“Contender READY! Gladiator READY!”

I discovered Gladiators. As far as my circle of friends and family are concerned, that is. Back in the early 1990s, ITV’s Night Time strand included an odd programme called American Gladiators. I’d get in from a night out and tune in to this over-the-top and hugely camp extravaganza in the wee hours of the morning. I’d never seen anything like it and instantly fell in love. So did a million or so other night owls. Realising the potential of their cult hit, ITV cashed in with a UK version.

The Saturday night primetime incarnation was presented by Ulrika Jonsson, John Fashanu and later, Jeremy Guscott; it ran from 1992-2000 and made household names of the likes of Trojan, Wolf, Shadow, Jet, Nightshade and Hunter. To this day, it is still fondly remembered. Little wonder Sky One is bringing it back in May; Kirsty Gallacher and Ian Wright are your hosts and legendary referee John Anderson ("Contender READY!") resumes his iconic role.

Yesterday, I attended a press launch for the revamped series. And boy, did Sky One put on an impressive (and expensive) show. Pyrotechnics, fire, thunderous music – the works.

John Anderson strode out to enthusiastic applause, folded his arms and then opened his lungs: "Photographers READY!". That man’s got some serrrrrrrrrious pipes on him – he must’ve been a nightmare as a baby. And then it was time to bring out the 12 new lycra-clad, bicep-bulging Gladiators. My initial impression? Most of them appear far less bulky than their 1990s counterparts. And that’s just the women. Even I could take on some of the geezers. As a couple of the female Gladiators walked away, I spotted flesh wobbling – Jet would be horrified. Anyway, I made quick notes about each of them as they strutted their stuff down the runway and posed. Here goes:

Destroyer (Damar Martin): Huge thighs. Wow.
Spartan (Roderick Bradley): Ooooh, he looks all Ancient Greek. Talk about chiselled! You could cut glass on his cheekbones
Enigma (Jenny Pacey): I think the enigma is why? She looks really weedy
Inferno (Jemma Palmer): Wow! A real-life Lara Croft. Her breasts are huge and they don’t move – not one wobble. They’re more solid than the economy. She’ll be an audience fave.
Predator (Du’aine Ladejo): He’s wearing a bra top. With the muscles and posing – it’s beyond camp. Who styled him? Jean-Paul Gaultier?
Tempest (Lucy Boggis): Pretty. Pretty vacant too.
Panther (Kara Nwidobie): Now you’re talking! Toned, athletic, strong and strutting her stuff to Missy Elliot’s Get UR Freak On. She’s wicked. Love her already.
Atlas (Sam Bond): Tall, huge, very muscled, pretty with ridiculously long, curly-girly hair. The overall effect is more camp than The Village People; teen girls (and some gay men) will love him. He’s the new Hunter.
Battleaxe (Shirley Webb): Solid-looking woman.
Ice (Caroline Pearce): Toned, blonde, striking looks; men’ll love her. But she doesn’t look all that strong
Oblivion (Nick Aldis): He doesn’t look strong enough to take on a puppy.
Tornado (David McIntosh): It’s hard to look mean in lycra. Like the tattoos though.

Richard Woolfe, the director of programming for Sky One, Two and Three, says: "The games are bigger, the contenders are stronger and the Gladiators are even more unbelievable…It’s a colossus of a programme and it’s going to blow people’s socks off." I won’t be able to watch the new series because I’m a Virgin Media subscriber and the two broadcasters are, as you all may know, in dispute. Bummer.

I’m out of here for two weeks. Patricia, I will answer your query about advert breaks on my return.

Today I am mostly lovin’ – BBC4’s Curse Of Comedy season was good. My favourite was definitely The Curse Of Steptoe. Unfortunately, Rather You Than Me proved an ineffectual dramatisation about Frankie Howerd with a weak David Walliams in the lead role. He was acted off the screen by Rafe Spall (son of Brit great Timothy). Still, the season overall was a great watch.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – I can’t be the only person Tyra Banks annoys the heck out of on American’s Next Top Model?

MSN Editor Coops
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78 Responses to “Contender READY! Gladiator READY!”

