Stephen Hawking: Master Of The Universe

The invitation said: ‘Channel 4 invites you to join Professor Stephen Hawking for a special preview screening of Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe at Channel 4…’ No way was I saying no to that so off I went.

I’ve interviewed some top Hollywood stars in my time – I’m talking Big Kahunas here. However, I have never felt so humbled and awed as I was when Professor Hawking’s chair was wheeled in. "Hello. How are you?" he said to members of the press via his electronic voice synthesizer.
As far as I’m concerned, that should be officially listed as an eighth Wonder of the World. It was absolutely incredible to be in the presence of such a great man.

You’ll have to excuse my inability to find the words to express the feeling that came over me. Suffice it to say, I had goose bumps.

We were all there to watch the first instalment of a two-part series which examines some of the very biggest, mind-blowing posers of them all – and more astonishingly, tries to find answers. Presented by Professor Stephen Hawking, arguably the most famous scientist of our age, it lifts the lid on what we know about the universe, and how much more is still to be gleaned. The results will probably surprise even the most ardent armchair boffin. Among the posers featured here are: how did the universe begin, how will it end and what was there before it?

On starry, starry, nights – when looking up at the sky makes me breathless at the beauty of it all – I’ve pondered these very things. Who? What? When? Why? How? Watching this programme will make you realise just how insignificant our planet really is in the grand scheme of things – how petty are all the things we find to fight over (religion? Pah). The man himself says: "…my need to find answers to the fundamental questions about our existence is undiminished." Now that’s what I call music to my ears. The series starts on Channel 4 tonight, and concludes next week, at 9pm. Watch and prepare to be astounded…
Channel 4 clip: Stephen Hawking introduces Master Of The Universe

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Mad Men. Make a date to watch every Sunday on BBC Four (or catch up every Tuesday night on BBC2) because this is quality must-see television. Another fab US import.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Am I the only person creeped out by that Foxy Bingo TV advert? It’s that bloomin’ man-fox!

MSN Editor Coops
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29 Responses to Stephen Hawking: Master Of The Universe

  1. peter says:

    Religion is petty? You\’re obviously a selfish philistine who doesn\’t believe in anything except yourself, you\’re the type of person who takes no interest in politics either, you have no ideological views about anything, quite frankly thats why you watch endless trash TV and interview celebs. very sad.

  2. Coops - says:

    Hmmm. Perhaps I didn\’t express myself as clearly as I\’d intended. Of course religion isn\’t petty – fighting over it certainly is to me. That\’s what I thought I\’d said. Obviously not. :-)Incidentally (no name), thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I\’ve had all week. Your summation of my character is hilarious! It\’s about as accurate as a knock-off watch bought from a pound shop, but really, really funny.

  3. FAY-AMIE says:

    I don\’t blame you for being so awestruck being in Professor Hawking\’s presence, his intellect is astounding, it is of course also extremely amzing that he is still alive despite all odds, Mankind & those who study Science & Physics in particular owe him a huge debt ! I throughly enjoyed the programme on channel 4 last night, all I can say is you were lucky !

  4. Sati Marie says:

    Stephen Hawking is incredible. He\’s just…well, yeah, "awe" is the right word for what I feel, too. And he seems so humble himself. I see all these comments people make about him, saying he\’s stuck-up or arrogant, and I think, "have you ever actually LISTENED to the guy?"
    So thanks for the heads-up – I\’m putting a reminder in my diary to watch this.

  5. famous says:

    once again coops ,someone takes part of a statement literally and makes 5 out of 2+2. i knew what you meant but these days you have to watch out for the ""thought police"".

  6. David says:

    (no name) is just another idiot in this crazy world of anti-athiest preaching extremists.JUST BELIEVE!

  7. Coops - says:

    Thanks for all your comments guys. Always nice to hear from you famouseccles, my Spurs-supporting friend. Just watched my boys….I\’ll have to look down to see cloud 9. 🙂 Glory, glory Gunners! With regard to Professor Hawking, what are the Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of this world compared to him? Makes yer proud to be British, it does.

