Apprentice Star’s Interview No-show

On the day I assert that The Apprentice is becoming a victim of its own success (see TV Shows That Lost It), the best episode of this fourth series so far airs. D’oh! So much for my timing. I still stand by what I wrote though.

 It has to be said, every single second of Wednesday night’s card task was glorious. From the moment SurrrAlan chose Kevin Shaw as project manager, I knew we were in for TV gold. And so it proved. The only merchant banker in the village turned in a performance of such astounding incompetence, he should seriously consider working for HM Revenue and Customs delivering child benefit computer discs.

I watched Kevin closely on The Apprentice: You’re Fired! He didn’t enjoy having his short-comings exposed so mercilessly (and hilariously!) for the nation’s amusement. After puffing himself up with a vastly inflated degree of his own self-importance, he was brought back to Earth with a resounding bump. I rubbed my hands in glee at the thought of interrogating…sorry, interviewing him.

I prepared for my Thursday tête-à-tête with the fired candidate as usual. But after a bit of a delay, I received a call from the PR rep informing me that Kevin had a "personal problem" and regrettably, interviews for the day were now cancelled and there would be no re-scheduling. My one chance had gone. Naturally, I tried to ascertain the exact nature of this "personal problem" but no further explanation was available.

My own theory as to why Kevin Shaw was a no-show? Well…of course it’s entirely possible that he really did have a "personal problem" so I scanned the papers and internet for bad news: bereavement, house falling down, period pain even! Anything. No mention of Kevin other than a story about some girlie reportedly trying to kiss him (be still my stomach). 

So what am I left to conclude? Let’s try this one on for size: after enduring interview after interview in which he was probably (and rightly) slated, ridiculed and belittled, it’s possible that he went all Naomi/Mariah/diva on everyone, decided he’d had enough of having his monumental failings rubbed in his cherubic-like face and pulled out of further interviews. Good old Kevin Shaw-t; top entertainment to the bitter end.

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Today I am mostly lovin’ – The running, naked Visa man. Drooooooooool! Nice bum too…

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Football. That’s all I’m gonna say.

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30 Responses to Apprentice Star’s Interview No-show

  1. Anna says:

    Does nobody else think he is the male incarnation of Vicky Pollard? Does his accent, his chubby (Matt Lucas lookey-likey) face and his Napoleon syndrome strike anybody as remotely familiar? For the first couple of weeks (most particularly during the pub challenge fiasco) I was certain he was some undercover decoy posing as Vicky Pollard\’s brother. No? Anyone?

  2. Colleen and Lucy says:

    That\’s why Coops called him the only merchant banker in the village tyger. get with the program! I want to know why he didn\’t show up? Can someone find out? 

  3. DOUGLAS A.G. says:

    As the saying goes I would not want Kevin to arrange a p— up in a brewery for me.One of the companies he tried to sell cards to had him weighed up, two out of three did not buy from him what a plonker he is.

  4. Unknown says:


  5. Sam says:

    little git, he\’d have been remembered better (or more likely to be forgotten) if he\’d turned up for the interview and tolerated it knowing it\’d be a one off anyway, now he\’ll forever be the idiot who couldn\’t take the results of something he signed up and worked like hell for

  6. JackBHSA says:

    hahahahaha!!! he deserves everything he gets what an idiot!

  7. Kerry says:

    I can only say i whooped (as in Screamed) with joy when Sir Alan said that lovely word!!!  I scared the cat!!!!

  8. Caroline says:

    To say they are intelligent individuals and come up with the most foolish ideas!  And yes i think he does look like Vicky Pollard!

  9. Michael says:

    Kevin should have laid his wheelchair on its side, spun the wheel, lay down beside it and blamed Jenny.
    Both idiots, imagine \’using\’ the worlds resources to promote \’saving\’ the worlds resourses!

  10. Hashim Uddin says:

    The bullying of Sara was disgusting to watch. If I was the BBC I would be very careful this does not turn into another Big Brother incident – it was verging on it. Lots of these idiots have stayed on when they did contribute much to the task, yet the reaction that Sara got from yobs like Lee and Alex was extraordinarily suspicious of something more than just bullying. Any one considering hiring these prats after they leave the show, should be very concerned about this.

