Gorilla + Phil Collins Does Not = Chocolate

Surely it’s not just me? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Here are my 10 television truisms of the moment…
1. The person who last used the remote control (whether it’s for the TV, DVD, video, etc) can never remember where they left it. As far as I’m concerned, this should be grounds for divorce.
2. Keira Knightley’s advert for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle will always air during Paramount Comedy Channel’s Sex And The City repeats. And just in case anyone asks, it’s Joss Stone covering L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole, not Mariah Carey.
3. It’s impossible to miss annoying adverts: Ladbrokes ("Oooooooooh-eeeer!"), non-UK boy with stinky poo ("It’s all gorrrrrrn! It’s all gorrrrrrrrrn!"), Pictures loans ("Dad’s found yer scoot-ah!"), Morrisons ("I like my bread fresh..") et al.
4. Conversely, you’re always on the loo when an advert you love comes on ("Quick! You’re missing that advert you really like!").
5. Channel Five will always cut to a commercial break at the most inappropriate times during Columbo.
6. X Factor auditions are not funny anymore
7. Despite the abundance of TVs in a home, if the biggest and best telly is in the living room, there will still be arguments over what to watch.
8. The volume of the adverts on UKTV Gold, MTV and the Paramount Comedy Channel is loud enough to wake the dead….I saw Oscar Wilde in Borders and asked for his autograph.
9. It is no longer possible to find out the name of an actor via the end credits…unless you can read squeezed text.
10. Gorilla + Phil Collins does not = chocolate
Feel free to add your own TV truisms or a comment in general.
Today I am mostly lovin’ – It’s good to be a Gooner. Famouseccles, my Spurs supporting friend, if you’re out there – look on the bright side and remember the 1980s when your lot did better than my lot..
Today I am mostly hatin’ – My internet service provider. I have no Broadband; they have a technical call centre in India. They don’t understand my sarf London accent, I can’t decipher some of theirs (I’ve spoken to loads of people). It’s soooooo frustrating! And I still have no Broadband. Grrrrrrrr!
MSN Editor Coops
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100 Responses to Gorilla + Phil Collins Does Not = Chocolate

  1. kessie says:

    fantastic ad the best by far

  2. PRINCESS says:

    DURING ..COLUMBO\’S…..SUPER SLUTHING…..LOL….(see 5 above)….

  3. Kaisa says:

    my hubby loves the ad, i just don´t get it.. perhaps the humour is too sophisticated for a poor little blonde like me :o)

  4. Martina says:

    The cadburys choclate advert is brill,, gorilla+phill collins does equal chocolate coz if you listen to the words" ive been waiting for this moment all my life" it works, when you want chocolate, as a woman does,and you get it, its a great feeling, i really empathize with that advert.

  5. Collean says:

    Great advert!  don#t know what it has to do with chocolate mind, can some one tell me.

  6. Unknown says:

    Fantastic advertising – gorilla, chocolate and Phil Collins of course they go together. It made me laugh the first time I saw it and it makes me laugh every time I see it. Are you sure it\’s not Phil in that gorilla suit? Well done Cad***** genius bit of advertising.

  7. Ellen says:

    This ad with the ape has completly ruined the song for me – now I cant listen to it without seeing an ape

  8. CLARE says:

    i love this advert….
    i absolutley love that song whats wrong with a bit of monkey madness lol.. and theres chocolate involved aswell its got the thumbs up from me xx

  9. Karen says:

    I absolutely LOVE the gorilla advert playing drums to "in the air tonight"
    put the volume up high and enjoy!

  10. reg says:


    This ad with the ape has completly ruined the song for me – now I cant listen to it without seeing an ape.why would that ruin a song for you? it\’s just an advert, so if you saw an advert with say a horse in, and they played your favourite song in the background, would you still like that song?

  11. Lynne says:

    wow people people its a brill ad but y all the fuss? good tune good chocy  good drummer it took 9months to train thre grilla
    now the poor thing cant stop drumming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch the ad and think ov that poor grilla drummin all day (not)!!!!