  8. JAWAD says:

    The Stephen Hawkins documentary was absolutely fantastic, mind-boggling science explained in laymens term – I just felt inspired by the brilliance of the man – despite his medical condition….then again, would an "able-bodied" person have been as motivated / dedicated to get where he and his team have reached in the field of Physics – just look at the fallen "heroes" in the world of sport, music and movies – he (Professor Hawkins) is special – and not despite of his condition, but I believe, almost, because of it!!!

  9. joan m says:

    I feel awful when I see and hear so called comedians mocking Stephen Hawking. How would they feel if they were so impaired. The man is a genius and I think that these people if they lived to be a thousand they would never have the wisdom and dignity that Stephen Hawking has. So just shut up and be a proper comedian not someone who gets pleasure in mocking other people.

  10. Unknown says:

    Evening, I\’d love this comment to be about Stephen Hawking I appreciate he\’s an incredible man and unarguably a brilliant scientist, but I just don\’t understand any of it.  My comment is about the Foxy Bingo guy, he totally freaks me out and I have to mute the TV when it comes on.  I felt the same about the Iron Brue advert with that big bird and I think that\’s the same voice who does those spicy sausages.
    I\’m just starting to enjoy Ashes to Ashes, it\’s been a slow start and Keely Hawes is struggling a bit but Philip Glenister is just fab, Gene Hunt is a legend and would be in any era.

  11. Coops - says:

    Wise words Jawad – I agree with all you\’ve said. And Patricia, thanks! I\’m not alone in being creeped out by the man-fox! Watch the second instalment of Professor Stephen Hawking\’s documentary even if you don\’t understand bits of it. It\’s so refreshing to see TV that challenges and inspires. 🙂

  12. debbie says:

    i sat glued to this program as i am baffled by all things cosmic! but i didnt realise just how much Mr Hawking has put into finding answers to the questions that seem to be unanswerable, why is he not ……..president/prime minister or something of the like. the man is a genius, and to be still looking for answers to the same question for 30 years……and still be alive after being told he\’d be dead 30 odd years ago! stubborn and gutsy! i take my hat off to the man, utter brilliance. i did manage to keep up with the program till about 40 mins in and then got a bit lost…….i will certainly be watching the next instalment with excitement.  dont get into the whole "religion" thing, as you know. it probably doesnt even matter anyway! 😉

  13. zeb says:

    I have to agree. That man/fox is probably the scariest thing on television with the Lynx chocolate man coming a close second.

  14. michael says:

     dear stephen fans,
    "science" is the language of god. so your just tryin to imitate god, and then stick your own names on what you find, lol, and you think your smart. no one has made somthing out of nothing, you can look as far out into space as you want, we cant make life or anything out of nothing. only god can, he dont even want you sniffing round dirty dogs. he has already told us the truth a million times.
    all this that is our lives is here to make our souls stronger,  because if we as individuals believe in god and try as best we can to do what he wants of us, then we can live for ever in truth and love with him. thats the only way to live for ever all other paths lead back to the dust we came from. 
    religion doesnt start wars,  dominant evil personalitys do, helped by the legions of blind sheep that stand behind them.

  15. Coops - says:

    Thank you for your point of view wilbo. However, if God has given the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking a great mind, I don\’t see why they can\’t use it.

  16. hst says:

    Here Here Wilbo, to think that people can see stars as far as the eye can see and still not believe in God is blind arrogance.

  17. Nick says:

    Wilbo said that something can`t be created out of nothing, which is logical, so the big question is…who made God?

  18. catherine says:

    Why is it that no matter what the original topic is we always have to end up shouting at each other about religion?
    It seems any forum I happen to stumble upon these days has at least one long running fight about who has the best imaginary friend, or even worse, has a long running feed which does nothing but shout down atheists as the scum of the earth.
    I am an atheist and I think that makes me no more or less worthy of an opinion than anyone else, and I think this was a very interesting article on a fascinating program about a truly great man.
    Just because someone happens to mention the r word in an article does not mean the subsequent comments can be justifiably entirely focused on how great/crap religion is, why can\’t we just all lighten up and accept that it is ok to hold different beliefs, it is these differences after all that makes us all so interesting as a species. 

