Kimberly Stewart – Why?

‘It Girl’. If you see these two words anywhere, don’t waste your time. If it’s a magazine (‘It Girl Reveals All!’), don’t buy the magazine. If it’s a newspaper (‘It Girl Tells All!’), don’t purchase it. And if it’s a TV programme, do something more entertaining instead…like listening to country music while watching paint dry. Invariably, ‘It Girls’ cannot be defined by an actual career – so they have this blah title instead to elevate their status. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson used to be an It Girl (‘It Girl’ Tara Palmer-Tomkinson spotted on Oxford Street….’), but she has now progressed to a level where the preceding mantle is no longer required (‘Tara Palmer-Tomkinson spotted on Oxford Street….’) and like SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker), TPT is also known by an acronym. All she needs now is a man to help her obtain a couple nickname a la TomKat, Brangelina et al.
I’m talking It Girls due to Living With Kimberly Stewart. Yet another absurd Living reality TV show. Why not yawn through the promo, like I did?
And the blurb on their website is a hoot: ‘LA It girl Kimberly Stewart thinks it is time she delved into the London property market, and is keen to have a base in the capital city. But, before buying a property she is sampling the London scene by renting a London house for a few months, and rediscovering her British roots at the same time. As her career is on the up and up the fashion icon, TV personality, model and soon-to-be-singer is travelling around the world more and more, and needs two perfect flatmates to live in her new abode and also look after it whilst she is off jet-setting. Having hand-picked the potential flatmates from hundreds of applicants, the final 12 were selected…’ yada-yada-yada.
Give the publicist a medal for managing more than a sentence about an extremely vacuous socialite. I laughed until my stomach hurt when I read the bit asserting that her career is "on the up and up" – on which planet? She’s so shallow, she makes Paris Hilton look like Germaine Greer. Suffice it to say, the programme itself has no entertainment value. I can’t even file it under ‘so bad it’s good’. It’s just a Jurassic-sized pile of dinosaur doings. Why Kimberly Stewart? There are any number of equally talentless, empty-headed zelebs on this side of the Atlantic – start with yer average WAG.
However, this show does confirm one thing for me; Living is easily home to the most stoooooooopid, pointless, nonsensical reality TV shows in the UK. Don’t believe me? Dirty Cows (Tara Palmer-Tomkinson hosts as 10 city girls compete to bag ‘a hunky farmer looking for love’). Pete’s PA (what does Pete Burns need a PA for?). Jade’s PA (what did Jade Goody need a PA for?). Jade’s Salon. To The Manor Bowen (camp interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen moves his family to the jungle – yawn). Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life (think Simon Cowell’s Grease Is The Word, but with a focus on dancing…and lower viewing figures). I could go on, but you’d lose your will to live. Don’t get me wrong, there is some good stuff on Living – but they do showcase the worst of reality TV. And as for Ms Kimberly Stewart? As Living has kindly taken the time and trouble to remind us that her career is "on the up and up", I’ll look out for a respectable write-up. I’ll also ensure that I don’t hold my breath…
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Anyone watching The Flight Of The Conchords on BBC Four? Their songs are absolutely genious.  
Today I am mostly hatin’ – Is it just me, or was Happy Birthday Bafta, on the whole, toe-curling television? There were some good bits but…oh dear.
MSN Editor Coops
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24 Responses to Kimberly Stewart – Why?

  1. Adelah says:

    I hate the show, and i really think it\’s a complete waste of time. i could understand a competition that gives some lucky person the chance to live with an A list celeb, but come on who is kimberly stuart, a paris hilton wanabe? i didn\’t even know who she was before the ads came on tv. And can you believe they had to actually say\’this is rod stuarts daughter.\’

  2. Vivian says:

    Why do they keep shoving these people down or throats?  You got every wannabee and his daughter – z-listers (Jade Goodie\’s Partner in the Celebrity BB House – how is he a celebrity??).  They are fast ruining viewing for the majority of people who have no interest in this old tosh.  Rod Stewart was called "the royalty of pop" yeah .. of course he is.  His daughter is no-one special to anyone other than her family, so why would these people demean themselves to live with a person who quite frankly needs a reality check.  It is a shame her father didn\’t put her on the right road instead he pandered to the \’princess syndrome\’.

  3. Aleczandra says:

    i have no idea what we are talking about i did not even read the article i am just commenting because there is nothing else to do.

  4. Natasha says:

    Its a really stupid bloody programme – wish i could get rich by doing something so stupid 🙂 hehehe

  5. only_me_again says:

    Love Flight of The Conchords, if you love that you should check out jarrod in Eagle vs Shark, kind of like Napoleon Dynamite, only (my opinion!) so much better!
    "you\’re so beautiful, you could be a part time model" Genius haha

  6. Coops - says:

    abs 93, (no name) and Me, I feel your pain. The worst part is, I can\’t even laugh at this rubbish. It\’s just awful. Ninja Girl, we\’re talking about Kimberly Stewart, but don\’t worry – your response is ever so apt. 🙂  dont make me go zelda on you, thanks for the recommendation.

  7. marcus says:

    why get annoyed by it? turn off your radio, throw out your telly, turn your backs on people that talk about this rubbish we get swamped by each and every day……… short don\’t by into anything printed or televised and claim your brain back to concentrate on things that deserve your attention………….i did…………kimberly who? hahahaha

  8. Aleczandra says:

    Thank you for reminding me MSN Editor-san.I don\’t get it. Why call themselves \’It\’ Girls?How are they celebrities?I hate people like Kimberley Stuart and Jade Goody who are only famous because either their parent/s are famous or they went on a reality show and get paid for making fools of themselves by getting drunk or something.