  12. eileen says:

    I love this advert, love the music and the gorilla – totally fits round the chocolate thingy too, I just love how the gorilla is \’feeling\’ the music – brilliant! (maybe its a girl thing – chocolate!!)

  13. eileen says:

    Previous comment is mine…….love the gorilla, the music and it absolutely does fit round the chocolate theme – Bondie x

  14. mo says:

    i think the ad is great i just wish there was more of the grilla playing the drums.

  15. IAN says:

    i think this advert is the best i have seen in a long time, myself and partner love phil collins and both think the gorilla makes his song great. ps she love chocolate. ian

  16. Judi says:

    The Gorilla / Chocolate advert is sooooooooooo sexy. Does it work … You bet it does!

  17. elaine says:

    just love the advert, love chocolate, love gorillas, love my partner, but still trying to convince him the gorilla IS real

  18. Marilyn says:

    BRILLIANT ADVERT….compulsive to watch…who cares if it has anything to do with chocolate!!

  19. sheila says:

    We all love this advert at work,the phil collins cd goes on full blast when we\’re clearing the operating theatre in between cases.
    Nice on Cadbury\’s.

  20. colin says:

    its just so cheesy

  21. Julieanne says:

    Everyone I know absolutely loves this advert – its class and addictive – everyone wants it on their phones lol
    Also everyone knows its the advert for cadburys so if you ask me then its done its job at advertising chocolate because its so popular!

  22. Nicola says:

    I don\’t understand the connection what does a Gorilla possibly have to do with a chocolate bar??? Although the first time I saw this ad it made me chuckle!

  23. Unknown says:

    absolutely fantastic best add for ages

  24. vesna says:

    An ad is onlyand entirely successfully if you know and remeber what the product it is it\’s advertising. Yes ok the gorilla has nothing to do with chocolate, but the whole gorilla pitched in with the drum beat of the song is as adictive as the chocolate itself. What a winner!

  25. Doreen says:

    I am a lover of chocolate, Phil Collins and Gorilla\’s, so having the three together in one advert is a little piece of heaven. My 2 yr old grand-daughter runs to the tv as soon as she hears it and wont move until it finishes. So as the saying goes, \’Play it again sam\’

  26. PENNY says:

    Sublime advert makes you smile just like chocolate does. Clever Cadbury\’s and FYI guy in the gorilla suit is called Garon Michael.

  27. susie says:

    Love the advert. Hate chocolate. Love Phil Collins! Have done for thirty years now. The gorilla is great as that is the hardest drum rift of all to play. Susie.

  28. Paul says:

    Sometimes everything just work in harmony, the last ad like this was \’perfect day\’ remember

  29. janice says:

    I asked my husband about the ad and why the gorilla and the reply?
    They couldn\’t afford Phil Collins! Still love it tho.

  30. Sam says:

    loool i think that the ad has helped phil\’s popularity among younger generations
    alot of us downloaded the song and alot of others from his…..hes a gr8 singer…CMN THE GORILLA!!!!!

  31. nigel says:

    the best advert since the honda advert were the car was shown bit by bit all kids love it so in the next 10 to 15 years there\’s going to be an influx of drummers in pop music

  32. Patricia says:

    I agree with what was said about the things in TV Blog..but not with the gorilla advert using Phil Collins song I think its great who can forget that advert the gorilla is so handsome!! and I love cabury chocolate yummy.. so two yummys in one woweee!!!

  33. kenny says:

    Annoying ads.= Injury Lawyers for you  " Mr Henderson remember where you are" ( well where is he, i havn t got a clue Looks like a Court room)
    The bloke falling of " The wrong type of ladder" well excuse me if he knew it was the wrong type of ladder he shouldnrt have been up it! Much less getting £7 grand Compensation.
    The woman walking through "Reception and seriously injuring her Handbag!!
    The woman Videoing her Hubbie organising a "Picture Loan" Why would you do that?? And the Hubbie dosnt even know where the Thunders coming from.
    The other woman who says 25 thousand to the Picture Loan people, then mouths it to her hubbie AFTERWARDS!! DUUHH !!
    Then when he finally trips over Joshes Sccoootah, i have this image in my head that he seriously injures himself, then he cant work  they get there Picture Loan refused ( That would be funny)  they call in Injury Lawyers for you and end up Sueing their own son Josh, and now theyve managed to re site that scooter!!
    I feel so much better after that Rant Thanx  Ken.

