Westlife Advert: A Real Faff

You all know what I’m talking about. It’s an advert bad enough to make me lose the will to live. I can actually feel my cells dying every time I inadvertently catch the soddin’ thing and hear Kian shout: "But isn’t broadband a real faff to set up Ken?" Isn’t it enough that they’re still releasing records that make my ears bleed? Obviously not. Now I have to put up with them on television. Here is the offending (very) commercial:


And here’s 10 things I’d rather do than watch it again:

1. Fill in a tax return
2. Chip week-old cement out of the inside of a mixer lorry with a tooth pick
3. Read an instruction manual for computer software
4. Watch an Adam Sandler movie
5. Eat Marmite on toast (yuck!)
6. Go to bed with Sylvester Stallone (shudder)
7. Have a conversation with a WAG or WAG wannabe
8. Eat crocodile penis and kangaroo testicles on I’m A Celebrity
9. Waste money on Five/ITV premium-rate quiz shows
10. Buy Jodie Marsh’s tacky, nasty clothes off her

Today I am mostly lovin’ – How painful was last night’s episode of The Street? How gut-wrenching? How raw? How good. Jimmy McGovern, I salute you.

Today I am mostly hatin’ – The Spice Girls advert presenting them debating what to eat on the big day (as if!) annoys me soooo much, I’m boycotting Tescos.

MSN Editor Coops
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83 Responses to Westlife Advert: A Real Faff

  1. westlifegal16 says:

    If u dnt like the westlife advert turn it over same with the music. I think its a gr8 advert but then I am a huge westlife fan. I think the worst post office advert is the one with Wendy Richards I cant stand the women but then I just turn it over and go bk to the channel 5 minutes later. I think alot of ppl will agree with me.

  2. lynda says:

    Just get a life, stop whingeing and do something useful.

  3. Coops - says:

    Stop whingeing? OK. How\’s this…I will definitely give Westlife and the Post Office credit for creating one of the most irritating adverts it has ever been my misfortune to witness. I absolutely applaud them both for the remarkable feat of making The Spice Girls\’ Tesco adverts look like works of art in direct comparison. Positive enough for ya (no name)? In response to westlifegal16, I appreciate your suggestion but it\’s too impractical. Last time I tried it, I turned over and the bloomin\’ thing was on another channel. Of course I could always turn over to the BBC, but I\’d just prefer the advert not to exist in the first place. And the same goes for Westlife too…Sorry, but I have zero respect for them musically.   

  4. Nikki says:

    Haha, too right on everything =D The only thing I disagree with, is the Adam Sandler comment, but hey, the rest is pretty accurate.
    I did think the first Tesco/Spice Girls advert was quite funny the first time I watched it, the one where they\’re finding gifts? But then it was on again, and again, and etc. And then the second one came out. And Geri is portrayed as the reasonable one isn\’t she? I don\’t understand, didn\’t she break up the band to start with?
    And to westlifegal16, really, don\’t they teach English in your school?

  5. karen says:

    what can be said lol the adviters got what they intended, if the advers are annoying for what ever reason then people talk about them so u have just managed to start a thread  which will give the adviters and companys free press lol and more people talking about there product which will cost them not a penny
    so weather you intended it or not now you have just increased the the ammount of people who will discuss them  and if you discuss them that means you remember the product lol

  6. reannan says:

    im sorry but westlife are amazing and if you dont like the adverts then turn t off noone is forcing you to watch them. I bet your just saying all this because your jelous that you can do any better than them and because theyre so successful so just turn it off when it comes on and stop moaning no one wants to hear it!!!

  7. Carole says:

    u obviously havent lost the will to live  but judging by your remarks u r well on your way

  8. Coops - says:

    Oi Coops (that\’s your name, right?), I agree with you completely but you\’re committing Westlife suicide slagging them off. Didn\’t you know that their army of deaf, oestrogen-filled fans who know nothing about music would rush to their defence? Or maybe you did. Westlife should be ashamed of themselves – making so much money off cover versions. Even Take That pen their own stuff. Stuff Westlife!!!!