  1. Amber says:

    Heck No! Tyra is soooooooo annoying not only on ANTM have you seen her tv show? damn! the woman loves the sound of her own voice, and i hate that part where theyre all waiting and shes all breathy and like "whos going to be Americas GASP Next GASP Top…………………………..Model" the shows been on for years its not all that exciting any more! And boy do I hate it when she goes all \’ghetto\’ to show shes still \’down\’ with her \’sistas\’. Shes so pretentious.I think she thinks shes awesome, but shes really not dont get me wrong i still watch the show its a guilty pleasure. What I hate more is the damned stupid girls who kiss her big ole butt and are screeching and giggling whenever tyra appears and then enthuse on the camera how incredible it was to see her and how inspiring it was. Shut Up Airheads!

  2. Amber says:

    Oh also so glad they brought back john anderson! thats the thing that sticks in my mind every time, \’ three TOO one\’ in that cute scottish accent! and me and my sister doing the last obstacle round in our living room and pretending to run up the sofa and swing rope onto the carpet! aah memories. Boo i want Jet she was always my favourite me and my sis used to argue over which one of us was going to be her every week!

  3. Coops - says:

    Ahhhhh PumpkinPie – you\’ve summed up how I feel about Tyra perfectly. She\’ll say something like: "When you pose, you\’ve got to turn your head to the side so that you\’re a cutie rather than a hootchie. A model has to capture the essence of couture, not Brooklyn. She has to be stylish – like this [Tyra poses] and sophisticated, like this [Tyra poses]. You\’re doing this [reeeeaaaaallly bad impression of the contestant] and it\’s not classy." PUHLEEEEEEEEEZ! As if she was an A-list supermodel! She never was. Never. Much as I loathe La Diva Campbell, at least the girl from Streatham was, and remains, a catwalk queen. But yes, I still watch ANTM for the same reasons you do – it is a guilty pleasure. "Tyra mail!" Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh! As for Gladiators, I\’m trying not to get too excited about it because I can\’t watch. Sigh.

  4. Shel says:

    Ooooh I can\’t wait for Gladiators!  I used to love it so much and I really wanted to be Jet.  However my boyfriend is getting excited for slightly different reasons "Ooooh they look so fit, much better than the originals" I think I might have to ban it on principle but secretly Sky+ it to watch on my own!
    As for Tyra, I watched a program with her ages ago where she was going on and on about the fued with Naomi Campbell and that there was never enough room for two black super models and that she was the one who graciously stepped down (talk about dwelling on the bitterness) and that "sisters" have to be strong together.  She makes my skin crawl a little, as much of a drama queen that Naomi is at least she shows her true mobile phone throwing diva self.  Tyra is just a bargain bucket in comparison…

  5. Daniel says:

    I know Oblivion (Nick Aldis) I used to train at LDN with him

  6. Gary 'the hip hop trucker' says:

    I remember watching this when I was younger, always said I would love to enter it, now much older and fitter and body able I would diffently! love the cahnce to compete 😛
    If anyone knows how to I would love an e-mail from you, wouldnt even mind being a gladitor myself :D!

  7. Rossana says:

    I loved Gladiators when it used to be on!!! And im gutted thats its on sky one as i dont have sky 😦 wished it was back on itv!!!

  8. Unknown says:

    Spartan….ooooh dear. Did he actually agree to wear that outfit? "Today we salute you Mr War-mongering latent Homosexual, you charge your enemy like an oiled up, hairless wonder…."

  9. craig says:

    The women are not as hot as they once were and the men are no way near as big as the older gladiators which will do them no favours for the viewers or the contenders as weight, size and strength were the key factor in gladiators, oh and tornado is full off crap dont listen to a word of what he has to say royal marine my ass.

  10. Theo says:

    the women are hell  fitter than they were in the 1990\’s one.
    most of the men and some of the women are really weak looking, but at least theyre not using drugs.

  11. Sarah says:

    I cant wait for it to be back on tv….really good light entertainment….and i am in love with \’\’Tornado\’\’ already!!!!

  12. richard says:

    hope this time it beter then the first one i watch  first one to see

  13. thomas says:

    Audience Ready! Ready and drooling to get it on with the all new gladiators.  My question is When are they coming – the invasion of the Gladiators.  Looking forward with anticipation to their return to the small screen (Question should I get a new hi-def, widescreen tv to thouroughly enjoy them?).
    love to y`all

  14. ali says:

    I was really looking forward to this but I wont be Buying Sky One just for that – they wont have the same audiences like before. will be like the last (non) celebrity Big Brother.

  15. Julie says:

    So, at last, Saterday nights will be worthy of staying in with the family again – GREAT Sooo looking forward to it

  16. Robert says:

    I don\’t think it would be as good as the old series. I anoyed that some of the original gladiators are not in this new series. My favourite gladiator from the original series was WOLF!!