  11. Coops - says:

    Small edit to your comment (no name)  
    (no name)02 May 21:46
    ( am obnoxious, self-important, mediocre little moron this guy is!  Right from the outset of this new series, I could hardly bear to even watch him because he was so nauseatingly smug and deluded about his "talents".  The only good thing about him was how he made me laugh because of his arrogance when it was so obvious he had absolutely no intelligence, commonsense or business acumen whatsoever, and also his bizarre likeness to The Only Gay in the Village!  I couldn\’t believe he wasn\’t fired sooner than he was because he\’s so incompetent and incapable of getting anything even remotely right.  The other guys in the house who were so pissed off that he was the one who was fired in that episode need to get a reality check and stop being so mysognynistic because it was a much deserved and belated firing and he deserved everything he got.   Good riddance to bad rubbish and I hope we never have to see this tw*t again!!  

  12. Unknown says:

    does anyone hink kevin looks like matt lucas?

  13. Zohair says:

    Sara was bullied or she was victimized for racism. Nobody backed her up else raef.

  14. shahzadi says:

    wat they did to sara was disgusting.. the boys especially were the worst.. proper laying into her.. i think they should be the next to go.. whether it was racism or not.. their behaving was mean n intimidating..

  15. ian says:

    It is Mat Lucas isn\’t it!!!!

  16. Coops - says:

    Yes she\’s Asian, but her race doesn\’t come into this Zohair (since you brought it up). It\’s purely a case of ganging up on the person deemed to be the weakest performer. Over the past few weeks, Lucinda has been picked on and sniped at by white women mainly – gonna call that racism? Look at the bigger picture…

  17. David says:

    haha.  This guy was a pratt!  I think on the whole though he is fairly harmless.  Jenny on the other hand, omg, what a PLONKER of a woman!  She is SERIOUSLY stupid!  As Michael said, using the planets resources to SAVE the planets resources…haha.  Jenny was also one of the people bullying Sara, urgh, I just don\’t like Jenny!!!!  She has a huge chin and she is very stupid!

  18. pauline says:

    good riddance,to a very foolish individual.The fact that he hesitated and had to think before choosing sara to go in the boardroom with him-showed how weak and easily persuaded he is.not a leader at all.allowed jenny to guilt him into not selecting her.i will not be missing him but I do feel very ucomfortable with the treatment of certain persons in the show(Lucinda and Sara) it is so wrong.This lot are meant to be the cream of…. (stale milk)I reckon.

  19. Unknown says:

    Picking on Sara was highly suspicious (as a racially-motivated incident) because there are other quiet members of the group that are left entirely alone – the Irish woman and Alex, for example. I wish commentators would stop commenting on Alex\’s looks, because he is not only a non-contributor but a nasty piece of work, as his joining the bullying revealed. The problem is that his attractiveness to other contestants and to commentators is acting as a smokescreen – allowing him to stay in place without doing much; as if he is necessary because people like to have him around because he is pretty. It is completely sickening. I also think Sir Alan\’s calling her a moaner was unfair – they ALL moan, all the time. Sara is completely normal in this respect. The only good his comment may do is make her fight hard, which is what she needs to do. She does need to be strong and stand up for herself and really play this game fiercely, but nevertheless racially-motivated exclusion hits you to the core because it is so absolute and irrational. No individual is an island – every human being needs other humans\’ support – all the other contestants, though fighting each other, yet also support each other. Sara, though, had the ground swept out from under her feet at the end of the last episode (except for the backing of one: the heroic Raef). Also, I don\’t think any of the other contestants would be any stronger than her in such circumstances. From personal experience, I suspect that if this had happened to any of the other girls, they would have broken down and cried – they appear strong, but only because they have backup. In a test of fire, they\’d likely melt to nothing – bullies are nothing when seriously challenged.

  20. kate says:

    Did anyone else see a resemblance between Kevin  and Matt Lucas?