  9. rene says:

    Is Land of Hope and Glory,the only song that Westlife have not crucified,sorry I meant covered or will it be their next Christmas single?…Can someone please let me know as I have a holiday to book probably around next Christmas.

  10. Charlotte says:

    i absolutley luv westlife, i go 2 see them every year. but when i saw this advertisement !! wot are they doing !!!!!! it\’s like their selling out 😦

  11. Bruce says:

    It\’s a bit socialist innit – "The people\’s broadband from the people\’s post office"
    And to everyone who suggests changing the channel: Have you ever actually watched television? You do know how it works right? Not only will there be more adverts, but they will almost certainly be worse. Probably one for that bleedin\’ Connie Talbot album. It\’s like some kind of evil advertising karma.

  12. Sharon says:

    The company I used to work for used to hold a lavish annual ball. There were always big artists appearing (one year it was Robbie Williams, another Elton John, etc). Who was going to appear was always a very well kept secret. This particular year everyone was waiting in eager anticipation. The curtain rose……it was Westlife. The disappoinment in the air could be felt. And I was just one of the many many people that left early – very early! Nuff said!

  13. Amber says:

    I got to agree with the so called \’negative\’ comments cos darn it that advert gets on my nerves! I mean when was the last time Westlife released anything original? And louis walshs shameless promotion of them on the X factor made me want to be sick. Then again i suppose they need all the help they can get. Sorry who here said people slating them are jealous? Of what? True enough i suppose id love to be a millionaire by having zero talent not being particularly good looking and murdering classic songs.A sweet life indeed. I mean Kian and that other one literally do nothing dont they?

  14. Zohra says:

    wel.. the post office defo gt wt they wnted.. the adverts are supposedly so annoying.. but everyone\’s talking about them… that can\’t be bad for business can it  ?  btw, i think westlife are brilliant.. xx

  15. ✫ sandra ✫ says:

    i agree with westlifegal16, if you don\’t like them then just torn over, what i don\’t understand is, why spend time moaning about something or someone you don\’t like it\’s not going to make any difference to westlife, i have to say that i love the advert & westlife are simply divine, gorgous & very talented otherwise they wouldn\’t have lasted as long as they have & they give a fabulous concert, one of the best i\’ve been to, so keep it up westlife.

  16. famous says:

    coops i\’m with you on the westlife commercial, but what gets me the most is the  hypocracy of the Post Office in making such drivel after closing loads of local post offices . the frontage shown in the advert is apparently just round the corner from a closed  down local post office and general store.

  17. ✫ sandra ✫ says:

    the advert is funny & entertaining & i think the point of using people that are as popular as westlife is to encourage people to use the post office in a bid to save more post offices from being closed down.

  18. Malcolm says:

    I booycotted Tesco\’s ages ago. I refuse to use them point blank. Not even their fuel cos supermarket fuel is watered down thripp pee anyway.
    Why not join in the fun and help to make Tesco suffer?

  19. Coops - says:

    Lovely to hear from you famouseccles my Spurs-supporting mate! On the subject of the Post Office itself, it makes my heart bleed to know that so many are being closed down in areas where they\’re sorely needed. And incidentally, if the Post Office want their Broadband product to be seen as cool, they shouldn\’t have got Westlife, the epitome of naffness, to endorse it.

  20. jeff says:

    oh yeah i\’m sure you\’ll see victoria beckham going tesco for her f.kin lobster she\’ll have a slave for that that advert is false and should be taken off the air adverts suppose to depict real things happening can you imagine seeing the spice girls in the walthamstow tesco and would they sit around the table togethor without there families yeah right

  21. Jonathan says:

    Westlife!!  God can\’t they be banished back to the emerald isle?
    The part that grates me is the guy who\’s just had his teeth done, at the end of the advert he say\’s "where do I sign" whilst keeping his new set of ivory firmly clenched! Classic……won\’t be long before westlife are remaking crap old action movies? makes sense really, they have just about copied all the crap old pop songs they can?

