August Mailbag

Hello all,
And so goodbye to summer. Did it ever really begin? More rain to look forward to…cold…snow. Yuck. Anyway, the first blog entry of the new month isn’t about what’s coming, it’s about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during August. Here’s what you’ve been saying…
Big Brother 8 ended with Brian Belo crowned as winner. Our comprehensive coverage had it all – from galleries and quizzes to Kemal’s video diary and opinion pieces. In one article, I argued that Big Brother Needs A Revamp. MSN user RunToTheHills disagreed: "Big Brother does not need a revamp. It needs to be cut!" A bit drastic RunToTheHills, surely? Big Brother has its detractors, however it also has a huge fanbase. OK, admittedly the past couple of series haven’t been the best, but even on its bad days, I’d still take Big Brother over The X Factor.
Off the back of acclaimed American series Heroes, I compiled a list of some of the best US TV imports. I selected the likes of The Phil Silvers Show, The Sopranos, Cheers, Frasier and The Simpsons. Some MSN users insisted worthy contenders were left out. Ciam45 put in a shout for Will And Grace however, I’d argue that I was right to leave it off. A watchable sitcom, but nowhere near the likes of Cheers, Frasier or Friends. And Channel 4, the broadcaster premiering its final season, isn’t even bothering to hide its derision. This sitcom has gone from Friday night prime time to a mid-week red-eye slot; on Thursday 13 September, a new episode of Will And Grace is scheduled for 12:15am. That speaks volumes… 
MSN user The below is compulsory argues the case for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. "Some of the episodes were absolutely hilarious, like the musical one, and some episodes were truly touching like when Buffy’s mother died. I have every season on DVD and I still laugh at every joke." I see where you’re coming from The below is compulsory, unfortunately, I only had room for 20 shows and looking at my list again, the only one I’m wavering about is The A Team. However, I pity da fool who wasn’t around to fully appreciate the impact when this show exploded across the world in 1983.  
Sometimes, often without realising, an article is penned that goes on to strike a chord with anyone who comes across it. After suffering yet another vomit-inducing instalment of The Jeremy Kyle Show, I vented my feelings in TV’s Most Annoying. It sparked debate on the Talk Telly message board among a great deal of MSN users. Many felt compelled to point out the personalities they felt I’d missed:  
jls1973 – "I have never been one to post BUT on this topic I have such strong feelings that I was forced to put on my typing fingers. I am shocked and dismayed to see that the ever annoying Ruby wax is not featured at the very top of this list. If I even catch I glimpse of this woman I change channels. I hate that squeaky voice of hers and the way she thinks she is so ‘All That’ when in fact she is so ‘Everything But All That.’"
pat71 – "How can you leave out Ainsley Harriott from a list of most annoying TV people?"
IOM Dave – "You seem to be missing the most irritating, unfunny ‘Funny man’ ever and that has to be Russell Brand."
grahame1501 – "I agree with the fatuous Fearne Cotton and the ghastly Gillian McKeith, but what about the appalling Davina McCall?"
Just a few examples. If you wish to see who gets up the nose of MSN users, check out the vastly entertaining thread here. However, there were some who felt I needed to be taken to task:
Triangulator – "In all honesty, ALL of the abovementioned television presenters put together could not possibly annoy me as much as this article has. I actually thought, after reading through Lorna’s relentlessly obnoxious rants, that a significant number of people would share their disagreement in this topic. What a disappointment."
Barbs1110 – "Perhaps it’s the author Lorna Cooper who is the annoying one. How rude of her to name all those people just because she has the power of the media to do so."
Triangulator and Barbs1110, I hear what you’re saying. However, if people put themselves in the public eye, they must expect the eye of the public to turn on them at some point. In addition Barbs1110, I would add that thanks to the might of the internet, everyone and anyone with access to a computer has the power – not just me.  
On the other hand, there were MSN users who took it in the spirit intended. NickyNoodles wrote in to say: "What a fantastic list – made me laugh and laugh – all so true! However, the ‘age’ stuff about Jamie has to be the most annoying – I could take that ‘green-age’ and quite happily stuff it somewhere!" and me 3 sent an e-mail to say: "Brilliant article/bit in today’s MSN. TV’s Most Annoying – brilliant article! Had me in stitches by the end of it. I honestly could not agree more with what you said!" Glad it tickled your funny bone.
Talking of funny bone, I must mention this blog. One of my entries centred around On The Buses. Deemed a politically incorrect comedy in these oh-so-correct noughties days, its very absurdity got me chuckling a couple of times and I felt compelled to share. The final word goes to ‘no name’ who left the following: "ITV! Jesus what kinda of blind journalist are you! You cheap sun newspaper brainless piece of sludge! Get some awareness and stop writing like internet users are a bunch of right wing fools." Sir (or madam), how very dare you! A blind journalist brainless piece of sludge I may be, but I am not cheap!
I encourage you all to show me the error of my ways – as Dr Frasier Crane often said, I’m listening. That’s it for this month as far as the mailbag is concerned; keep your comments, feedback and suggestions coming in.
MSN Editor Coops
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