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Leave Tom and Jerry Alone!

  Years ago, I watched Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in a rarely seen today 1941 Busby Berkeley musical called Babes On Broadway. As always, they were kids putting on a show. The big finale is a minstrel number with the two stars singing … Continue reading

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Hugh Laurie Wuz Robbed

I’m not in the habit of getting much sleep during the week, averaging a shut-eye of around 3am. For that reason, I was able to watch the Primetime Emmy awards live on the E! channel right into the wee hours of Monday morning. As most … Continue reading

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A Trip Down VHS Lane

  Does anyone remember their first VCR? I do. We rented it from Granada and it was a right clunk-click-every-trip job: no remote control, no on-screen programming, no longplay. It was a top loader too; incredibly handy for seeing how much tape was left … Continue reading

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August Mailbag

  Hello all,   And so goodbye to summer. Did it ever really begin? More rain to look forward to…cold…snow. Yuck. Anyway, the first blog entry of the new month isn’t about what’s coming, it’s about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and … Continue reading

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