  22. Shel says:

    Lol!  I love the fact that when you mention Westlife in anything but a positive light you get shot down by the hoardes of teenage girls that worship them (I agree that it is naff by the way!)
    Oh and on the mention of Connie Talbot – has anyone called the NSPCC – this is child exploitation at its height!  At least they manages to fix Paul Potts teeth…

  23. famous says:

    okay sandra ,but try telling that to a pensioner who has to travel on two buses or take a taxi to collect her money!!

  24. Shel says:

    Maybe Westlife charged such a fee they HAD to close the Postoffices…
    Makes you think that they can afford premium stars to promote the ads (OK so Bill Oddie and his duck whistle is a bit z list) but they can\’t afford to keep open local village post offices?
    All this and the cost of a stamp getting higher and higher…

  25. michelle says:

    i love the advert its great to see westlife there not on the telly enough

  26. Sarah says:

    well i think u are bein just a bit too sensitive about the advert, i have to agree with people on here, westlife are AMAZING and they are still singing because we want them to…we buy the records and see the shows…funnily enough they all sell out…u can\’t get any better!!!!

  27. leigh says:

    from leigh
    u need to get ur heads looked at if u dont like westlife they r one of the best boy bands going and if they were crap like u seem to think then why r they still around today why are all there concerts soldout and u may think they r crap or what eva but they r only doing what they think is best by trying to get the post offices from shutting down if u dont like the advert that much then turn ur telly off it is not up to u what is on the telly !

  28. Dorothy says:

    Whoever wrote the main comment is my God.

  29. Coops - says:

    Leigh, life is full of mysteries such as: why do supermarket tills always close when I\’m finally at the front of the queue? Why isn\’t there a cure for the common cold yet? And finally, why are Westlife still torturing those of us with descerning taste? Yes, they\’re popular – I don\’t deny that. But not one of you fans has delivered the knock-out blow that would shut me up for good on this subject. I await someone to seriously argue that: 1. Westlife are original. 2. Westlife write their own songs. 3. Westlife are cool. 4. Westlife are respected by music critics 4. Westlife haven\’t built their career off the backs of other people\’s songs 5. Westlife\’s Post Office advert is a masterpiece of wit.

  30. Pete says:

    I found Sandra\’s comments hilarious! Thank you, Sandra. Highlight of my day. Talent? Not an ounce of it between them. Divine? Aaaaaaaahahaha. The only reason they\’ve lasted is that the masses love repetitive drivel instead of true music.

  31. Lee says:

    U sad sad people!! well i for one am not a sad teenage girl fan – i am in fact 36 and a guy and im proud of the fact that i dare to say i like westlife! u dont have to take the msic seriously ya know! theyre not pushin any stupid opinions down anyones throat, nor are they offensive!! So they recorda few covers – so frigin wot! We like the covers!!! And westlife aint the only ones to do covers – so open yer eyes idiots!!!!! Im into many different styles of music – hardcore/ donk/ trance/ theatrical and POP!!!!! THeres room for it all. so leave the boys alone !!!!!

  32. Aleczandra says:


  33. kayliegh says:

    shut up u do not know what you are talking about sure kian cant act but why take it out on the rest of westlife? I can see the green eyed monster!
    If you have nothing better to do than slag people off your life must be pretty sad!

  34. Adi says:

    Z is right…everyone is talking about it, so I think its clever marketing! And…I\’m curious to know, who would the MSN Editor have, if she had the choice, to be in the advert instead of Westlife? Think hard Editor…they have to \’epitomise coolness\’ dont forget!

  35. Coops - says:

    Ninja Girl – what a staunch defence! But don\’t worry, there\’s an old adage about not dishing it out if you can\’t take it – and I can take it. I\’ve had a lot worse said to me than "get a life" which is so pap, isn\’t it? It\’s such a stock response – no thought goes into it whatsoever, no originality. Talking of a lack of originality, Kayliegh, me jealous of Westlife? Sorry – just had to collect my oxygen mask \’cos I\’m dying of laughter over that one. Nah, not a bit. I envy and admire true music talent: from Mozart to Lennon and McCartney. From Duke Ellington to Sam Cooke and Motown\’s Holland-Dozier-Holland, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye etc. There. In the space of 10 seconds, I\’ve given you more of a musical education than Westlife ever will…(no name) I\’ll take up your very commendable challenge – who would I have instead? No one. If the product is that bloomin\’ good, it should sell itself. Besides, I\’m sure whatever monies the PO handed Westlife for that awful advert could\’ve kept a rural PO running for a little while longer, providing a service to the community. By the way marketing people, the success of any advert shouldn\’t be measured merely by how many people are talking about it. It\’s numbers that count in the end. How many people have signed up for the PO broadband since its been running? I haven\’t (and I never will now thanks to that ad.). None of my friends have. Noboby in my office has…

