Lost Review

by Sarah Bush – guest MSN blogger
From a straw poll of my friends and colleagues, it’s true to say that over time Lost has lost some of its original fans. But after a gripping opening episode to the fourth season, this Lost-obsessive would encourage anyone not familiar with it – or those who dumped it in season two (when, admittedly, things got a little slow) – to come on back. 
As a reminder – at the end of season three we were left with a cracker of a cliff-hanger. Quick recap: we were in a three-way battle of the wills, featuring Jack, Locke and Ben arguing about a satellite phone with a connection to the outside world. There was evil Ben from The Others tied to a tree, beaten and bloody. And then there was Locke, continuing to be a spanner-in-the-works, having just attacked Naomi the rescue girl who’d parachuted in with the sat phone. And finally there was a triumphant Jack on the damn phone calling the ‘rescuers’, despite Locke and Ben’s forebodings of doom. Was it really a bad idea?
Unsurprisingly for Lost, we’re not really given a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on that one. The episode opens with a high octane car chase featuring Hurley, in what we learn is the future. This is pretty much a continuation of the flash-forward theme that so gripped viewers towards the end season three, and now seems to be the de-facto replacement of the much loved flash back device which so dominated season’s one and two.
I can’t really go into too much detail about the flash-forwards on offer tonight, or I’ll start giving stuff away, but here are some highlights: Hurley is mad, or maybe he isn’t, Charlie is dead, but then maybe he isn’t, Jack did the right thing but then possibly he didn’t, and they should all go back to the island, but then again maybe they shouldn’t because spooky Jacob is on the prowl. Classic Lost.
This episode was really a bridging episode between season’s three and four; it’s got enough re-cap to get us all back up-to-speed and sets up enough new questions and possible wild-goose-chases to get us all coming back next week.
And by this point in the game, we know as Lost viewers that when we come back next week, we’re still not going to know the answers, possibly some stuff will get resolved, but undoubtedly that will just throw up new questions and mysteries. Like our own lives, we’ve stopped expecting Lost to make sense. And with another three seasons and 48 episodes to go, even if it were to make sense, it’s not going to be any time soon.
With that in mind, did this episode continue to excite and confound us? Yes, but not as well as previous season openers – I mean, who could forget the introduction of Desmond in the hatch in season two? Or meeting Juliet in The Other’s version of Wisteria Lane at the beginning of season three?
These openers were surprising and thrilling – taking us down new paths we never even anticipated existing. But the season four opener is a continuity piece; it’s all about re-engaging with the main characters and whetting our appetite for the long trip home.
The episode is actually called ‘The beginning of the end’ and it’s pretty true to that title, as it doesn’t feel like we’re on a voyage of discovery any more, now it’s all about just getting out alive. 
by Sarah Bush – guest MSN blogger
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23 Responses to Lost Review

  1. Andy says:

    As an avid lost fan i thought season 3 had lost its way abit, too many new questions and not enough answers to old questions. the sub plots seem to lose its way abit too. Then you got to end of season 3 final episode and the did they didnt they get off the island?? I watched last nights episode and it was back to the lost of old, the excitement of wat will happen next and everything u see leaving u gasping for more. The sub plot it seems has gone from getting off the island to should we have ever left. Wat new twists will await in season 4?? will we ever find out who the mysterious jacob is?? one thing for sure i\’ll be watching but as reports go another 2 seasons of lost before everything is wrapped up the ultimate question is can they stretch it that long and still keep us hooked? i hope so i really do

  2. ALISON says:

    I watched Lost Season 1/2 but gave up during the third series.  As the previous message states, too many questions and not enough answers.  Anyway, I gave it another shot last night and I still haven\’t got a clue of what\’s going on (nothing new there).  Hurley still hasn\’t lost any weight but Jack\’s still looking as good as ever! Yes, I\’m hooked again and I will certainly be tuning in next week.  I just hope they wrap this up eventually and not stetch it out….I need some answers!!!!!

  3. Patrick says:

    I started watching the Lost DVD boxsets, I got through seasons 1-3 and I disagree with the idea that season 2 was a little slow, I thought that was the best season as it gave us the hatch.  The third season was a waste of time, only the first and last few episodes told us anything new.  I\’ll still watch the new season but only because I\’ve come this far that I may as well watch to the end.  But this newest episode was as infuriating as the last season, as everyone seems to be arguing with each other over what to do, but the characters that have all the answers (the guy tied to the tree) aren\’t giving answers.  The main characters aren\’t acting in a believable way anymore (why not just ask the guy tied to the tree).  The writers almost seem like their stalling for time until they can figure out how to end the show, although I doubt they\’\’ll answer all the show\’s questions.

  4. Marie T says:

    can enyone tell me if virgin are getting lost back as i have heard that thay are so can enyone please let me no if heard enything

  5. kadey says:

    well what can i say. LOST is the best show, showing right about now
    been waiting for lost for a few months and its back. YESSSSSSSS
    was\’nt happy to much with the first esp but i hope
    no sorry i know its gonna get MUCH MUCH better
    we will get answer!!
    cant wait to see what happened to walter and micheal!

