February Mailbag

Regular readers of this blog will know that the first entry of the new month is about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during February. Here’s what you’ve been saying…

Marie asked: "Can anybody tell me if Virgin TV is getting Lost back as I miss it – great show."

I’m assuming that Marie is, like me, a Virgin Media subscriber. For anyone who doesn’t know, thanks to a bitter dispute between Sky and Virgin, for over a year now we Virgin Media subscribers have been without Sky’s basic channels, including the likes of Sky One and Sky News. Marie, this acrimonious disagreement is heading for court. If you’re really desperate to see Lost in the short term, get someone to record it for you (or switch to Sky).

I’ve had a response from a satisfied customer: "Hi madam editor. Many thanks for my Greggs scrumptious man’s name. It’s a pity u can’t do any thing about Miss Phillips on GMTV. Can u do anything about those Loose Women? Enjoy your page – keep up the good work. Talk to you soon byeee."

Lawdy Miss Clawdy (one for Elvis fans), there just isn’t time to tackle all that’s so wrong with the Loose Women crew. They’re the kind of females men run a million miles away from…

I wrote an article entitled Ashes To Anachronisms detailing some of the bloopers and goofs in the BBC’s Ashes To Ashes. Some MSN users were not impressed: maygo wrote: "First of all I think Lorna Cooper needs to get out a bit more, so what if some of the content was too early, or not at the correct time period, why don’t people just sit back and enjoy the programme for what it is: an entertainment programme, not a 1981 TV documentary." And JonJon1962 wrote: "If Lorna Cooper and Ambika Behal want a ‘bona fide slice of 1981’ I suggest they go watch a documentary. This is ENTERTAINMENT… Suspend your disbelief (and petty nit-picking) and BE entertained!"

Well, well, well. I have stirred a hornet’s nest, haven’t I? However, I stand by my article with regard to the anachronisms in Ashes. I took pains to point out the convenient excuse the people behind the show have for their various boobs and believe it or not, it doesn’t always spoil my enjoyment. However, I feel it’s pertinent to point out the reality for people who weren’t around back then. Like I said in the article; it’s 1981, Jim but not as I know it. By the way JonJon1962, our assistant Ambika wasn’t even born back in 1981. And she’s from America to boot…

Last word to my Spurs-supporting mate famouseccles: "Lo Coops.  got a question for you. Is there any way to find out what the presenters think on Flog It, Cash In The Attic, Car Booty, and all, about the people on the show who do not seem to listen to the experts? You know what I mean: the expert says £200-£300 so they slap their own reserve on it of £400! If they don’t want to sell it, why put it up for auction in the first place? They come across as very avaricious and me and her indoors are happy sometimes if the items don’t sell (serves ’em right)."

Mate, next time I’m interviewing anyone from those shows, I shall ask for you, I promise. Maybe it’s human nature famouseccles? After all, I bet you’ve screamed at someone to settle on Deal Or No Deal only to watch them go home with a measly tenner? It makes good telly though…

Thanks for all your comments and messages guys. Keep them coming in. That’s it for this month as far as the mailbag is concerned.

MSN Editor Coops
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2 Responses to February Mailbag

  1. tia says:

    The foxy bingo man gives me the creeps,

  2. Alexia says:

    Why is there a debate I\’m from the Carribbean and our history is very similar to the African Americans think of this as the"People who were carried to the beyond (Carribean\’s ) TV" . We are a people that exist and underrepresented  in the UK apart from the Jamaican culture,don\’t think I\’m bashing the jamaican culture. I am jamaican, born bread yu naeit. but not all Jamaican\’s like Reggae, and plus BET is no just R& B it\’s a wide range of Black cultures.
    Go BET !!!!

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