  36. Adi says:

    Thats it? Thats your response? Surely you\’re not saying the advert hasnt been a successful marketing ploy for the PO Broadband…just because you, your friends and the people in your office havent signed up? What about the rest of the populous? What if the PO Broadband GUARANTEED the best connection and speed? Would you not have it just because you dont like the advert! Think of you favourite biscuit or cake…would you stop buying them if the brand started to use Westlife in their adverts? I dont think so! I\’m not a fan of Westlife or their music, but I take my hat off to them because they are successful.

  37. Coops - says:

    (no name), I used my small circle of friends and acquaintances as an example. Conversely, you may know someone who has signed up for the PO broadband on the strength of that advert, although whatever features it boasts gets lost the minute Kian shouts: "But isn\’t broadband a real faff to set up Ken?" With regard to your other point, I\’m quite happy with my broadband service. I have no intention of moving from it so if the PO version is superior, that\’s just my loss, isn\’t it?

  38. Coops - says:

    Damien – love your passion. But this is a PG-rated column and I need to edit out a naughty word….
    DamienI agree with the OP. Why can\’t the people that like Westlife ,see that is all about money with "groups" like them. Not the music. The record companies produce trash like this and force it down our throats. They have songs written for them because they have no talent to write their own. They do covers so that the labels make a quick buck. And "release" songs that are all the same. Tell me that every westlife song is NOT the same song, usually about the same thing over and over, with no attempt to forward music or experiment with new sounds and to create something refreshing and new.     These sorts of "groups" have been destroying true music…from people that CAN write their own lyrics, music and put in a hell of a lot of hard work to get heard. All the greatest musicians have been able to write their own stuff, that\’s what music should be about. Not money. Everyone knows that Westlife are cheesy, just like Boyzone, and Take That etc.. Notice the trend of all these pop comebacks?? It\’s all to do with money. The greedy labels want to cash in.  And the people that are in love with these "groups" are only fueling this travesty in the music world. And before fanboys/girls says anything..Yes they have done well for themselves and good luck to them, but they are just muppets that let the record companies do whatever to them.. hence this commercial. But why would they complain? They get a shed load of cash and I\’m sure they won\’t complain about that! The principle is all wrong with  these "groups".    Music should be about real music, and it\’s such a shame that people with exceptional talent never get picked up and get into the mainstream because of their "image" not fitting with mainstream music,  and their music is something different and actually trys to move the musical boundries to new pastures. But as long as these "group" lovers keep buying their s**t and lets face it..it\’s because they fancy at least one member…..it will continue I\’m afraid.
    20 December 15:38

  39. Dan says:

    100% agree that is one of the worst ads on TV at the moment. Ignoring the award winning acting skills and retina burning white teeth for just a second, the guy who says "But isn\’t broadband a real faff to set up Ken?" isn\’t even getting broadband, just "simple home phone". Does the ad make me want PO broadband? Nope, it just leaves me thinking "Thank God that woman at the end didn\’t get her boobs out".
    And don\’t even get me started on the Spice Girls…

  40. Jay says:

    Personally, I love the advert with Westlife, the squeaky chair has me in stitches !

  41. Nikki says:

    You\’re all going on about the closing down PO\’s. I work at one of them. Only three in the area are being closed. They brought this advert out at the right time knowing that the PO\’s are closing in less than a months time, hoping to cover the problem. Those who support the advert or more specifically, what it stands for, go ask one of your local post masters and ask how he feels about his shop being closed down for no good reason, ask the lovely old women who can\’t actually walk the extra mile or two to another post office. This stupid move is destroying peoples lives.

