Brothers And Sisters – Yawn

Is anyone watching Channel 4’s latest US import Brothers And Sisters? One look at its ratings, which have fallen to around the million mark, would indicate that we’re not. I sat through the first episode, although I needed ten gallons of coffee in order to do so. What a self-reverential yawner of a drama. It has good solid writing and an impressive cast (barring Calista Flockhart who I can’t stand), but for some reason it simply isn’t catching on.
This isn’t the show that gets our office buzzing with animated chatter and I do wonder how long Channel 4 will persevere with it. There is a silver lining though and that’s Rob Lowe. Ever since his astounding rebirth via mighty performances on The West Wing, he’s proved that there’s more to him than just a (very) pretty face. If he can do for Brothers And Sisters what Robert Downey Jr did for Ally McBeal, all is not lost.
Who am I kidding though? When it comes to family dramas, there’s still only one show doing it for me: get a load of UKTV Gold’s daily Dallas repeats. Ignore the atrocious 80s fashion (at Lucy’s wedding, Sue Ellen’s shoulder-padded dress was wider than the wingspan of an aeroplane) and just savour the cast (Larry Hagman – give that man a medal), the performances and the script (yes, it really was good in the first few years). Brothers And Sisters has got a long way to go before it can rival an ounce of the intensity in JR and ‘Swellin’s marriage…
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Heroes. Quality television.
Today I am mostly hatin’ – The Mitchell Sisters. Puhleeez.
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5 Responses to Brothers And Sisters – Yawn

  1. Lorna says:

     MSN Editor Coops (what a strange name!) give Brothers and Sisters a chance. Nobody rated Friends when it was first on. Besides, I like Brothers and Sisters. It\’s better than Dallas.

  2. Coops - says:

    Sall343, I promise I will give Brothers And Sisters another chance. But there\’s no bloomin\’ way this show is better than Dallas. No bloomin\’ way at all! Not only is the saga of the Ewings one of the most iconic TV shows ever, it\’s nearly 30 years old! Are we really gonna be watching Brothers And Sisters in 30 years time? I don\’t think so…

  3. Sam says:

    Brothers and Sisters is a fantastic, well acted drama, it manages to be funny and sad at the same time. Give it a chance, it\’s actually very, very good.

  4. Coops - says:

     Samuel P, you and Sall343 have spoken and I will do as you ask. I\’ll make a date to watch Brothers and Sisters and post my opinion here. I\’m prepared to be wrong too…

  5. Coops - says:

     Guys, I kept my promise and sat through another episode. But that\’s it for me – it\’s failed to grab my interest. Sorry.

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