  17. Unknown says:

    i am 11 right now i started to watch gladiators at about 4 or 5 years old. i loved it i couldnt stop watching it! my parents recorded every evening episode just so i could watch i even had a little sweat shirt with all the gladiators on it and a book. Any way when it stopped i looked on a sky channel called challenge. and they were showing the old ones and ever since i have watched them. (i swear i have no life) they still show the old ones occasionally  now so if you have that cannel keep your eye out for it!

  18. Keith says:

    most of these guys were only kids when it was last on,
    must be a childhood dream come true for some of them! 🙂

  19. CRAIG says:

    i understand why ITV are doing this, but I think it was a child of its times and I cant see it working today

  20. nikki says:

    I love this program is really good and i was wondering what days and the time this is going to b shown on and on which channel?please e-mail me on my addressNataliej_243@hotmail.co.ukThanks Natalie

  21. mini mel... says:

    Bring back the WOLF man.
    "Contender READY! Gladiator READY!"
    "we will we will rock you"
    i still have my big hand in the loft.

  22. julian says:

    I dont think it will be the same a loved it when Jet was on.

  23. thomas says:

    i want it to be on itv because alot of people aka me don\’t have sky one!!!!!!!

  24. Abbie says:

    Will john anderson be in it??? i loved him he was the best evr n hunter wasnt bad lol! cant they jst have the old gladiators??? u cant recast the gladiators that like recasting harrypotter it jst wont work!!!

  25. Abbie says:

    lol ok jst read the thing n john aderson is in it. i think i mite giv it a chance then…. we will c xxxx

  26. Tyrone says:

    And once again, Sky tries to revive a classic and ruins it big time. They can\’t re-create the classic gladiators. I really do hate Sky. They also stole Prison Break from five so less people can watch it.
    Sky – put Prison Break back on five and please DON\’T recreate gladiators. It doesn\’t work.
    Rant over 🙂

  27. Michael says:

    I think the new series should be OK, but the only thing I wish is that they\’d got Wolf back. He was always funny and I\’m not sure any of the new Gladiators will be as good.

  28. Simon says:

    That article was appalling. I can\’t believe MSN haven\’t got a wealth of journalistic talent hidden somewhere. I\’m not particularly interested in the new Gladiators; but I can\’t believe that it was reviewed by somebody who hasn\’t even got the option of watching it. Sacre Bleu!

  29. Coops - says:

    Rakish Rogue – knowof where you speak so that you don\’t humiliate yourself. I didn\’t review Gladiators, I talked about my experience at the press launch. I suggest you read the blog entry again…

  30. Sarah says:

    I was really looking forward to the new series, hoping that some old favourites like Wolf would be back in a game that no one can win, "beat the pensioner to the front of the post office queue" game.  He could distract you with offers of "Fisherman\’s Friend\’s" sweets, or show you photos of his grandkids, and tell you what he did in "the war".

  31. Coops - says:

    kersty, I know you were responding to someone, but this is a pg-rated blog as far as profanity is concerned. I\’ve slightly edited your comment.
    kersty14 April 23:37
    (http://cid-305ea67f5994ab16.spaces.live.com/)how can you say its s*** before its even been on tv… fit people who are experts in their fitness fields… what would you rather see… unfit people on a sofa…. get a life

  32. ryan says:

    U l need to chill and give it a chance..
    its goin to b well good!! u probs hate sky becoz u havent got it or somethin.. sky is wicked!

  33. Harry says:

    Oh My God I Cant Believe The Best Programme Ever Is Back On. (Another Bites The Dust!!!)

  34. hi stuart says:

    bring the old galdiators back some real beef

  35. Andrew says:

    I was brought up on the old Gladiators. Me and my sister would be diving all over the couch pretending to be gladiators as my Mum roaed, \’Contenders Ready…. to get your face filled in if you jump on the couch once more?\’
    The injuries we had!
    I have Virgin Media so I am unable to receive Sky One and when I heard the Glads were back I was seriously gutted.  However, looking at them and reading a number of reviews my upset has got better!  They are wimpy looking and would look better modelling for Avon or JD Sports!  I would put money on contenders having a higher win count than in the early Glads day when Wolf would rip a banner from some poor child\’s grasp!
    If these Gladiators of today start winning then a bet its because the contenders are all librarians etc compared to the past contenders who used to be anyone from a past Mr Universe to a Little Miss Look at me and I\’ll knock your teeth out!
    Bit dissapointed for Glad fans – sounds a let down!

