Little Britain Gets A Yank-Over

Matt Lucas and David Walliams are to make a US version of Little Britain for HBO. The channel is home to The Sopranos, Sex And The City, Six Feet Under and Entourage; it has also showcased British hits Extras and Da Ali G Show. Thanks to BBC America, the original series of Little Britain has been a cult hit in the US where it has enjoyed a healthy gay following in particular.
Little Britain US (not the name it will go by) will feature a mix of brand new characters and Little Britain favourites such as "yeah but no but" chav teenager Vicky Pollard and "only gay in the village" Daffyd. David Walliams said: "The new series will be a sketch show set in contemporary America. We are taking some existing characters and writing new material for them, as well as introducing new characters and ideas."
News of a US version is a bit of a surprise considering the visual nature of some of the humour and sketches. Off the top of my head there’s: rubbish transvestite Edward ‘Emily’ Howard, the Prime Minister’s smitten aide Sebastian Love, unhelpful Carol "computer says no" Beer, Maggie the vomiting racist and homophobe,  kind carer Lou and manipulative wheelchair-bound Andy, grand-MILF youngster Jason (sexually obsessed with his mate Gary’s grandmother)…are these characterisations really so alien to the country that gave us Jerry Springer and his infamous episode ‘I Married A Horse’?
Still, I hope we Brits get a chance to see the new show. I’d like to know what Matt Lucas and David Walliams come up with for our cousins across the pond. Let me know if you think a US version of Little Britain will work.
Today I am mostly lovin’ – Catch-ups. I missed FX’s hot new drama Dexter on Sunday night. However, I have at least 3 more chances to catch the second episode this week. Bliss.  
Today I am mostly hatin’ – Saturday night on terrestrial TV. It’s enough to make you lose your will to live.
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2 Responses to Little Britain Gets A Yank-Over

  1. Unknown says:

    The Americans might not like two British men taking the piss out of them so I can\’t see this working.

  2. Mike says:

    Americans won\’t even realise we are taking the piss – they are not that deep – look what The Simpsons gets away with! 

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