  34. Darren says:

    If you are watching an American "Family" film you can guarantee that at some stage of the film it will be Christmas and they will have a huge kitchen

  35. patricia says:

    this advert is fantastic, could watch it all day, cant wait for the drums to start WOWEEEEEEEEEE.

  36. kenny says:

    Have been talking about it at work today and most people luv the Gorilla Advert. But we should have lots more Comments an the ones that get on your Nerves and more importantly WHY!!!
    Is it the endless Ads for car insurance (calm down dear)  the Sexy M&S Food ads. The dreaded Picture Loans which i already mentioned earlier. The Anglian window ads!! there are so many out there, im gonna have a real sit down and watch just the Ads tonite.
    And then il probably call Injury Lawyers for U, and blame my failing eyesight on Tv. ( I wonder if ive been given the right pair of Glasses:??)
    How much compensation will i receive??#

  37. wazza says:

    the annoying pizza add how ur meant to pick up the pizza when the ends fall off are beyond me………………………….help?
    an if phil plus gorilla make chocolate i aint eating it ever again.lol.
    y are there so many adverts during most haunted live??? thought the whole point watchin a live show is so you stay involved not watch what you can see every day does anybody else agree????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  38. Unknown says:

    At  one time if a programe was schedhuled to start  at 7pm,it usually did and if twas to run half an hour there would be one break aprox half way through- boy how times have changed! on all commercial channels.today i watched wycliffe start time 5pm, at 5 06pm cut to commercial break i give up.
    when watching any cable/sattelite tv as soon as the ads start you better be quick with the remote to turn  the volume down…. failure to do so will result in bleeding from the ears!!! i think the advertisers have  bunged the tv companies  extra £ so as to deafen us in to submission and buy there products. 

  39. Craig says:

    Gorilla + Phil Collins does not = chocolate that is true but it does make one of the best adverts on tely at the moment

  40. Unknown says:

    cillit bang-if its so bloody popular here millions sold apparently ,why the hell are the actors voices dubbed over? cant they find anyone.  as if their ads arnt anoying enough anyway!

  41. Soph says:

    KEN!!!!! You are bloody hilarious!! And i have to admit i love the ad!

  42. Unknown says:

    Why does everyone think this advert is so great?  I\’ve got nothing against Phil, chocolate or gorillas, but why are most people so amused by this?  I really don\’t get it…

  43. Julie says:

    I agree about the Picture Loan advert… How bloody irritating…
    As if you wouldn\’t discuss how much you need before making the call, plus how rude is that woman shouting things to her son, husband whoever. If your kid shouts to you just tell him/her you\’re on the phone. So what if dad has found the scootah… Surely the kid can wait until you\’ve ended the phone call.
    The Glade air freshner advert with the Asian kid – Its all gone, its all gone – in order to slip a picture under the door he would have had to got off the loo & drip urine & crap all over the floor then dripping more as he gets back on the loo, such a nice child….
    Ok I feel better…

  44. lena says:


  45. Lesley says:

    Am I the only person on the planet not to know wot the picture loan advert is? And i dont get the choclate gorilla ad, I remember it irritates the hell out of me but can never remember what it is for. Nice marketing lads…. L

  46. Chrissie says:

    OK so Mr Collins and the Gorilla do have some similarities, chocalate just isnt one of them.  However, the guy with the body
    and the lil areo bubbles is – lets just say, delicious – lol –  love gen xxx

  47. vicky says:

    I hate the gorilla ad it scares my 4yr old half to death, she crys n hides behind the sofa every time it comes on .Grrrrrrrrr  

  48. brian says:

    the best advert on t/v makes you smile every time it is on phill colins the best drummer on the planet