  42. Star says:

    I just wanted to say music taste is a very personal thing, and for each person out there who cringes when the ad comes on there\’s one who likes it. My 83 year old grandad likes the advert, he doesnt really know who westlife are, but he thinks \’that post office ad with the irish band thingy in is funny\’. So i think the \’teeny boppers\’ thing cant really be pushed with this advert.
     Also, if having no talent gets you millions, 10 years in the music industry\’s eye and 40 million album sales then i might start up a band. Personally i think they have got talent. I think they may not show it in their commercial releases, but some of the members write songs deemed by the industry to be un-commercial.
     Anyway, they have millions in the bank, a place or two in the guinness book of records, happy family lives ( two with children) and notoriety as one of the top pop bands of the time, i dont think they\’re really going to stress out or even give a second thought to a couple of people not liking an advert they have made.
     Personally i want to scratch my eyes balls out and use them to plug my ears everytime justin timberlake, mcfly, britney spears or any of their ilk come on the box promoting drivel, but i live with it. Why not take a leaf out of my book and use the fantastic new invention called a remote control to turn over. Or use the ad breaks for what they are truely meant for, to go and get a coffee/tea/fag or go to the loo.
     Problem solved.

  43. ✫ sandra ✫ says:

    pete if you don\’t think westlife are talented & you don\’t like the ad then why spend time reading what people say about them, they do have talent, i know everyone has a different opinion but wouldn\’t you agree with me on this, you don\’t last 10 years in a tough business if you don\’t have talent, if you don\’t agree then you give it a bash & let us see how much talent you\’ve got. merry christmas. 

  44. Aleczandra says:

    But still, senpai, comments hurt.I know. I\’ve been slapped around for the colour of my hair so I get ultra defensive when it comes to things like this.Its instinct.

  45. Unknown says:

    I actually like the Post Office adverts, i like the Westlife and Joan Collins ones, not as keen on the Wendy Richards one, but someone somewhere probably loves it?! I agree we should be bringing attention to our Post Office services we are very lucky, ask anyone who has moved away to another country and they will sing the Post Office services in this country! As for the Spice Girls advert, no thanks!!! But the worst advert i can think of is " Picture Loans!!!!!" "How much do we want to loan………….. was it £25,0000000000? O h yeah that\’s it!" Please, how ridiculous!!!!!

  46. Unknown says:

    Sorry, i meant to say sing the praises of the Post Office services in this country in my last comment!!!!!

  47. Unknown says:

    why do people like you have to have a go at Westlife at every opportunity?  Yes the advert is cheesy but many people love it!  I think its actually meant to be seen as humourous, maybe you have no sense of humour yourself if you can\’t see that. 
    Also if you are saying that groups like Westlife are destroying music, then how come you aren\’t having a go a \’artists\’ such as 50 cent, Eminem, SeanPaul, etc whatever it is they spurt out certainly isn\’t music and yet \’admirers of music\’ such as yourself aren\’t critising the rubbish and filth they produce.  Correct me if I\’m wrong (I\’m sure you will) but many, many other atists do covers of songs, which personally I think are worse than the original, whereas in my opinion whenever Westlife cover a song it is equal or even better than the original.
    Oh and I think you need to check your facts about Westlife writing their own material!

  48. John says:

    N.B.Quote;      "MSN Editor CoopsNinja Girl – what a staunch defence! But don\’t worry, there\’s an old adage about not dishing it out if you can\’t take it -"Please note, you and a few million like you, that an adage is already old by its own definition. Thankyou.

  49. Peter says:

    Absolutely agree. I hope they bloody find home and stay there. Ads like this drive me insane with irrelevnt cameos from celebritys like this. honestly.

  50. Kirat says:

    Lol, ok so Westlife are muppets on hands, the companys "use" them any way they want. So they\’ve been doing it for 10 YEARS! To last that long in this era of music is an achievment. How many other \’used boybands\’ have there been? Northern Line, Boyzone, Busted, V, Phixx, BB Mak, 3SL, LFO, Nsync, just to mention a few. But where are they now? Finished. If Westlife are as bad as you say they are, then why are people still buying their music? Lay off them. 

