2008’s Telly Treats

Goodbye 2007. How was it for you? I had a lousy end to it; struck down with the lergies, all my plans vanished quicker than Cashley Cole’s disastrous autobiography (has anyone bought that book? Apart from his mum and missus that is). So a new year has begun and as I start to think yet again about detoxes and gym memberships and growing my nails, it’s time to look ahead to what 2008 has in store for us telly addicts.

ITV is promising a new look and, as if signalling intent, Coronation Street and Emmerdale will no longer be on Sundays as the channel plans to keep the weekends soap-free. In addition, their infernal premium-rate quiz shows have been dumped. Hooray! Two interlinking shows from the makers of Life On Mars, Spooks and Hustle will definitely be worth setting the video/DVD etc for if the hype is to be believed. Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon return to their soap roots to play the parts of ex-lovers in Echo Beach. Ben Miller plays the hapless producer desperate to make the soap a success in the behind-the-scenes comedy Moving Wallpaper. Very intriguing…

Another soapster, ex-EastEnder Michelle Ryan, stars in an update of classic 1970s show The Bionic Woman. Not sure how well this series will eventually do. Will it last beyond two seasons? The US networks are pretty ruthless when it comes to pulling shows that don’t perform (Joey, anyone?). Still, ITV2 will be airing the show and I’m curious to see how it will do.

More US imports in the shape of Mad Men due in February on BBC4. It’s from Sopranos writer Matthew Weiner and is set in a 1960s New York advertising agency. But the show I really can’t wait for is House season 4 – I’m chomping at the bit for it. I feel like an addict who needs a fix. Hugh Laurie is just breathtakingly brilliant in this show.


Spring will see a brand new Doctor Who and Torchwood moves to BBC2. There’s also the Life On Mars spin-off entitled Ashes To Ashes which sees the action move up to the 1980s.

If you like your TV shows dark, League of Gentlemen members Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith are collaborating on a new comic-mystery TV series titled Psychoville for the BBC. Oooh-er! The BBC scored a massive TV success with Heroes – an unmissable drama about people with special powers. The first season was great, but show creator Tim Kring apologised to fans for the drama’s slow second season start. At least we know what to expect…Question is – what are you looking forward to watching in 2008? Let me know here. 

Today I am mostly lovin’ – Hearing The Jam on last night’s episode of EastEnders. For those that want to know – the song is Ghosts and it was taken from their 1982 album The Gift. 

Today I am mostly hatin’ – Daytime TV. Waaaay too many property programmes. 

MSN Editor Coops
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26 Responses to 2008’s Telly Treats

  1. Aleczandra says:

    YO! I HATE daytime tv too.ITS SO BORING!!!!!!you never commented on your last article. please comment to this one…i missed you!

  2. famous says:

    hey coops happy new year to you. what about 6-4 to spurs eh?? some game! back to the comments  daytime tv is mostly pants but evenings are getting just as bad! in 10 days time we move from virgin tv on to sky . hope some of the progs i can get on there (sky 1, 2, 3 arebetter or we may watch less than we do now and start crashing the library!!

  3. Alan says:

    Sounds like you were right about Bionic Woman. To coin a Joss Whedon line, I hear it\’s been voted the "Most Cancelled Show on Television". And from watching the first episode, I\’m not too surprised. Don\’t expect much from the series, it\’s not great.Heroes, however, I really loved the second series. I don\’t see why it\’s been so poorly received. And I\’m really looking forward to whatever comes next!
    I too am eagerly awaiting House series 4. Hugh Laurie is awesome, and the character is quite possibly the best on any show at the moment.

  4. Unknown says:

    CSI for me, the series just goes from strength to strength

  5. WILLIAM says:

    i am realy looking foward to watching michelle ryan as the bionic woman, she is fit with a capitol F-I-T.