  49. Tonia says:

    I love, love, LOVE the gorilla advert, the attention to detail, the humanisms… the flexing of the neck, the bearing of the gold tooth, they are so well done!  Apparently the guy wearing the custume is an expert \’gorilla\’ impersonator and the guy who did the ad is the same one who does Sony\’s bouncing coloured balls and multi-coloured paint demolitions, the guy\’s a genius.  The most effective are the simplest, all done without words.  At the end of the day, we know what they\’re advertising and regardless of loving or hating it, we\’re talking about it and it works!  An advertisers dream…

  50. kenny says:

    Well its really good to see all these comments on Ads, especially the really Bad ones, i mean have you seen the state of that Womans Bath in the Cillit Bang Ad, its disgusting,no wonder her voice is out of Sync.
    The moonpig ad is one my mate at work hates,seems as though the Picture Loans are rightly criticised, i mean can you imagine the person on the other end of the phone " theres no way we should give this woman a loan, she and her family are so disorganised".
    The Iceland ads, are they having a party all the time, their freezer must be the size of a small house to cope with the amount they must buy,no wonder theres always a queue whenever i go to Icelands .Kerry Katona is at the front.
    The other one thats starting to annoy me is the Two Cross dressing "Bounty" towel women, i just dont get it, how much do people get paid for these ideas??
    Keep the comments coming, they are very funny. Ken

  51. Victoria says:

    I just don\’t understand the Cadbury\’s advert…. does a bar of Dairy Milk help you play the drums like Phil Collins or feel as strongas a gorilla?!!!! I haven\’t seen the advert on television because I\’m not living in the UK at the moment, but is there more to it than thelink shown here? If not, the advertising exec.s at Cadbury\’s have clearly lost the plot. However as a chocolate lover and Brummielass (Cadbury\’s is based in Bourneville for those of you who don\’t know) I need absolutely no pursuasion to buy a bar of thestuff!! If anybody has any theories about what the advert is about I would love to know. Is it just one of those "let\’s make a veryodd advert so that it sticks in people\’s minds" type gigs???

  52. tom says:

    what a wonderful way to waste money when they are clossing a local factory down, putting several hudred out of work, and sendin the work to Poland, incredable

  53. Sati Marie says:

    Yeah, those are pretty annoying ads. I don\’t even watch a lot of TV – an hour or two three times a week at most – and I *still* know those ones, because they\’re so darn annoying. The gorilla one is not so bad though, IMO. It makes NO sense, but it\’s still memorable, so it works. (And it\’s a very good costume – I also thought it was real at first.) Another one that I hate is the Argos one where they\’re making such a big deal out of Christmas shopping being horrible. It\’s never *that* bad, unless you leave it all until two days beforehand, and if you do that chances are Argos won\’t deliver anyway.
    There are a couple that I love, though, although none of them are on at the moment. I love the holiday Coca-Cola ads. I\’m also a big fan of MasterCard – nobody will EVER forget the "Some things money can\’t buy / for everything else there\’s MasterCard" line – and I think Honda does the best ads for TV. Although I haven\’t seen a recent one, I can still remember some of the ones that were on years ago – the rainbow diesel engines, and the cause-and-effect machinery that went on for like 5 mins.
    But yeah…most commercials annoy me right now.

  54. susan says:

    Well from a drummers point of view and a chocolate lover also, the idea of the ad i believe is the anticipation of putting a piece of lovely cadburys choc in your mouth is the same as getting ready to play that drum solo, simple as.

  55. Coops - says:

    Guys, thanks for all your comments so far. I must admit, I\’m surprised this has struck such a chord. Ken, you made my wine come out of my nose, I was laughing so much at your rantings. Feel free to rant away guys. Drummer (no name) – I love your \’anticipation\’ theory. Just one thing – where does the gorilla fit in? Answer – it doesn\’t. I must admit, I do find myself singing the Moonpig jingle ("Moonpig dot com!"). The other advert that intrigues me is Aquafresh – it looks and sounds sooo 1950s….