  19. Liz says:

    This show is a con – Stephen Hawking uses the show to place himself in the centre of
    the scientific universe. Most of the theories mentioned in the programme were not
    put forward by Stephen Hawking but the implication is there. Maybe he needs the money.

  20. Mark says:

    Liz, You need to take a step back and read some books on the subject.  The mainstream theory about the Universe these days is in Chaotic Events and String Theory (with black holes and gravity being \’effects\’) – Stephen Hawking was the man who first postulated the theory of the Universe being made up of \’strings\’ and he was also the man who explained what black holes were long before we could measure and see their effects.
    Long story short, Stephen Hawking is a man in the centre of the physics world (along with a very very few others).
    Read more, talk less.

  21. Liz says:

    The inventor of string theory, physicist Leonard Susskind. (New Scientist)
    I woud put forward Edward Witten as someone appropriate as central to
    this subject at this time.

  22. Phil says:

    It is with interest always to read the the different perceptions on this type of forum. It is wonderful to be able to comment without restrictions or threats of persecution from those who deem through their evolution of thought "that they are right because"!!!! How different if the likes of Darwin took on board the evolution of thought as well as the evolution of the human race. I think our education would be very different today. A philosopher once said…..There are no new truths….only old ones waiting to be uncovered

  23. salah says:

    I don\’t think stephen hawking has no any knowledge about science and universe.His theories are based on imagination.
    The only reason so many people noticed him is because he is severly disabled man,which is nothing to do with science but poliical correctness gone too far.

  24. Neil says:

    Geelewell done. ? ! ? it would seem you yourself are unable to get past Stephen Hawking\’s disability and actually listen to what he is saying, as if you did you would find that he is indeed one of the greatest minds of our time.

  25. Unknown says:

    Stephen Hawking is the greatest mind ive ever known.
    Its nice to see people seeing him as another human being instead of another man in a wheelchair.
    I would really love to meet him and have a decent conversation as not many people understand me when i talk technical stuff, they think im nuts and talking rubbish.
    As for scary adverts, yes the foxy bingo ad is seriously annoying.  its just as bad as the moonpig ad, i cant get that tune out of my head its driving me crazy.

  26. catherine says:

    is anyone else especially offended by the advert asking \’does your home smell of fish?\’

  27. Michael says:

    Hawkin may be no Einstein,but then most of Einstein\’s ideas were based on observation & logic  brought together into theory,no belief is necessary,unlike religion,which has no basis in logic or observation,just empty faith & belief.
    I am 100% non – religious ,I use logic to make sense of where I am,along with the,what,why,how & when.
    As with Einstein,although direct observation is not possible at close up,the predictions are are observable by the effects of events which occur around black holes.
    As an individual,I am not arrogant, but I do not need to believe in anything religious,that is nothing but a device to control others,just like politics,business or law, I am liberated,without being liberal,I have total confidence in myself in whatever I do,I do not need excessive materialism,I am happy,because I am not made to feel guity & I can think without any parameters controlling how or what I think.
    I study images on Nasa,Spitzer,ChandraLBT & other astronomical websites  to understand the processes that shape the universe.
    Looking at a bible or the Koran doesn\’t interest me one jot,reality is what interest me,even from 14 billion years ago,before "god"existed & he only existed when man invented him in his mind, because he never had science to understand any better.  

  28. Lee says:

    if you think thats scary look at this ad  this has to be the strangest ad i have ever seen it freaks me out every time!

  29. Rhys says:

    If there is a god then why does he let that fox-man on tv. I mean emotional scaring or what?
    And I enjoyed the show, although to be honest I didn\’t understand that much.

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