  6. francheska says:

    I soooooooo can\’t wait for Torchwood or Dr Who, I cna\’y believe that Torchwood starts next Wednesday – YAY!
    Also, I\’m looking forward to Desperate Housewives and to see how Lynette is coping with her cnacer treatment!
    I also can\’t wait to watch Heroes season 2 – I have already seen it and I don\’t believe it has a slow start or is a let down from the first series (but America always say that about every second series of nearly every TV show), in fact the only dissapointment of series two of Heroes is that it only has about 13 episodes due to the writers strike so you are defo left wanting so much more – but hopefully when the strike is over the third series won\’t be too far away.
    BTW, I just wanted to add that I am enjoying the fifth series of Shameless – OK it is has not been as good since the first two series (but it never was gonna be without Steve and Fiona), but it is still enjoyable and funny – and I can still relate to many bits (honestly the show could be based on my family).

  7. Chris says:

    Does anyone know when the new series of Desperate Housewives starts on Channel 4? It\’s the best show on TV along with Heroes, I seriously cannot wait for the new series of both those shows.

  8. Jacob says:

    LOST – I have been waiting 9 whole months… the longest 9 months of my life!!!! After Season Three\’s AMAZING final scene, how can anyone NOT be excited for the start of Season Four?
    Also, \’Heroes\’ – even though I have already seen Volume Two, the last 4 episodes are back on form… The first few are very annoying and nowhere near as good as Volume One\’s standard…
    \’Big Brother 9\’… Need I say more =]
    And, I\’m really intrigued to see what \’Bionic Woman\’ is like…
    Done =]

  9. Jacob says:

    OH! And \’Desperate Housewives\’, which is apparently starting in the spring…

  10. Unknown says:

    Gossip Girl on ITV2! Anyone got any idea when it starts?

  11. Ellie says:

    I\’d really like to have some more info on when all the US import shows are starting over here, there are several that i\’m really looking forward to.I\’d watch out for:Pushing Daisies [ITV?]Reaper [C4?]Chuck [Virgin1]Gossip Girl [C4]and Damages.I\’m also really looking forward to Ashes To Ashes and the new series\’ of Torchwood, Doctor Who and Heroes.But any info anyone can provide about those new shows would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Alice says:

    I\’ve seen a big of \’Mad Men\’ and I will tell you straight-it\’s flippin brillant! I\’m well and truly addicted to house-best show ever and I want desperate housewives back soon-it should of been on like this Wed but coz of thw writers strike-it\’s the spring-gutting!
    I can\’t wait for gossip girl-seem\’s truly awesome and it\’s by the same guy who created the OC-so some possible insights there and Damages was on last night and I gotta say-brillant -gripping stuff. Glenn Close proves how age never defines you as an actress and how you can go from strength to strength.
    I want more Californication though-Hank is one hell of a guy!

  13. Coops - says:

    Happy New Year to all! Welcome back old school peeps Ninja Girl and famouseccles, my Spurs supporting friend (who\’s gonna be happy at the end of the 90 mins? Hope it\’s me!). Welcome newbies and lurkers! So much telly to watch, so little time. I\’ve expanded what I did here into a gallery of just a few of the upcoming shows to look out for. You can view it here. Now to take your comments on: Ninja Girl – yes, daytime TV is terrible. No wonder so many people are on prozac (love my Judge Judy though). Famouseccles, I too am Virgin (cable) and I\’ve been thinking about moving to Sky (satellite); I miss Sky News (sooooo tabloid compared to the BBC\’s News 24) and I wouldn\’t mind watching The Simpsons and Ross Kemp On Gangs/Ross Kemp in Afghanistan.

  14. Coops - says:

    Princess Drama Queen – thank you for letting us know that Mad Men will be worth setting the video for. The promos on BBC Four look tres cool; I hope it goes the distance. (no name), Pushing Daisies is rumoured to be a Friday night ITV1 show and Anna Friel looks gorgeous in it. Gossip Girl, billed as a teen Sex and The City, is rumoured for ITV2 – not Channel 4. Jacob, sorry mate – Lost lost me ages ago – I lost patience with Lost long before Channel 4 lost Lost to Sky One. Chrisdilke, no info on Desperate Housewives\’ start date I\’m afraid. francheska, I agree that Shameless has, in aging football player parlance, lost a yard or two of pace since the first couple of series; it\’s still worth watching though. (no name), CSI remains compelling viewing for me too. The original is by far my favourite but I love Gary Sinise on New York and I tune into Miami, despite the fact that David Caruso annoys me for a reason I can\’t put my finger on. Albatross, whoa! And there was I thinking that maybe The Bionic Woman was a Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip; i.e. a fab but prematurely cancelled series. You say "it\’s not great". OK – come back here when it starts and I\’ll let you know if I agree with you. Thanks for the comments peeps – keep them coming.