  56. Suzanne says:

    The Marks and Spencer adverts are AMAZING!I do agree with you, since when has their been a correlation between gurellas and chocolate? I hae never felt less inclined to buy chocolate (well, that\’s a lie- chocolate is amazing, regardless of adverts, but that\’s irrelevant. Or IS it? Maybe they are trying to make a point to see whether a totally unrelated advert can affect chocolate sales. Hmm…) xx

  57. Maria says:

    Well I think the Phil Collins/Gorilla advert is the best one I\’ve ever seen!!!!  Certainly revived our Phil\’s solo career which is not a bad thing!!  I had forgotten how amazing that song was!!!!  And all the teenagers I know think it\’s AMAZING!!!!!

  58. Maria says:

    Plus, does there have to be a connection?  Everyone I know is talking about it, job done, Cadbury\’s sales sore!!!!!  That\’s all she wrote!!  FANTASTIC!!

  59. Maria says:

    Plus, plus again (sorry!!!) if you go on youtube there is the full version of the ad which is over 4 minutes long!!

  60. kenny says:

    Thanx for the comments Coops!  And sorry about the Wine,had a little thought about the Gorilla + Cadburys ad, its a bit Obtuse but Phil did do the Music for the Disney Tarzan film that had Gorillas in it!! Maybe the Sales person who did the Ad could be cotacted and be made to come clean, or maybe its better if we never knew and just left to keep guessing( like the British Gas ads. tell Sid)
    Iv put a curse on my mate Rob for the Moon pig Ad, as like yourself it keeps going round in my head.
    I do like the Ads for the TSB, and the little Tune that goes with it.
    But im still looking out for ones to have another good rant at.

  61. amina susan says:

    I dont mind the gorilla advert it\’s that flammin its all gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn its all gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn, who has a pen and paper in the toilet anyway unless you have got a crossword puzzle in hand to contemplate on what you are doing, also I think they could have used a better way of advertising the smellies to freshen up your toilet abit better than a child sitting on the loo with his trousers down or are they educating us that we must sit on the toilet to do a poo. the minds of some people baffles me.

  62. mark says:

    CADBURY ADVERTYou can moan all you want about it but at the end of the day you prooved that it works by talking about itthats why it works so well a pointless advert gets you talking about it for example did anyone see that advert for cadbury with the gorilla playing the drums to phil collins ? hence the power of pointless adverts…..

  63. Vivian says:

    Number 9 is the best one…. not even squeezed text at the end will help unless you are a ganger or a gofer in the credits, they put all the relevant names before the film starts!  You can\’t sit there saying \’ooo who is that\’ and sit through the end credits any more \’cos they already told you!  At the beginning.  Before you knew there was someone you couldn\’t put a name to.

  64. chris says:

    true. but he does make one hell of a shit hot drummer.

  65. Susan says:

    RE "you can moan all you want butin the end you have prooved it works cos you\’re talking about it"
    Errrrr no. I bet for quite a few people this article was the first they realised it was actually a Cadbury advert, or if they had managed to find out they had forgotten again. Loads of people I know love the ad but can any of them remember what it\’s for? No
    I remember when I first saw it feeling let down it was just for chocolate – there\’s quite a few like that at the moment – gr8 ads but then when the reveal comes you think – oh,all that for x y or z
    This is a great ad NOT quite working. (I will forget again what it\’s for and when I look it up it won\’t make me want to buy chocolate – it might make me want to dig out my Phil Collins or Genesis albums though! 🙂 )

  66. Davenport51 says:

    I would like to flush the all goooooorn kid down the loo or at least give him a good whacking and tell him to speak properly and in a less rude and aggressive manner (I am in my 50\’s so whacking a child is not considered to be rude or aggressive, just a method of gentle discipline; flushing the kid down the toilet would, however, technically still be murder – how sad). Regarding the hairy drummer, I had not realized at all it was for chocolate; I presumed it was an advert for Gillette featuring David Beckham\’s latest hair fashion and a new even more multi-bladed shaving gadget.

