraml for goodness sake, she makes mistakes, and eamon holmes, much as  i like him, can be a bit stuffy, so its his wn upotighness that caused him to roll his eys, go fiona

  64. Coops - says:

    I swear the people writing in telling people off for venting about Fiona Phillips are chatting rubbish! The woman is an extremely annoying, glory-hunting Chelsea fan who carries on as if she was there when Butch Wilkins was playing for them. If you can\’t see why that would be annoying on a daily basis, too bad!!!!!!!  

  65. Caroline says:

    Im so pleased to find im not the only one that dislikes that woman intensely – she has no talent and is rude and ignorant – I much prefer GMTV with Penny or Kate – they actually have a sense of humor and dont overate themselves.  Get her off my telly!!

  66. Anna says:

    I just can\’t bear the way she does that weird throaty gurgling noise after she laughs.

  67. Diane says:

    CAN NOT STAND FIONA PHILIPS. This mess is only still on GMTV cos her useless plank of a hubby is head honcho. I(Prob the main reason she got sent on a jolly to the CL Final in Moscow) If shes not brown nosing Gordon Brown, shes making inane comments and generally just being annoying.  Kate Garrway has a million times more talent, charisma and charm.  SHE HAS TO GO!!!

  68. GRAHAM says:

    These comments are a bit unfair. Kate has some well hidden talents. She\’s erm…Blonde (although I\’m not sure that\’s real.) I never thought she was that bad until I saw her on \’ Celebrity come dancing\’. Basically she came across as not trying and flapped about like a dizzy receptionist. It seemed to sum her up perfectly, she\’s in the limelight and yet she appears to to say, \’I\’m I bovvered?\’ No one believes its on merit but then there are people like that in every walk of life.

  69. Ruth says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE will someone at GMTV listen to the millions of fans who want to see the back of Fiona Phillips and fire her (preferably from a massive gun)

  70. paul says:

    Oh come on people…what on earth is wrong with you whingers.Fiona is a good presenter very down to earth and yes…speaks her mind form time to time!
    She is a fantastic interviewer and often puts people on the spot and keeps them on the trot.So she supports a football team…mm big wow…i tend to think there is more to life than football..but there are still idiots who enjoy acting like cavemen watching grown men kick around air filled ex-living things round a big grass field but we are all different and thats the point.Would it not be boring if were all the same.
    Im rather glad she sets your blood racing for one reason or another…..

  71. Unknown says:

    Please Please get rid of Fiona Phillips, she comes across as arrogant, false, and deliberately plays on the dumb blonde syndrome. Its so bad sometimes I have to change channels as she seems to sneer down that long nose of hers, wish more people would complain. Fiona please go before your pushed. !!!!!

  72. Coops - says:

    Hello all – Honey, I need to amend your comment slightly as Kate Garraway won a libel case recently about speculation over her friendship with Anton Du Beke.
    Honey04 June 10:44(http://cid-aeb79fe583c85961.spaces.live.com/)Fiona Philips is a winging mess. How she had the gall to carry on with the Strictly Come Dancing is beyond me. She knew she was rubbish and should have pulled out, instead of standing by and watching people who should have been in the competion knocked out. We could all throw ourselves around like rag dolls, but she thought she was great. Another that annoys me is another of Anton du Becs partners, Kate Garraway. She also thought that she was the bees knees. These GMTV presenters want to stay out of Strictly, as none of them can dance and they want to leave thier egos where they belong, on the sofa.

  73. Kelly says:

    Fiona Phillips is one of the most overpaid people in this country and for what 3 hours work 4 days a week and must have more annual leave than anyone else I know. It would not be so bad if she was a half decent presenter but she is terrible and the only reason she is still in a job is becase her husband is the bloody boss !

  74. Anna says:

    I don\’t mind her talking about football. It\’s nice to see a female presenter actually being passionate about the sport, rather than fitting into the tired old stereotype that no woman could possibly care about football. She\’s better than Penny Whatsherface who falls to pieces during interviews. She always looks dreadfully uncomfortable if any of the guests become emotional, such as the lady who shopped her sons to the police. She just didn\’t know how to handle the situation.

