March Mailbag

Regular readers of this blog will know that the first entry of the new month is about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during March. Here’s what you’ve been saying…

Bernie wrote in with regard to my blog entry about Channel 4’s Stephen Hawking: Master Of The Universe to say:
"I agree with you. In the grand scheme of things, it is petty fighting over religion and all the other mundane things we find so important in our daily lives. Stephen Hawking is an amazing man." Thank you for your view Bernie. I was extremely humbled to be in the great man’s presence…

alyssa felt that my gallery of Trash TV shows was missing a programme or two:
"Just a quick one. Looked at your Trash TV pics at the bottom of your feature and you have missed the chaviest of the lot: JORDAN AND PETER."
Yeah, I know. I ummed and aahed and couldn’t decide whether to include them or not (I must admit, their show is such a guilty pleasure of mine). At some point, I’ll add them in…On the same subject, I’ve upset a fan of Gladiators:

"The inclusion of Gladiators is WRONG WRONG WRONG! How dare you include this magnificent and beautiful programme on a trash list; it was always a childhood favourite, and I am delighted there is to be a new series. Get your facts right before you start knocking good TV, and stop wasting your life watching TV and career. You are not Harry Hill!"
Of course I’m not Harry Hill; he’s a bloke for a start…As for Gladiators, I stand by every word I said in that feature: "It was entertaining at first, but in its final years, it was like sitting through a sub-standard pantomime." That’s why Gladiators made it into the gallery…

It’s another request from a user whose tolerance level is at an all-time low:
"Hi it’s me again. You couldn’t do anything about Miss Fiona Phillips and I don’t suppose you can do anything about Miss Mylene Klass? I’m just letting off steam because every bloody time I turn on the telly, there she is. Thanks for letting me bend your ear; talk to you soon."
Ubiquitous TV personalities seems to go in cycles; at one time, I couldn’t turn on my TV without Fearne bloomin’ Cotton’s perky face bouncing off my screen. I can’t do anything about Mylene Klass, but Fiona Phillips is listed in my article about TV’s Most Annoying.

Joe wrote in to say:
"LOVED your article on The Apprentice…you’re not able to tell me who goes out are you? I would love to know beforehand…although I guess you’re not allowed to tell me! Anyway thanks for your time reading this :)"
Nice words Joe mate – cheers. In future, if you’d like me to e-mail you back, change your settings.  We’ve got a massive Apprentice special this year so do make sure you check it out.

Final word goes to young Michaela:
"Hiya…I just wanted to let you know that I think you are AMAZING!! All of the pieces that you write are so truthful and
your frankness makes me laugh. I will aspire to be like you one day. Thanks for your time."
Thank you for your kind words Michaela; I calls ’em as I sees ’em. Heed the words of Stratford-upon-Avon’s famous Bard and you won’t go far wrong: "This above all: to thine own self be true."

Thanks for all your comments and messages guys. Keep them coming in. That’s it for this month as far as the mailbag is concerned.

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