  6. stacy says:

    Ok I made it as far as the 3rd paragraph! I need say no more, apart from yawn!

  7. Laura says:


  8. Penny Jayne says:

    I loved the first episode!!! But any one see Naveen Andrews on Jonathan Ros, he said that they are half way through filming this season and he signed up to film another 2!!!! Come on Lost, we love you but we need some answers!!!!!!

  9. Dylan says:

    Lost was signed up for 6 seasons as soon as NBC saw it was a money maker after Season 1. Its no surprise that seasons 2 and 3 started to go nowhere, they had to stretch the plot lines out. Where Season 1 was compulsive viewing, it soon became meh by season 3… Hopefully with Season 4 it\’ll pick up som eof the slack. Hell even Naveen thought it was going nowhere.

  10. Jason says:

    I for one was disappointed with series 3 but thought that the first episode was well prepared. I mean hurley for one speding and trying to run away omg legend lol. I agree with the questions though theres no answers and the love triangle with jack kate and sawyer is actually tiresome. I still cnt get myself around the paralyzed couple, that was horrible lol burrying them alive. OOH and i want the smoke to make noami come bk coz damn shes fine lol

  11. donald says:

    \’Invasion\’ was reasonably good but they did\’nt know how to end it, similarly, Lost is good but they dont know how to end it so they are stringing it along untill they can find a plausible? ending. Lost interest long ago.  

  12. Sinead says:

    I\’m really enjoying the new episodes.  RTE just showed the second ep on Monday night.  I won\’t give anything away but it was great.  It has me really interested and dying for the next episode again.  I don\’t think Jack is looking as good as he did the first couple of seasons.  He has failed a lot.  Maybe it\’s because I find his character a bit sanctimonious and a goody-two shoes, but I think he looks really tired or something.  Now Sawyer, on the other hand, is just gorgeous.

  13. Mark says:

    I agree, season 3 went on a bit, Desmond\’s story with Charlie was about as exciting as it got, dont think they really knew what to do with out the hatch. But now, Season 4 – omg. Flash-forwards instead of flash-backs are genius, has me hooked on a whole new level, to the point where I really care about what happens to every1 (not the \’Oceanic 6\’) else, and am completely intrigued by what role the 6 might have in what happens to them from the outside. Also, we know now 5 of the 6, i\’ll put money the other one staying hidden until the end of the series now. Think answers as to what the island actually is might come soon…so roll on the rest of season 4…

  14. gay says:

    yeah it has dragged on a bit but i cant stop watching it.well i have stopped casue virgin isnt showing it.so need to wait for the repeats so its horrible hearing whats going on when i cant actully watch it myself.
    marie ive not heard anything about them bring lost back but i hope they do.im thinking of going to sky anyway more channels plus channels we lost when virgin took over and plus its cheaper.

  15. Catherine says:

    I can\’t remember where I stopped watching it!! Can someone please update me with a recap? I saw all about the hatch, the three of them captives and then two of them in outside cages. I think the last bit I rember is Jack, kate and the other one being handed back…I may have got this all wrong!! I want to start watching it but think i need to watch series three! Please help!!

  16. Fay says:

     I have Virgin cable and they are currently showing Lost season 3, all 23 episodes , on More on demand.I don\’t know if it\’s the same on all packages, but I\’m getting it free.

  17. Aleczandra says:

    Hello, children.Did you miss me when I was away?I dont what wer on about so I just say \’I agree\’

  18. Catherine says:

    Thank you for that comment No Name on 20th Feb. I am also on virgin so will have a look. What day is it on? Thanks.

  19. gay says:

    im the same here on vigin got it free on more on demand hopefully they will put it on right after the 4th season has finshed.its stupid tho you have to have sky to watch it..i say sell it to a channel everyone can watch it not just sky 1

  20. Emma says:

    I LOVE Lost. I\’ve watched it from the beginning and even dream about it sometimes (yep, i\’m really sad)
    I don\’t have Sky One so my friend records it every week for me.
    Even though I love it I\’m glad they\’ve decided when it will end, as it has gone on for a long time.

  21. SUE says:

    Hi, confused!!! hope you have caught up with lost I had to watch 1/2/and now I\’m starting three I love it I have bought the dvd\’s for my mum all three and she is loving it she is up all night bless, I,ll be glad as a lot of you say we get some answers but then I\’ll miss it when it come\’s to the end, but like they say all good things must come to an end, but at least I can watch it again now mum\’s got the set, now she want\’s me to see if I can get the logans run seriese can anyone help me with that please,

  22. Kirandeep says:

    I love Lost. I have watched it from the start and am still enjoying the show, i don\’t know how people got bored in season 2. I had to watch the rest of the seasons to get the answers. At the moment (season 4), i am loving the flash forwards and finding out who has made it off the island. I was well shocked at the end of last week\’s episode.

  23. jane says:

    I am totally into lost and have watched faithfully through to date, but I think there are many people like me who are pulling their hair out trying to work it out, just when you think you have a handle on it you find another twist that completely baffles you.  I ended up buying lost on dvd to see if I could watch it over and over to see if I could make more sense of it, and I think I may get there i about 10 years, but I will keep on this incredible journey.

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