  21. Jamie says:

    As someone from a mixed race background why does racism get brought up for no apparent reason!!!!!
    Some people need to get out from hiding behind their race or colour (and chip on their shoulders) and become a human being like everyone else

  22. Mina says:

    is sara muslim? maybe thats the reason they pick on her more than raef…cos sara is a muslim name after all

  23. Coops - says:

    Sigh. Like I said before, Lucinda has received more stick than anyone and she\’s white. What\’s more, the ladies giving it to her are white also. Sara gets picked on because she\’s perceived to be a weak performer. That\’s it.

  24. Coops - says:

    Hello Saf, small edit to your comment required….
    Saf14 May 15:33
    ( class pr*ck!

  25. Coops - says:

     (no name) who left a comment here on 15 May at 02:02, your comment has been edited as I despise the antiquated 1970s term \’coloured\’ when used in reference to someone\’s skin colour. I appreciate that no malice was behind the use, but it\’s a real bugbear of mine and I won\’t have it. Here endeth the first lesson.
    In addition, we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I do *not* think that Sara\’s race was the primary motivation behind the stick she got from some of her fellow contestants. As I said before, Lucinda has long been the dumping ground for bitchy remarks and she\’s white. The Apprentice perfectly illustrates the law of the jungle; it\’s survival of the fittest in there and weakness is pounced on. Sara was perceived to be weak in character and an ineffectual performer (something Lucinda was previously accused of) and her critics rounded on her as a consequence.   

    (no name)15 May 02:02
    ( differ with Coop and Jamie. Deep down, I never believed in racism as I was growing up, but this contradicts experience – for ex no less than four childhood ‘friends’ managed to break friendship with me due to peer pressure about my race (Indian/Caucasian). Discrimination definitely exists – be it for red hair, a big nose, skin colour, race – you can’t say it is an illusion. What did Martin Luther King give his life fighting for? And the Holocaust Jews? Race has been the biggest, most appalling kind of discrimination our earth has seen – nobody has ever got quite so excited except in isolated cases about people with red hair or big noses. I don\’t think we should kid ourselves that in safe, super-regulated England we have all transformed our primal instincts – under sufficient pressure, who knows what would happen? In just one silly little fight on the Apprentice, only one person managed to stand up for Sara and that was Raef!
    Sara needed to get out of her shell and understand the nature of holding her own well in a fair fight (which is the difference between her and Lucinda and why Lucinda has not yet been attacked as Sara was that day). But I still hold that she would get less natural support in her efforts because of her nationality. A weakness showing up in a floundering ‘foreigner’ will find a lot less support from others than a native showing those same/other weaknesses. 
    Someone in this forum mentioned Big Brother – once, re-runs were shown of fights in the house to compare them to the Shilpa Shetty showdown – the latter was by far the most vitriolic. Led me to conclude that it was due to race hatred /non-understanding /intolerance.  No chip on the shoulder here – I suspect all races have issues with other races, each feeling inherently superior over the other and wanting to exist over, above and to the exclusion (if possible) of the other. I am just saying that race does weigh in, and did so in both these cases.

  26. jodie michelle says:

    Have people got nothing better to do in their lives than complain about adverts for gods sake get a life!

  27. Coops - says:

    (no name) You are complaining about people complaining – do you see the irony?

  28. David says:

    Surely it should be live and let live and race should never be an issue.

  29. Andrea says:

    i agree with david…race/ethnicity has nothing to do with anything…its just your heritage and where you were born or whatever the situation….i dont see the difference between different races/ethnics…everyone is the same to me….i think (no name) should actually listen to coops as coops does actually have a point to people picking on a weak link…its human nature to do that…survival of the fittest….like a runt is turned away by its mother….its whether or not we choose to express our opinions that counts…and being in a business is rough work….to get to the top you have to knock everyone else out….to have bullying in this sort of programme is just something that should be expected…but that doesnt mean its racist.AndreaPs…I have to admit i love watching someone get fired…always makes me laugh…(just on this programme not in my everyday life…im not that mean lol)

  30. David says:

    Although this maybe going off topic as such I do find it worrying we still have these discussions about race and creed etc.  Lets hope in the next forty years we can accept people for who we are.

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