  67. Davenport51 says:

    I forgot to say, my most annoying current commercial is the one where a woman jumps up and gives an impromptu presentation on eradicating headlice, although I thought I might try this technique next time I have to give a presentation at work

  68. D'Arcy says:

    The Gorilla advert is fantastic, one of Phil Collins greatest hits and one of Englands finest products, Dairy Milk. Enjoy the ad for what it is, a bit of fun.

  69. John says:

    Phones 4 U have the worst ads. What\’s the deal with those inbreeds! It\’s enough to send anyone running to Carphone Warehouse!

  70. Michael says:

    Go for it Editor.. slag off another innovative approach.  Godammit… don\’t you just wish you had thought of it first? Clever ad that I enjoy watching. The chocolate just appears from the blue. Mention Phil Collins and the drumming ape and now I think of Cadbury\’s. Clever or what?

  71. Unknown says:

    No one mentioned the annoying Ruby Wax ads for Virgin Media that play at least ten times a night on the Crime and Investigation Channel…..I too would like to permanently flush the "it\’s all GORN" kid down the loo.

  72. Caroline says:

    How hilarious…I was just reading this page when Pudsey came on after the 10pm BBC1 news doing his own version of \’the gorilla\’.  Classic.

  73. MARK says:

    the advert works well,  the advert makes you feel good  thats what the exec\’s are going for, there associating the feeling of happiness with chocolate,  coke does it with lots children singing on a hill side.
    all there doing is getting the brand of cadburys affirmed with positive thoughts,
    I dont think its trying to be clever or pretencious. gone are the days when you can have a scantily clad woman doing unseakable things to a flake. like the last few postings all the ads people like and remember are for brands not always a product

  74. paul says:

    i think i heard on Strictly Come Dancing that Kenny Logan said he was the one in the Gorilla costume.   Can anyone confirm this?   Should be worth a few votes for him if it is true.

  75. Susan says:

    Absolutely love the gorilla/Phil Collins ad – the fact that it\’s for chocolate is even better!
    Absolutely hate any ad with a naked man sitting down – can\’t get past thinking of the skid marks!!!!!

  76. Coops - says:

    Caro, I too saw the Children In Need spoof of gorilla + Phil Collins with Pudsey. Well, once you\’re spoofed – you\’ve arrived. Not that there was any doubt that this advert is a phenomenon…

  77. Unknown says:

    i dont know how they came about putting phil collins and a gorilla together but some how it has paid off.my three year old boy absolutley loves it he pretends that hes playing the drums too.wonder what they will come up with next?

  78. steve says:

    dont be suckers to the ads go out take your kids to the park ,pay them no mind just thank them for freeview.

  79. John says:

    flush the its all gooorrrnnn kid he makes me wanna puke 3 shades of chocolate all over him love the gorilla ad one of the best ads for a long time.

  80. Pam says:

    I don\’t wanna be a kiljoy but if you look VERY closely at the Gorilla + Cadbury\’s ad you will actually see that the gorilla is not actually touching the drums at all.  As for the "all goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorn" advert that\’s a mighty good drawing for someone so small – and I agree with Susan above, who keeps felt tip pens and paper in a loo anyway.

  81. Rick says:

    Love the Gorilla ad.  A rare diamond in the very, very rough.Usually, when I\’ve been unfortunate enough to catch an ad break, I find myself thinking……….so is this the best idea this agency could produce?………hmmmm……….and I immediately follow that with…………..and the client approved it!?!?!?!?!  The latest ad to wind me up belongs to Honda and involves a group mimicking car/driving sounds with their voices and goes on and on and on.  The tag line is words to the effect of, "This is how a Honda makes you feel".  Well then, in that case I\’m cramped, deafened, irritated and in a poor imitation of a real car.Not to mention that I remember seeing the same ad well over a year ago, so they\’re either too cheap to come up with something new, or they think it\’s really good.  I can\’t decide which is worse.Oh, and a point to make about number 6.  X-Factor auditions were never funny just tragic.  However, at least those nice people at Phones 4U were moved enough to give them acting jobs in their latest ad campaign.  Kindred spirits perhaps?