  9. Sati Marie says:

    And what do you wanna bet she picks either the hottest guys or the girls who look like they\’ll act as maid and cook to her? Or maybe one of each?
    That said, I am guilty of having watched Dirty Cows a couple times. But here I draw the line. Yuck. It girls rub me the wrong way. A person should do SOMETHING with their life other than partying.

  10. gloria says:

    dont these so called celebs, i say so called because they havent done anything to be called a celeb. These people have millions of pounds already, surely someone else deserves a chance to make some money. Rather than expanding on these peoples already swelling bank accunts?

  11. Unknown says:

    Maybe \’Sh*t Girls\’ would be more appropriate

  12. Gloria says:

    Just wanted to say that this show is terrible…the \’famous\’ Kimberley Stewart (aka-my dad was famous and now I\’m living off of his name and reputation) gets 12 people to live in a 3-bedroom house, run around and try to impress her while she goes shopping, hosts parties and is followed around by her douche-bag manager (slang in the states for a moron!). DONT WATCH unless you want a laugh..people like this are so sad!

  13. Runa says:

    I absolutely hate this z-list celeb culture we\’ve got going on in Britain!!! I can deal with people who\’ve got the talent to back up their fame even if some of them are deranged loonies but I cannot stand those flipping no-talent, attention-seeking, lads mag breast baring, gold-digging, footballers WAG wannabes. I was infuriated during the UK Nickelodeon\’s Kids Choice Awards. Usually in the States it\’s a really big thing and all the A-listers like Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake etc turn up but guess who are the \’stars\’ of our show: bloody Chanelle and Ziggy!!! And, to top it all off they even made reference to their whole \’it\’s me not you\’ incident in front of kids who didn\’t find their brand of humour funny and rightly so. I\’d just like all of them to p**s off.

  14. Rick says:

    Round \’em up, put \’em in a field……..and bomb the b*******!Celebs are merely people with \’jobs\’ that expose them to a larger number of people.  Some have talent and some have worked hard to earn their money, like the rest of us.   However, for my feelings on the rest (Kimberly Stewart, Paris Hilton, Jade Goody, etc.) please refer to my opening statement.  A lot of things would have to fall into place for that dream to happen, but running the scene through my mind a few times a day is helping me keep my sanity.Oh, and would anyone object to me herding a few TV Chefs into the field too?  I\’d stick \’em in a corner so that they\’d only get hit by a little shrapnel and body parts.  Wouldn\’t want to obliterate them, as I know there are people out there who would love to know how to reduce half a cow into something the size of an After-Eight Mint.  And they do give free tips on swearing and staff abuse too…..which is nice.

  15. Unknown says:

    a total waste of time though it may appeal to the intellectually challenged

  16. Unknown says:

    When I saw the reputable excuses for adverts for this show on Living one night, I actually had the fortitude to ask my mum, \’Who?\’ and why not? Why is Living wasting its\’ time with this low level garbage? Is it a desperate attempt to boost ratings? I think not. So why do they put this kind of stuff on the air?!

  17. shibani says:

    i love it

  18. JOHN says:

    Who the bloody hell is she anyway ? I know she has something to do with Rod Stewart but then truth be told there are probably hundreds  of Mr. Stewarts offspring running around, so how comes this slightly odd looking one gets the camera attention. Unfortunately floodgates are being opened now it wont be long until the over privileged under fed fruit of celebty loins over run TV completely, so we have the children of stars such as Shane Richie et al. to look forward to. Think I will start reading

  19. BlueGirl says:

    I feel sorry for Kimberley Stewart and all those vacuous nonentities whose fame only exists because they are either related to someone famous or have built a career going from one reality show to the next. When I see the Kimberley Stewarts, and Michelle Scott Lee\’s and Jade Goody\’s on the back cover of a glossy magazine or appearing in some new reality show I do feel genuine pity. The fact that they crave fame and celebrity to boost their self exteem says it all really. "Look at me!" I can hear each and everyone of them. The loudest person in the room is usually the weakest.

  20. The Wilkys says:

    so stop watching it

  21. Windahl says:

    I hate them all! Peaches, Trixi-bell, Kimberly etc. I am already dreading the day that the spawn of Tomcat starts talking. Celebrity kids are a bad idea. Kelly Osborne might be good in Chicago but she is still anoying and always will be. Her brother is a numpty and poster kid of \’Emos\’.
    Kimberly Stewart should be put to death. She is pointless.  They all are. Only Liv Tyler seems fine!
    Interesting point lumping the other media made \’celebrities\’ such as Jade! You can blame them or blame the media but the real cuprits is all the buyers of the cheesey \’celeb\’ magazines and the viewers that choose to watch that tripe.
    I can\’t stand it and fear that society is actually getting dumber because now every kids thinks they don\’t have to choose a career and excel at anything they can \’just\’ become famous.

  22. stuart says:

    the thing that scares me is she\’s going to be a singer..does she seriously think people will take her seriously and she`ll be 1% as talented as her father?..cant see it

  23. Michael says:

    the "on" button is also an "off" button. I never watch such crud

  24. Emily says:

    I agree with your opinions but if you don\’t like it, don\’t watch it. Simple as.

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