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Politically Incorrect…But Still Funny

  Firstly, apologies. I’ve been so busy with Big Brother and The X Factor that I haven’t had time to update my blog. However, you’ve all been perusing and leaving comments – so cheers for that. It’s nice to see.   So … Continue reading

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US versus UK

  Our TV relationship with America may seem to be all one way traffic (their way), but good ol’ Blighty has been known to provide fodder for the US Networks. Take the BBC’s Till Death Us Do Part. Well, the Yanks certainly did. … Continue reading

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The X Factor’s X Factor

  I’ve just returned from the press launch for The X Factor. As is always the case with these things, the journalists were on time, the organisers weren’t; it started later than originally stated. The venue was London’s ritzy Mayfair Hotel where … Continue reading

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Mocking The Mockney

  "Bootiful!" It was the first word Jamie Oliver enthused on his new Channel 4 show Jamie At Home and it made me sigh. It was the kind of sigh you emit in the supermarket queue when you’ve unloaded a week’s … Continue reading

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Ta-ra Chuck

  Coronation Street’s Liz Dawn has spoken about her "devastating" decision to quit the soap and insisted: "I’ll be Vera ’til the day I die." A lifelong smoker, she was diagnosed with lung disease emphysema five years ago. After thirty … Continue reading

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Unexpected Exits

  The unexpected death of EastEnders’ Mike Reid came as a shock. We weren’t put on notice; there were no reports of a life-threatening illness and he appeared to be in the best of health. Out of the blue – breaking … Continue reading

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  My advice to fans of Doctor Who? Get used to the actor chosen to play the Time Lord quitting after a series or two. Long gone are the days of Jon Pertwee (1970–1974) and the longest serving Doctor (and, most still say, … Continue reading

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July Mailbag

 Hello all, I’m really looking forward to more sunshine and episodes of Heroes (in that order), but on the first of the month, my blog entry will be about looking back. I’ve perused all the feedback and mail sent in during … Continue reading

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