  75. katy says:

    I agree even though Im a chelsea fan myself, but still i cant stand her going on about them.. she talks as if shes the only women on earth that supports a football team and actually knows something about football. She most probably knows little about football and the things she covers on gmtv, except how to keep going on about frank lampard. Soo annoying.

  76. Unknown says:

    i.m also fed up if hearing fiona philps using air time to complain about her house hold bills you would think she was the only one to get them, and her laugh is so false it make me cringe.

  77. JULIE says:

    Watch Breakfast News on BBC1.  You dont get the inane wittering. 

  78. paul says:

     Fiona Philips has got to be the most irritating person on tv, with her habit of rubbing her hands together and forever telling people that she can\’t find the time to do anything are just two of the many things thats annoying about her please please take the woman off before I go nuts.

  79. saffron says:

    Richard Arnold is the most annoying person on the TV with his "Pinnochio Looks" a younger version of
    Kenneth Williams but with half the talent (OMG he has just started his own show) he is too over confident for my liking.
    Why call Fiona Phillips and Lorraine Kelly when weirdos like him are on TV. I`m sure if he put his tongue out he could catch the drippings off his nose yukkkkkkkkkkkky! and he must be a liar `cos his nose is so long.

  80. mick says:

    It will be a blessing when she does go, its only her husband who keeps her in a job, I imagine he has had enough of being humiliated by her stupid rants.

  81. bettee says:

    I dont mind Fiona so much   its that Kate Garraway   she never knows when to shut up   poor Andrew how he dosent put a fist in her er….mouth I dont know   maybe cos  hes such a nice guy I suppose.

  82. stuart says:

    how anyone with a rational sense of normality or any sense of normality can sit through the unending patronisation,totally ungenuine presenters and banality of gmtv- is a mystery.Add the Fiona drivel and it goes from horrendous tv to insulting the viewers intelligence

  83. Catherine says:

    Fiona phillips only has the job because of her husband. she is soooo patronising, looks smug and down her nose at her fellow presenters who are way way better than her (and she knows it!) she hated football and then has now become a plastic chelsea fan because of mourinho . I spend the morning channel hopping to the beeb on the days she is on as I cannot stand more than a couple of minutes of the self righteous whinger

  84. jack says:

    I think all the negative comments on here are really unfair. Tbh until you get up at 4 every morning and present a live breakfast t.v show u cant really comment can you? i love waking up in the morning to gmtv and fiona jus makes it. if you do read these stupid blogs fiona i think your ace so keep up the good work 😀

  85. Coops - says:

    (no name) who left a comment here in defence of Fiona Phillips – you may be supportive to her, but you may not use profanity. Your comment has been edited.
    Well i think dat all you guys are really out of order i think fiona is a great person wit great talent and really funny and she has a warm welcoming and i think dat all you lot are idiots and you obvously ant got any type of a sense or humor

  86. Unknown says:

    Fiona is great fun , talented and full of carisma. Do you know what ? Fiona really has fans
    We love her. Keep up the good work Fiona, whoever doesnt appreciate you, is miserable and bitter

  87. loulou says:

    its not a tough one is it? if you dont like fiona go watch something else. i think she\’s funny and any one that can make me laugh in the mornings is good enough for me. so what, she wasnt a footie fan now she is, i hated sport for 30 years of my life and then 4 year ago got into rugby. who says we cant change our likes and dislikes? keep it up fiona coz let\’s face it, not many of us could get up at daft o clock in the morning and look as good as you do and all that with a smile on your face. well done you!!

  88. Julie says:

    I have to agree with the majority of comments about Fiona Phillips, and it\’s not often I\’m moved to comment on anything!  Every time I look at her, I\’m reminded of the school bully.  Her insincerity oozes out of the screen and I would hate to be interviewed by her, especially if something distressing had happened to me.  The only reason I still watch it is for Andrew, Kate and Penny who seem like genuine human beings.   Still don\’t know how much longer I can go on being loyal to GMTV though as Fiona\’s smug and patronising manner is putting me off.  

