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Gorilla + Phil Collins Does Not = Chocolate

Surely it’s not just me? I guess there’s only one way to find out. Here are my 10 television truisms of the moment…   1. The person who last used the remote control (whether it’s for the TV, DVD, video, etc) … Continue reading

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Some You Don’t Win, Some You Lose

  Years ago, I entered a Daily Mirror Back To The Future competition. The prize included a pair of tickets to see the film and a bodywarmer jacket with the Back To The Future logo on it. I filled in … Continue reading

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Will and (dis)Grace

  Quite by chance, I caught the Will & Grace finale on Channel 4. I say ‘by chance’ because that is exactly how it happened. I was zapping, stopped on Channel 4, heard the announcer refer to ‘the penultimate episode of Will & Grace’, picked … Continue reading

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‘Dissing’ John Barnes

  I received an e-mail from a reader of this blog and I’d like to address it publicly. Centring around my Strictly Come Dancing special’s summation of John Barnes, it reads as follows:   "Well after reading your review of the … Continue reading

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September Mailbag

  Pinch, punch first day of the month and no returns. The first blog entry of the new month is about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during September. Here’s what you’ve been saying…   Hell’s Kitchen stirred … Continue reading

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