  36. Edd says:

    omg i love dis program however they need a new wolfie lol he was funny n strong n also dis time they all look tiny comoared 2 the old 1\’s

  37. lyndsey says:

    yay i carn wait to go and see them live on sunday come on …….:>)

  38. chris says:

    im discusted about the fact it is going to be on sky one, why does everything go on sky, i hope sky loses its ratings with this programe and then maybe gladiators will be on itv like it use to be.
    if it stays on sky i ask for gladiators to be put on itv after its finished
    it isnt fair on people like me who doesnt have sky!

  39. emma says:

    my cousin had her 18th birthday party in a venue that was owned by worrior from the last series. my son then aged 5 was wondering around with a bowl of food and kept dropping food on the floor as kids do it was so funny to see worrior walking behing him with a dust pan and brush cleaning up after him. it made my night coz he was my fave  and to see him do that was so funny.

  40. Farah says:

    I loved the old series! The new Glads arent as beefy as the old ones were….There arent any glad who come close to Warrior or Trojan in term of "beefiness." But I\’m pretty sure the creators will add a few more twists and turns to create a different Gladiators, which is not always a bad thing. I havent got Sky either so I am hoping TV Rivals resolve their differences soon….or that someone records it and puts it on YouTube :)….Come to think of it….I could just get Sky…Clever!

  41. Unknown says:

    Finally, no more pill pushing over the top 300 pounders. Hopefully we\’ll get some proper athletes for a change. Afterall, the best fighters in the world are the likes of Mayweather and Anderson Silva. Its bad enough when people like Vince McMahon push the heavyweights in the WWE over the more athletic lighter stars. I\’ve been watching the American Gladiators and its great. The events require great athletism anyway so hopefully the leaner gladiators will make for quicker and more exciting battles. Wolf is on the US version so thats why he\’s not on this one. He\’s pretty funny though, but not too great. The thing that annoys me about the US version is the fact that the contenders seem to go into some sort of sob story to get the sympathy votes. It\’s still a great show though and i look forward to the new UK one. I\’m guessing that this will be in HD on Sky one HD. In which case the arena should look incredible.

  42. Ross says:

    woop woop

  43. kyle says:

    old one was good. this looks crap. theyre tryin to sex it up and lets be honest theyre all small.. Id happily take on any of them. I think personnally it finnished for a reason. revivials never work and this will be yet again a fine example.

  44. Jim says:

    No wolf? It aint the Gladiators

  45. Stuart says:

    Well, from what I\’ve read, John Anderson has been in charge of the Contender and Gladiators selections, so frankly with his experience in track and field it comes as no surprise that a number of the new Glads are based in athletics too. Let\’s also not forget that he probably knows what the games require better than most!
    Whether that\’s for the better or not as a TV show though remains to be seen. No doubt they will be as fast as anything, but I got to admit there was always something special about the David vs Goliath feel behind the Gladiators being so big and that\’s now gone.
    The older gladiators from the previous version probably couldn\’t compete now, but what about an on screen "expert" role for one or two of them? It\’s good that they have been used to promote the show too. Maybe a couple of them could come back as contenders for a special against the new Gladiators? It was done at the end of the last US run…

  46. Sophie says:

    I agree with Dogbrothel,
    Who\’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
    twas legendary back in the day. Doubt it will be as good.
    Ill give it a chance and watch it anyway. =)
    Peace out!

  47. . says:

    I loved the previous show and was hoping they would come out with a new one.
    I was hoping the Gladiators would be bigger, im a martial artist and train against heavy weights all the time, and some of these guys look like middleweights.  Another negative just from viewing the pictures are the outfits, sex sells, but i think its a little over the top.  They should have made a more serious version.  Anyway, I hope it does well, because it should never have left the screens.

  48. Matt says:

    They all look like common-as-muck strippers. Where are the heart breaking beauties like "Jet"?
    And none of them look gladiatorial. They look more "strictly come dancing".
    And the costumes look even more 90\’s than the originals, but with added bondage.
    I say scrap it and start afresh.

