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Apprentice Star’s Interview No-show – Part 2

Ladies and gents, lightning has struck twice. Kevin Shaw, the Apprentice’s only merchant banker in the village, escaped my clutches as detailed here. I’m still cursing my rotten luck; I’d been desperate to get my hands on him (figuratively speaking, … Continue reading

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‘Let’s All Laugh At’ Fiona Phillips!

A little while ago, I made my selection of TV’s Most Annoying and invited MSN users to do the same on the Talk TV message board. Unsurprisingly, the name Fiona Phillips crops up again and again and again. For a … Continue reading

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Remember This Classic TV Advert?

A couple of nights ago, I watched a very old VHS tape (Cheers, Just Good Friends, Channel 4’s Starsky and Hutch Night etc). Up popped some great old adverts that had me squealing in excitement. One in particular is genius: … Continue reading

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Dermot’s Big Brother Replacements Announced

Last summer’s Big Brother gave us a chance to assess sister show Big Brother’s Big Mouth without the indefatigable Russell Brand. In short, it was a mess. Some days it was worth watching (Ian Wright was good), but in the … Continue reading

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Apprentice Star’s Interview No-show

On the day I assert that The Apprentice is becoming a victim of its own success (see TV Shows That Lost It), the best episode of this fourth series so far airs. D’oh! So much for my timing. I still … Continue reading

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April Mailbag

Regular readers of this blog will know that the first entry of the new month is about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during April. Here’s what you’ve been saying… I have received a great … Continue reading

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