  89. Jacqui says:

    good god what is the matter with everyone, yes i often find fiona irritating and she does say some dicey things at times , its annoying how she goes on about football but i hate football. but as another reply said she also makes me laugh at times , not an easy thing to do in the mornings. i personaly think all of the women presenters are irritating in their own way especially lorraine kelly with her laugh. all in all they all do a good job for that time of the morning, if you dont like them why not just switch over bbc  seems to be particually stuffy why not try that.

  90. alice says:

    GMTV need to get rid of Fiona, Im sorry but she has no presenting skill, she is dull and at times come across as incredibly thick! she gushes over Frank Lampard, and why?
    My favourite comments from her live on TV was when we had the first bird flu outbreak, she turned to John S and said \’oh we found a dead bird in the garden\’ John looked at her to say \’nice one you have been handling a dead flu bird\’ classic.
    John S is another GMTV presenter who again is completely biased, if a labour MP comes into the studio he is fair and chatty, if they are conservative, he tries to catch them out, and make them feel small, its embarrassing to watch, GMTV need to have a serious chat to both, we dont want their biased pushed on us at 7am!

  91. Unknown says:

    I have always hated Fiona Phillips. She is irritating, fake, talentless, only has the job because of her husband, is incredibly patrionising, looks down on anything she hasn\’t got a connection with as being inferior and finally supports a football team for the wrong reasons. As far as i\’m concerned you don\’t change your football team. If you do you\’re not a real fan. And she isn\’t anyway–test her, bet she knows nothing! And that comment about the fact that until we get up early we can\’t comment-getting up early doesn\’t stop you being an irritant and all the other gmtv presenters do the same and not of them grate on me or make me want to throw things at the screen. She monopolises the programme over her male co hosts, makes nasty comment all the time and seems to think that the world loves her and revolves around her-it doesn\’t!!

  92. Coops - says:

    (no name), I\’m larfing and larfing (intentional misspelling). In the interests of balanced opinion, I have to let the supporters of Fiona Phillips have their say too. 🙂

  93. Chris says:

    Just bring back The Big Breakfast and be done with it.

  94. Gemma says:

    Finally people who I can agree with… Fiona -of whom im sure is a \’very nice person\’ off of tv-phillips is hopeless at presenting, smarmy and smug, I dont particularily like watching BBC breakfast TV, so I find I have to turn off the channel altogether when she\’s on… I would be quite embarrassed if that was my mum on national television so early in the morning… what must her boys think?
    And as for the Chelsea, aghh- I may not be a fan of the blues, but most of my family are and they do not behave the way she does…. although I definately think the Big Breakfast should be brought back, I used to enjoy that.! 😉

  95. ivan says:

    how can you? you? who does not like criticism of their own opinions criticise any body else\’s journalistic style you hypocrite!!!!

  96. Coops - says:

    Ivan, I welcome all criticisms. Whether I agree with the expressed view or not is another matter. Do you see me deleting any negative comments of me or my opinions? Nope. You wanna take me on? Go for it mate.   🙂

  97. tina says:

    yes fiona gets on my nerves too! i am a spurs fan so any chat about a rival london team is bound to put my back up-but i find her mindless chat on the sofa in the morning is now too much so i now turn over to the bbc-unless it is the lovely kate garraway or penny smith then i carry on watching-why is it she is still on in the mornings? is it because she sleeps with the boss?

  98. Unknown says:

    She disgusts me, and yesterday she sunk to a new low when she said that getting cryptospyridium (sp?) would be a good way to lose weight.  Is she so stupid that she no idea that this bug can and does kill?  Would she say that cancer was a good way to lose weight?  She should be made to apologise on air to all the people who\’ve lost a loved one from this dreadful illness.
    I shall never ever watch her again on tv, she should be sacked immediately. 

  99. Ben says:

    I think posting this sort of comment is a waste of time. Actually, the whole idea of a TV blog is a bit pointless.

  100. Coops - says:

    ben, you\’re entitled to your view but you\’ve contradicted yourself. Why add to the perceived pointlessness of this blog by posting on it?

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