  49. mark says:

    hay i think this is going to be mint i loved the old sirise as my dad competid  and i thing the new siries will be just as good maby evan better but i think the gladiators shud be a bit more BEEFY but i canot waight to watch and maby evon compet my self 1 day

  50. rasan says:

    well i love gladiators why is because i love gymnastic things thats why and i think gladiators should never stop and keep on going.
    wolf is a waste man he is so stupid and dumb he should of never been in the gladiators in the first place
    so come on gladiators u are the 1111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    every body vist this website if u are a turly gladiator fan ( well i am )

  51. Chris says:

    I\’ve watched the 1990\’s of gladiators on challenge and they are very good.
    I hope the late 2000\’s gladiators are good as the 1990\’s.
    It\’s on sky 1 (plus HD) showing sometime next month, so if you\’re a gladiators like me u better enjoy watch this just like 12 years ago. Even though it\’s different…

  52. Adam says:

    Dum Dum Dum, will another one bite the dust?
    Love Gladiators, use to watch it as a child and still watch it on challenge but is it the Gladiators themselves who made it work? The cast like Jet and Lightening who we\’re very stunning and attractive and tallented with their work appear to be replaced with some scary looking women who\’s hair rivals Britaney Spears in her Toxic video! Who\’s affraid of the big bad wolf? NO ONE is you answer as even he didnt make the cast of the new Gladiators, we have however been sent  Nick Aldis aka Oblivion who i have to say is much better looking than Mr Hairy wolf!
    It will be interesting to see if the new Gladiators is hot or not, one thing which would be hot is plenty of action in spandex, one thing that would be is the old cast of Gladiators in spandex, imagine! They must be like 40-50!

  53. Paula says:

    hey hey gladiators is back! used to watch the old show, concept and games brilliant viewing, got a bit too heated towards the end of the series.   Been watching reruns with my children who are glued to the tele, cant wait for the new series, (if only my aerobics instructor lyndsey had got a place as a contender she powered to the last 20 (she had the stamina and ability to shine on the show), could have been watching it live! Maybe next time? cant wait to watch it.

  54. Laurawrr says:

    Woot! I\’m soo happy gladiators is cummin back coz I watched some of the old episodes and asked if it was still on but when I found out that it stopped running in 2000 i was soo upset but then they said a new seires was starting and I was thrilled!! ^^
    I hope that the new gladiators are good as the old ones and that there better than there names which if you ask me sound a bit weird LOL

  55. Ken says:

    I have read all the comments, I fail to see this new series being as good as the old one. The previous Gladiators came from all walks of live and all had their own personality, these new ones all seem squeaky clean and not half the size of the old ones. Wolf was the main man and I can\’t see any one filling his shoes. the legend of Wolf will never Die…………. any one that trys to copy him will only make themselfs look stupid!  Bring back some of the old ones.

  56. Chris 5000's Rippin Space!!!!! says:

    the new gladiators is wat we all needed, we do need someone to replace the Wolf Man (Legend)although this will never be as good as the original series as much as Sky try to make it like it

  57. nicola says:

    I agree with both Chris and Ken, Wolf was brilliant, but thats just t…was give the new oes a chance a they\’ll show you their personality. Also do they show reruns o f the original series?

  58. Gemma says:

    Erm, incase anyone was wondering, they do show repeats of the old series on satelite, think its challenge tv, same channel they show the crystal maze on anyway!

  59. craig says:

    Gladiators New Series !!!! Awsome 😀 !!!!
    But No WOLF MAN 😦 sucks man
    Bring WOLF MAN back at least then you can call it Gladiators again !!!
    Will not be the same without him 😦

  60. Aaron says:

    Well from first impressions I can\’t believe the costumes that these Gladiators are wearing. Predator looks like he stole one of the female Gladiators top. Some of the women look more manly than the men in this line up. Most of the men look gay, sorry but it has to be said.

  61. Kayla says:

    im pretty upset i was able to watch every episode of gladiators on the last series but unfortunatly i cnt now i dont hav sky so i am upset i will miss this series i was exceedingly happy until i found out the channel but im lad its bk

  62. leon says:

    Im so happy that the gladiators is returning, If anyone has any information on how to be a contender please e-mail me at the above address. Many thanks!

  63. lola says:

    Like Leon, i too am really glad Gladiators is back. I went for the trials to be a contender back in the 1990s but didn\’t get through.If anyone has information about how to be a contender on the show, please email me. In the 1990s an address was given at the end of the shows, but things may have changed. Besides i won\’t be able to watch the shows as i don\’t have Sky.
    Leon –  it might be worth calling Sky TV and asking for the programming department about Gladiators.  I\’m going to do this tomorrow.

