November Mailbag

Regular readers of this blog will know that the first entry of the new month is about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during November. Here’s what you’ve been saying…
I’m no fan of premium rate quiz shows as this blog entry illustrates. MSN user Michael wrote in to agree with my take on things: "If there is any justice in Britain, then these shows should be stringently monitored. The rise of these scams should be tackled by your GP – The Gameshow Police! And I’m serious!" Thanks for writing in Michael. My hope is that the string of TV phone-in/vote-in blunders and premium rate scandals that have become public knowledged has deterred people from calling in. Let’s have proper TV shows back in the red eye slot, not this money quiz rubbish.
My blog entry Gorilla + Phil Collins Does Not = Chocolate prompted a huge response. Now I may be in the minority (then again, I might be in the majority), but I still don’t get the connection between a gorilla playing drums to In The Air Tonight and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Lazy advertising if you ask me. Anyway, loads of people responded and one user wrote me with the following: "The editing is spot on…but also the most disappointing advert ever. The sheer power of energy emerging from the combination of such an emotionally powerful tune, the physical strength of a gorilla (albeit not real) and such a powerful instrument justifies a worthwhile cause which definitely is NOT Cadbury’s chocolate. I was expecting a Save The Children or World Peace campaign (weren’t we all? MSN Editor Coops). Although wasted on a Cadburys advert, as a visual peice, I would like to shake the hand of the person who generated this idea.  Sheer Genius!!!" 
MSN user Ann wrote in to say: "I really enjoyed reading your article on TV outbursts as it was amusing." Thank you Ann, I’m glad it tickled your funny bone. Tom Cruise jumping the couch on Oprah’s show will take some beating as far as I’m concerned. Have you seen it? It’s disturbing with a capital D…
I have received more negative comments about our new TV Listings service. Complaints centre around the speed, the look and feel and results returned from searches. I feel your pain – believe me. However, we are determined to iron out the teething problems and ask that you bear with us while we do so. 
Finally, I’ll give the last word to MSN user Greg: "Hello Coops, just read your article, I must admit I’m not a great fan of I’m a celebrity. Would you agree that a better show would be ‘I’m a politician, get me out of here’? Warm regards." Greg – that is genius. Absolutely genius! Thanks for all your comments and messages guys. Keep them coming in. That’s it for this month as far as the mailbag is concerned.

MSN Editor Coops
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7 Responses to November Mailbag

  1. Aleczandra says:

    Hey MSN Editor-san!!!! Nice to see ya!Good article. But I think the gorilla ad isa legend!btw, some advice, if you are feeling stressed, upset, etc, then do THESE links; v. sweet and cute and happy!

  2. james says:

    watching this programe for a few weeks[[i,m a celeb]]did anyone pick up on the sayings of the small presenter.when a snap of the young girl contestent was shown.he said ""ah,frest meat""very insulting to all women.he also said ""i,v taken a few pigs to the cinema"".are they so famous that they can say any thing …….

  3. Coops - says:

    Thanks for the links Ninja Girl! James, in answer to your question: probably yes. But Janice gave as good as she got…

  4. tracie says:

    I never thought in a million years that the gorilla/phil collins ad would be for chocolate, it definately should have been used to increase awareness of something other than that, because it is absolutely excellent, I for one love it!  It also just happens to be my daughters boyfriends mate who is lucky enough to be MR Gorilla playin the drums in the ad!  Some people just get all the best jobs!!!!! 

  5. Shaun says:

    Yeah..,I think the gorilla advert is a very masculine piece of media. I can see how the outlet of physical effort combined with the accomplishment of rhythmical control can be very pleasurable for a bloke. Remember, the advert is about a cup and a half full of joy. It sound crazy but I and many other men have found a great sensation of pleasure and joy by banging \’air-drums\’ for decades to good old Phil\’s mega-ballad. I think the gorilla is a symbolic metaphor for the idea of untamed strength in a man used in the particularly ritualistic occasion of air drumming to Phil Collins. Maybe the ad is deliberately targeted towards nostalgic middle-aged men..?

  6. john says:

    im stuned to find out the gorrilla isnt real i was sure id seen it on totp back in the late seventys

  7. DeeDee says:

    What people don\’t seem to be getting, including my own dad who is a Phil Collins fan, is the fact that that advert represents exactly what the chocolate represents, if you sit down and listen to \’in the air tonight\’ you get a full 2 and a half minutes of pure slow, almost classical, tantalizing, near sexy but not so perfect vocals teasing you, your almost impatiently waiting for those 2 and a half minutes to zoom by (and you know you cant fast forward it) just for the moment were the drums come in and the music gets louder and more meaningful, there\’s more drama, heart-ache, instruments and it makes your heart thumb right to the end. This is the only song I have seen people actually pay attention to quietly. So imagine having your Cadbury\’s, the moment you take it out of the cabinet, from under your bed or wherever, hold it in your hands, making yourself comfortable (and you all know you do it, especially you chocoholics, so don\’t mock me) you look at it and you sort of wait for the perfect moment, your taste buds tantalizing you = the slow music for that 2 and half minutes and the moment you bite it = the drum beat \’in the air tonight\’. In the air tonight represents Cudbury\’s very well, it\’s perfect, although you wouldn\’t wait 2 and half minutes to eat a chocolate, but those couple of seconds or whatever you are getting ready, are those 2 and half minutes of slow pleasure. GORILLA + PHIL COLLINS = CHOCOLATE!!!

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