Mocking The Mockney

"Bootiful!" It was the first word Jamie Oliver enthused on his new Channel 4 show Jamie At Home and it made me sigh. It was the kind of sigh you emit in the supermarket queue when you’ve unloaded a week’s worth of shopping only to find that the till assistant needs to ring the bell for her manager. Y’see Jamie’s new culinary adventure is a laid-back show extolling the virtues of fresh fruits and vegetables and every 30-minute episode will be devoted to one specific food. Last night was tomatoes.
So far, so what?
Yeah it was all mouth-watering and delicious and I’ve never seen tomatoes look so appetising and Jamie was showing us his lovely jubbly bubbly persona, but this isn’t the Jamie Oliver I want to see anymore. I loved him on The Naked Chef, despite the Mockney-ness which made me want to slap him. And then he annoyed the you-know-what out of me with those bloomin’ Sainsbury’s ads…until Jamie’s Chef. Talk about reinvention. Jamie became a social entrepreneur, training unemployed kids at his restaurant Fifteen and making utterly compelling TV at the same time. There was Jamie, almost driven mad by what he’d taken on – and it made me root for him with the kind of fervour I usually reserve for my beloved Arsenal. I wanted him to win so much. And he did.
Just when I thought he couldn’t rise any higher in my estimation, along came his TV crusade, Jamie’s School Dinners. The result? Not only brilliant, educational TV (my nephew hasn’t eaten a turkey twizzler or chicken nugget at school since), but also an extra £280million plus from the government to be spent on better school meals. The Knighthood is probably on ice…
So Jamie’s going ‘Home’ and his heavily publicised return to Channel 4 pulled in 2.4 million viewers, coming fourth in its 8pm slot. Jamie mate, save us from ourselves and leave this wussy stuff to foodie fan Tom Parker Bowles (he probably needs the work). Come on geezer, if you don’t show us the error of our ways, who will? But don’t worry – I’ll continue to watch your new show, albeit with a heavy sigh.
A quick note to fans of new US show Dexter – FX is showing it all over again from the very first episode tomorrow. As someone who has tuned in, I highly recommend it. It’s weirdly unnerving viewing though…
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Sorry to keep saying this, but Heroes is sooooo cool!
Today I am mostly hatin’ – The fact that Sky Movies screened David Cronenberg’s classic The Fly in pan and scan mode. Even though I’ve seen it loadsa times, the revelatory scene where Seth finds out that he’s Brundlefly was completely ruined because half the text on the computer was chopped off. Is this what I fork out a fortune for every month? How would you Sky Movies people feel if you bought a newspaper and could only read the middle of it? You yogurt tops.
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2 Responses to Mocking The Mockney

  1. Unknown says:

     You\’re a little harsh on Jamie\’s new show. It\’s not as bad as ITV1\’s Saturday Cooks. Why does ITV blatantly rip off BBC shows? Saturday Kitchen/Saturday Cooks. The Apprentice/Tycoon etc

  2. Coops - says:

    Lizzy34, I watched the second instalment. Courgettes. Nuff said.  

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