  82. keely says:

    Gorrilla Ad – Bet the Peeps Like – Ipod etc are gutted they never thought of it! Gorrilla + Phil Collins = Bloody good ad just shame of the product

  83. Andrea says:

    Well i gotta say that i\’m just sitting waiting for the Famous Grouse adverts to start coming though…that IS the true beginning of Christmas. I always have a competition with my mate – first to see the advert followed by immediate text to the other no matter what time of day or night. It used to be the coca cola advert that was the beginning of crimbo but seeing as they\’re showing that now in November, I think they\’re jumping on the christmas bandwagon. The adverts I hate are anything to do with christmas before the middle of November. Having rubbish planning skills, christmas has got to be the hardest time of the year for me (daughter\’s birthdays December 14th and January 2nd (i have 2 girls lol) 2 friends birthdays on new years eve and all that in the space of 3 weeks) There, thats my twist over and done with

  84. Simon says:

    Inspired but I prefer Galaxy!

  85. Jonny says:

    The Cadbury ad… genius. Sums up quite a bit about drummers as well.

  86. Dominic says:

    Sometimes, I just watch an ad because of a good-looking lady on it – e.g. a loans ad (Picture, maybe) she wore a grey jumper and red/patterned skirt.  Yeah, it is a bit shallow, but I can\’t be a gentleman all of the time!
    I miss the Halifax ad where they nicked the music from Liberty X\’s Just A Little, too!

  87. Dominic says:

    Re: the gorilla ad – I like it too, but only when it is shown in its full-length form!

  88. Dominic says:

    I don\’t like the Phones4U ads either.  I can think of a few hand gestures myself…

  89. Dominic says:

    Another telly truism thingy:
    When you set the VCR/DVD recorder thing to record Desparate Housewives or whatever, the (extremely naughty words) football/sport that was on before it gets extended, and you lose the last ten minutes or more of the programme that you wanted to watch.  Most annoying…

  90. Coops - says:

    Thanks for the telly truisms guys: all fab. I\’ve got another one – you go on and on about a programme to a mate for weeks, telling them that it\’s wicked and that they should watch…and when they finally do, it\’s a rubbish episode.

  91. stuart says:

    The Gorilla Ad. works because it is soooo far from the real thing.( woops, that was Coke ) I don\’t care if the drumsticks don\’t come into contact with the drums, I could not be that critical of something that makes me happy !

  92. monica says:


  93. mick says:

    the gorilla ad has to be one of the best to hit the screens, QUALITY!!  to add to the coments made by andrea, you know when its christmas when woolies start selling easter eggs!!!  true true, there are loads of real bad ads on screen now too many to list but every now and then you get a gem come along, makes it all worth while.

  94. Ayeshah says:

    I loooove the gorilla advert.  It makes me smile everytime it comes on and I can\’t help but sing along.  When I first saw it I thought…wtf?!?!  But I can\’t get enough of it now and it helps that it is about one of my fave chox.  Best ad on the box!!!!

  95. mandy says:

    I have to say do love the gorrilla add. but the first time i saw it thought it was for a rerelease of an album or something when i saw it was for chocolate thought mmm well. my fav add of all time was the yellow pages add with the haircut incident always made me laugh no matter how many times i saw it   mandy

  96. emma says:


  97. plus says:

    I hate all the annoying Halifax adverts, load of numptys prancing about using the loadsa money I have to fork out for recieving info I should get for free. While on internet provider pains in proverbial, Talktalk – useless.

  98. Gnataflea says:


  99. Gail says:

    most annoying ad ..always appears every morning as im about to leave for work, so stays with me for ages (good ploy by the ad execs then really if i think about it logically) the shouting woman who keeps saying \’so injury lawyers for you…is it really free blah blah blah shouty blah …and if thats not bad enough its usually followed by \’josh dads found ya scoo ah\’  ………………………………… arrgghhh
    ps love the gorilla ads too …and strangely it made perfect sense to me from the 1st time i saw it ..should I be worried?

  100. Unknown says:

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