  64. kevin says:

    i went but unfortunately .never got in .maybe next time .so all u men can see me. i am still better looking then them other ladys .bye for now.coco

  65. Unknown says:

    The old Gladiators was mildly entertaining back in the day, but thats where it should be left. Sky are just trying to cash in on what is now an old and rather lame format. Shockingly they have managed to make it even more laughable than the original, by selecting a cast of Glatiators that wouldn\’t look out of place in a seriously camp dance movie from the 70\’s. Where are the gorgeous toned women? That lot look like a bunch of failed athletes that have let themselves go.

  66. philip says:

    When the original show began we grew to love our favorite Gladiator, each one had their own personality, mine being
    Lighting, Jet, Falcon, then I added Rio, Rebel, Vouge. Men had 2 be Corbra Wolf. Now they seem quite false. Once you redo a fab show you loose touch. Have read that the original Glad\’s are reforming for a charity event, that I would like to see. Let me know where I can get ticket\’s.

  67. philip says:

    Sorry forgot to add leave the old format a lone, let the Glad\’s come out of retirement for charity, that would get more veiwers than you think. I know at 100 people that would at attend, I would even try to get get on it, being for charity, I am 45 fittness in structor com on guy\’s it would be fun. Hang me tough with Cobra anytime.

  68. CAROLANN says:

    i loved gladiators, wanted to be on it but was only 12 anyway really looking forward 2 new 1 hope it can live up to the standard set by the old 1 !!!

  69. Chris says:

    What I don\’t get is why they would bring this show back, and how any body could care about it, I was about 7 when my Dad used to watch it, and even then it seemed dumb, and pointless, so now we get to sit though weeks of mindles and cheap looking Sky style promos, and idents involving Gladiators (yay!). This will probably last for about what 2 seasons at the most, and be moderately successful until petering out completely, when Sky One goes back and licks it wounds, because it didn\’t learn the lesson that the producers of Channel Fives version of "It\’s a knockout!" did (rather painfully). And that\’s the shame of it, I used to think of Sky One as being better than channel Five how can I do that now? Also it says a lot about who Sky One is trying to reach nowadays.

  70. Alison says:

    I think the gladiators is a good idea in comin back, the first series was wicked, so the next one should be even better, the only downside is its on sky one, why didn\’t they bring it back to itv, or a normal channel so everyone can watch it,as i think it would get more viewers.
    Hope its a good series and it can only get bigger and better its a shame none of the old chariters are in the new series, like wolf and the other commedians

  71. Matthew says:

    The original series was a load of old codswallop. This new series will be worse. Us Brits are just no good at this sort of thing. An earlier blogger was spot on when they said it featured a bunch of failed athletes. Also, it\’s amazing how many of the people, posting comments here, skived their English lessons. Shameful!

  72. Jennifer says:

    OMG! I used to love this show so much when I was young and was lucky enough to meet one of them, I think it was Zodiac. Disappointed though it\’s on Sky, which I don\’t have, will need to go round to my friends, they should have thought of the old faithful viewers who don\’t have Sky, just another way to get people to subscribe, like LOST.

  73. Emma says:

    Would very much like to enter the new series, especially against inferno…

  74. Shadene says:

    It was ok… not as good as it used 2 be. i mean the old gladiators were much bigger, and some of them even smiled. the male gladiators all put on a fake kind of personality on with big o trying to be the new wolf. the only really good gladitor is panther i think. plus te studio looks smaller than the nia did as theres less people there to me. its still watchable. i rekon this gladiators is for the new generation.

  75. Imran says:

    I used to watch it back when i was like 7 loved it then a bit dissapointed about the new one it\’s just not the same as it used to be

  76. Sati Marie says:

    Am I the only one who really liked it? I thought it was hilarious. It\’s so totally camp it\’s like watching panto, but that\’s what makes it great. I don\’t think anyone watches Gladiators (the old series or the new) with the hope that they\’ll get eduational TV – or even anything with substance. But as entertainment, I think it\’s great. I laughed all the way through.
    And Spartan…mmm.
    Oh, sorry. Anyway, I\’ll definitely be watching next week. =)

  77. Marcelle says:

    Fantastic, loved the new version just as funny and intense as the old show. Sure when we get to know the characters it will be even better. I\’ll be tunning in every Sunday.

  78. Melanie says:

    i love this programme its ace
    ans spartan is so hot

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