Ta-ra Chuck

Coronation Street’s Liz Dawn has spoken about her "devastating" decision to quit the soap and insisted: "I’ll be Vera ’til the day I die." A lifelong smoker, she was diagnosed with lung disease emphysema five years ago. After thirty years of playing Vera Duckworth, her time is up as she’s barely able to walk across the set. 
"I always thought I would play Vera until my dying day – but now I just want to spend the rest of my days enjoying my life with my family," she told The Sun. She added: "I’ll be Vera ’til the day I die and they’ll put ‘Ta-ra Chuck’ on my tombstone." Her final scenes in the ITV1 soap will be screened in January.
I’m still coming to terms with this dreadful news which is not only awful for Liz Dawn, her family and friends, but also for Corrie fans and the writers. Iconic soap characters like the Duckworths don’t grow on trees and Coronation Street, currently going through a bit of a lull, needs every single one it can get. Such a shame the soap is also losing Cilla and Les Battersby – they would’ve been ideal replacements. 
With very good reason, fans still speak reverently of the likes of: battleaxe Ena Sharples, snobby Annie Walker, brassy Elsie Tanner, saucy Bet Lynch, gossipy Hilda Ogden (and her layabout husband Stan), Scouse binman Eddie Yeats, playboy Mike Baldwin, prissy Mavis Wilton (and her self-righteous hubby Derek), smarmy Reg Holdsworth, Fred "Ah say Fred" Elliott…I could go on. Without a doubt we’ll be adding the Duckworths, natural successors to the Ogdens, to that list. Until then, we’ll just savour every single second Liz Dawn is onscreen as the legendary Vera Duckworth. 
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Old tapes. I watched one last night and, to my delight, I’d taped a commercial break which included the classic Levis 501 advert with Nick Kamen. Cool surprise!
Today I am mostly hatin’ – The worst thing ever about VCRs: a casette got stuck in the machine thanks to copious amounts of tape taking a fancy to the video head drum.
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3 Responses to Ta-ra Chuck

  1. DENISE says:

    end of a era vera going. 

  2. jamie says:

     you could write vera out by killing her with one of bettys hotpots lol

  3. Kevin says:

    Maybe she\’ll be abducted by aliens at top of Incaman Street ☺

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