Dermot’s Big Brother Replacements Announced

Last summer’s Big Brother gave us a chance to assess sister show Big Brother’s Big Mouth without the indefatigable Russell Brand. In short, it was a mess. Some days it was worth watching (Ian Wright was good), but in the main, it was symptomatic of the mess Big Brother (UK) itself is in; directionless, unfocused, sloppy.

The loss of Dermot O’Leary, the face of companion show Big Brother’s Little Brother, has compounded the problems. How to replace him? Well for a start, it takes two. George Lamb and Zezi Ifore have been confirmed as the new presenters of Big Brother’s Little Brother. The pair – said to be hugely excited about their new challenge – worked together on E4 Music and breakfast entertainment show Freshly Squeezed. For anyone unfamiliar with them, here you go…

George Lamb has interviewed some of the biggest names in music and film, including 50 Cent, Gwen Stefani, Kiefer Sutherland, Ian Brown, and Lindsay Lohan, to name but a few. Not bad for someone who has only been presenting for a year or so. He’s the son of actor Larry Lamb who’s been in The Bill and Gavin and Stacey.

South East London ‘It’ girl Zezi Ifore seems to have tried it all  before becoming an E4 Music presenter; past jobs included DJing and editing a fashion magazine. She’s also one half of DJ duo ‘Zapotecsoundsystem’ with E4’s Nick Grimshaw.

It’s definitely a new era for Big Brother; George and Zezi have enormous shoes to fill. If you believe the constant rumours that Big Brother 9 is Davina McCall’s swansong, change is something fans will have to grow accustomed to. Time will tell whether that will turn out to be a good or a bad thing.

Today I am mostly lovin’ –
The fact that I have finally worked out how to connect additional external equipment to my TV using a scart splitter (it should be a GCSE qualification!). Also, Birmingham’s relegation (it’s called karma for Eduardo). I’m only sorry Bolton didn’t go down too.

Today I am mostly hatin’
– The change to the Come Dine With Me theme music.

MSN Editor Coops
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36 Responses to Dermot’s Big Brother Replacements Announced

  1. Laura says:

    Never heard of Zezi, although being described as a South East London "It" girl won\’t do her any favours after Charley Uchea (not sure of spelling sorry).
    Can\’t bear George Lamb, he ruined Celebrity Scissorhands for me!!!  Far too full of himself, and some of his outfits were so hideous I couldn\’t concentrate on what he was saying.  Let\’s hope somebody sorts out his "fashion victim" look!
    It won\’t be the same without delicious Dermot – George is certainly not in the same eye-candy league.  Still it could be worse – it could be Fearne Cotton!

  2. Unknown says:

    Well I suppose we should give them a chance (I\’m not holding my breath though) but if they bomb, it will just give all the BB haters more amunition to rubbish the show.  BB has had such bad press the programme makers really needed to get somebody spectacular to replace Dermot and if Davina goes as too, well rats & sinking ships spring to mind.

  3. Terry says:

    Time to lay BB to rest. It had a good innings.

  4. Unknown says:

    Hello Terry Matthews hope you\’re fine and dandy and the weather is good where you are.

  5. Coops - says:

    Slight edit to your post Paul as profanity isn\’t allowed…. 🙂
    pAuL13 May 11:31
    ( god not george lamb i cannot stand the bloke everytime he comes on screen i just think omg this bloke is a right tw*t then he starts talking and then i know his a tw*t. BB should just give up its been going down hill since season 1.

  6. chuckles says:

    omg i will never watch big brother or big brothers little brother ever again you might have picked 2 more decent people seriously thats it never again

  7. Barry N Richardson says:

    wow how original C4……  sounds like a monopoly going on there…. Good luck with your TRULY TRAGIC choices ….

  8. Delphine says:

    I for one will not be tuning into this years 12 weeks of complete `dross` didn`t bother with most of last years, just another set of complete misfits thankfully taken off the streets and locked up together. Channel 4 should admit defeat and scrap this dated vehicle for sad voyeurs – buy a Wii

  9. Unknown says:

    whoooooooooooooooooo the …. are they

  10. BRIAN says:

     I\’ll probably watch the first show,just to see what idiots and wannabes 4 have collected together this time.How will they cope with all that BB will throw at them this time.They should do away with nominations and have a straight viewers vote ,right from the off.That way there\’ll be no little cliques forming and the viewers will evict who they really want out.

  11. Unknown says:

    dermot will be missed by me i will watch the first show and then i will decide if i going to watch more

  12. Mat says:

    Are you mad? Last years big mouth with those two from \’Gavin & Stacey\’ was hilarious!

  13. LISA says:

    why is it every year people say i wont watch bb then you all end up glued to the screen?? its compelling and majority of the time great entertainment. fair enough lately the writers have been using the same tricks with the housemates just to get the tension and trouble but isnt that what you all watch for to seethe fights???