  15. vanessa says:

    Been watching US TV for the last 3 months and been lucky to see Heros 2, tru what they say, not as good at 1 but still worth watching and the end episodes are pretty damn good. didnt watch it but Gossip Girl is getting rave reviews. Michelle Ryan in Bionic Woman bit wierd when you know her as Zoe from the Street, aint really my thing. Nip/Tuck series 5 altho a little out there  and all LA but still fab.
    So not sure what i have to look forward to back in the UK except maybe Lost any suggestions??

  16. Julia says:

    Hi, just started reading your post so just thought I\’d mention Itv\’s Primeval which starts series 2 on January 12th at 7pm i didn\’t watch it at first cos the way they had the ads play it made it look like some weird new reality show but after I watched from episode 3 and loved it.Torchwood is on BBC2 on the 16th at 9pm it\’s got the man who played Spike in Buffy as another time agent called Capt. John. CSI:New York starts series 4 on the 12th at 9.20 on Five also on same channel CSI new series where you find out whether Sarah Siddle survives starts tonight at 9pm. 

  17. Aleczandra says:

    Hi! MSN Editor-san!Aww…you were ill at the end of 2007? thats bad?

  18. Unknown says:

    Can anybody stop the DAMN ADVERTS …Sounds silly but we get stations advertising the station your already watching ????
    Advertising breaks are added to station  ident adverts, toadverts about later programming, it can be 11 mins before you are returned to the original programme you tuned in to watch, by then  forgetting where you were in the plot. WORSE stations for this are , VIRGIN,BARVO, HALLMARK, in fact most of them. The programmers seem to have fogotten we tune in to watch a programme NOT
    ADVERTS..If we need to know what\’s on we have BANNER information  on the remote .

  19. famous says:

    i\’m with NO-NAME about the adverts (station breaks  that cause you to miss \’whodunnit \’at the end of a prog )ads that come on when the prog has barely started and ads that you see every ad-break .(is n\’t the mute button a wonderful invention at these times?)if only all the programmes were not repeated every otherday or so.surely keeping up appearances is worn out by now??

  20. Sammy says:

    I completely agree with (No Name) and Famouseccles, We get that there is a need for \’some\’ adverts on t.v, else where is anyone gonna make money?! But, the extent that t.v networks go to is unreal. It\’s like one minute you\’re watching say Big Brother…. 6 or 7 mins in, you get an advert break, which is advertising what your watching?! What\’s the point?I\’ve found that the BBC are quite bad for it, it\’s been on \’Points of View\’ quite a lot. Where you\’ll be watching a program and half of the screen is the program you\’re watching and then the other half is advertising what\’s on later whilst dubbing the original program out.The best way I\’ve found to watch t.v without getting too annoyed is….. watch it at about 2am onwards (terestrial)… that way there\’s 2 ad\’s max between programs….Sort it out!!

  21. Lauren says:

    can anybody tell me what the fascination with HOUSE is what its all about?
    Plz im intrigued.

  22. Unknown says:

    Echo Beach and Wallpaper, i was bored rigid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. natasha says:

    Robin Hood All The Way!!
    Love It Shame Marian Died

  24. gemma says:

    loving the new torchwood especially the guest appearance by james marsters glad to see he has once again adopted the english accent. going to see john barrowman soon so even more excited keep it up guys xx

  25. sam says:

    when does house start then?

  26. Unknown says:

    Moving wallpaper is very funny, love it already! Ben Miller is top class and giggle just looking at him! Echo Beach isn\’t as good but maybe it\’ll buck up. Worth a watch!

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