  51. Amber says:

    Personally I hate any celeb endorsed products and all these celebrity perfumes shoes, toilet paper whatever! I find it sad that people would actually go and buy these things because say Colleen McIm Only Famous Cos My Boyfriends A Footballer made it. Do people really believe these celebs wear their own products? It would be extraordinarily sad if someone decided to purchase Post Office Broadband cos if westlife endorse it must be alright! Then again if people purchase their music and put themselves through their concerts I can imagine that would happen. And im not trying to be rude but I keep hearing about teenybopper audiences for westlife but personally I think its more like 5yr old and ladies who are some what older than a teenager! Hey im older too dont bite my head off!

  52. Ann says:

    I love it, the lady is hilarious……….

  53. Anita says:

    MUPPETS!!! I LOVE THIS ADVERT!  I love the bit where Kian shouts.  I hate post offices tho and i think Shane has an English accent more so than the others.  Why is this?  I was expecting one of them to wet themselves like in a sketch for Little Britain.

  54. Emily says:

    You are talking rubbish!!  You may not like them but Westlife are fantastic – they are brilliant live and the fans absolutely adore them.  Their concerts are amazing – they work so hard and please the fans.  That is why they have sold so many records and are still going strong after 10 years.  There\’s not many \’boy bands\’ who have stayed around for so long.  They must be doing something right, so although you might not like them there are millions of people out there who do.  I am a grandma so it\’s not just the youngsters who like them!!

  55. jean says:

    i think the advert with westlife is funny, better than joan collins anyway

  56. lee says:

    if people talk about the ad either good or bad then it has worked as publicity.

  57. Sylvia says:

    I think it is a disgrace that so much money is being spent on an advert like this with all the \’celebrities\’ involved when the government are closing Post Offices left, right and centre!!!

  58. Barry says:

    I find it ironic that the British postal service is being promoted by an Irish group. An Irish group that cant bring themselves to wear poppies but are quick enough to take a few of our pounds to promote something.
    If the post office wanted a successful boy band to promote their services perhaps they should have gone for a British band,say Take That. At least Take That are widely respected in the music business.

  59. Unknown says:

    I absolute hate that PO/Westlife advert!

  60. natalie says:

    while i love westlife…i do hate the ad.  very cringeworthy lol.  i\’m a bit sick of celebrities making even more money that they don\’t need with stupid products (like the perfume being done by virtually everyone).  but i do love westlife, love their music and they\’re wonderful live…but they can\’t act haha.  the woman on the chair is the best bit of the ad.

  61. Unknown says:

    if u dont like westlife then its just really bloody tuff for you so u all can get stuffed westlife are really talented and people really do need to watch what they say cuz one of my ex mates got done for the same thing here so watch it if i was you westlife are unbreakable and will be selling and make records for a long time to come x

  62. donna says:

    at least westlife can sing, you can actually understand what they are saying, i am a fan but dont like the ad but would rather see that than most other CELEBS who are not a good role model for kids.

  63. Sam says:

    take that would have been better to use

  64. Sarah says:

    I think you are slaging westlife of for no reason.yeah the advert isn\’t great but westlife can sing.thats why they have been going for ten years and its not just kids that like them.i don\’t slag other artists off so i don\’t understand why you do it.they have good sonmgs and great voices.

  65. CLAIRE says:

    Leave Westlife alone, I think this advert is funny especially the woman on the chair!
    If you want to have a go at someone have a go at the post office who are trying to promote themselves while shutting branches which I think is a contradiction and a waste of money.  Why dont they spend the money they are using on the advert to keep the branches open instead. 
    At least Westlife do something in the advert for what they are being paid unlike Joan Collins just standing there or Wendy Richard looking stupid.
    At least Westlife can sing and wonderfully as well.  Unlike the Spice Girls.  If you want adverts that are a waste of money and make me change channels or mute the sound try them.  Its more likely to make me avoid Tesco than use it.
    I also HATE the Safestyle UK advert that makes me hit the mute button every time.