  14. sydell ann says:

    George is relly fuuny,young and his dress scence is great fit young and hot i think i will miss dermot but bring on the new stuff. xx

  15. Coops - says:

    Hello (no name) who left a message here on 19 May at 18:17 – thanks for your message. No external urls allowed though so I\’ve edited your comment.
    (no name)19 May 18:17( all, great little community here

  16. Warren says:

    I agree with Mr "Bucket" – Matt Horne and James Corden were extremely funny in the last big mouth, sureley the C4 and E4 suits wouldn\’t be stupid enough not to include them this time around especially as if you don\’t exclusively watch E4 (which I suspect most BB fans don\’t), then most people aren\’t going to know who the two presenters are, and as a result, unless the first episode of BBLB is spot on, they will probably lose viewers very quickly!!
    Just a thought….

  17. jane says:

    please please ..make davina and dermot come back ..thats what we all love most..ive watched b bro cince the begining ,,now dont know iff ill bother ..or u could get shane richie and cat slater that would be interesting ..bye good luck on u next show it will be your last …

  18. Sarsfield's says:

    Who ARE these people ?
    Justin Collins and Alan Carr would have been better choices as presenters.
    Dermot and Davina have had their chance and their day.
    I hope this year there will be serial killer going into the house !!
    The BB idea was a novel experiment at the start but now has decended into who can be the vilest person……..and if reports are correct that Jade Goody is going back into the House , then C4 have not learnt their lesson.

  19. Brian says:

    That nice Gethin Jones would have made me watch, and not pine for Dermot quite as much. These two just won\’t fill the void, sorry!

  20. Beryl says:

    So sad!  No Dermot & maybe Davina\’s last year with BB.  So very sad! Don\’t fix it if it\’s not broke. The "HOUSEMATES"  were broke, not the Presenters.. WHY didn\’t Ch4 – E4 put it to a PUBLIC vote who WE would like to see Presenting both shows??  I also agree with Brian Ricklesford. Let the PUBLIC vote from Wk 1 who WE want out.. Ch4 want the viewers, give us viewers what WE want!!

  21. Guess who says:

    Who are presenting BBLB?  Who?  I agree – Justin Lee collins and Alan Carr would be ace – even better than Dermot and he is totty to die for!

  22. Mark says:

    The key thing here is not who\’s presenting, but who in their right mind will be watching BB this time around. The Apprentice, Ship Wrecked and all the other reality shows are now well and truly past their sell by date….

  23. Laura says:

    hahaha love it, people are finally working out that "reality" tv (all of it) is awful! what took you so long? haha i remember years ago when I was still at school talk about big brother was banned around me, it made me so angry to be talking about these people when our lives were a hell of a lot more interesting and hilarious.Well I\’m sure you\’ll still watch it, personally I\’d rather watch paint dry, I have much better things to be doing….. like posting comments on here at 11.20 on a Tuesday morning! 😀

  24. Howard says:

    Very worried about BBLB remember what happened with This Morning when Richard and Judy left they messed it up big time with Twiggy and co before it was settled down again i missed Rusell last year on Big Mouth loads of so called celeb hosts did not work

  25. Sophie says:

    omg zezi an it girl?shes so bloody ugly
    she looks like a sheeps behind
    and her face is like…. woahhhhhhhhh!
    too biggg.anywaysssssssssssss 🙂 byes

  26. jack says:

    BB should really just pack it in now its gone on too long and really has lost its touch it also goes on ridiculously too long.

  27. Rhona says:

    I think they should do it like bb usa i watched it and thought it was great we need to shake it up a bit and the usa one did just that

  28. get korey asleep says:

    Alex Zane should defo be the new bblb prestenter, he\’s well known on E4

  29. CeeJay says:

    Having never seen the point of watching people sleeping for hours on end, and the annoying silence half way through conversations as it might upset someone why bother at all we either hear and see everything or as I am going to do and thats switch over or turn it off there are far more interesting  will do for me.

  30. john says:

    ithink davina will be missed, dermot not to much.

  31. Michelle says:

    it should be nick grimshaw and zezi, they have a right laugh together and i think it\’ll be fun/
    or james corben and mathew horne, they did a fab job on big mouth.

  32. lynn says:

    no on can replace Dermot in my opinion bblb will just not be the same . what will davina do now

  33. Emily says:

    omg dermot oleary should not be replaced he made bblb wat it is. him and davina had a good relationship and i think big brother is now ruined. BRING BACK O\’LEARY!!! xxx

  34. charlie says:

    omg hes gne the fitty is gne lol ermm let me think erm big brotha is sit anyway i think it suld end sum or make it intresting :@:@:@:@:@

  35. annie says:

    Please Please Please can we be spared all the rubish that has anything to do with Big B_other.
    I can\’t believe that this is still continuing.

  36. BERYL says:

    PLEASE PLEASE Give Dermot a million to come back to BBLB. He made the programme and is worth far more than rubbish footballers if they can get a million he should.  Dermot knew his audiance and they knew him and we really looked forward to his show.  The two new one will turn people off. They have me.

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