  66. Unknown says:

    Westlife are brillant!!! They are 4 talented Irish fellas, who but on a great show every time they perform.  I\’ve seen them 4 times and would see them again if i could afford too.  They have a large fan base of all ages.  I would turn the add off if Take That ( Take Crap) were on it.  They should have stayed away when they were.  I hated them the first time around and hate them more this time. WESTLIFE RULE!!!
    Oh and mr/mrs comment about the poppies – Alot of the Irish including myself don\’t wear the poppies and speaking for myself don\’t give a rats tale about them!!

  67. Sammy says:

    Westlife are a great band, just not my thing as I\’m not really a pop kind of person. But each to their own!The advert wasn\’t as bad as everyone\’s making out…. I found it pretty funny (especially the lady in the chair… what a hoot!!).Also, it wasn\’t as cheesy as most celebrity based ad\’s are. Take the Spice Girls Tesco ad for an example… It\’s better than having to watch anything with Victoria Beckham pretending to know what an iPod is or watching her whine on about what she\’s gonna pretend to eat on christmas day…

  68. jeanette says:

    I love this advert.  nickys smile awwwwwwwwww

  69. rosemary says:

    i love westlife and im a nan to10 granchildren.they lasted longer than any other group and all thereconcerts are sold out.say no more

  70. bonnie says:


  71. Sandy says:

    I love the advert and I love Westlife!! Wouldn\’t life boring if we all loved the same thing.  I think people should \’chill out\’ a little and not let these trivial things annoy them so much.   If they can\’t do that, then switch the tv off or better still, dig a hole six foot deep and jump in it!!!

  72. natalie says:

    God i really hate all these people calling westlife a great band… they are not a band they are a group but together because of their apperance and none of them have a bit of talent to be in a band… bands write their own music… they do not mine along to somebodys elses master piece…. however i hate to be the baddy so if you like westlife.. good for you

  73. kerry says:

    Take that wasn asked to do the ad emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder y i yea cuz der shyt. An ad dat features a band thts speacility is singing and they do a an ad should be funny, nt expertly dne,like an oscar winning performance and that is exactly what this ad is for. and for that poppy ad, no1 wears poppies ere in Ireland, and when Westlife play a concert they always show their Ireland flag, they are proud of their country.  

  74. debbie says:

    If you don\’t like the ad – don\’t watch it.  Westlife are a great band and I\’ve seen them every year.
    I\’m no youngster either, and think the adverts ok.

  75. debbie says:

    Just watched the advert. Personally, i find it amusing.  If you don\’t like it,  turn over – i haven\’t
    seen it yet on tele.

  76. sandra says:

    It\’s only an advert folks, be thankful it\’s not Leona Lewis, now that would make me scream

  77. LYN says:

    I quite liked the Westlife advert and also the one with the Spice Girls but really to say such nasty things in a blog is inappropriate.  You also should watch your language.  Who on earth employs someone like you to write a blog?

  78. Gemma says:


  79. Rachel says:

    i would so love to see you do all of those 10 things, rather than watching the advert
    but if kangaroo bits turn you on more than shane filan, wat can i say
    whatever floats your boat

  80. Jen says:

    Westlife are awesome! Love them and their advert and will look forward to my 9th concert in March! =)

  81. Coops - says:

    To (no name) who wrote this: "eally to say such nasty things in a blog is inappropriate.  You also should watch your language.  Who on earth employs someone like you to write a blog?"I think you\’re being a tad oversensitive, especially on the point about language. I defy you to quote any profanity used by me. In addition, my Westlife views are my own and not endorsed by the company I work for as the disclaimer on this blog clearly states.

  82. tori says:

    I like marmite on toast. I especially like to eat it whilst watching Adam Sandler movies.

  83. Jonathan says:

    Whoops, sent my messages instead of posting a comment sorry!.
    This advert isnt the worst on TV. I hate the quorn advert it makes my blood boil. I thought I had finally been rid of it then they started showing it again. Grrrrrgggghhhhhhh. All i want to do is slap the annoying girl on it. "Touch my food feel my fork" *slap slap slap*
    Also to people who say if you dont like dont watch, you dont really have enough time to grab the remote to switch over the annoying ads.

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